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Breaking the Rules - part 7

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary:  Modern!AU You hate James Barnes with a burning passion and the feeling is entirely mutual. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, you are tricked into attending his sister’s wedding as his girlfriend. Stuck with a bunch of strangers, you come up with a set of rules that are not going to last long.

Word Count:2,176

Warnings: the usual

A/N: I made this extra cheesy so it hurts more. You’re welcome ♥

Breaking the Rules - Masterpage

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You plopped down in your seat, avoiding Steve and Peggy’s inquisitive gaze. Your heart was beating so fast and hard, it felt a woodpecker was trapped inside your rib cage.

When Bucky joined the table, he was visibly nervous, but had managed to collect himself a little. Upon seeing the dark hickey on his neck, Peggy jabbed her elbow into Steve’s side. He woofed out a breath and rubbed his ribs before he turned his head to look at her.

She nodded toward Bucky’s neck and Steve’s eyes widened. He reluctantly placed a ten-dollar bill in her awaiting hand.

Meanwhile, you and Bucky acted like nothing had happened. You noticed that he was trying to sneak peeks at you, but you stared straight ahead, ignoring him.

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shadows pt. 2

pairing: reader x hoseok, ot7

genre: vampire!au

word count: 6,876

synopsis: you thought that the death of your maker would lead to freedom from chains, but little did you know that bonds are much harder to break after death.

warnings: character death, violence, blood mention, the usual

a/n: thank you all for being patient with me over the past few months. anyway, i hope this lives up to your expectations.

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pt. 01 pt. 02

The entire train car was full of deafening quiet. The quiet you had yet to experience in your short life as a vampire. Whether it was Hoseok’s doing or coincidence you were the only person seated in the first class lounge. The muffled sounds of the living were barely audible to your heightened senses but you could make out the distinct sound of laughter and happiness. The other train cars full of people who probably had no clue the world around them wasn’t as simple as they thought it was.

There was an entire universe of things that go bump in the night that you had no idea existed until you were forced to become part of it. How you got from point A to B was a nightmare, a terrible dream you wished you could wake up from. The only thing keeping you convinced it all wasn’t just some bad trip was the golden chain that hung around your neck.

Your fingertips had barely left Hoseok’s pendant the entire train ride. Somehow convinced that if you wished hard enough he would appear in front of you. That he would smile at you and tell you that you were just overreacting. That the two of you were finally going to be able to have some peace and quiet.

But now you were alone for the first time in months and the space between the two of you was driving a wedge into your undead heart every second the train moved forward. Why did it have to be like this? A relationship seemingly doomed from the start, only to be bound together by the cosmic idea of soulmates.

You hated it. You hated every part of it and wanted nothing more to unmake all of the decisions you had made that made you end up like this. You would have dumped Suho after the first time he cheated on you. There would be no Kai. There would be no vampires. There would be no Hoseok. But you would have a heart beat. You would grow old and die instead of forced to live a life controlled by the sky and undead vampires who never learned how to get along.

The door to the train slams open, pulling you out of your pity party for one. The human looks tired, probably had a shitty day just like you. He pays no attention to you, taking a seat in the cushioned chair in the complete opposite corner. He pulls the hood of his sweatshirt over his hair and rests his head against the tinted glass and immediately falls asleep.

The conductor announces that you’ll be in Paris in just a few moments. No one would be coming by to check your tickets again so you feel like you should just leave the sleeping human alone. But there is something about it, a shared misery that pulls you up out of your seat even though you can hear your mate in the back of your head telling you it was a bad idea.

It had been too long since the last time you ate.

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Boss Pt. 2

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One innocent drink with Thomas Shelby turned into a few. A drunken kiss here and there turned into much more, and it wasn’t long after that when you found yourself running the Eden Club alongside the Shelby brothers.

“Right ladies!” You shouted, getting the attention of all the dolled up girls sat in front of their mirrors. The talking in the dressing room stopped and all the girls turned to look at you and listen. If you learned one thing from you old boss, who was the first to be fired by Tommy per your request, it was to treat your workers with respect and they’d do the same. A smile spread across your face, the feeling being the center of attention nothing new to you. But this kind of attention where people were listening to what you had to say opposed to staring at your body was a welcome change.

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Not quite as big as a Barbie doll, but definitely one of the tallest soft sculptures I’ve made, this needlefelted One Of A Kind doll was made entirely with pipecleaners, wool, alpaca fiber, and cotton batting. He’s strong enough to hold both Darkwing and Gosalyn in his arms in a big bear hug, and posable enough to fly a plane or ride a horse! (A Breyer Smart Chic O’lena painted by me to resemble Breyer’s Hidalgo model. He is wearing Breyer’s parade tack).

