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Be Mine?

@buckysendoftheline requested: Ok so I got a request if your taking any! A peter x Reader where the reader is best friends with Peter and Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Reader is sad because they don’t have a Valentine and Pete knows it (he has a crush on reader) then on the day of Valentine’s Day he buys her like teddy bears and roses or whatever and asks reader to be their boy/girlfriend. He could say like “can I keep you” something so cute lol. Ok I’m done…BYE

author’s note: hey! I know Valentine’s day was a few days ago, and I meant to post this on the day but this week has been crazy busy – so, because of all the heart-wrenching angst I’ve been pouring out into this blog, I figured it was time to give you guys a little (it’s kinda short, sorry!) fluff. Even if it’s a few days late. <3 enjoy!

Peter Parker x Reader

   “Ugh.” You groan, watching yet another couple kiss. “This is a public space, do they have to do that?” You ask, rhetorically, and your best friend chuckles slightly from his locker next to yours. “It’s Valentine’s day, I think they’re entitled to it.” Peter says, amusedly, watching as you crinkle your nose and turn back to grab your textbooks. "It’s gross…” You state, because you’d never admit to Peter that you actually want to receive flowers and chocolates, and be the couple kissing in the hallway. You know he doesn’t feel the same way about you, so why ruin your friendship by telling him you like him? 

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My friend and I went to a zoo (that I don't wish to disclose) that we didn't know was not AZA accredited until after we went. The animals seemed generally okay, and there weren't any outward signs of problems, but there weren't many info plaques and they seemed to have a LOT of cheetahs, and there were those coin operated pellet feeders, which made us suspicious. When we got home we looked up stuff about it and we found some articles about sketchy incidents that occurred there. (1/2)

It was the first time I’d ever been to a non-AZA-accredated facility and I feel incredibly guilty over paying entrance fee and supporting them because enough of the stuff I eventually found about them made me not want to. The website for the zoo was professional and sleek, and so was the actual zoo’s outward appearance. The animals did not display behaviours that worried me, but now I know to look for the AZA seal, I’m still worried I’ll be fooled again. How can I make sure I’m not? 

Well, that depends on why you feel fooled. Is it because they’re not AZA, or because you feel like their public front was covering up something bad, or because you just didn’t know what you paid to support?

Here’s the thing. AZA accredits the ‘best’ facilities, in the sense that they’re accrediting the more monetarily stable urban zoos who can afford to sink a ton of money into all the myriad requirements you need to get that accreditation. Yes, with that you get a pretty decent guarantee that a facility is following all the best practices and guidelines for animal care and welfare and education and conservation involvement (except, y’know, everywhere can have issues and I know of places that do). However, as much as AZA would like you believe that there are only two categories - “AZA” and “burning dumpster fires” - that straight up is not the reality of the field at this point. A facility not being AZA tells you some things about it, but it doesn’t tell you everything; they could not have the money to partake in conservation efforts to the level that AZA requires, they could be in the middle of the multi-year process of improving with the goal of being accreditation, or they could even have been previously accredited and chosen to split from the organization over politics or policy differences. I know examples of all of these in real life. So what becomes more important is really what other accreditations they might have and why they’d choose what they did… and as a member of the public, honestly, that’s really hard to parse and you’re not likely to be able to find access to that information. 

So. What to do from there? If you want to go, go. Google it first next time - but even with that, you have to figure out what lens anything you find has been filtered through. Look at how old events are, look for patterns of events, try to find alternate sources with a different spin and see how things are presented before deciding to believe anything. See if it looks like anything you don’t like is recent, see if older things appear to have changed, that sort of thing. It’s important to remember that the zoo field has grown massively in the past couple of decades and that ethos of animal management is still evolving so things that were issues in the past are not guaranteed to be practices still in place today. 

If you decide to go to a zoo you’re not sure about, do exactly what you did. Look around critically and ask questions about what you see. Talk to the staff and see how you feel about their responses. Ask them about accreditation status and why they made the choices they do.  You can’t learn everything online so, honestly, I think visiting in person is the best way to decide if you want to support a facility in the future. 

I don’t know if you got duped, without knowing the facility. If you saw a nicely upkept public side, animals that didn’t appear to be displaying behavioral problems, and the only things that were uncomfortable were history? Probably a pretty good chance you ended up at a decent facility. 

(Cheetahs are one of the big endangered species conservation projects that is managed outside of AZA control, and their population is booming in captive settings recently, so I’m not surprised you saw a bunch). 

MariChat May - Day 30: Scratch

This will be another early chapter and is chapter 4 of the full fic.

You would not believe how much I made myself crave Indian food when writing this. I ended up ordering in enough for two people the night I finished this one lol.

Also, if you cared enough to check, yes that is a REAL Parisian Indian restaurant. I am sad enough to research that thoroughly.

<<Chapter 1     Chapter 3     Chapter 4     Chapter 5

Don’t Scare Me

Marinette sighed heavily as she walked along the street towards home. After the Cosmetic Queen’s attack yesterday she’d been hoping to get a quiet night tonight. But she needed to finish that French Literature project by Friday, and so her and Alya had holed themselves up in Alya’s bedroom and worked far harder than they usually did on homework. At least she could look forward to a break once she got home.

She wasn’t expecting Chat to stop by tonight since she had seen him just last night when he dropped in, as promised, with an enormous amount of Indian food. He’d claimed he had no idea what she’d like and had gotten enough to feed five people in order to increase his chances of bringing her favourites. She’d been gob smacked when she realised he’d even bought from Muniyandi Vilas, her favourite restaurant.

