i had a draeam about the children at ork last night…
like, a few of us rented a cabin (or something?) and this guy was painting birds, a girl who wasn’t in the room with the 4 main people came in threw my shoes at me and told me i had to come with her. then when i walked out of the bedroom door i ended up in ingles in a dress with a rip coming up the seam. then i saw lp and he asked me if i was staying and i told him yes and then he hugged me. and hugged me. and it felt like it was never going to end. and then he kissed my cheek (very wetly btw) and walked away like nothing had happened. then the girl from the deli saw my dress had ripped and offered me something else to wear. and i woke up.

I’m at the point where I realize it’s good we broke up, and I don’t wanna be with him, or even really talk to him (mostly cause he’s all obnoxious now) but I still miss him a lot. And even in the middle of this awesome day I’m having I just see once little pic on tumblr and I think of him and like I feel like I’m about to cry but then nothing happens. just nothingness.

Regardless I am very content with my life right now so no worries :D

edit: Nevermind y'all it came out.. Idk what’s gotten into me I’ve been fine for a while now. I guess not 100% fine, I just fooled myself into that. whatevss i’m about to go to this observatory thing and see stars and shit with my nature class, that’ll get me back in my good mood.