straight to the dumpster

matt murdock is the only person allowed to use the line ‘justice is blind’

Context: just starting a new campaign and creating my dragon born urchin while the group is waiting patiently and quietly.
DM: Ok as part of your starting equipment you need a momento of your parents
DM’s Mum, straight faced: a broken condom.
Friend: The only thing found in the dumpster with you where you were both conceived and born.

Well guess I’ve got a dumpster baby now…

Be Mine?

@buckysendoftheline requested: Ok so I got a request if your taking any! A peter x Reader where the reader is best friends with Peter and Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Reader is sad because they don’t have a Valentine and Pete knows it (he has a crush on reader) then on the day of Valentine’s Day he buys her like teddy bears and roses or whatever and asks reader to be their boy/girlfriend. He could say like “can I keep you” something so cute lol. Ok I’m done…BYE

author’s note: hey! I know Valentine’s day was a few days ago, and I meant to post this on the day but this week has been crazy busy – so, because of all the heart-wrenching angst I’ve been pouring out into this blog, I figured it was time to give you guys a little (it’s kinda short, sorry!) fluff. Even if it’s a few days late. <3 enjoy!

Peter Parker x Reader

   “Ugh.” You groan, watching yet another couple kiss. “This is a public space, do they have to do that?” You ask, rhetorically, and your best friend chuckles slightly from his locker next to yours. “It’s Valentine’s day, I think they’re entitled to it.” Peter says, amusedly, watching as you crinkle your nose and turn back to grab your textbooks. "It’s gross…” You state, because you’d never admit to Peter that you actually want to receive flowers and chocolates, and be the couple kissing in the hallway. You know he doesn’t feel the same way about you, so why ruin your friendship by telling him you like him? 

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I work in a charity bookshop and we take donations. There's this one old man who regularly comes in and donates two or three plastic bags full of books... Which invariably absolutely reek of human piss. They all go straight into the garbage dumpster outside because there's no way we could sell them and most of the volunteers refuse to even touch them. It's always so awkward when I see him come in because I guess he's trying to be charitable? But wtf dude.

This actually makes me very sad. He might be in a terrible living situation that caused this. His heart is in the right place, but his mind might need a little TLC. Maybe he’s a hoarder that is trying to slowly chip away at his collection in order to heal? That’s a lot of donations for one person. -Abby

Jaebum  Ver. (Bed AU’s)

I got the idea of doing this from reading a Bed Sharing AU I found on Tumblr, you can find it here. I take no credit for these prompts, however I do take credit for writing these stories.

Mark | Jaebum | Jinyoung | Jackson | Youngjae | BamBam | Yugyeom

Kiss The Girl
Prompt -
We fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? Were you breathing on my neck?! (Why did I get tingly???????)”
Pairing -
Im Jaebum/Reader
Tags -
Drinking, fluff, again hickies since they’re my fetish, suggestive snuggling, good morning anacondas, train to busan s p o i l e r s im sorry, they’re meaningful hickies tho, is that even a thing, little mermaid reference ayyyye, bambam just rly likes hello kitty ok
Word Count -
2,009 words
Author’s Note:
 I’m sorry this chapter was so shitty, I just got done with school and I have a job so I work like 5 days out of the week, and I have college and payments and bills and ew. But I will try to be as productive as I can with the other members! Enjoy!

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How you ended up like this, you have no idea.

The last thing you remember was boo-hoo crying along with Youngjae at the ending of Train to Busan, probably annoying the hell out of Yugyeom on Youngjae’s left and Jaebum on your right of the couch.

Listen, as much as they wanna complain, Su-an deserved her fucking father – the scene when he made her let go of him in the train car and he forced himself away was brutal to your heart strings – and he didn’t deserve to die in the end. Neither did the buff dude who’s name couldn’t come to mind at the time in writing this story.

“Hey, (Y/N)-ah?” Youngjae sniffled out your name, you remembered, causing you to look over and he wiped his eyes. “Could you get me another s-soju, please…?” He asked and you nodded, getting up from your spot next to an already passed out Jaebum, head tilted back on the arm of the couch, exposing his neck and god you had way to many drinks.

You remember wiping your tears and trying to worm your way through the sea of bodies across your living room, slung across one another in slumber.

However, there were six things you woke up to in the morning that you were prepared for.

And one thing you weren’t.

BamBam was curled up on the coffee table with a Hello Kitty blanket and a neck pillow (you honestly weren’t surprised he could fit on there, he’s so skinny-).

Yugyeom and Jinyoung were on the floor to the right of the coffee table, Yugyeom using Jinyoung’s sweater as a blanket, and Jinyoung using Yugyeom’s stomach as a pillow.

Youngjae was laying on the loveseat, Coco (yes, he brought his dog) sleeping on his chest while Mark was on the floor in front of that sofa.

Jackson was snoring quietly in the recliner with one knee pulled up to his chest rather uncomfortably, and his other sprawled out on the foot rest.

All those were expected. Even your slight hangover was expected.

However, the thing that caught your attention was the thick arm curling around your waist, keeping you pinned beneath the owner and the couch. You were on your back, but you couldn’t see the face of who was currently making you suffer from so much body heat. However, you could feel a few things that gave you an idea.

He was breathing in and out slowly, his mouth moving slightly against the expanse of your throat as he stirred and you weren’t sure if you were still dreaming because no way in hell can this be who you think it is. But all the signs did scream yes. The silky black strands your right hand was entangled in, the piercings you could feel resting against your shoulder, the other hand poking into your thigh-

Wait a minute.