So now she was now looking forward to a night of staring at her computer screen and eating leftovers straight from the containers, manners be damned.

She was so lost in her own mind that she didn’t hear the sounds of running until the man behind her was already grabbing at her purse and trying to run off with it.

“Hey!” she yelled at him, grabbing onto the purse and pulling back so hard she thought he might wrench her arm from it’s socket. If he did steal her purse all he’d get for his trouble was a handful of cookies but Tikki was also inside so she couldn’t let go no matter what.

The man was clearly stronger than her and would definitely win this struggle so she had to get someone to notice what was happening, and quickly before she lost her kwami to him.

“Help! Help!” she screeched, whipping her head around to look out for someone, anyone nearby. Curtains twitched but no one made a move to come to her rescue.

She struggled for a few moments but she could feel herself weakening. There was a siren off in the background somewhere but if it was the help she desperately needed, it was going to arrive too late to make a difference.

This was it. Dieu, if she didn’t have Tikki anymore, she didn’t know what she’d do. She certainly couldn’t be Ladybug anymore but besides that she’d be losing a friend. One who Dieu knew what would happen to once this potential pyschopath discovered she didn’t have any money in her purse.

She couldn’t lose her. She couldn’t. There was only one thing for it; she was going to have to transform to save her and face the consequences later.

Just as she was about to yell her transformation phrase, the thief grabbed a pocket knife from his coat and slashed at the purse strap she was clinging to. It frayed and snapped instantly and  Marinette felt a burn of pain across her arm where the knife had also made brief contact with her skin.

She watched helplessly as he turned and fled from her, purse with Tiki inside in his hand. She might have sunk to her knees and cried right then, siren wailing in her head, if the thief hadn’t suddenly crumpled to the pavement a few feet in front of her.

It took her a second to put the pieces together and by the time she identified the silver baton lying next to him, Chat Noir had dropped down from the rooftops and was leaning over her attacker. As he picked up her purse and handed it back to her, a police car spun around the corner and the siren cut off as two gendarmes jumped out, checking the thief for damage and declaring him to be stunned, not even quite unconscious.

Marinette’s relief was short lived and she tensed as it suddenly dawned on her that the gendarmes would want a statement and probably question why she had clung to her purse so determinedly. There would be no easy way to answer and even less chance to keep Tikki hidden while they inevitably wanted to photograph her purse as evidence.

It was stupid but she turned and ran in panic as the gendarmes shouted after her. She flew around the corner and into a nearby alley, watching from behind a dumpster as one of the men dashed straight past her hiding place. Marinette allowed herself a moment to weep over how close she had come to losing the little kwami, who futilely tried to comfort her. After she had calmed down considerably, she wiped the tears from her eyes and decided to transform to head home, to avoid being found by a gendarme looking the way she did right now.

Once Marinette was safely near home and detransformed, she walked the last street to the side door into her home. Taking a deep breathe and hiding her arm behind her back before heading into living room, she quickly gave her parents an excuse in order to head straight upstairs. She had only just begun to treat her cut when her skylight was flung open and Chat bounded in and down her steps to  sit by her side on the chaise.

“Don’t you usually knock?” she joked to him, wincing as she patted an antiseptic wipe over her wound.

“You’re hurt!” he said in genuine shock, glancing at the tiny mark on her forearm and taking it in his hands to examine it more closely.

“It’s just a scratch, Chat,” she told him as she became uncomfortably warm from his proximity.

He took the wipe from her hand and continued where she had stopped cleansing the gash before looking through the first aid box beside her for a dressing and bandage.

He glanced up at her periodically as he worked, one eyebrow raised, and she could tell he was itching to ask her something.

“Just go ahead and say it,” she said.

He finished first, gently patting her bandaged arm  before sitting upright and looking at her guarded expression properly.

“Why did you run away from the gendarmes?” he asked.

“I…I felt stupid. I should have let him have my bag but I didn’t,” she lied, “And I didn’t want to explain this to Maman and Papa. They’d worry and I might not be allowed to go out to Alya’s or anywhere else again.”

It was a half truth. Her parents would worry. They’d place tighter restrictions on her but it wouldn’t last long. Not that she really wanted to try juggling being Ladybug with concerned parents despite that.

“I guess…I can understand that,” he said after a lengthy pause, his face darkened in thought, “I told them I didn’t know who you were by the way; you didn’t seem to want them talking to you. I gave a statement so he should be held and they say he’s got a warrant out for him so you don’t need to testify to keep him off the streets or anything.”

Marinette let out a deep breath in relief. She’d been worried about  him pushing her to report the attack officially and she didn’t want that guy free to mug someone else so to hear he’d dealt with it alleviated her concerns.

“Thank you,” she said, smiling shyly, “for everything. Saving me, lying to the gendarmes, bandaging me up. All of it.”

“Do me a favour?” he asked, taking her hand in his clawed one, “Don’t scare me like that again? Please?” It sounded like he was pleading. She was once again stirred by how much he cared about her. She watched him for a moment before she answered.

“Only if you promise to help me eat those leftovers from last night,” she told him, her smile widening and head nodding to the pile of take-out boxes on her desk.

She wasn’t sure how to feel about the pleasant dip in the pit of her stomach when he tightened his hold on her hand and smiled back at her.

Immortal FAHC headcannons

Each member of the team is immortal, but it goes beyond that. Their immortality is just a secondary bonus compared to the main power they got when they respawned the first time. Each one is different.

