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part 2

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The only noise one could hear next was a loud thud as Ren was hammered over the head then flung back by the shadow claw. He flew straight into a tree near where Titus and carmine now stood. His shell armor saved his skull from being shattered and surprisingly remained in-tact. His stomach and side however, sustained rather massive damage from the shadow claw. Ren flopped un-gracefully to the ground and simply laid there, knocked out. It dawned on Titus that there was no way he could stand a chance against these trevenant, as they were clearly much stronger than Ren or himself. 

Titus was out of options and places to run now. He could not just abandon his un-conscious teammate or the new found duskull and he certainly couldn’t successfully drag them both away in his own current state. Things seemed bleak and were only getting worse as the trevenant hit with ice beam was starting to snap out of the shock, not nearly as damaged as anyone would have hoped. To Make matters worse Titus swore he saw something red and glowing out of the corner of his eye, potentially another trevenant brought into the fray by the others screaming. All he could do was attempt a battle stance and try to hold the attackers off.

…..continued in part 3

shiro: i love being an adult. if i wanna live on nothing but swiss rolls and two liter bottles of mountain dew for a week, no one can stop me.

keith: i– shiro i’m definitely gonna stop you. that’s– that’s not a thing you should do

shiro: i’m the adult

keith: you can’t just say “i’m the adult” every time someone tells you not to do something ridiculous

shiro: i’m the adult



Desc: Reader is a newly turned vampire struggling to control their hunger and heightened feelings for Kai.

Blood sharing & smut included

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“I’m so hungry,” you growled softly, a network of veins crawling to life beneath your eyes. Your whole body ached with a hunger only blood could satisfy, your fangs piercing lightly into your dry tongue. 

You stood in the forest, surrounded by bright green trees, your boots sinking into the rich soil beneath your feet. It smelt of pines and fresh air, but all your mind could do was spin with the urge to feed. Rays of feeble sunlight trickled from the dark clouds that hung low in the grey sky. You tried to be good because you didn’t want to hurt anyone, but you were a newly turned vampire, and animal blood only soothed your cravings slightly. You’d promised everyone you had everything under control, and they’d all bought it. Everyone except-

You heard the whoosh of somebody appearing behind you, and turned to face a cocky looking Kai.

“You can always try the human diet,” he offered. “Running away from me won’t make you any less hungry.”

His lips twitched slightly, forming his familiar & smug smirk. His blue eyes glimmered, his defined cheeks rosy, brown locks smoothed perfectly atop his head. He was stunning, yes, but…

“Kai, you hurt people, and I can’t do that,” you replied firmly. 

“Oh don’t play so innocent,” Kai teased. “I know you’re not the perfect girl you pretend to be.”

You felt your heart miss a beat momentarily, and you swallowed the lump in your throat with a little shake of your head.

“Leave me alone, Malachai.”

“But you’re so much fun, princess,” he smiled, licking over his pink lips.

You rolled your eyes and turned away, waiting for Kai to leave.

“Look, I know why you might not trust me,” he started softly, with genuine concern.

Your eyes fluttered closed, while you tried to block out the sound of his voice.

“But I promise you I can help you through this. I won’t tell anyone that you’d been lying to them, (Y/N). Just, please…let me be the good guy for once.”

You took in a deep breath, the veins under your eyes fading momentarily. 

“You don’t get to be the good guy, Kai. Because you’re not a good guy,” you hissed under your breath, refusing to look at him.

In a second, you were thrown backwards, your back thudding roughly against the sharp bark of the tree behind you. You yelped out, Kai pinning you firmly in place, his aroma overwhelming you, his eyes dark with anger.

“You know what, you’re right,” he breathed over, his voice low. “I’m not good, but neither are you. And don’t give me any of your bullshit, because I know the girl you are, the one you’re scared to show to anyone else. You’re a vampire now, and vampires kill. And as much as you might deny it, I know your pretty little mouth wants to be engulfed with the flavor of warm blood, and with your emotions heightened, you must be dying to try all the dirty little things you’ve never tried before,” he purred huskily.

Your chest rose heavily, eyes flickering over Kai’s annoyingly perfect features. It was impossible to think straight with his chest pressed so hard into you.

“You’re wrong,” you lied.

