straining tower

Dating Osiris would include

Feeling his deep laugh vibrate through you even when you’re not touching him

Losing him to his work and other timelines for long hours or days at a time

Intense kisses when he returns

The best hugs in the world, and feeling so secure and safe in his arms because Dawnblades are S T R O N G as well as radiant with heat 

His beefy dad bod is cosy as all get-out and he lets you snuggle in his lap for hours

Learning pretty quickly when he’s close to losing his temper with someone or something and giving him *the look* that tells him you want him to calm down

Feeling fizzy when he smiles at you

Going to Nessus, the EDZ, Io together … everywhere but the Last City because things are strained at the Tower and some people stare at him with suspicion

Being told by other people who’ve known him a long time that you’re such a good influence on him and he’s nowhere near as arrogant as he used to be

Witnessing sweet, affectionate moments between him and Sagira

Playing tag with his pet Vex

Taking long walks together in Past Mercury and lying in the grass in the shade of the pink trees

Scratching your nails through his beard when you lean in to kiss him

“In every simulation I’ve run we fall in love.”
“You checked up on us? Why, to make sure you weren’t wasting your time?”
“I wanted to know the moment you tell me you love me in every timeline, so I could be sure to say it first in this one.”

Snuggles are a distraction from his purpose. Long mornings in bed are a distraction from his purpose. Late nights drinking wine and discussing the philosophy of the greatest Warlocks are a distraction from his purpose. And he wouldn’t change a thing.

Requested by Anonymous pre-DLC and here they are finally! Find the full list of Destiny Dating Headcanons here.