If your head is resting on one arm of his.

One hand of yours is in his hair.

His other arm is around your waist.

And your other hand is fisted in his shirt.


Oh my god.

That’s a dick.

That’s his dick.

His dick is hard-

Im Jaebum’s dick is hard-

and it’s-

now poking into your leG.

p a n i c-

Then the lips that were pressed against your neck began to part. And that was when the panic began to low-key set in. Open-mouthed kisses were placed on the space just over your jugular, kisses that had you squirming in the best ways. You were actually enjoying yourself. Until you realized how incredibly wrong it was as to what you were doing.

You liked Jaebum, but he didn’t like you. And it was wrong of you to let him do this to you, knowing that he had no idea it was you who he was doing it to. His morning wood had nothing to do with you, his closeness, his tongue technology (a to the g to the u to the sTD- sorry) all of it had nothing to do with you. It was just his dream, and it didn’t involve you-


Or, dreams do come true and he just moaned your fucking name.

His voice startled you, causing you to jump. Which was a bad idea. Because that caused him to switch positions, so now he was on the bottom (hehe, bottom) and you were laying over him, his arms tightly around your torso so you weren’t moving anytime soon.


Anaconda. Cock-A-Doodle-Do. Pool Noodle. Hot Dog. Banana. Incredible Hulk. The terms are endless but it was there and o h m y g o d. Do you scream, do you cry, who the fuck knows.

You were about to wake him up when what he said next had your face redder than whatever ‘set’ he was complaining about. “Black makes you look sexier, (Y/N), more dangerous… I like it.” Fuc- it’s okay, you were fine.

“Jaebum… Jaebum-” You called softly, lightly patting his cheek but all that got was a nose twitch and a small groan. You sighed, before it dawned on you. You’d liked Jaebum for a while… when were you going to get another chance like this? You always thought since you were the third oldest out of the group of friends, two months older than BamBam, that he saw you as some kid. I mean, you two talked amongst each other about photography and such, but he never looked like he saw more of you.

Well, this was a game changer.

Taking all the courage you had, you leaned down and you kissed him. It was quick, barely even a full second, but you pulled back and scanned his face, but found no signs of consciousness.

Until he smirked a few seconds later.

“I knew you liked me, (Y/N).”

His sleepy smirk turned into a full on grin as he flipped the two of you once again, now both your hands on your stomach and his on either side of you, holding himself up. God, he looked gorgeous even when he was just getting up; his hair matted on one side, his voice deeper than ever, it rivaled Jackson’s even.

You were pretty sure that you looked a mess.  Ruined eyeliner from crying with Youngjae at the end of the movie – your breath probably smelled straight from a dumpster with how much you’d drank combined morning breath and it didn’t sound like that good of a combination. You probably even had some drool dried on your chin.

You were sputtering like a dying engine trying to figure out what the hell to say. But he said it for you. “I… I know that I don’t seem like I have feelings… for really anything.” He confessed, catching your attention down to his plush pink lips just begging for yours. “Jinyoung and Youngjae have been working with me on that- I promise.” He added, slightly caressing your cheek with his thumb.

Oh my god, shut up I have a hangover let me sleep!” BamBam croaked out in his slightly deep voice – it was in English, surprisingly, rather than Korean or even Thai – and he just rolled over on his back to face the other way, the small Hello Kitty blanket barely covering his thin, lanky form.

This caused the tension in the room to shift. With you frozen beneath him, after the outburst from BamBam it caused you to go into a fit of giggles; ones you hushed yourself with your hand to keep from waking him up more. Jaebum was no better, biting his bottom lip to stop from laughing himself. After you two calmed down, he resumed his monologue.

Do you think he practiced it?

He totally practiced it.

For the sake of your own ego, you led yourself to believe he practiced it.

“I know I might treat you like a kid sometimes, but that’s just because I’m scared of getting close to someone… someone I like a lot and have them leave me in the dust just for my fame. But I-… I know you won’t do that to me, (Y/N)… right?”

God, it broke your heart to hear such things come from the singer’s mouth. He’d been your friend since he was in the JJ Project, when you and Youngjae were just itty bitty trainees at JYP. Then, you’d landed a job in the production of GOT7, and were a on a team as a artist for their albums and their brand. But you always were honest with everyone, especially the GOT7 members, they were like family to you.

But Jaebum… he was more. He made your heart flutter with every passing glance.

You’d had a crush on him, even in his awkward blonde  JJP phase with Jinyoung – who was like an older brother to you. You would barely talk to Jaebum as a trainee, and when you weren’t cutting it for debut, you were surprised to find yourself in JYPD-nim’s office, and have him tell you that you got a job instead.

You didn’t know it, but when Jaebum was told of the trainees that weren’t debuting and were being let go from the company, he had to make sure you were kept on the team. He didn’t know how to tell you of his feelings for you, but he would keep you around until he did.

And here he was.

C O N F E S S I N G.

“S-So, (Y/N), will you-”

“Yes. Yes, a billion times yes, just.. one thing.”

He tilted his head, a big sleepy grin on his face at your acceptance of his feelings as well as reciprocation. “What’s that?”

You bit your lip to hide your smile.

“Kiss me?”

And he sure as hell did. He kissed everywhere – your eyelids, nose, cheeks, chin, lips, everywhere he could reach, leaving you in giggles. Until he kissed somewhere that had you making other noises that you had to clasp your hand over your mouth to hide.

He left exactly five marks on your skin. One for each year he knew you. One for each year that he should have told you. One for each year he left behind with you.