“Awh, really?” Kai murmured, his blue eyes drinking you up. “So if I did this,” he said, trailing his slender fingers between your thighs, “you’d feel nothing?” 

It was insane how much electricity you could feel through just the whisper of his fingertips, and how you noticed each individual goosebump arising under his touch.

“N-no,” you stammered, with little result.

“And this?” Kai hummed, his hands firm on your waist as he brought his lips gently to your neck. His mouth grazed over your skin, tongue gently swiping over your exposed flesh. Something inside of you stirred, and you involuntarily released a quiet moan.

Kai stopped, squeezing your hips lightly, his lips coming to your earlobe.

“That’s what I thought,” he whispered.

He released you at once, his blue eyes alight with lust. Without a word, he moved to leave you, his point proven. You vamp sped up to Kai, grabbing his wrists from behind, and slamming his body straight into an oak tree before he could react. His back hit the tree trunk hard, but he wasn’t phased at all, the look in his eyes knowing. Your hands trembled slightly, strands of your tangled hair toppling across your eyes. You stared at the malicious bad boy, feeling stupid for the way he made you crumble so easily. You bent forward, touching your forehead to his, eyes locking with his blazing blue ones. You breathed in Kai’s overpowering scent, dark veins crawling across your face as you inhaled. Your heart thrummed loudly, the only thing you could focus on being Kai’s fresh warm blood.

“Do it, (Y/N),” he dared, as if reading your thoughts. Kai raised a wrist to your parched lips, and your fangs sprung back out at once. “You know you want to.”

Without a second thought, you seized Kai’s wrist, bringing it straight up to your hungry mouth. Your fangs sunk deep into his flesh, and the taste of him instantly flooded through your lips. Both your hands came up to pin his arm harder into you, and you groaned in pleasure, your hands trembling from the need for more.

Kai brought his right hand up, and pushed your head gently into the crook of his neck, where he held you lightly. You could feel his cool rings against you as he brushed his fingers through your locks softly, cooing, “that’s right, sweetheart, keep going.”  

You nuzzled into him, the taste of his blood like a drug, the hunger inside you somehow only growing, not yet satisfied. Kai’s mouth hung open, and he let out a soft moan, the sight of your fragile form in his arms too much for him. His eyes grew dark with hunger, veins crackling beneath them. You whimpered against Kai’s wrist before releasing him, your eyes black, his blood leaving a red mess all over your mouth. Kai looked over you with adoration, a lopsided smile on his lips.

“Are you hungry?” you asked him when you saw his eyes.

“Not for blood,” he grinned, his tongue flicking over his fangs.

Kai seized you by the waist and flipped you onto the leaf strewn forest floor, so you grabbed his ankles, throwing him down beside you with a laugh. You whooshed onto his chest, straddling his body and bending over his lips to kiss him before he could react. He responded at once, hands flying up to grab your ass, tongue sliding into your mouth and fighting for dominance with yours. Kai sucked the excess blood from your mouth, a growl emanating from his throat as his lips worked with more force. His faint stubble brushed over your skin, and he squeezed your backside roughly as his lips molded perfectly against your own. You could feel Kai’s large bulge growing beneath you, and your hands instantly reached for his belt buckle. You tossed Kai’s pants off, and then literally ripped his shirt from his chest, your mouth peeling from his to dive into his rippled front. You trailed your tongue down across Kai’s chest before leaving sloppy kisses all over him, brushing your fingertips teasingly across his boxer line. Aggravated by your control over him, Kai flipped you onto your back, peeling off your own clothes, his breath heavy as he delved into your breasts. His name toppled softly off your lips, your head rolling back as he squeezed, sucked, and bit at your flesh. His lips attached around your nipple, and your hands went sliding into his hair as you held him there. The knot in your stomach grew tighter, the wetness between your legs increasing with every second. Every little thing he did to you was filled with so much more intensity as a vampire, and it felt good. Kai removed his mouth, leaving little kisses all down your belly and to your underwear. He hooked his teeth around the lace, removing the fabric easily before taking off his own boxers. Your eyes drifted down to his length, your eyes widening, the lump in your throat growing. Kai caught you staring, and did another one of his smug smirk’s. 