Geoff –
He can turn any liquid into alcohol. Hand him a coke, he’s drinking whiskey. Orange juice turns into moonshine. It’s cool to watch, because it swirls without being stirred, then is suddenly perfectly clear. But it’s more than just drinking though. He’s turned water bottles into a Molotov cocktail. Ever try to run a truck when it’s only Everclear in the tank? It doesn’t work well.

But there is a dark secret to this power, and he only does it when he is pissed off. He can turn the bloodstream into alcohol as well. It kills quickly, not instantly, but quickly and it’s painful. It’s even more painful if Geoff decides to set them on fire. And he can do it not only with blood, but with any human fluid. Snot, piss, spit, tears, all of it.

He doesn’t let himself torture people anymore.

Jack –
Jack shapeshifts. She can turn into any animal that she’s seen (and she spent a decade on safaris just to expand her horizons). She can also change her human form, but she only has two shapes for some reason, her cute red-headed female form and a large male form with an impressive beard. She likes her bearded form for driving to heists and when the boys get into the car, she’s back to her female form, tearing down the roads like a crazy person.

She has also spent entire days curled up in a sunbeam as a ginger Mancoon cat. She has sat in Ryan’s lap as a dog. She enjoy spending time in various animal forms in the apartment, just to surprise or comfort her boys.

She also tore an entire rival gang apart as a bear because Michael bet her $1000 she couldn’t. She hasn’t done it again and doesn’t talk about it much, mainly because that bestial rage is a little more addicting than she wants to think about.

Gavin –
Gavin spent the first fifty years of his immortality thinking he didn’t have a power. He thought he was broken. Then the industrial revolution happened, and suddenly it all made sense. Gavin’s power was with machinery and technology.

He can make anything work. Computers are like an extension of himself, and they do his bidding. He spends hours in front of a screen every day, perfecting and playing, hacking into things that he shouldn’t. He’s coaxed information out of the most secure databases on the planet.

For some reason, it doesn’t extend to video games. Michael and Ray beat him on a daily basis without trying. Gavin just cannot convince games to do what he wants, and he always loses.

Ray –
Ray doesn’t miss. It’s physically impossible for him to miss now. It doesn’t matter what he’s got, once a projectile leaves his hand, it hits what he’s aiming at. Even if he isn’t really aiming, it’ll hit the target. He can’t miss.

He wins extra cash off of dart games when he’s running low. He wins carnival games when the guys drag him out to them. He always ends up getting banned at some point in the evening. He likes making random bets with Gavin, mainly because he knows he’ll win.

“Bet you I can hit the dumpster on the other side of the building.” And ping, somehow ricocheting off three buildings, a car and a freaking phone line, the bullet goes straight through the dumpster.

Jeremy –
He shrinks. It’s part of the reason why he’s an infiltration expert. He can shrink down to any size he wants and can go anywhere. He used to hate it, used to hate the fact that he was smaller than everyone else, but he finally came to just accept it.

It’s when he joins the Fakes, and Michael jokingly yells “Lil’ J!” as he shrinks down to get on the other side of a door, that Jeremy starts actually liking his ability. Every team name is a short joke, and he goes along with it, finding the humor in it.

He keeps getting dragged into stupid pranks too. He’s lost count of how many times he’s been asked to shrink down and infiltrate Gavin’s room jut to move everything three inches to the left.

Ryan –

There is reason behind the mask and the face paint. He started wearing something like it a long time ago, when he finally realized what his power was. He is ridiculously charming. He can convince anyone to day anything with a just a wink and a smile. He’s conned people out of their livelihoods before, just to see if he could do it. He was a real vagabond for a very long time, knowing that he could always get food with just a grin.

There are people who are naturally immune to it though. Geoff proved to be one, as did Jack, much to Ryan’s relief. It was part of the reason why Ryan decided to join the Fakes. Being exposed to it for a while can also help build up an immunity too, though it fades if Ryan’s gone for a while. That’s why Ryan was one of the Lad’s favorite people in the beginning.

Michael –
He is naturally angry, always has been, and that anger translates into his power. He gets stronger the angrier he is, almost like the Hulk. It’s a gradual thing, where he starts off small and happy, but as he gets more and more pissed, he starts to be able to throw things that’s beyond human comprehension.

It goes further than that too. He also becomes impervious to damage the angrier he gets. Not particularly useful one would think since he’s already immortal, but it’s gotten him out of hot water before. Pissed off and swinging a shotgun like a sword, he’s been shot at with a minigun and shrugged it off like it wasn’t even a bee sting. He’s gotten high on rage and walked through a mine field just to see if he was in one piece on the other side. He was.

He has to be careful in the apartment though. He once got angry at a video game and threw a controller at a television. The controller went through the Tv, the wall, and shot off into the sky where it hit a passing helicopter. It went straight through the cockpit, killing the pilot instantly. The helicopter crashed in the middle of the interstate, causing one of the worst pile-ups Los Santos had ever seen.

Geoff screamed himself hoarse over the television.

Let’s make this simple.

First of all, you think a grown ass man who has always had girls drooling over him but has literally never kissed a single one is straight. 

Secondly, you ship this dumpster fire:

That tells me everything I need to know about YOU, hun. 

If anyone else is still confused, I turned this selfie you so conveniently posted into a helpful guide, for deciphering you primitive creatures. 

Glad we understand each other.

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[distant muffled screaming as i run about 15 miles, increasing my speed along the way, and jump over a chasm straight into the dumpster clinging to that kaleo profile] THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT

You’re so welcome! Pretty face with a sick mind :P 

What We Left Behind In The Past (5/?)

