straight foolishness

wasted opportunity bioware, theres no way anyone comes out of training w the asari commandoes 100% straight u fOOls


attention, all combatants! may i have your attention, please? there are casualties on the battlefield. brave men on both sides who are in urgent need of medical attention. i know that the divisions between us run deep. that they may very well be insurmountable. but, i implore both of our armies, for this one moment, to come together as allies and honor a ceasefire, so that the injured may be removed from the field of battle. 


I was GOING to just loosely translate and summarize most of the chapter, but as I went along I just got more and more into it, so the result is kind of a jumbled mess of summarizing and direct translations! You should probably be able to tell when I’m translating and when I’m improvising though! But I do think I am giving you the full story here, so if you can keep along, then great! PLEASE ENJOY THE GOSH!!!!!

also if you read this, please consider buying the novel!


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Cherik: Proposing?

(Charles Xavier x Erik Lehnsherr)

This is based off of this :

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Charles had just took his turn moving his Bishop when Erik’s smooth voice came out “So I was thinking of a Spring wedding maybe autumn but I don’t want it to be too cold”. Charles head snapped up but Erik’s face was straight, no hint of foolishness. “Erik” Charles sighed “Yes liebe?” Erik replied innocently taking a sip of his whisky “What are you talking about?” “The wedding Charles, we should start planning the date and … ”. Charles brows furrowed in confusion “Erik, I - uhmm. Wedding?”. “Yes the wedding, our- oh thats what I forgot to do yesterday!” realisation flashed across Erik’s face.

Charles blushed leaning forward on his knees “Erik, darling, were you going to propose yesterday?” Erik moved in his chair putting his leg down “This didn’t go the way I wanted it to liebe.”. Erik moved slowly towards Charles then gently took his hand, he smiled then got down on one knee. “Charles Xavier, I am not going to lengthen this proposal as you know how I feel every time you look into my mind. But, Charles will you do the honour of marrying me?”. Charles was smiling like a fool, grinning from ear to ear “Of course I will!” Charles cupped Erik’s face and kissed him passionately, they let go holding onto each other tightly “I love you Erik.”. Charles then felt a cool, silver ring wrap around his finger he grinned at the way his fiancé said I love you too “I think a spring wedding sounds excellent”.

remember when i wrote a big thing about how only the crystal gems dance when they fuse and that’s what separated them from homeworld and it was a ruby and sapphire invention to make other gems who wanted to try it a little more comfortable with the idea and then i was proven wrong because jasper and lapis danced….. for… some reason????? i think about that a lot. not that i was wrong or anything, that’s fine. but like……….. why is this series so fucking honest to god Stupid???? like just straight up Foolish. they can’t even keep their lore straight!

( @thehandworld + Yuni )

      ❁ ▌::     A small chuckle passed through her lips. This amused her far more than it should have. Despite what it said about her passing on, Sepira was in fact very much alive. She chose to watch over her famiglia finding it hard to tear herself away from it. Watching it grow and then slowly loose the power it once held when she was Primo. Despite this she felt a certain surge of pride when it came to her current descendant, Yuni.

   ❛Perhaps it is too much to drop by unannounced. I doubt anyone would expect a figure from the past thought to be dead to be calling. It can go far worse than it being a prank.❜ Sepira thought with a chuckle. Maybe she was being far beyond foolish walking straight up to the front door, but she wasn’t one to do things normally. Thus, she knocked on the door sunglasses pulled down just slight down her nose to glance over the top of them. ❝Hello~❞

Things I Will Not Be Tolerating from Larries or anyone in 2k16

Aight,,,So we all know that 2015 was the worst and best year. Zayn left and their was drama on every.single.block. But, with the suffering came bliss when Larry shared that beautiful hug that ended the OTRA Tour and our life. But let me tell you,,last year and even the year before that y’all did and said some fucked up shit that made me want to doxx y’all and have everyone come to y’all house to fight you. So I am making this post to inform y’all on what I will not be tolerating from y’all. If i see it, I’m going to address it on your post or via @ so pls refrain from doing so cause my temper has reached it’s peak becuz of the bullshit y’all was spitting :)). Okay so here we go !!! (This is is no specific order it’s just what ever comes to my mind first)


Y’all already know who I am addressing this too. Now there is nothing wrong with imagining..reading…drawing your favs in panties or any other type of lingerie but there is a limit. Some of you like to think that Harry is the least masculine out of the bunch and is the more “feminine” and “girly” one in Larry. Now that ticks me tf off. You base Harry off of his stage presence but you do not know the child personally. Some of y’all have even came up with the assumption that Harry is trans…………what???And whenever someone ask for receipts y’all go straight to his fashion choices and his hair. Say that he is “breaking gender norms” because his hair is long like sweetie he ain’t the first and most definitely not the last person on Earth to have long hair trust. I feel in my tiddy that one of y’all gonna try to say that I’m transphobic but that is not the case and you will get a foot up yo ass. I’m just saying, y’all being mad transphobic for assuming someones sexuality off of their appearance.

