just so u all know drawing all the time and filling sketchbooks doesnt work for everybody and isnt feasible for everyone so if you dont do one or either of those things, that doesnt make you any less of an artist it took me a while to realize that

drawing all the time could actually have the opposite effect for some people and make art seem more like a chore and get u frustrated and upset so just take a break…i usually draw once every few days, maybe once a week its okay and it doesnt make your art any less serious just because you cant do it all the time 

oh yeah, some pokemon go advice that i havent seen around so sorry if theres a post about this already ahaha

uhh but if your game freezes after you caught a pokemon, wait for the loading symbol in the corner to stop/disappear…that means the pokemon is caught even though its frozen so when you close and reopen the app, the pokemon should be in your inventory

its worked every time for me and my friends so..! good luck!