Originally posted by my-avengers-imagines

Bucky barnes x reader

Genre: Angst, Family, Friendship, Mystery, Humor, Adventure, Action, Suspense


Warning: Swearing, Angst, MORE TO BE ADDED


It had been a couple hours since Steve had seen the younger Barnes. She had claimed she needed space and time to think of a plan while also getting dressed into something more…war themed. Steve hadn’t a clue what it meant. However, he was quite impressed when she walked out of the room. She was wearing her hair in a pin up vintage style, as always, and had on one of the replica’s of Bucky’s old blue jacket. She had on a tan skirt with a tan button up, the tie dark green and she had on flats. Steve smiled and said to her. 

“You don’t look a day over 73.”

“Are you still trying to pick fights, Steve?”

Steve smiled widely and Fury sighed, Natasha just standing at attention. 

“You said that this HYDRA base was close, correct?”

Nick nodded and the girl walked, grabbing a map and thrusting a gun into her hip holster.

“They’re smart. They want to keep close eyes on SHIELD but make sure that they are out of sight from us as well. They most likely have spies in this place, so we need to be careful. We can’t fight this base alone, there’s no way we’ll survive. We need to call in the others…Avengers, you called them?”

Natasha smirked and murmured to Steve.

“I like her. She’s smart.”

“And devious.” 

Steve muttered with disdain. (Y/n) smirked up at him from her spot on the table with the map and he rolled his eyes. A moment later, the other Avengers came in and (Y/n) stood straight up, looking over them all. Her shoulders squared and Steve knew she meant business. Clint asked. 

“what’s the deal?”

“All of you, I presume, know about the Winter Soldier, yes?”

The others nodded and the young Barnes carefully brought up a hologram of the map. She pointed to a spot that was colored red.

“This is one of HYDRA’s headquarters. It just a little ways from here. They were smart. They built their little…home just out of sight from us so they could see us but we couldn’t see them. To us, they look like just another apartment building. Most likely, they operate underground and that there will be information about the Winter Soldier. It’d be stupid to hole him up so close to SHIELD. We should get there soon, it’ll be nightfall in…I’m guessing an hour. Suit up, everyone. Let’s swing.”

She grabbed her stuff and left, Steve following afterwards and when no one moved, Fury said. 

“That’ means get your asses moving!”


The youngest Barnes was hiding out behind a building with Steve, dodging any passing civilians that might get in her way. The others were watching from a far, covering both and and Steve’s tails while they got closer to the building. She was weaving in and out of the buildings like a snake, silently slithering through the darkness. She could already feel her body tingling in anticipation and she growled a bit when someone went into the building. Anybody who walked in could be an HYDRA agent. Hell, the whole building could be housing agents. She had to be careful. Very, very careful. 

“Steve, there might be a way to get in through the back.”

Steve whispered from behind her. 

“I’ll go see if it’s clear.”

She nodded and a second later, she could hear the sound of metal on metal. Fighting went on and a second later, Steve poked his head around, a goofy grin on his face as the sound of something slamming down caught her attention.

“All clear!”

“You’re an idiot.”

She muttered, nonetheless giving him a small smile. She walked around, seeing the dumpster that stood straight across from the door about 30 feet away and rolled her eyes. Leave it to Steve to shove two unconscious men into a dumpster and lock it. Seeing fragments of metal, she guess it was those new…cell phones, is what they were called? Just as she was about to open the door, a bullet shot through her hand, making her cry out and they both spun around. There, on top of the dumpster, was a man holding a gun that was aimed for them both. He had on a face mask and his arm was metal, brunette hair to his shoulders and black war paint covered his baby blue eyes. She gasped.

She was looking right at the Winter Soldier. And he didn’t look friendly at all.

Steve yelled for her to’ find some cover’ but the Winter Soldier wasn’t having it. He shot, making (y/n) scream and run to the side while Steve covered them both with his shield. She found cover and the sounds of the other Avengers coming in sounded. Thor threw his hammer at the man but somehow, the man caught it with his metal arm, spun it and hit Thor in the chest, sending him flying into a wall, knocking the man unconscious. Steve gasped.

“How did he do that?!”

(Y/n) was confused but guessed she would learn about it later. Tony came in in his Iron Man suit, blasting at the man but the Winter Solder dodged, grabbing a piece of metal and throwing it at the man. Tony dodged but it was just the right moment for the Winter Soldier to blast him in the feet, shutting off his boots. Tony fell and Clint jumped into the scene, shooting his arrows. Natasha came in and helped but the Winter Solder threw her into Clint, knocking them both down. Steve threw his shield but the Winter Soldier caught it and threw it back, hitting Steve in the chest. He was winded but recovered as (Y/n) took cover behind a wooden fence. The Winter soldier kicked Steve in the chest, sending the man flying into the Dumpster and the young Barnes covered her ears, hoping she wouldn’t be found. However, a hand yanking her out and throwing her against the wall said otherwise and she gasped when she got her vision to stop blurring.

She was looking right into the eyes of the Winter Solder.


The Wrong Trigger | A JB / Jaebum Gang AU Scenario Part 1

Characters: Got7′s Im Jaebum / JB, You

Author’s Note: I’ve been working on this for days but my major exams kept getting in the way. Thus this is only the first part. I’ll post part 2 soon but for now, I have your requests to tend to ;)

Warning: Hint of violence and vulgarities

“What do you want for dinner tonight?” You ask Jaebum as you go about the supermarket, cart and shopping list in one hand, your phone in the other.

“You,” he replies, his voice husky. You stop in your tracks and try your hardest to keep a straight face. Though he can’t actually see your reaction, it’s become a force of habit.

