strand hall

Edward in school, 1918

His father, a successful lawyer, provided Edward with many advantages, including music lessons and the opportunity to attend private schoolEdward excelled at his studies and became an accomplished pianist.


Imagine being very clumsy and unladylike and T’Challa thinking its cute.
*au where everyone gets along and bakes cakes filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone eats it and is happy*

“Go, go, go, go!” the boys chanted.
You had your head back, chugging a beer while Tony, Scott, and Sam cheered for you. They had bet that you couldn’t eat three hotdogs then chug two beers without either throwing up or passing out. You of course had to accept and defend your honor, and bet Tony that if you did, you where aloud to shave whatever you wanted into his hair. You where planning on writing Tony + Steve across the sides.
This was it, you where nearly half way done with your last beer, in the home stretch.
Scott and Sam where cheering louder, but Tony was slowly losing that confident smirk.
Suddenly he smiled again and before anyone could react, he lunged and hit the bottom of the bottle causing it to slip off of your lips and the remaining beer instead ran down your chin and onto your clothes.
You snorted and slapped a hand over your mouth, but that didn’t stop the beer that spurted out of you mouth. Or the beer that dribbled from your nose.
Coughing and sputtering you glared at the boys who where dying laughing at you, “That is cheating Tony!”
“You never said that I couldn’t help my odds.”
You stood up and, as prideful as a person with beer all over themselves and on the verge of throwing up could, you walked out.
“Come on (Y/n), don’t be a sore loser.” Scott yelled after you.
You continued walking and flashed them an obscene hand gesture.
“That’s not very ladylike.”
Looking over, you saw none other than T'Challa watching you with a raised brow.
You blushed a bit under his gaze. You had always been a bit intimidated by the Wakandan king. Not to mention you may or may not have a very small teeny tiny crush on him. But that doesn’t matter, he was a king and you spilt soda on him the first time you met.
Considering he was a king, he probably wanted a girl who acted more like a Queen. Not someone that falls down the stairs at least twice a month and squirts beer out of their nose.
“You’re not very ladylike.” You stammered before you could stop yourself. A silence settled over you two and you mentally slapped yourself. Why??
“Ok bye then.” You said, turning and walking quickly down the hall.

“Honestly Wanda, kissing is really not that big of a deal.” You mused, balancing a grape on your nose. You where currently sitting in the kitchen, leaning your seat back on two legs while eating grapes and drinking (f/d).
Wanda had come in and asked about kissing, as it was a pretty well known fact that had it bad for Vision and was probably thinking about hitting that. You and Wanda had always been very close and it made you happy to know she was comfortable enough to ask you about this.
“Technically, I had my first kiss when I was in 2nd grade…but that one doesn’t really count. He had a problem with pulling my hair so I kissed him and told all the guys he had cooties. Never pulled my hair again.” Wanda laughed so you went on about your weird kissing stories, “In middle school I had a huge crush on my science teacher, so I tried to kiss him. That didn’t work out too well and I got suspended. And then there was that time in sophomore year I was dared to kiss my friend Holly, that was a fun year…” you trailed off, “But anyways, the point is, whether you have no experience or tons, like yours truly, kissing is not that big of a deal. And for the record, I doubt Vision would know the difference between a good and a bad kiss.”
“That’s a good point.” Wanda mused.
“Throw me a grape.” You leaned far back on your chair and opened your mouth.
“You going to fall.” A third voice said and you looked back to see the Black Panther himself leaning on a couch behind you.
Oh god. How much had he heard? Oh he probably thinks you’re some kind of, of harlot now!
In your panicking you had accidentally pushed back a bit too far and suddenly your feet left the table and you waved your arms in and attempt to catch your balance. The drink that had been resting on your chest spilt everywhere and it was then that you accepted your fate and let yourself fall. That is, until you felt a jerk and the chair was caught.
Looking up, you found T'Challa looking down at you with an ‘I told you so’ look, “Why is it whenever I see you your covered in food or drinks?” he asked.
Oh, you knew that tone. He thought he was better than you. Well technically ha was a king so he kinda was, but that’s not the point!
“Maybe its your fault. You know black cats are bad luck.” You crossed your arms and he merely set your chair back up.
You where in an intense stare down when Wanda yelled, “(Y/n), catch!” and a grape hit you in the face.