Just as he was finishing the last one, with you just barely managing to push him away from your neck so you could have a minute to breathe without it being into your hand, you heard a round of 'ooh’s’ sounding around the room.

“Jaebummie-hyung got some!”

Oh my god, Yugyeom. Go back to sleep.

“Good, now he’ll stop complaining about her talking with Jackson more than him.”

That was Jinyoung.

“She doesn’t talk with me that much more!”

You were red in the face.

“Aish! You woke up Coco and now I have a headache!”

“Yah, Youngjae-ah, I think there’s pills in the bathroom-”

Everyone was awake aside from BamBam, who was still snoring comfortably on the coffee table, passed out drunk.

And here you were, buried under Jaebum with marks littering your neck from him.

“Come, Jaebum! Kiss the girl!”

Jaebum looked down at you, a big grin on his face.

sixlunamoths  asked:

My friend and I went to a zoo (that I don't wish to disclose) that we didn't know was not AZA accredited until after we went. The animals seemed generally okay, and there weren't any outward signs of problems, but there weren't many info plaques and they seemed to have a LOT of cheetahs, and there were those coin operated pellet feeders, which made us suspicious. When we got home we looked up stuff about it and we found some articles about sketchy incidents that occurred there. (1/2)

It was the first time I’d ever been to a non-AZA-accredated facility and I feel incredibly guilty over paying entrance fee and supporting them because enough of the stuff I eventually found about them made me not want to. The website for the zoo was professional and sleek, and so was the actual zoo’s outward appearance. The animals did not display behaviours that worried me, but now I know to look for the AZA seal, I’m still worried I’ll be fooled again. How can I make sure I’m not? 

Well, that depends on why you feel fooled. Is it because they’re not AZA, or because you feel like their public front was covering up something bad, or because you just didn’t know what you paid to support?

Here’s the thing. AZA accredits the ‘best’ facilities, in the sense that they’re accrediting the more monetarily stable urban zoos who can afford to sink a ton of money into all the myriad requirements you need to get that accreditation. Yes, with that you get a pretty decent guarantee that a facility is following all the best practices and guidelines for animal care and welfare and education and conservation involvement (except, y’know, everywhere can have issues and I know of places that do). However, as much as AZA would like you believe that there are only two categories - “AZA” and “burning dumpster fires” - that straight up is not the reality of the field at this point. A facility not being AZA tells you some things about it, but it doesn’t tell you everything; they could not have the money to partake in conservation efforts to the level that AZA requires, they could be in the middle of the multi-year process of improving with the goal of being accreditation, or they could even have been previously accredited and chosen to split from the organization over politics or policy differences. I know examples of all of these in real life. So what becomes more important is really what other accreditations they might have and why they’d choose what they did… and as a member of the public, honestly, that’s really hard to parse and you’re not likely to be able to find access to that information. 

So. What to do from there? If you want to go, go. Google it first next time - but even with that, you have to figure out what lens anything you find has been filtered through. Look at how old events are, look for patterns of events, try to find alternate sources with a different spin and see how things are presented before deciding to believe anything. See if it looks like anything you don’t like is recent, see if older things appear to have changed, that sort of thing. It’s important to remember that the zoo field has grown massively in the past couple of decades and that ethos of animal management is still evolving so things that were issues in the past are not guaranteed to be practices still in place today. 

If you decide to go to a zoo you’re not sure about, do exactly what you did. Look around critically and ask questions about what you see. Talk to the staff and see how you feel about their responses. Ask them about accreditation status and why they made the choices they do.  You can’t learn everything online so, honestly, I think visiting in person is the best way to decide if you want to support a facility in the future. 

I don’t know if you got duped, without knowing the facility. If you saw a nicely upkept public side, animals that didn’t appear to be displaying behavioral problems, and the only things that were uncomfortable were history? Probably a pretty good chance you ended up at a decent facility. 

(Cheetahs are one of the big endangered species conservation projects that is managed outside of AZA control, and their population is booming in captive settings recently, so I’m not surprised you saw a bunch). 

Immortal FAHC headcannons

Each member of the team is immortal, but it goes beyond that. Their immortality is just a secondary bonus compared to the main power they got when they respawned the first time. Each one is different.

Geoff –
He can turn any liquid into alcohol. Hand him a coke, he’s drinking whiskey. Orange juice turns into moonshine. It’s cool to watch, because it swirls without being stirred, then is suddenly perfectly clear. But it’s more than just drinking though. He’s turned water bottles into a Molotov cocktail. Ever try to run a truck when it’s only Everclear in the tank? It doesn’t work well.

But there is a dark secret to this power, and he only does it when he is pissed off. He can turn the bloodstream into alcohol as well. It kills quickly, not instantly, but quickly and it’s painful. It’s even more painful if Geoff decides to set them on fire. And he can do it not only with blood, but with any human fluid. Snot, piss, spit, tears, all of it.

He doesn’t let himself torture people anymore.

Jack –
Jack shapeshifts. She can turn into any animal that she’s seen (and she spent a decade on safaris just to expand her horizons). She can also change her human form, but she only has two shapes for some reason, her cute red-headed female form and a large male form with an impressive beard. She likes her bearded form for driving to heists and when the boys get into the car, she’s back to her female form, tearing down the roads like a crazy person.

She has also spent entire days curled up in a sunbeam as a ginger Mancoon cat. She has sat in Ryan’s lap as a dog. She enjoy spending time in various animal forms in the apartment, just to surprise or comfort her boys.