“You’re lucky you aren’t here Im Jaebum, or I would’ve whooped your ass,” you say with a hushed voice as you continue to scan the racks, looking for all that is in your list.

“Ooo, spanking. Someone’s being kinky,” you stop in your tracks again and heave a long sigh as you pinch the bridge of your nose in frustration. He’s smirking and you know it. You can simply feel his cockiness radiating through the phone.

“Im Jaebum,” you say through gritted teeth. You hear him chuckling on the other end and you actually wish he’s physically with you at this moment so that you could smack him.

“Okay, okay, fine I’ll stop. I’m craving for my favourite dish,” he answers, still chuckling. His laughter is cut short when he sees a group of men coming his way; men who aren’t supposed to be in this area.

“Hey babe? I’ll call you back okay?” He says without taking his eyes off of them. You notice the change in his tone and immediately know what’s going on. Though you know this kind of situation is a norm, you can’t help but to feel worried for his safety every time. Today however, the sense of impending danger is much stronger than it has ever been but you shrug it off, telling yourself he’ll be just fine.

“Be careful, I love you,” you say.

“I will, I love you too,” he replies before hanging up. You linger on the line for another second before sliding your phone into your back pocket and moving along with your grocery shopping.

“You guys picked the wrong day to enter my territory. I honestly wasn’t in the mood to fight. Also, you interrupted my conversation with my girlfriend, how rude,” Jaebum says with feigned hurt in his tone as he places a hand on his chest.

“Da Heon sends his regards,” one of them says, earning a scoff from Jaebum.

“He has an army and he only decides to send the four of you to me? What is he, dumb?” Jaebum says with a quirked brow. He doesn’t get a reply but sees a smirk pulling on the corners of the earlier guy’s lips.

One of them dashes towards Jaebum, withdrawing a blade from his back pocket. Jaebum remains on his spot, reading the guy’s movements. He doesn’t pull out his weapon, not yet. The man makes a move to swing the blade towards Jaebum’s face but Jaebum catches his arm. Jaebum tightens his grip, numbing the man’s hand. A loud clatter hits the ground, forming a smirk on Jaebum’s face. Releasing the man’s wrist, Jaebum sends a kick his way, hitting him straight in the chest. The man falls backwards, hitting his head against a dumpster, knocking him out. Crouching down, Jaebum picks up the blade the man has dropped and examines it.

“Not bad, I could keep this,” he says. At that moment, he sees the second guy getting into a stance, ready to attack him.

“Or maybe not,” Jaebum mutters before throwing the blade towards the man, striking him right at his heart. The man lets out a cry of pain before hitting the ground. Blood oozes out of his wound as he takes in short breaths. Jaebum doesn’t bother watching him any longer; he’s bound to die anyway. Shifting his line of vision towards the remaining two, Jaebum scans them and finds something out of place. Jaebum knows they have a gun, but what confuses him is the fact that they’re not using it. Instead, they lunge towards him, unarmed.

Once you’re done grocery shopping, you make your way home as you plan the dishes you’ll be cooking, in your mind. As you’re walking down the usual route to your house, you begin to feel uneasy. Sneaking a glance over your shoulder, you spot a group of men mirroring your pace. Your gut feeling gnaws at you, telling you that they aren’t ordinary men. Without thinking twice, you drop your groceries and make a run for it. In the midst of it, you dial Jaebum’s number but your fright only heightens when the call goes unanswered.

Please leave a message after the beep.

“Jaebum-ya, there are men following me. I’m 10 minutes away from home, at the alleyway we’d take whenever you’re too lazy to take the long route to the grocery store. I’m not sure if I can make it home. I made a run for it but I don’t know if the men are still -” You’re cut off when a figure blocks your way. Gasping, you take a step back and meet his eyes. He’s smiling down at you but all you see is malevolence in his eyes.

If you’re ever in danger and I don’t pick up, leave a message that’s as detailed as possible and then place your phone into your back pocket. Don’t end the call. Jaebum once told you.

“Who are you?” you ask, stuttering as you take slow steps back. Your back comes into contact with a brick wall, stunning you slightly. The man doesn’t reply but approaches you instead. He takes his time with every step, scanning you from top to bottom and back up. Your heart begins to race as a smirk grows on his face. Your stomach feels queasy as you try to think of a way to escape. Without a second thought, you dash towards an opening but a hand grabs your arm, pulling you back. Before you can wriggle out of his grip, he has you pinned against the wall.

“Where do you think you’re going, hm?” Upon asking that question, he draws his face nearer to yours.

“I never knew Jaebum’s girlfriend would be this pretty up front. It’s going to be harder for me to hurt you,” he whispers as he curls a strand of hair behind your ear. You flinch at his touch, shiver in his presence.

“Babe, if in any situation, someone has you trapped and you aren’t able to aim their vital area, knee the inner part of their thigh and when their grip loosens, shove them away as hard as possible and make a run for it.” Remembering what Jaebum once told you, you knee the inner part of the man’s thigh. This elicits a groan from the man as he withers in his pain, loosening his grip on you. 

Seeing this as an opportunity, you shove him away as hard as possible and run towards the nearest opening. Your hopes of escaping are crushed as the group of men you saw earlier on, block your way. You fall back on your step, losing your balance but just as you’re about to fall, a pair of hands stabilises you. Turning you to face him, he lets out a forced laugh.

“It’s sad that your boyfriend didn’t prepare you well enough.”