While felting has been around for ages, Needle felting is a relatively new craft that started in the 1980’s and was revitalized in the past decade. You can put felt on anything: soap, lampshades, make purses or slippers or hats out of it, sew with it, make “paintings” with it, or punch it into 4D shapes with just a foam pad or pillow, some barbed felting needles, and a pack of dyed wool. You can even use the lamb’s wool some pharmacies sell for lining shoes. I’ve felted over rough seams on elastic casts and knee braces to make them more comfortable for Mom. It’s fun, fast, beautiful, and it can be used to express any skill level. As long as you’re careful not to poke yourself with the needle. Those barbs HURT.

Launchpad McDuck, Magica De Spell, Gosalyn Mallard, Scrooge McDuck, and Darkwing Duck all are copyrighted by the Disney Company, and are characters from Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck comics, as well as the tv shows “DuckTales” and “Darkwing Duck.”

These OOAK dolls were made as fanart by me, for me, and will not be replicated or sold. I do not use patterns, and I am a self taught artist. Nobody showed me any tutorials on how to do this; I figured it out on my own, and after buying a couple of instruction books, I decided I preferred my own method for building volume versus what I read. Since I do not make or use patterns, each sculpture turns out different. It is hard to make legs and arms symmetrical and stand evenly. It is hard to make heads and bodies proportional.

If you decide to commission a fiber artist, please keep in mind that complex designs do not work well in a small size, as there is less room to fit in details, needles are all about the same length, and we risk hurting our fingers more frequently as we try to hold the tiny little thing on our work station, and strain our eyes. Every doll takes lots of time, concentration, and hand-eye coordination.

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I" may or may not have robbed a bank just now and please help me get away i’ll repay you in sexual favours and also cash” au for Feysand!

A/N: so this is going to end up being a little mini fic, with this being the first part and I’m kinda excited.  I already have ideas for part 2, but I can’t guarantee when it will be finished since holidays and stuff, but it WILL happen! Also special thanks to @rhysndtrash who fabulously helped me with edits and listening to me babble about ideas and being all around fab.  Let me know what you all think! [Part 2 here!]

Auxilium - Part 1

Hefting her overfilled satchel higher on her aching shoulder, Feyre pounded down the cracked pavement, sweat dripping uncomfortably down her neck and along her spine beneath her less than breathable business casual dress surely not meant for sprinting.  Shooting a glance backwards, she paused to pull her the heels pinching her toes off, testing the concrete and mentally sighing at the beautiful coolness it had, when just two months earlier she would’ve burned the soles of her feet hideously.  And just a month and a half from now, she’d lose a toe or two to frostbite.  So the gods were smiling on her for once.

At least, that was what she thought, until she spotted the meter maid trundling down the street, hawk-like eyes reading the time left on each meter, wicked ticket book in hand, ready to ruin some poor slob’s day.  Not this poor slob.

Hoping to avoid yet another ticket she couldn’t afford she secured her bag once again, gritted her teeth, and vaulted through the luckily sparse late afternoon crowd.  Between the various office buildings, coffee shops, and Hybern Bank, it would never be quiet until after business hours, but there was always a lull between lunch and five o’clock.  Which was exactly what she’d been counting on.

Sending a defiant glare toward her unknowing adversary, Feyre slowed to a stop near her car as the meter ticked to a blinking 0:00.  Pulling the back door open quickly, she tucked her bag low on the meticulously vacuumed carpet behind the passenger seat before circling the parallel parked car, mindful of oncoming traffic, and slipped into the driver’s seat. 

With a sigh, Feyre let her head drop back against the head rest, tossing her discarded heels to the right side of the car blindly.  Shifting slightly and pressing her slightly raw bare feet against the pedals, she rifled through her pockets, fingers finally closing around her keys - complete with her dorky artist easel keychain - when a rather definitive knock sounded at the window.

Groaning, she shoved the key forcefully into the ignition, “I beat you here fair and square - oh.”

Upon turning to face her adversary, she noted it was not her usual squat, ticket wielding nemesis, but a tall, dark haired man with eyes that could only be described as violet - a shade that had her fingers itching for her paints - and a disarming smile, creating the overall appearance of the most beautiful man she’d ever beheld.  And he was gesturing for her to roll the window down. 

Feyre narrowed her eyes, glancing toward slowly approaching meter maid in the rear view mirror before cracking the passenger side window just enough to speak and see those lethally gorgeous eyes that much more clearly, “Speak succinctly.”

His expression sparked at her shortness, if anything appearing more intrigued than offended, before he smirked in what she’d admit in the quiet of her mind was a rather attractive manner, “Any shot you’re willing to give a fellow in need a ride, darling?”

Brows shooting up into her honey colored hairline, Feyre bit back a smile, “Are you serious, ever heard of Uber?”

The stranger propped his forearms on the top of her car, fingers brushing against the slightly rusted metal detailing as he leaned close, “I think they’re tracking my phone.”

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