She also tore an entire rival gang apart as a bear because Michael bet her $1000 she couldn’t. She hasn’t done it again and doesn’t talk about it much, mainly because that bestial rage is a little more addicting than she wants to think about.

Gavin –
Gavin spent the first fifty years of his immortality thinking he didn’t have a power. He thought he was broken. Then the industrial revolution happened, and suddenly it all made sense. Gavin’s power was with machinery and technology.

He can make anything work. Computers are like an extension of himself, and they do his bidding. He spends hours in front of a screen every day, perfecting and playing, hacking into things that he shouldn’t. He’s coaxed information out of the most secure databases on the planet.

For some reason, it doesn’t extend to video games. Michael and Ray beat him on a daily basis without trying. Gavin just cannot convince games to do what he wants, and he always loses.

Ray –
Ray doesn’t miss. It’s physically impossible for him to miss now. It doesn’t matter what he’s got, once a projectile leaves his hand, it hits what he’s aiming at. Even if he isn’t really aiming, it’ll hit the target. He can’t miss.

He wins extra cash off of dart games when he’s running low. He wins carnival games when the guys drag him out to them. He always ends up getting banned at some point in the evening. He likes making random bets with Gavin, mainly because he knows he’ll win.

“Bet you I can hit the dumpster on the other side of the building.” And ping, somehow ricocheting off three buildings, a car and a freaking phone line, the bullet goes straight through the dumpster.

Jeremy –
He shrinks. It’s part of the reason why he’s an infiltration expert. He can shrink down to any size he wants and can go anywhere. He used to hate it, used to hate the fact that he was smaller than everyone else, but he finally came to just accept it.

It’s when he joins the Fakes, and Michael jokingly yells “Lil’ J!” as he shrinks down to get on the other side of a door, that Jeremy starts actually liking his ability. Every team name is a short joke, and he goes along with it, finding the humor in it.

He keeps getting dragged into stupid pranks too. He’s lost count of how many times he’s been asked to shrink down and infiltrate Gavin’s room jut to move everything three inches to the left.

Ryan –

There is reason behind the mask and the face paint. He started wearing something like it a long time ago, when he finally realized what his power was. He is ridiculously charming. He can convince anyone to day anything with a just a wink and a smile. He’s conned people out of their livelihoods before, just to see if he could do it. He was a real vagabond for a very long time, knowing that he could always get food with just a grin.

There are people who are naturally immune to it though. Geoff proved to be one, as did Jack, much to Ryan’s relief. It was part of the reason why Ryan decided to join the Fakes. Being exposed to it for a while can also help build up an immunity too, though it fades if Ryan’s gone for a while. That’s why Ryan was one of the Lad’s favorite people in the beginning.

Michael –
He is naturally angry, always has been, and that anger translates into his power. He gets stronger the angrier he is, almost like the Hulk. It’s a gradual thing, where he starts off small and happy, but as he gets more and more pissed, he starts to be able to throw things that’s beyond human comprehension.

It goes further than that too. He also becomes impervious to damage the angrier he gets. Not particularly useful one would think since he’s already immortal, but it’s gotten him out of hot water before. Pissed off and swinging a shotgun like a sword, he’s been shot at with a minigun and shrugged it off like it wasn’t even a bee sting. He’s gotten high on rage and walked through a mine field just to see if he was in one piece on the other side. He was.

He has to be careful in the apartment though. He once got angry at a video game and threw a controller at a television. The controller went through the Tv, the wall, and shot off into the sky where it hit a passing helicopter. It went straight through the cockpit, killing the pilot instantly. The helicopter crashed in the middle of the interstate, causing one of the worst pile-ups Los Santos had ever seen.

Geoff screamed himself hoarse over the television.

evenmorestress  asked:

I am curious, if you’re still up for taking requests for Lost Light Apartment what would your take be on my two favorite greens, Waspinator and Cosmos? Neighborhood homeless man and lonely astronomer?



So incredibly strange

Homeless and lives in the alleyway behind the Lost Light apartment building

Has a weird obsession with Bumblebee

Very greasy hair

A bit dumb

Okay, a lot dumb

Refers to himself in third person

This creeps a lot of people out

Hisses at people

Hissed at Sideswipe once and scared the shit out of him

Is barefoot and wears an old green onsie

Drift feels bad for him and brings him meals

Minimus has tried to arrest him multiple times

Rodimus tells him to leave him alone

Has a shopping cart full of tin foil

Sleeps in the tin foil

Very, very pale

Hallow cheeks and weirdly big eyes

That are an uncomfortably bright green

Very square headed

Has no street smarts at all and gets beaten up a lot

Seen running way from people a lot too

Weird shaped eyebrows that go straight up

Somehow found yellow lipstick and sometimes wears it

Hides in the dumpster a lot because many people do’t like him

Gets food thrown at him a lot too

Gangle and tall

Likes bananas

Will purposely poke at wasps nest

If you hear screaming its him running away from wasps



So lonely 

Very, very lonely

Has no friends at all

Never has

In school he sat alone, did everything alone

And now he is still alone

Everyone forgets about him

If they are in the same room as him they usually forget he’s there

Literally dyed his hair bright green to get people to notice him

It did not work

Wears a weird, gross looking green suit

Square headed as well

Is naturally red headed

Has a horrible bowl cut

Very chubby and short

Has a very flat nose

Spends most of is time working because he has no friends

Meets Soundwave on the roof one day when hes stargazing

He rambles about stars for a while and Soundwave listens for hours

It becomes a nightly thing for the two

Even Ravage likes Cosmos

Gets bored easily

Lives in a sad little apartment with posters of constellations everywhere

Tries to say hello to his neighbors

but they don’t remember his name

How did I miss the Jopper trash can 

and go straight for the Jopper dumpster?

