strands of hair

i can’t believe thor wearing arm guards with loki’s helmet on them in avengers AND thor having a strand of loki’s hair braided into his own hair in age of ultron are both real things that the costume department did and loki in ragnarok still has the gall to ask poor thor “did you mourn me?” like yes loki you made your jock brother so sad that he started accessorizing 

lotor’s design is so frustrating to me not only because hes so bland but also because of his fucking BANG LIKE…………………….. JUST ONE BANG………………………….. WHY WOULD ANYONE THINK GIVING HIM ONE ERECT LITTLE STRAND OF HAIR COMING FROM HIS FOREHEAD WAS A GOOD IDEA……………………………..


Things I want to remember in 2018

1. Shameless people are everywhere. They will say what they have to say to get what they want out of you. Even if don’t mean it. Even if they know they don’t mean it.

Shameless people will do what they have to, to get what they want out of you. They won’t care about your well being. They will not care about your loss.

The thing is, their shameless-ness makes you feel ashamed if you don’t oblige with them. Because they are so persistent about what they want.

But that’s just messed up. So be shameless when you have to deal with shameless people. Be shameless about the fact that your time, your life, you are only yours. Not in a selfish way. Only while dealing with such people.

2. Know your worth. No one will tell you your true worth because that will be a disadvantage. You being lost and confused and insecure is beneficial for them. You have to know your own worth.

3. Pick one thing. One thing you want to work on in this new year. I know there are so many things that need your time and energy. But pick one. And then dedicate time and energy to that. Everything but this is negotiable. Don’t stop working on this. You can have other things you’re working on too. But when situations arise in which you have to give up your time and focus to do something unanticipated, something unavoidable, cut down on those secondary things. But never on this one. Just one.

4. Sleep on it. Not to avoid it. Not to procrastinate. But to not be so overwhelmed. To not be so high on emotions. To not be irrational. To not make quick decisions that are reckless and rash and stupid. Sleep on it.

5. We keep thinking that we are getting older. I mean sure, we are. But being 20 is young. Being 25 is young. You’re a young adult until 32. Did you know that? Did you? I’m a 20 year old youth. And I’m not old. And I’m not going to be for a while. I know I have silver hair strands. And I know my idealism is…I won’t say it’s dying. I will say it’s altering. And that’s not a bad thing. But I’m young. And I don’t have to be dumb. I can give being young a new definition. But before, I should stop feeling so old.

Being old isn’t a bad thing. Not at all. But it’s wrong to convince yourself that you’re something that you’re not.

6. Don’t follow other people. I know the thought of life after graduation seems very daunting and confusing but don’t look at others to do what they are doing. You have never liked crowds. Crowded places make you sick. Those paths are crowded and so worn out. And I know if you want to create your own, it will take time. Construction always takes time. It is a long term project but it will also provide long term benefits. And guess what? you can completely customize this path. Just like you like it.

7. What do we do about the people we hate? Endure.
When it is professional, we endure. Sometimes we have to quietly bear the annoyance and frustration in the present to be able to get what we want. But remember, when it’s personal we never endure!

8. Body.
I have given too much importance to my heart and soul. In that pursuit I have majorly neglected my body. For that, I am sorry. And because I know a genuine apology follows a corrective action, I will take that corrective action. I will make this right.

—  creatingnikki 

So @shespeakssimlishripped my edges off strand-by-strand with this hair. I love it!! Ofc I had to recolor it in @pastry-boxpalette. Also I recolored the head band for more variety. Enjoy! 

[You need the meshes!]

Credit: @shespeakssimlish

EDIT: I forgot to add thumbnails. They’re now there! 

Victor grabbed Yuuri’s wrist, quickly tugging him back into the shadows. Yuuri spun into him, hands bundled into fists against Victor’s chest. The siren met Victor’s eyes before glancing over his shoulder and back again, gazing up at Victor through the thickness of his lashes.

The brim of Victor’s hat was tipped down to keep his face hidden, his expression caught in a conflict as he looked at Yuuri, at the path he had been leading them toward, then at the festivities before them. The music and laughter washed over the silence between them. Yuuri’s fingers curled in a bit tighter.

“I do suppose it is unfair of me to bring you to such a scene and not permit you to look around,” Victor conceded. “But Yuuri, I can’t go out there. There may be people here who could recognize me.”

Frowning souring his mouth, Yuuri looked back onto the crowds of people. The jewels of their costumes and accessories flirted with the light. Yuuri broke off from Victor, approaching a couple who had settled on a nearby bench to rest.

“Sell me your masks.”

Obediently, the couple unlaced the ribbons tying back their masks and handed them to the siren without question. Yuuri dropped a couple coins into their hands, muttering a thanks and an order to pay no more attention to him before returning to his mate. He held out one of the masks to Victor.

It was two-toned in white and gold, with the pattern of glittering roses above the sharpness of his blue eyes. Yuuri helped him tie it snugly in place, tucking escaping strands of silver hair away at the same time.

Victor chuckled when he secured Yuuri’s. “Of course you went for feathers.” The mask the siren had taken for himself was painted black and red, with dyed feathers fanning off the edges. “We can’t stay though. One song. And then we leave, understood?”

Yuuri nodded with so much enthusiasm the mask nearly slipped off his nose. He readjusted it immediately, dark eyes shifting toward the festival.

“You’re going to get me killed one day, lovebird.” Victor smiled, taking Yuuri’s hand in his.

Yuuri swooped in, chirping gratitude softly against Victor’s ear. And then he led his masked partner out to dance.