straight to the dumpster

matt murdock is the only person allowed to use the line ‘justice is blind’

Fashy pieces of shit who don’t even know their history (all of them, let’s be real) are NOT worth debating. Don’t talk to them. Shut them down with as much derision and ridicule as you can muster. They aren’t interested in debate – if they were, they’d arm themselves with actual facts. Don’t give them a platform. Don’t try to change their minds; you can’t. Discard them and their terrible politics straight to the fucking dumpsters.

Then set those dumpsters on fire.

GIRLS DONT READ this ones just for the fellas. only guys will get this one. bros you know when youre at the gym workin on your ‘toids to get big for the sports well OKAY I’m sure the ladies have stopped reading by now, so what’s their deal? how do I tell the girls I love them without having to talk? I’m scared

U know that one dh vid where the guy shot the whale tanks by a dumpster, the explosion flipped open the dumpster, killed paolo as he was walking by, and paolos body did a perfect parabolic arc STRAIGHT into the dumpster?

She makes videos like that but for every video game she can touch. The more improbable the death the better

This is also incidentally the same youtube channel she uploads all of her “I EAT 20 RAW RATS IN 10 MINUTES CHALLENGE” “CAN A HUMAN SURVIVE EATING 5 POUNDS OF SUGARLESS GUMMY BEARS?? LETS FIND OUT” videos. The ratio is 3 eating videos:1 video game kill vid per month. The video game kill vids being so infrequent but so goddamn LEGENDARY in how unlikely they look makes them highly anticipated by all of her subscribers

Defenders: AKA: The Dumpster Party

Claire blinks, frowning as she peers in. “Uh…guys?” 

A chorus of “Hi Claire”’s ring out, and she has to smile a little. 

“Whacha doin in the dumpster, guys?” 

“I live here now,” Matt mutters. 

Jess  groans. “Whine, whine, whine. It’s just a dumpster.” 

In a corner, Luke and Danny straight up giggle. 

“Oh, my god,” Claire groans. “Just…just get out of there.” 

“No point,” Matt says. ‘Just gonna wind up in here in a couple of nights anyways.” 

“We are just a bunch of trash babies,” Danny confirms. 

Luke snorts loudly, while Jess throws a banana peel in their general direction.

“Fine. Stay here. I’m going home.” 

“Yep,” Matt nods. “That’s fine. I might take a nap.” 

Foggy’s voice rings out from the end of the ally. “MATT GET OUT OF THE DUMPSTER!” 

He sighs. “Yeah, okay.” 

“I hate all of you,” Jess announces. 

“Yeah,” Luke nods. “You hated me right into your bedroom.” 

Claire groans. “Okay. Now I’m really going home.”