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An old woman tried to return USED underwear today, and wouldn't stop yelling at me and my mod saying we're ageist and we're discriminating against her. We are not allowed to return any underwear unless it has the tags still on and there's something wrong with it (we don't resell them, and we only do exchanges). It was disgusting and they smelled bad but my mod exchanged them anyway just to get her out of the store- he threw them straight into the dumpster

Let’s make this simple.

First of all, you think a grown ass man who has always had girls drooling over him but has literally never kissed a single one is straight. 

Secondly, you ship this dumpster fire:

That tells me everything I need to know about YOU, hun. 

If anyone else is still confused, I turned this selfie you so conveniently posted into a helpful guide, for deciphering you primitive creatures. 

Glad we understand each other.

skartoargento  asked:

For that pic of the cats though, what about sarif being the one peeking around the corner? :)

  • Furridah Malik (Maine Coon), likes to play with birds, climbs stuff just to jump down and pretend she’s flying
  • Furrancis Purritchard Nucl3arK1tty (Abyssinian), smartest cat in the city, has all the receipts, misses his deceased owner
  • Adam (Bombay), eats straight from the dumpster, lives in a dumpster, smells like a dumpster, totally not stealing Furrancis’ catnip
  • Sarif (Korat), spoiled domesticated cat that tries to convince stray animals that pet life is the best life, clingy af
Meeting the Hero

James Buchanan Barnes (Winter Solider):

Gifs not mine.

Warning: Fluff, Abuse, and Butt Kicking.

Word Count: 5.3k, longer than I expected.

A/N: I hope enjoy this one, I love Marvel so much man, it’s great. Send any types of request you’d like though, I’ll be more then happy to deliver. XX- basicKassandra.

You usually weren’t one to go to the gym but lately you’ve been going to boxing classes, you decided it was finally time for you to learn how to defend yourself after you were mugged last April. You had mastered the arts of MMA fighting, and you were pretty good at boxing even though you started a few months ago but something about these classes made you keep going back, a man, he stood in the corner most of the time sulking but even the scary look on his face couldn’t stop you from thinking he was such a handsome figure. You had caught him staring at you a couple of times, but he never approached you nor did you approach him “(Y/N)? You okay? You seem out of it today?” Rogers, your instructor said standing in your way of the sulking man. Rogers was a handsome man as well, but one thing you never learned was how to stay away from the bad boys, they had a certain hold on you to the point where good guys just weren’t an option. You looked at Rogers and nodded “Yeah, sorry it won’t happen again,” you say watching as he walks to the front of the room continuing the lesson. The class ends around 9pm and it takes you about an hour to get home, so you’re usually the first one out of the class but tonight you decided was your night to gather up the courage and speak to the sulking man in the corner. You showered, changed and grabbed your duffle bag looking for the sulking man and just as you were about to turn the corner you bump into what seemed to be a hard wall “Be careful their doll, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were making a move on me.” a cool voice said as you composed yourself a take a small step back to face your “wall” but you were met with those icy blue eyes that usually stare you down but tonight they were eating you up. “What if I was?” you say cooly looking up and the man who gave a faint smirk tucking his hair behind his ear “Then you would be in for some real trouble, because I’m the man your parents warned you about.” he says bending enough for him to be close to your ear, causing you to shiver at his tone of voice “So you think your all bad hm, Mr?” you say playing with the front of his shirt. He’s so close to you that you smell his cologne, it wraps you in a sheet of masculinity and warmth “You can call me anything you want doll, but my friends call me Bucky.” he says gently tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear causing you to blush.“Well, Bucky, a girl like me has a very anxious roommate who is probably pulling their hair out waiting for me. It was nice to finally talk to you,”you say walking away from him and out the door allowing the cold breeze to hit you as you stepped out, tonight was more quiet than other nights but you didn’t mind it was nice to not hear so many loud city cars for a change. You were walking on full alert and just as you were about to turn the corner you felt a hand cover your mouth and press you up against a brick wall “So we meet again babe, have you missed me?” a voice says in a sickening tone, you can smell the alcohol off the persons breath and then it hits you as soon as a hand slaps you across your face “Kaleb.” you say spitting out some blood from your mouth. Kaleb your ex-boyfriend, abuser, cheater, liar and an asshole, you never understood why you took him back time and time again but kind you had a heart of gold for a world who was as cold as ice.“Missed me baby? I’ve seen you lately at your class, being the little slut you’ve always been. SO who’s the guy? New boyfriend? Already replacing me baby, after all I’ve done for you.”He spits in your face and pulls your hair upwards causing you to lift a few inches off the ground and that’s when you see it. The small blade that shines in the light of the well lit street lights and before you could say anything you feel the knife being sliced on your cheek, then you feel the heat of your blood dripping down your face. You begin to whimper in pain and defeat and just as he was positioning the knife to your chest he was tackled on the floor by a shadowy figure, which caused you to drop on the floor backing away slowly from the scene but not leaving entirely. You watch the fight Un fold in a safe distance, punches go flying left and right and just as what seems to be the final punch from mystery man is caught by Kaleb, but that didn’t mean he won because the mystery man uses his other hand send Kaleb back a couple of feet straight into a dumpster.“You all right doll?” In that moment it hit you like a brick this wasn’t some stranger who was your knight in shining armor, it was Bucky who had saved you from your near experience. You didn’t say a single word you just walked into his arms and started to cry, he wrapped his arms around you and rub your back gently. He felt you growing weak so he picked you up and asked for address, once you mumbled it to him he had called a cab and carried you into your apartment , he knocked on the door because somewhere from waiting for the taxi to the drive home you had fallen asleep and he didn’t want to wake you. He carried you to your room and placed you softly on your bed tucking you in and kissing your forehead but before he left, he put his number in your phone and texted himself to have your number, because you were one person he was not going to let go of so quickly.