“Ohhh,” Kai sighed, two of his fingers rubbing circles gently against your clit. “I’ve wanted to fuck you senseless from the moment I laid my eyes on you.”

You trembled slightly, eyes flickering over Kai’s sculpted features, “so do it.” 

Kai’s eyes flickered back to your face, and he chuckled with delight. “And I bet you’ve wanted that too,” he purred.

“Please Kai,” you begged with impatience. “Just-”

“Just what, babygirl?”

“Just fuck me,” you pleaded, mouth watering at the sight of him.

Kai smirked, looking pleased, “I’ve broken you, haven’t I? Why haven’t you shown me this side of you before?” he asked seriously.

You closed your eyes, “I-Kai…”

“Tell me,” he whispered.

“I’ve been dead for three weeks now, and your somehow the only one who made me feel alive. I didn’t want to let those darkest parts of me feel for you, but I just…can’t,” your voice cracked at the end. “I need you so much, Malachai Parker.”

He looked you over, his eyes softening with adoration. And then, slowly, he gave you what you wanted. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as he entered you, his length stretching you wide open. Kai’s hands moved to your hips as he began to mercilessly slam his hips into you over and over again. You cried out in pleasure, a layer of sweat gathering on your forehead. 

“You’re-so-” Kai panted, “tight for me.”

Just the sight of him and sound of his voice was enough for you to want to go over the edge. Kai dragged out the next thrust, pushing into you at an excruciatingly slow pace, his mouth hanging open as he groaned your name.

“More,” you begged.

Kai moved one of his hands to your clit, rubbing vigorously as he began to quicken his pace again, finding your spot in no time. Your hands flew to his back, nails dragging across his flesh as you bounced harshly beneath him. Your breathing got heavier, body convulsing as your screams hit a high, your words ragged.

“FUCK,” Kai groaned, his head falling forward as he gave a sloppy final push, his come instantly emptying into you and filling you up to the brim. Your juices mixed with his, your body still shaking. Kai moaned and pulled out, diving into you at once to clean up the mess. His tongue gave little kitten licks to your heat, his head burrowed between your open legs. Kai dipped his tongue gently once into your folds before releasing you, his chest heaving. He flipped over onto his back, his arms sliding under your body and pulling you close into his chest. You curled up against him, arm dipping under his protective hold as you listened to the strum of his heartbeat. Kai mindlessly started playing with your hair again, his eyes always on you.

“You probably think I’m weak for giving into you so easily,” you said after a long silence.

Kai’s eyes crinkled sadly at this. “No, (Y/N), you’re strong, and that’s why I admire you. You spent so long avoiding me because if we ever got even a little close, it would mean that somewhere inside of you, a part of you felt something for a monster like me.”

“What does it mean that my weakness is you?” you asked softly.

“I don’t know,” he said. “What does it mean that a ‘psychopath’s’ weakness is you?”

Dream I had last night?

@kyleehenke released an anime series on YouTube.

Episode 1: Master Roshi summons her to join a squad (Naruto Style) with Gohan and Trunks (she straight up pulled a tree out of the ground and threw it at someone)

Episode 2: Inuyasha is Kylee’s childhood friend coming back from The War and Edward Elric is jealous of how close they are.

Episode 3: Someone from Persona or Blue Exorcist kidnaps Kylee and Edward For Reasons

…and then I woke up

Can we talk about Ada Lovelace for a minute though because she is one of the biggest history bamfs that not many people have heard of, and if it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t be using the computer that you’re using now to read this eulogistic shit:

  • Firstly, look how bitchin’ she was. That sass was handed down to her by both her parents; the super intelligent Lady Anna Isabella Milbanke, who received a Cambridge University education in her own home in the very early 1800s, all whilst having a vagina, and the mad, bad and dangerous to know Lord George Byron (yes, that Lord Byron). Basically, Ada’s genetics were plucked straight from the tree of promise and flowered into the fruits of genius. Badass. 

  • Byron left Ada’s mother when Ada was only a baby, and her mother never forgave him. In an attempt to prevent Ada from turning out to be as ‘morally fractured’ as her father, her mother banned her from pursuing any of the Arts, instead insisting that she focus on Mathematics and Science. She also banned Ada from seeing any portrait of her father until she was 20, which is a bit weird, all things told. This didn’t really have the desired effect - although Ada became highly interested in both philosophies, she also developed a deep sense of interest and admiration for her father, whom she never met, and who died in Greece when she was 8. Essentially, her mother’s insistence that she become anything but alike to her father made her want to be like him even more. Rad. 

