I need to rant a bit

So, as some of you may know, I am bisexual. And I feel like sometimes, we get even more hate than gay people.

“It’s a phase”

“That’s just an excuse to be a slut”

“There’s no such thing”

“You’ve just got one foot out of the closet”

“Everyone just says that because they want to seem cool”

Uhm, no. 

It’s not a phase, I don’t have phases in sexuality. I’m not a slut, I am in fact a virgin. There IS such a thing, considering the fact that I exist. I do not have ‘one foot out of the closet,’ because trust me, I’m an open book, and if I was gay, you’d know. And I do NOT base my sexual attractions on what is cool or not.

I’ve told people before, and had them ask, “Well, have you actually done anything with a girl before?” I reply, “No, but I haven’t done anything with a boy either, and I’m attracted to both.”

I then get told that I’m just bicurious. Now, just the very nature of this term pisses me off. If you say you are gay, but you haven’t done anything with someone of the same gender, then you are not “gaycurious.” If you say you are straight, but you’ve never gone out with anyone, you are not “straightcurious.” It’s not a phase or a wild ploy for attention, a way to pretend to be cool because all the cool kids are bi.

I am bisexual because I genuinely can’t decide on one gender or another. When I crush on someone, it happens regardless of gender, and I can’t control it. I am equally attracted to both guys and girls, and I don’t have any particular preference. 

Don’t trivialize me. I shouldn’t have to prove myself, just because you refuse to believe that there is a sexuality between straight and gay.

Thanks for listening, that is all.

you know who’s not straight

you know who else is not straight

you know who else is not straight

you know who else is not straight

you know who else is not straight

you know who else is not straight

you know who else is not straight

you know who else is not straight

and you know who isnt gay
all of them