A Way Out Part 2

Summary: After using a magical stone to escape his prison cell, Loki and you enjoy a nice life hidden far away from the Avengers. But is this new reality too good to be true? 

Characters: Loki, Thor, Reader

Warnings: none really, just an angsty ending

A/N: So here’s the end! I went for a bit of a different ending than the first part. Feel free to send me more requests. As always, thanks for reading!

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Part 1

Loki tried to keep a neutral expression as he followed Thor and the Star Spangled Man with a Plan away from his cell. His hands were clasped together with tight metal cuffs. He felt the heaviness of the stone in his pocket with each step he took. Thanks to some clever slight of hand, he had managed to keep it out of sight during Thor’s pat down before leaving.

Loki just needed to time it perfectly, and he’d be gone soon enough.

It had been a week since you visited him and slipped him his escape route. A week since Thor had finally been able to convince the so-called Avengers to release his brother back into Asgardian custody. Seeing as it went so well last time, it had taken quite a bit more convincing to get Loki’s release. But apparently, Thor had been quite persuasive.

Thor and good ol’ Cap led him to an elevator where they traveled to the main floor of the Avengers Compound. The metal cuffs limited some of his powers, but the specially fortified concrete walls of his dungeon were what really held him back. As the elevator ascended each floor, Loki could feel more and more power surge through his veins.

The elevator door opened with a ding, and Thor and his comrade exited the small space. Loki couldn’t hold it back any longer. An impish grin overtook his face, and his teeth glinted under the white fluorescent lights. His shoulders shook with silent laughter at everyone’s stupidity.

Thor turned around uneasily and stared at his brother. “Loki?” he asked, stepping cautiously back towards the elevator. “What is it that has you so full of laughter?”

Loki stopped laughing and cleared his throat. “I’m just imagining the look on your faces,” he replied. He shut his eyes and scrunched his nose. The metal cuffs came off with a sharp hiss. He chuckled as the heavy metal fell to the floor with a clang.

Thor lunged into the elevator after his brother. “Loki!” he shouted. Instead of tackling a solid mass, Thor fell right through an image of Loki and slammed into the elevator wall. Loki’s clone saluted Thor’s fallen figure and dissolved.

Steve spun around and came face-to-face with the real Loki. Steve swung wildly, but Loki managed to dodge all incoming attacks.

“You have a chance to go back home,” Steve fumed as he continued to punch the air. “Why risk it?”

Loki’s face relaxed, and for a moment, Steve would have said he almost looked wistful. “My dear Captain,” Loki cooed. “Have you always been this naive?”

Then he took the stone out of his pocket and smashed it to the ground, disappearing in a harsh cloud of black smoke.


Magical stones made great getaway tools, but they definitely didn’t have the same amount of pomp and circumstance one would experience with other methods of transportation.

So when Loki wound up falling straight into a dumpster, he was annoyed, but not completely shocked.

He stared up at the pale sky as he tried to catch his breath. After a few moments, he pulled himself out of the metal canister and landed on the ground. Now that he was finally out of his prison, his power flowed more freely. But he had to be careful. Despite his cunning ability to deceive Heimdall, he didn’t need to draw unnecessary attention to himself.

Loki felt his body shake and realized he was shivering.  At first, he thought it was from the shock of traveling, but when he saw his breath come out in puffs in front of him, he knew it was due to the temperature. This place was much colder than he had been used to the last few months.

He walked to the edge of the alley and peered out into the street. It was early morning, and the sun was just beginning to rise over hundreds of colorful rooftops. Cars dotted the sides of streets, but the city appeared to be sleeping. Steeples peered out among the buildings, and Loki could see some sort of huge mountain in the distance. It was capped with snow, even though the buildings surrounding him were clear. He inhaled deeply and breathed in the scent of saltwater.

“Afsakið? (Excuse me)” a nervous voice asked from behind him. Loki whirled around and prepared to attack, but he lowered his defenses when he realized it was just a boy. He was still somewhere in Midgard, apparently.

“Hvað viltu? (What do you want)” Loki sneered, adapting effortlessly to the boy’s native tongue.

The boy stepped back, his eyes widening at Loki’s harsh voice. “É-Ég h-he-hef lykilinn þinn (I have your key),” he stuttered. He reached into his pocket and held out a shaking hand. A shiny gold key sat in the center of his palm.

Loki reached out and took the key from the boy. He held it up for closer examination. In the faint light, he could just make out the carving of a heart in the metal. He smiled and knew it was your handiwork.

The boy cleared his throat and pointed to a door a few yards away. Loki nodded his head in thanks and walked away. He could hear the boy scurry down the alley as he slipped the key in the door and unlocked the entrance to his new home.

The apartment was small and simple. Wood floors covered the entire space, except for the large rug sitting in the living room area. The edges of the rug spilled over into the quaint kitchen. Shuttered windows sat above the sink and allowed the soft, rising sun to peek onto the counters. Loki smiled at the fairly new appliances taking up the old-fashioned space. You loved your cooking, and clearly, you had put some thought into your new home.