“Who are you?” You ask once more, your voice barely audible. He doesn’t reply immediately but grabs your phone from your back pocket. Placing the phone to his ear, he smiles down at you once more.

“Da Heon sends his regards.”

“Don’t you find it odd that he only sent four men?” Yugyeom asks.

“Yeah, I do. It’s even weirder that they weren’t even trying to take me out. I know Da Heon and the potential of his men. Those whom I just fought were barely putting in any effort,” Jaebum says as he applies some medication on his bruises. Sure they’re present but in any other situation, Jaebum would’ve come out of that fight with worse injuries. Once he’s done, he takes out his phone to call you but tenses upon seeing the notification on his phone.

1 unopened voicemail.

With a quickened heartbeat, Jaebum opens the voicemail and with every passing second, his grip on his phone grows tighter. Anger clouds his face as he grits his teeth. Upon hearing the last few seconds of that voicemail, Jaebum shuts his eyes in an attempt to dissipate a part of the burning anger within him.

“Hyung, what’s wrong?” Yugyeom asks upon seeing the elder’s sudden change in demeanour.

“Those four men were merely a distraction. That fucker took my girlfriend.”

shawn & i were in the car talking about celery, and shawn was like “once, before you moved in, i made some recipe with cream of celery, and i tasted it, and i didn’t even put it on my plate i just took the pot straight outside to the dumpster”

anonymous asked:

why do you still hang out with the legless drunk who has the symbiote you should ditch his useless ass

            ❝ for starters, he’s more interesting than your weenie hut jr ass. ❞ oh no, where did her casual demeanor go? was it slam dunked straight into the dumpster alongside this piss poor evaluation of thompson? ❝ what is it with this culture of droning on and on about someone’s personal history as if they’re chained to one singular identity or mistake. you know WHY i hang out with agent venom, the recovering alcoholic? because i’ve met plenty of people who pound back the bottle in hopes of forgetting shitty people like yourself. i’ve watched them scrape what little of their lives they had left up off the ground and decide ‘ no, i can be better. i will be better. ’ do you have any idea the amount of self discipline and courage it takes to face down your demons without substance abuse? that calling someone a ‘drunk’ disregards an actual mental illness they’re actively struggling with? and i haven’t even gotten STARTED on your punch at his handicap – like he just hit his leg on a coffee table one morning and thought to himself ‘ wow you know what would be great? if i didn’t have my shins. ’

            listen, there are PLENTY of things to drag flash about —- he can’t go more than five minutes without a meathead sports metaphor, he’ll absolutely punch you right in the tit if you make fun of spider-man, and his pranks are the actual worst … but he’s far from useless. he’s a fighter, and i’d rather have him on my team watching my back than someone who resorts to whatever low brow insults you’ve grown accustomed with. ❞

Behind The Scenes 2 (4/16)

Author’s note: I will try to post the story more regularly considering how long it is. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: its a bit dark…

Word count: 3077

Summary: It is the next day and Jinjin is still over, but you are still able to learn some info from Jhope.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

You probably only got an hour of sleep before you were woken up by ice cold water being dumped on your face. You jumped up, wiping the water out of your face and gasping from the sudden pangs of the cold water running down your body.

“Wake up. Start making breakfast.” Rap monster ordered, staring down at you. He looked super pissed and after how he was the previous night, you didn’t want to make him anymore angrier. You got up and began walking to the bathroom to wash up.

“No! Not yet. Cook first then you can wash up.” he said from behind you.

You walked to the kitchen and immediately began cooking. The sound of his footsteps followed you and you heard him take a seat at the table. You could feel him staring at you, not saying anything.

For the next 30 minutes, all you did was busy yourself with the food while his menacing eyes followed your every move. You finally turned to him, signaling that you were done cooking.

“Where’s my plate?” he asked sitting at one end of the table. His voice was as if everything was completely normal, but his expression gave the opposite impression.

You threw some food on a plate and placed it by him, not wanting to get too close.

He poked his food with a fork noticing the difference from its usual quality. “Good enough. Where’s the coffee? I won’t eat this until I get some coffee.”

You moved over to the coffee maker and started making a pot. You planned on staying by the coffee till it was done just anything to keep your distance from him.

“Why are you over there? Come sit over here.” He ordered, pulling out the chair next to him.

You did as you were told, but sat as much as you could on the edge of that chair. You didn’t even feel safe seeing the fork in his hand. His expression was blank, leaving you unable to tell what he was thinking. Still all you felt were his eyes on you, glaring at you. You sat quiet and terrified. The only noise throughout the whole dorm was that of the coffee maker ever so slowly filling up the pot. 

After what felt like hours, the coffee was finally ready. “It’s done now. Go give me a cup.” He said.

You poured him a cup thinking, “I should throw this in his fucking face. Then I can run out… I shouldn’t. He’ll catch me. Worse, he’ll hurt me and everyone else.”

You went over and placed the cup by his plate.

“Now you can go wash up. You have until I’m done with this food… I say you have about 15 minutes tops. You better be finished by then. I don’t care if you aren’t done, I’ll break the door down if I have to.”

At his words, you quickly shuffled to the bathroom. You didn’t risk wasting any time washing up. You ignored the fact that you should have shaved. You skipped the step of conditioning your hair. You didn’t even bother to wash your face. You hopped out of the bathroom just as Rap monster stepped into the hall.

“That’s a good girl.” He smirked

Those words sent a chill down your spine. Every cell in your body wanted to attack him. A mix of rage and terror overwhelmed you. He made you feel as though you were some trained pet. He made you feel as though you were his property.