  • Armed with a wish to be more than just a Mathematician, Ada developed her own scientific approach which she called 'poetical science’, which essentially meant she used both her highly trained logistical skills and her inherent creativity to ask bigger questions, and get better answers. This is what later allowed her to see the potential in an already established computing machine (we shall discuss that later). Girl got shit done. A+.

  • When she was 27, she translated an article written by an Italian dude, Luigi Manabrea (yeah, the dude who later became President of Italy. Nbd), about Charles Babbage’s 'Analytical Engine’; a mechanical machine largely agreed by historians as the first functional computer. When translating the article, Ada added an extensive supplementary of notes, which she entitled 'Notes’ (she wasn’t one to fuck around). These notes contained what is generally recognised as the first computer algorithm.

  • She then began to write extensively on the capabilities of Babbage’s machine. While most engineers, including Babbage himself, only believed that the machine was capable of basic number crunching, Ada didn’t agree. She foresaw that, with the correct algorithm applied, the machine could be capable of many other tasks, such as composing music to 'any degree of complexity or extent’. She basically predicted Garageband. 

  • Her published algorithm, recognised as the first computer programme by most reputable scientists (we’ll get to that later) was an algorithm designed to allow the Analytical Engine to calculate Bernoulli numbers. I don’t even know how to explain that, mostly because I’m not Ada Lovelace, but rest assured that Bernoulli numbers are complicated as shit and it was all very impressive. Bitchin’. 

  • After her death, many small-brained and smaller-dicked male mathematicians of the time began to realise something with a dawning sense of horror. Ada Lovelace had been a woman, and she’d made huge contributions to their field. Luckily for them, she’d been largely overlooked in life due to the fact that she had a chromosomal deficiency known as 'being a biological female’, and so they were able to discredit her fairly easily. Although Babbage himself wrote that the algebraic formula used to create the algorithm was 'entirely her own’, apart from the Bernoulli number formula itself (which Babbage wrote out but Ada later corrected), and that he 'suggested that she add some notes to Manabrea’s memoir’, the selection of which 'was entirely her own’, many modern historians still maintain that Ada’s contributions were minimal. Babbage historian Bruce Collier wrote that Babbage himself authored the notes on Manabrea’s article, and that Ada had an 'amazing delusion’ about her own talents, and only a 'shallow understanding’ of the Analytical Engine. When did he write this? The enlightened, gender equal age of 1990. 

So, in a nutshell, Ada Lovelace was a complete and utter bamf. Throw into the works the fact that she became an expert in bird anatomy at the age of 12 because she wanted to design wings that would fly; she almost eloped at 18 but was found out; and she dismissed her children’s schoolteacher because he kept trying to have an affair with her, and you get the idea; Ada Lovelace has been sorely overlooked by history, largely because she committed the heinous crime of being born a woman.

Christmas with the Malfoys

Notice: this is a long piece of writing, will take a while to read lmao!

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You take Draco’s hand after he pulls your luggage off of the Hogwarts Express as the two of you look around at the sea of faces until you finally find Narcissa’s.

Draco’s parents had offered to let you stay at their house over the holidays because yours were visiting your brother in Sweden - he was staying there for a while before moving on to Egypt, where he’ll train dragons. Your parents were hesitant about leaving you, but considering you were nearly seventeen, they said the choice was yours between staying with Draco or at Hogwarts. Of course you chose Draco.

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shiro has two (2) dads who are married and in love!! they basically adopted keith (therefore making keith shiro’s Honorary Little Bro™) before the whole shiro disappearing and keith getting expelled thing and keith called both of them “mr. shirogane” despite them insisting it was fine to call them by their first names every time he did

it started because he wanted to be a Respectful Young Man™ which is what everyone figured when he did it but he did find a bit of joy in the mischief of confusing everyone. he still does it whenever he mentions them in passing. shiro can usually pick up which mr. shirogane keith is talking about when he has context but he’s so tired.