His gaze landed on the coffee table in the living room. A well-worn book sat on top, and Loki picked it up. A Tourist’s Guide to Iceland. On the cover, Loki noticed the exact same mountain he had seen outside. So he was in Iceland. Definitely not a place on the Avengers’ radar.

Loki put the book back down and crept into the bedroom. His smile downturned when he noticed that it was empty. You weren’t here yet. Loki sighed and promptly yawned. The traveling had taken more out of him that he thought. After rummaging through the closets and pulling out new clothes, he managed to learn how to use the antique shower to wash the dumpster stink off of himself. The warm water felt magical on his sore muscles, and he barely made it to the bed before sleep crashed over him.


Loki groaned and slowly opened his eyes. Sunlight shined through the sheer curtains, bathing the room in a soft glow. He tried to roll over, but something stopped him. A smile took over his face as he realized he was holding you in his arms. He had been so knocked out that he hadn’t even heard you come in or slip under the covers.

Your eyes fluttered open as Loki shifted in bed. “Hello, love,” you whispered, stroking his cheek.

Loki gently kissed your forehead. “Hello,” he replied. He moved to your lips, and the kiss turned more heated. You slowly sat up and framed his body with yours. The moment was interrupted with one unexpected guest.

Loki’s stomach.

It rumbled loudly, and you giggled against his lips. “Someone’s hungry,” you teased, peppering kisses against his stomach. You leaned up and hopped off the bed. You interlaced your fingers with his and pulled him up with you. “Then let’s eat!”

Loki sat at the kitchen table while you whipped together eggs and pancakes. He reveled in the way your hips swayed as you hummed a random tune.

“So what’s the plan?” he asked as you plated the food.

You chuckled. “Well, after we eat, I was thinking we could…” you quirked your eyebrows suggestively towards the bedroom.

Loki smiled as he speared some eggs. “I meant, what’s the plan for leaving?” he clarified.

Your expression fell at his words. “Leave? There is no plan.”

“You mean you plan to stay here?” Loki grimaced.

“You mean you don’t?” you shot back, crossing your arms.

Loki scoffed. “And live my life in this town just existing?” He walked over and put his hands on top of your shoulders. “I am meant for so much more. I am burdened with glorious purpose.”

You shook his hands off your shoulders and stabbed your fork at him. “You are burdened with a warrant for your head.”

“Details,” Loki shrugged.

Narrowing your eyes, you glared at him. “I risked everything for you. For us.” You clasped his hands. “We can start over,” you begged. “Please. Give it time.”

Loki’s eyes gazed into yours intensely while his thumbs gently traced circles on the soft fabric of your t-shirt. You had risked everything, and it was all for him. The least he could do was give this new life a shot.

He answered you with a kiss, which you returned eagerly. He lifted you up in his arms, and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

“I love you,” he whispered against your lips.

You giggled and kissed him back. “I love you too.”

Your plates of food sat on the kitchen table as Loki carried you to the bedroom to show just how much he loved you.


Life in Iceland was a complete change from the life Loki was used to. Reykjavík was a small town with friendly people. Loki always altered his appearance slightly whenever the two of you went out, but no one ever paid him any mind.

You went shopping at the market every weekend after wandering around the town. It was small enough that you both had discovered the little eccentricities that made Reykjavík wonderful. It wasn’t uncommon for you to grab some food and eat in front of the water.

And the food! The food could be placed into a category all its own. Whether it was you cooking the local seafood or going out to a restaurant, Loki fell in love with the local cuisine each and every meal. It was certainly an upgrade from his prison cell.

While you both weren’t club-goers, you did enjoy wandering the streets at night. The sunset always reflected brilliantly on the water, and you liked listening to the different types of music seeping from club doors in the wee hours.

Despite its magical qualities, the spell of Reykjavík wore off eventually. You knew how much more Loki wanted out of his life. How much he wanted to leave. No matter what you did, it didn’t seem to change his mind.

Loki’s intense closeness during the beginning of your new life together slowly dissolved. His hugs became more lackluster, and his eyes lost their shine as you discovered a new part of Reykjavík.

At first, you tried to convince yourself you were imagining Loki drifting away from you. That he just hit a plateau with his freedom. He still loved you, you knew that much.

But one night it became quite clear that he didn’t love this life anymore.

The apartment was dark and silent, yet you found yourself awake in an empty bed. You sat up and looked for any sign of Loki, but there was none. Pulling back the covers, you carefully tiptoed out into the living room. You let out a sigh of relief when you saw Loki’s tall figure at the window. His face was streaked with moonlight as he peered out into the night.

“Loki?” He slowly turned around, and your heart sunk into your stomach.

As soon as you looked into his eyes, you knew it was over. They shone sadly as his mouth opened and closed, trying to form a sentence that would make it better. But nothing could make it better. Finally, he settled for walking over to you, cupping your cheek in his hand and placing a kiss on your forehead.

“I love you,” he whispered.

You blinked back tears as you covered his hand with your own. “I k-kn-know,” you stuttered. You swallowed thickly. “I know,” you repeated.

He nodded and clenched his jaw as a few tears of his own fell down his pale cheeks. He walked away, opened the door, and left.

You gave yourself ten seconds. Ten silent, excruciating seconds for him to have enough time to walk out of the building and leave. As soon as those ten seconds were up, a dam erupted inside of you, and you collapsed to the floor. Heaving sobs shook your body as you laid down on the cold wood. You so desperately wanted him to walk back through the door and tell you it was all a mistake. But as much as you wished it to be true, you knew it wasn’t going to happen.

