Injured!Steve + Protective!Tony

“Come here.”

Steve shut his eyes, sighing irritably as he heard Tony step into the room. “Stark, now is not a good time.”

From the reflection of the mirror, he watched the man lean against the frame of the door and raise his eyebrows. “Well, I can see that much myself,” Tony stated.

A warning growl slipped through Steve’s teeth. “Stark, for God’s sake, can you just-”

“Hey, so since when did you start going back to last-name basis with me?” He interrupted a little petulantly, taking another step forward until he was officially inside Steve’s bathroom, “I thought we were making progress-”

“Stark, please, just-”

“-you know, I don’t call you Rogers any more, and ever since you yelled at me for getting crushed and then pretending I was fine, I’m trying not to hide my injuries either, which apparently is more than can be said for-”


The yell cut through the words the same way the razor Steve had been holding to his cheek cut through skin at the jerking movement, and he cursed as the blade sliced through skin. Fucking shaky hands. He sighed, muttering something incomprehensible as a he rested a palm against his forehead. “Tony, please, can you just go-”

“You’re hurt.” Tony stated it bluntly, folding his arms and staring down at Steve as he leaned over the sink. Steve hated being seen like this. “You’re hurt, Steve, so do us both a favour and just come here.”

“I’m fine, Tony,” Steve gritted- why was Tony still there? They’d had their argument hours ago. Steve was finished for the day. He didn’t have the energy for any more fighting.

“You know,” Tony said, and suddenly there was a hand curled around Steve’s wrist as it attempted to bring the shaking razor back up to his jaw, stopping it an inch from his face, “you don’t have to do absolutely everything on your own.”

Steve turned, looking down at Tony and clenching his jaw. Tony didn’t waver- his own face a little bruised, a little beaten, but defiant as ever. They remained locked in a staring match for a few seconds, until finally Steve let go of the straight razor, letting it drop into the sink with a clatter. “Fine,” he muttered, “there, it’s gone. Take me to medical if you’re so damn concerned- they’re only gonna do the same things I was doing to myself a few minutes ago.”

Tony shook his head and pulled Steve’s wrist downward, tugging until he caught on and realised Tony wanted him to move. Humouring him, Steve let him lead them- following Tony until they reached the toilet, where he pushed down the lid and then gestured for Steve to sit. He raised an eyebrow in question.

Tony waved a hand over to his bare chest in answer. The chest currently littered with cuts, scrapes, bruises and a bullet hole. Oh- and possibly a few broken bones. Dislocated shoulder at the most- he was getting to fixing it, but it hurt like a fucker and he didn’t really have the willpower at that point in time.

It had been a long fight. And loathe though Steve was to admit it, they took a toll on him.

“Sit down,” Tony told him, and when Steve made no effort to move, he added a brutally honest “please, Steve.”

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