It was around 2 in the morning a you stood in the shower washing your hair.
Why are you showering at 2 in the morning, one may ask. Well last night you had replaced Tony’s hair gel with honey. He was not as amused with it as the rest of the team and had poured it all out on your pillow. You didn’t notice until about and hour ago when you woke up stuck to the pillow. Do you know how hard it is to get honey out of hair? Very. The answer is very.
It took nearly another hour of scrubbing to get most of it out and, you where pretty sure there was still more. You had to think of a revenge plan.
Pushing the curtain, you found a somehow completely empty bathroom. No towel. No robe. No clothes.
“That’s impossible. I brought a towel…” you trailed off, “Oh damn it Tony! Really?”
Oh so conveniently, you weren’t in your own bathroom, which was currently out of commission due to a completely unrelated incident with a stray dog and a plate of hamburgers.
So here you where. Completely naked with nothing to cover yourself with and stranded down the hall from your room.
Actually…your room was only down the hall. And it was like, three in the morning. You could probably make it with no one seeing you.
“Whelp, its my only chance. And plus its not like these people haven’t seen me naked before.” You said, thinking back to last year when your swim suit had become undone in the pool. That was an interesting day.
Taking a few deep breaths, and with Shia Labeouf in your mind, you just did it.
Running down the hall, you could see the slightly ajar door to your room. Good try Tony. Not gonna get me this time!
Suddenly, someone came walking around the corner and you two froze at the sight of the other.
Fucking T'Challa. Why did it have to be T'Challa!?
You let out some kind of strangled yelp and covered yourself the best you could.
“(Y-Y/n) what are you doing!” he shouted, looking anywhere but at you.
You couldn’t see it in the dark, but his face was completely flushed with embarrassment. He forced himself to look at you, and keep his eyes on your face only, which he could see was absolutely red.
“What are you doing out here! Why is it always you!” You groaned, “Of all the people it could possible be, its you! I know you think your better than me, what am I some kind of entertainment to you! Well sorry your highness, but I am not just something for you to laugh at and if I wasn’t naked right now, I would take you down.” You paused for a moment before continuing, “Really though, I never got embarrassed about things like this until you came around. Why can’t I just have a crush on Steve like every other member of the team!” you opened you’re eyes, which you didn’t remember closing, and found T’Challa didn’t even look like he was listening. “Fine, you don’t want to listen to me? Then I’ll go.” You turned and ran into the door a little before stomping into your room and slamming the door.
You where yelling about something, which T’Challa couldn’t bring himself to focus on. Half of him was focused on not looking at your body and the other was on how cute you looked. Your eyes where closed and your face was bright red as you shouted at him, which he thought was pretty adorable.
You finished your rant, which he had caught none of, then turned and stomped into your room but not before running into the door.
God, everything about you was pretty adorable. Maybe tomorrow after you calmed down a bit, he would finally ask you out. Who was he kidding, he knew you would be just as fiery tomorrow, but that’s what he liked about you.

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Xu “The8″ Minghao | Highschool!AU

this was a Good Concept. i actually got this from an anon awhile back, so all credit goes to them for helping me write this! i think i like this one a lot, it’s probably one of my faves out of this whole au!! tho mingyu’s and s.coups’ make close seconds. anyway, i hope you all enjoy this!

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[-In from the west coast a -static- public transportation halted -static-  record breaking temperatures…]

-groans- Oh goddamn it…..

[ Authorities shut down airports across the -staticstatic- citizens are urged to stay indoors and keep warm at all costs -static- ]



-hastily grabs the remote and turns off the television-

………..Fucking stranded again.