You had given him a way out, and he had taken it.

But not in the way you had hoped.

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What We Left Behind In The Past (5/?)

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Bucky barnes x reader

Genre: Angst, Family, Friendship, Mystery, Humor, Adventure, Action, Suspense


Warning: Swearing, Angst, MORE TO BE ADDED


It had been a couple hours since Steve had seen the younger Barnes. She had claimed she needed space and time to think of a plan while also getting dressed into something more…war themed. Steve hadn’t a clue what it meant. However, he was quite impressed when she walked out of the room. She was wearing her hair in a pin up vintage style, as always, and had on one of the replica’s of Bucky’s old blue jacket. She had on a tan skirt with a tan button up, the tie dark green and she had on flats. Steve smiled and said to her. 

“You don’t look a day over 73.”

“Are you still trying to pick fights, Steve?”

Steve smiled widely and Fury sighed, Natasha just standing at attention. 

“You said that this HYDRA base was close, correct?”

Nick nodded and the girl walked, grabbing a map and thrusting a gun into her hip holster.

“They’re smart. They want to keep close eyes on SHIELD but make sure that they are out of sight from us as well. They most likely have spies in this place, so we need to be careful. We can’t fight this base alone, there’s no way we’ll survive. We need to call in the others…Avengers, you called them?”

Natasha smirked and murmured to Steve.

“I like her. She’s smart.”

“And devious.” 

Steve muttered with disdain. (Y/n) smirked up at him from her spot on the table with the map and he rolled his eyes. A moment later, the other Avengers came in and (Y/n) stood straight up, looking over them all. Her shoulders squared and Steve knew she meant business. Clint asked. 

“what’s the deal?”

“All of you, I presume, know about the Winter Soldier, yes?”

The others nodded and the young Barnes carefully brought up a hologram of the map. She pointed to a spot that was colored red.

“This is one of HYDRA’s headquarters. It just a little ways from here. They were smart. They built their little…home just out of sight from us so they could see us but we couldn’t see them. To us, they look like just another apartment building. Most likely, they operate underground and that there will be information about the Winter Soldier. It’d be stupid to hole him up so close to SHIELD. We should get there soon, it’ll be nightfall in…I’m guessing an hour. Suit up, everyone. Let’s swing.”

She grabbed her stuff and left, Steve following afterwards and when no one moved, Fury said. 

“That’ means get your asses moving!”


The youngest Barnes was hiding out behind a building with Steve, dodging any passing civilians that might get in her way. The others were watching from a far, covering both and and Steve’s tails while they got closer to the building. She was weaving in and out of the buildings like a snake, silently slithering through the darkness. She could already feel her body tingling in anticipation and she growled a bit when someone went into the building. Anybody who walked in could be an HYDRA agent. Hell, the whole building could be housing agents. She had to be careful. Very, very careful. 

“Steve, there might be a way to get in through the back.”

Steve whispered from behind her. 

“I’ll go see if it’s clear.”

She nodded and a second later, she could hear the sound of metal on metal. Fighting went on and a second later, Steve poked his head around, a goofy grin on his face as the sound of something slamming down caught her attention.

“All clear!”

“You’re an idiot.”

She muttered, nonetheless giving him a small smile. She walked around, seeing the dumpster that stood straight across from the door about 30 feet away and rolled her eyes. Leave it to Steve to shove two unconscious men into a dumpster and lock it. Seeing fragments of metal, she guess it was those new…cell phones, is what they were called? Just as she was about to open the door, a bullet shot through her hand, making her cry out and they both spun around. There, on top of the dumpster, was a man holding a gun that was aimed for them both. He had on a face mask and his arm was metal, brunette hair to his shoulders and black war paint covered his baby blue eyes. She gasped.

She was looking right at the Winter Soldier. And he didn’t look friendly at all.

Steve yelled for her to’ find some cover’ but the Winter Soldier wasn’t having it. He shot, making (y/n) scream and run to the side while Steve covered them both with his shield. She found cover and the sounds of the other Avengers coming in sounded. Thor threw his hammer at the man but somehow, the man caught it with his metal arm, spun it and hit Thor in the chest, sending him flying into a wall, knocking the man unconscious. Steve gasped.

“How did he do that?!”

(Y/n) was confused but guessed she would learn about it later. Tony came in in his Iron Man suit, blasting at the man but the Winter Solder dodged, grabbing a piece of metal and throwing it at the man. Tony dodged but it was just the right moment for the Winter Soldier to blast him in the feet, shutting off his boots. Tony fell and Clint jumped into the scene, shooting his arrows. Natasha came in and helped but the Winter Solder threw her into Clint, knocking them both down. Steve threw his shield but the Winter Soldier caught it and threw it back, hitting Steve in the chest. He was winded but recovered as (Y/n) took cover behind a wooden fence. The Winter soldier kicked Steve in the chest, sending the man flying into the Dumpster and the young Barnes covered her ears, hoping she wouldn’t be found. However, a hand yanking her out and throwing her against the wall said otherwise and she gasped when she got her vision to stop blurring.

She was looking right into the eyes of the Winter Solder.


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your tags on that fuckboy otabek post made me laugh so hard i can't breathe omg this precious dork......

otabek comes to class looking like hell bc he fell off his skateboard, only yuri sees him and is like,, “so mysterious… what is he thinking about…. wait isnt that the same kid who skated straight into the dumpster”