“Go wake up the guys and tell them to come eat.” he ordered as he walked back to the kitchen. “Don’t take too long.”

Again, you did as you were told. Of all the guys, Jhope was the one noticed that you were slightly bruised from your face. Once again, you remembered how mad Rap monster was last night and ran over to wake up Suga and check on him. He was beat up too and you both put make up on before you went to wake up Jin and Jinjin.

In a matter of no time, the boys were all up and you were all eating. Breakfast was filled with fake conversation and laughter for Jinjin’s sake. Some of the make-up was obvious so you and Suga kept your distance from Jinjin so he wouldn’t notice, but Jinjin was actually too engulfed in talking to really pay attention though.

After breakfast, Rap monster and V left. You had to clean up. Jin and Jinjin went to play in the living room, Suga went to his room and Jhope and Jimin went to Jhope’s room. Jungkook called the manager to give him a ride so that he could go on a “date”.

After cleaning, you snuck away to go try and talk to Jhope. THe bass coming from Jhope’s room gave they impression he and Jimin dancing to the old choreo.

“Hey Y/n.” Jhope said when he saw you peek your head into the room

“Hey. Can I talk to you right now or are you busy?”

“If she’s going to be here, I’m leaving.” Jimin scoffed, purposely bumping into your shoulder as he walked out.

“Just ignore him. He’ll leave you alone one day, trust me.” Jhope reassured.

“I don’t think that’ll happen… But anyway. There was something I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Before we get to that, update me on how you and Yoongi got all beat up. Jimin refused to tell me anything.”

“I waited in Yoongi’s room for Jin to take me to my room, but he knocked out and I just stayed with Yoongi. The monster caught me out of my room and… well.” You said, pointing to your cheeks.

“Oh… I’m sorry. I should have been with you guys.” Jhope mumbled. You could tell he was a bit guilty about the whole thing.

“Don’t be. You just would have gotten in trouble too.” You said patting his shoulder. “… So um while I was with Yoongi, we were talking and he told me some stuff…” you trailed off.


You moved over to his bed and sat down. Jhope followed. “He told me about Namjoon and how he got into the whole drug thing and he told me about why he and Jin don’t do anything about it.”

“Why did he tell you that?!?”

You shrugged. “I asked.”

He brought his hands to his face. “Y/n act like you don’t know anything, okay?”

“I know, I’m not stupid… I was hoping you could tell me why you go along with Namjoon’s plans.”

He looked at you with a mix of indecisiveness and concern. He debated whether or not he should let you know any more about the whole thing. He didn’t want to risk anything.

“Why do you want to know?”

“I don’t know… just curious… I’ve been wanting to know about this for months now. I just want answers.”

“Haven’t you ever heard the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’?”

“Yeah… ‘and satisfaction brought her back’.” You retorted

He stood up and locked the door, then came back next to you. “Fine.” As he began he lowered his voice to a whisper. “Back pre-debut Namjoon tricked me into doing deals for him, sorta like he did you. One day I was making a delivery and the guy flipped out on me. He started yelling at me, that I need to “lower the prices for him”. I didn’t know what he was talking about and I tried to explain that I was confused, but he thought I was playing stupid. He took the stuff out of the box and it turned out to be a shit ton of pills. He pulled out a gun on me and threatened that the next time, the same quantity should be cheaper.”

“What did you do?!?”

“I lied and said that I would see what I could do, then I just bolted out of there before he could do anything else. I didn’t do the rest of the deliveries and I ditched the boxes I had at some dumpster. I ran straight back here to try and talk to Namjoon. When I got back he wasn’t here. I later found out it was because he was doing a deal somewhere else. The second he got back, I confronted him. I told him I didn’t want to do the “deliveries” anymore. I told him that he should stop or I was going to tell the cops. But then he turned on me! He told me that if I ratted him out, I would get in trouble too because I was an accomplice to everything,”


“For a week I debated whether or not I should do something about it all. It was when I noticed some random dude started coming to the dorm, that I made my decision. I figured that that guy was in on Namjoon’s drug stuff. I was furious at Namjoon! I didn’t want him bringing all that shit here. I didn’t want him getting the rest of us in trouble. I came up with a plan to get evidence to give to the cops. I wrote down all the places he had me make deliveres to and I wrote down the descriptions of all the people I made contact with when I would go there. I even stole one of the boxes while he was busy practicing. I started taking pictures of Namjoon with that dude whenever he showed up by the dorms or by the company. I gathered whatever I could that could be considered evidence. Then one day I faked sick and headed to the police station while the rest of the guys were practicing.”

You noticed that he was starting to get fidgety and he had begun to sweat. His words had begun to speed up and his voice was getting a bit louder. “Hose-”

“I went in and requested to speak to the highest ranking cop I could. They directed me to some detective or something, I can’t really remember. When I told him I wanted to tell him about a drug dealer, he took me to those interrogation rooms. I handed him all the evidence and stated ‘Kim Namjoon is a drug dealer.’. He took all the stuff and started taking a look through all of it. I told him about BTS and that Namjoon had tricked me into doing deals for him, but that I stopped the second I found out and that I had begun collecting the evidence.” He paused trying to catch his breath.

“What did the detective do?”

“He tore it all up! He tore up all the papers with the locations and identities! He tore up all the pictures of Namjoon and that sketchy dude! He called some officer in and handed him the box of drugs saying ‘Make sure this gets back to Namjoon.’. Then he pulled out his phone and made a call. I heard someone pick up and the detective said, ‘Ah! Namjoon! You gotta keep a better eye on your boys. You got a traitor on your team.’. He ended the call and told me he was going to let Namjoon deal with me. Then he called the same officer in and told him to bring me back to the dorm.” Jhope’s voice was so shaky. You were surprised he was able to keep talking

“What did Namjoon do?”