Now let me get to how y’all apply gender roles to Larry. Now, I have seen countless fanarts and fics where Harry is treated as if he is the girl in the relationship. For ex. a fanart from datjonah or whatever that had Louis and Harry getting married but if you look closely you can see that Harry is wearing white(a bridal color) and has a veil with pretty pink flowers(something that is traditionally worn by the bride). Now I was very side eye emoji about that because why??Why can’t the both be wearing nice beautiful tuxes. Why can’t they both have veils then hmm. Why it’s always Harry that has to play the “female” role whenever you compare them to a het couple. Why do y’all give Harry feminine facial features that he does not have. I’m honestly confused pls tell me why. CAUSE I WILL NOT BE TAKING IT THIS YEAR. 


So almost everyone knows that there is little chance of Larry being straight right. And back then we would just straight up say that they are gay. But now, we have fics of Louis and Harry being bi pan asexual etc. just everything but gay and this seem to have anger the big larries since they consider gay to be a “umbrella term” like queer doesn’t exist and has multiple meanings unlike the word gay which means being attracted to the same sex and only the same sex. Now this is where y’all get me fucked up, y’all want to say that we shouldn’t be assuming that Harry and Louis might be bi pan etc. but y’all want to call them gay like it’s the only sexuality where a person can be attracted to another person of same sex. Now idk maybe they are gay we don’t know they haven’t told us shit besides that really old vid of Harry saying he is bi. I just want y’all to know that if I see my sexuality and any one else’s sexuality disregarded the @ button will be used a fight will pop off no with my fist but with my words(you lucky it’s not my fist). 


I am tired of y’all being petty and bitter about Zayn leaving. Like it still hurts it really does trust but Y’ALL NEED TO STOP. If y’all actually cared about the boys deeply you would notice how unhappy and unhealthy Zayn was looking while in the band. He left so he could be himself and not be held down from some contract that kept him from fully perusing in his solo career. Some of you even made racist jokes towards him like do you think that’s going to bring him back???But what really makes me want to force lava down your esophagus is when you guys praise Harry for possibly getting into the solo business. It’s like the boys fuck up; and people confront them about it but Harry fucks up and y’all bypass it and bring up some problematic shit one of the other boys(Zayn and Louis) did to make him look like he is a angel. I don’t hate Harry but I’m not gonna stan for y’all bringing down Zayn this year cause y’all can’t overcome your pettiness. THIS IS #Z016 I’M NOT HAVING IT OKAY NO MORE !!!!! 


Delete. I’m trying to be positive this year and y’all just gonna fuck up my aura with y’all negativity and hatred for something so petty. Just delete and make this year better for us because I don’t have time to deal with y’all homophobic some racist disrespectful misgendering telling people to go kill themselves asses this year please and thank you :)) #DOWNWITHTHEANTIS2K15


Y’all might have the “””power””” cause you have a big following and is well known but doesn’t mean you have the right to bully another blog over a different opinion or because they did something that didn’t offend anyone but just seemed to annoy you for some reason. You can maturely agree to disagree to avoid a big conflict. Like the 1d burn book like that really promoted more pettiness in the fandom. Especially the ones who made that list of blogs who did things that got you mad like some of it was valid and the rest was straight foolishness and y’all just want to stir up some drama. Like if it ain’t valid then I don’t want to hear it, keep it to yourself I could careless about who opens door like it was prolly just some people having fun and joking but y’all just love making things bigger than they are. 


It was a stunt and Louis was stressed of story. It was a fic leave it in 2015.


Delete and never come back. Keep y’all ignorance to y’all selves and stop embarrassing the sensible fandom :)) (notice how I didn’t say Tumblr since y’all problematic too).


Y’all will break y’all necks just to make anything Larry do sexual. Even if it means being disgusting. Like when Louis had a sore throat everyone automatically thought that he was giving head and got a sore throat like really??? My son is sick and y’all thinking about him giving head. And another ex. is the photo of Louis’ siblings hold the microphone in their mouths and saying how they were copying what Louis was doing to Hary like y’all even sexualize kids. Now that’s what I call fucked up. Like my head be in the gutter 25/8 but there is a limit and with that you need to know when to apply your nastiness cause sometimes it ain’t cute.

And that’s it…I guess. Feel free to add on to this post if you feel there is more things that should not be acceptable in 2k16 in the 1d fandom so we can CLEAN UP OUR ACT !!! All the love xx.