Iconography of the Ainur

It’s pretty common for deities or saints to have certain symbols attached to them for artistic or teaching purposes, especially in preliterate societies or places with low literacy. So it seems a pretty reasonable idea that the Ainur had their own symbols developed by the elves and later adopted and modified by the Edain.  (The dwarves have no such parallel system. Language and writing have such a sacred character to them that calligraphic inscriptions serve this purpose.)

The pre-sundering elves of Cuivienen created the oldest symbols, and those continue to be used among the Moriquendi and the elves of Middle-earth. From these ancient symbols, the Amanyar elves developed a complex system to help identify the subject of an image in their art, such as the number and placement of figures, their gestures, setting and objects that appear with them. 

The Valar have a particularly standardized set of iconography associated with them. When the image is an Ainur’s humanoid form, they have a nimbus of radience or a crown of stars surrounding their head. The icon can take the place of the Vala it represents, or simply be a sign of influence or presence. The most common symbol type is animal.

  • Manwë - an eagle, a cloud, or a wind. Eönwë is specifically represented as a falcon, and other maiar as other birds of prey active during the day.
  • Varda - stars, of course, but occasionally an owl, a noctural bird of prey to match her husband’s eagle, or rarely a bat (Amanyar only, used only during the Years of the Trees). Ilmarë and her other handmaidens use a cat, ocelot, or leopard.
  • Aulë - an anvil or a smith’s hammer, raw crystals; his only animal symbols are corvids like crows or ravens
  • Yavanna - It would be inappropriate to represent Yavanna with any animal, since they feed on her plants. Instead elven artists use ripened wheat or fair trees with straight trunks. Some pollinators, like bees may be used. Yavanna’s maiar are animals that eat only nuts or fruits, the rationale being that they are helping the tree disperse its seeds.
  • Ulmo - Use of an animal symbol for Ulmo is unusual; most commonly he is a tall, foam-crested wave. But when an animal is used, large predatory fish, squid or octopus are common. No animal that must surface to breathe can be used. Ossë’s symbol is a Killer Whale, an Uinen has dolphins & porpoises. For his other maiar, various water-going animals that cannot breathe in the water are used, like whales, seals, or sea turtles.
  • Namo/Mandos - Using any living thing to represent the Vala of death is taboo. A pair of scales, an animal skull, or an hourglass are his symbols. For his maiar, the elves created a race of special mythological creatures: black coated, predatory animals with bare skulls as their heads and ghost lights in place of eyes. 
  • Vairë - Her symbol has quite the history. Her ancient, original symbol is the spider and spiderweb, but those fell out of use among the Amanyar and Sindar thanks to Ungoliant and her spawn. The Avari, Nandor and their Silvan descendents continued to use it until spiders began to plague Mirkwood. The spider was replaced by symbols of weaving like the loom, shuttle, and spindle.
  • Irmo/Lórien - He has several. The butterfly or moth, because they are animals that metamorphose from one form to another, and the Gardens of Lórien are filled with them. Colorful frogs, especially poisonous ones. Peacocks, for the ‘eyes’ on their feathers. Poppy flower, for its narcotic properties.
  • Estë - the serpent, for her role as healer. The turtle or lotus as representations of her island where she sleeps.
  • Melian - nightingale 
  • Nienna - a teardrop or tear tracks. White or grey doves. For the Amanyar, elephants, because they can cry and feel grief for a lost family member.
  • Oromë - a horse or a hound. He is a rare case of a repeated symbol; a falcon or hawk is also used, but it must be hooded or jessed as when used in falconry. Oromë’s maiar are most often represented by animals that hunt in packs, like wolves or lions, sometimes solitary predators. They are always predators.
  • Vána - flowers or songbirds, and hummingbirds who drink from flowers.
  • Tulkas - the boar, bull, or ram. Implements of war may be used, but since Tulkas is famous as a wrestler, are less common.
  • Nessa - a doe, hare, or gazelle. Among the Edain, she gained the symbol of the Horned Doe, a doe with a buck’s horns.
  • Tilion and Arien have special symbolic markings of their own. Tilion is always crowned with the moon (which moon phase varies), as Arien is crowned with the sun.
  • Melkor: We do not speak his name, we do not write his mark
  • Mairon/Sauron: too many Eyes