Jhope scoffed. “What do you think? He punched me the second he opened the door. After the cop gave him the drugs back, he pulled me in and started beating me up. We fought for a bit before he knocked me out…” his voice was already starting to give out and he was already starting to cry a bit. “When I woke up I was tied to a chair in the kitchen. I couldn’t scream cuz there was a sock stuffed in my mouth. There was a layer of plastic under the chair. He called the guys in for a family meeting and they all came in from the living room. They were all scared and they all looked a bit beat up too. Namjoon said that he was going to make an example out of me. That if the others betrayed him, he was going to do to them what he was going to do to me. He teased me in the beginning. He started punching me and waving a knife in my face, but then he pulled out a gun. He opened the barrel and placed a single bullet in. He spun the barrel and pointed the gun to my head. He counted down from 10 but pulled the trigger when he got to 3. When nothing happened he started laughing. He said, ‘Well if it isn’t your lucky day Hoseok. Ha. It’s funny, we just went public… Maybe it’s meant to be for you to be in BTS…’. But then he said of I got out of line again, he would find a way to get rid of me.”

You hugged Jhope as he began to cry. “It’s okay Hobi. I’m sorry I brought all this up. I’m so sorry. You don’t need to talk anymore.”

“No! I’m not done yet y/n. Don’t ever take anything from him. Not food, not a drink. Nothing at all please!”


“After all that he started helping Jin with the food. He would always hand me my food, making sure I ate every single bite. He would always give me my water during practice too. He was sneak drugs into whatever I put into my system. That’s how I got this way. When he started doing that, I became so lively and fans loved it… When I found out what he was doing it I was too dependent on it physically and emotionally. I kept turning to him for the drugs. I was and still am desperate. I had hoped that the more the fans loved me, the less of an option he would have to get rid of me. I set a certain standard for the fans. I had to keep meeting that standard. I was paranoid if I felt I wasn’t making them happy. I took more pills and over time I needed even more just to function. Now I can’t be without the pills. Without them I’m paranoid. Without them I’m depressed. Without them I won’t have army and without army Namjoon will get rid of me. So I’m stuck. I’m stuck here to beg from him. No matter how you look at it, I’m just begging him to let me live.”

“Oh Hobi…” you said hugging him as tight as you could. You let him cry it all out.

After a while he had calmed down and let go of you.

You didn’t say anything. You just rubbed your hand over his back.

“I feel better now…” he said softly



“I really hate Namjoon…” you said resting your head on his shoulder.

Jhope didn’t say anything. He just rested his head on yours and threw an arm around your shoulders.

“Okay. It’s been a few minutes already. Let’s stop being sad.” He broke the silence. His voice was back to normal.

“What do you want to do?”

“… Drugs…”


“Ah, I know, I was just joking!” his voice filled with aegyo. “We can dance again! I can teach you the old choreo.” He suggested pulling his phone out.

“Are you sure? Won’t that be annoying for you? you’ll have to be practicing that stuff 24/7…”

“That’s true…”

“We can go with Jin and Jinjin!”

“Nah. I don’t want to risk going through withdraws in front of Jinjin.” He flopped back on his bed stretching his arms out.

You flopped down next to him.

“Just relax. Relax as much as you can before tomorrow. How about that?”

For the next few hours you two talked about random things. Eventually Jhope convinced you to at least dance to girl group songs with him. He even taught you how to do some aegyo.

Things were fine until he started going through withdraws.

“Y/n can you please go get me some pills? Please, please, please, please.”  He begged.

“Hobi I’m sorry. I can’t Jungkook hasn’t gotten back from his date…” you tried to distract him. “Let’s watch YouTube videos!” you grabbed his phone and played the first video option that came onto the screen.

After just one video he was still complaining. “Please y/n try to get me something. Call Jungkook. Tell him to get back. I’m hurting so much. Please.!” He whimpered.

You heard your name being called out. “I’ll be right back Hobi. Maybe that is Jinjin leaving…”

You ran down the halls and followed the voice calling you. You walked into the living room to find Jinjin’s mom at the door and V sitting on the couch. You gave her a small smile and a tiny wave and she did the same. Jin and Jinjin came back into to the room, Jinjin all ready to go.

“Bye y/n!” Jinjin said giving you a hug.

“Bye Jinjin. Sorry I didn’t play with you today.”

“That’s okay. Daddy said that you were taking care of uncle Hoseok. But next time you’ll play with me right?”’

“Yeah! Next time!” you smiled. “Will there be a next time?” you thought.

Next he moved to V and then to Jin

“Remember Jinjin. We are going to be very, very, very busy for a while. I might not be able to talk to you as often okay?”

Jinjin gave a sad nod

“But I’m going to try to talk to you every chance I get! I’ve already talked to mommy and to my bosses and after the tour I’m going to go visit you! Okay?”


“Yup!… So just remember to be good okay? And remember that daddy loves you…” he said bringing Jinjin into a bear hug.

“I love you daddy.”

Jinjin left. Leaving you all standing in the living room in an awkward silence.

Jin turned to you. “I think it’s time you go to bed y/n. We don’t want a repeat of last night.”

“Um, wait. Hobi is in a lot of pain. Can you try to help him out while I get washed up.”


Jin went to Jhope’s room and V made sure you went straight to your room after washing up. “Goodnight y/n” V said before locking you in the room.