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80. Calming the others anger (with sex)

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You heard the door slam as you were in the shower. You stopped to listen when you heard things being thrown around and slammed down. You knew today was going to be rough for Bucky, but it must have been much worse. You sighed and finished washing your hair.

You stepped out, dried yourself off, and wrapped yourself in Bucky’s robe that was hanging on the back of the bathroom door. You walked into the living room to see the things on the console table were toppled over and scattered on the floor. You continued into the kitchen to see Bucky standing against the island with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes closed. You could tell he was biting the instead of his lip by the hard set of his jaw. He didn’t acknowledge your presence, but he knew you were there.

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Ay deleting pics etc so I thought id post this bc why not. So basically I wanted a nose job but parents wouldn’t let me, so I got dermal fillers injected into the bridge of my nose to straighten it. The actual treatment lasted around 5-10 mins, the results last around a year, and it cost me £320. 10/10 would recommend if u hate ur nose like I used to.

Zodiac Highschool Chapter#12 - Libra: Hungover and older boys

I sat on my bed, covered by white and messy blankets. My throat was dry as a desert and I went to the kitchen to drink water; the transparent liquid was able to calm me.
I saw my reflection on the mirror… ugh I looked awful : blue eye bags and messy hair. And I felt weird, my head wasn’t working and everything seemed annoying… Definitely, whoever had the idea to celebrate the end of exams if the next day we had to go to another  stupid compulsory speech, deserves a hungover worst than mine.

I made an intensive hair treatment, I straighten it and I put my make up perfectly before going to class. I decided to catch the bus and I looked at the conversations on my mobile… I had a message from a number that I don’t know “Hey Libra, I hope you arrived okay at home and I wish you had fun the rest of the night”. I honestly had no idea whose number was from…

- Hi Libra! - said Aries while sitting by my side on the bus.

- Hi… - I said while I was trying to look at the profile picture of the number.

Aries looked at the screen and smiled.

- A secret admirer again?

- No, I don’t have secret admirers… and I don’t even know who is this from.

- Yeah sure Libra, you’re invisible and nobody likes you - said Aries sarcasticaly - Really? And the profile picture?

- It’s a quote of Karl Marx: “Liberty starts when necessity ends”.

Aries started laughing and making fun at me. I said to him:

- Man… seriously… don’t you have hungover? How can you be so active?

- Because I’m me, that’s all.

- Brilliant… I saw you talking with Leo… have both of you fixed it?

He looked on the ground. He was nervous and he didn’t answered me, provided that we’ve already arrived at highschool.

In the room where we had the speech was already sat half of the class. Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn were in perfect state because they almost hadn’t drink anything. Leo, Taurus and Gemini looked tired. And… Pisces and Aquarius were half dead… cool…

I sat by the side of my beloved almost dead friend followed by Aries. Pisces made a noise trying to say hello, then he leaned his head on my shoulder and felt asleep.

- The life of the party - joked Gemini after seeing this. I laughed at my friend’s joke and then I felt a little bit dizzy.

The last to arrive at the speech were Scorpio and Sagittarius. Scorpio seemed tired, but not hardcore drunk and sat beside Aries who was by my side. Sagittarius arrived when the speech had already started and was in the same state as Pisces and Aquarius, in fact… he sat beside her.

The speech was about sex ed. And was boring… I think almost everyone hated it, except Scorpio who was following it. I looked again at the mobile screen… ¿who could it be?

I heard Aries whispering something at Scorpio. Then I heard Scorpio saying softly.

- You don’t remember, really?

I shook my head as an answer.

- After drinking, you started flirting with some guys. Gemini, Taurus and I were controlling you because we were worried about you… And then you saw that guy… I don’t know his name, he’s that one who is a couple years older than us and the one that, when he was on highschool, almost all the girls in our class had a crush on him…  - I nodded as a confirmation that I was following him, then he proceeded - well, then as we knew who he was, we let you talk to him and then you disappeared … after looking for you we found you. He was a nice guy, he made sure you were okay after you vomited when you were with him.

I panicked. No, it can’t be… I vomited in front of one of the biggest crushes I’ve ever had. Ow, its so ridiculous.

- And you kissed Saggy. - Added after a pause.

- What?! - I said shocked.

- He doesn’t remember either - said Gemini, who decided to join the conversation, pointing at Saggy.

Fantastic… I looked at the mobile screen and I answered to my old crush’s message “I don’t know how you get my phone, but I’m okay. Thanks for looking after me”. Not much later he replied “You can compensate me if we take a coffee together”. I smiled, the dizziness started to disappear and I thought that maybe my luck wasn’t over.

How I got long, thick and healthy hair

I don’t know if anyone cares but I wish someone had told me this…

In the “after” photo, my hair has not been dyed darker since the “before” picture.  It’s just much, much healthier now. 

So, my hair has always been slow to grow.  Ever since I was little I wanted long luscious locks, but, no.  I had tried everything; regular trims, not straightening it, treatments, you name it, I tried.  In the end I gave up and got hair extensions when I was 16 (this was a huge mistake, the extensions ripped my hair out of my scalp.).   

However, over the last 3 years my hair condition has drastically improved.  I now have long, healthy and thick hair, despite my seldom hair dresser visits and frequent straightening.  I put this ENTIRELY down to my diet.  Three-ish years ago I changed my diet drastically, which I am sure some of you know from following me on here.  Not only did I cut calories (for a while), but I also stopped eating all animal products.  Since cutting the crap, my hair has thrived. 


*The only hair effort I make is occasionally using melted coconut oil as a treatment.  I massage it into my hair before washing it, let it sit in for an hour or so. then shampoo and condition as normal.

…How I became so pale is another story (in short, I don’t see sunshine because I’m always at work :p ). 

The soft crackle of music from a vintage radio brought some semblance of cheer to the otherwise quiet yet extravagant office room. Its sole occupant leaned back on his throne of a chair, slender legs propped up against the massive desk while his deft fingers rifled through a thick stack of dollar bills. He held the air of a king for anyone who cared to be around.

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