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i believe i’ve done the exact same thing before, but oh well

Name: Amalia

Nickname: none, really

Starsign: Virgo  

Gender: Female

Orientation: Stragiht

Favorite color(s): none. I like blue and green a lot, but I couldn’t pick just one

Time right now: 2.42 pm

Average hours of sleep: 6 hours tops. my sleeping pattern is very distrubed these past few weeks

Lucky Number(s): none?

Number of blankets: so many. like, at least three

Favorite fictional characters: my latest fave - fictional BFF is Rocky Balboa! YOU GUYS.

Favorite bands/artists: the list would also be endless, Jeff Buckley is an all-time bae, also lately I’m quite feeling The Verve

Dream Job: writer. producer. art gallery owner.

What I am currently wearing: black pants, black ankle boots, black sweater AND another sweater on top, marled beige or something

[I’ll add a few questions, BECAUSE.]

Siblings: one older brother

One thing I do every day, no matter what: listen to music

One thing I didn’t think I could do, but did it anyway: tell a boy how I felt about him

I have a weird obsession with: PENS. and pencils, but mostly pens

When I was little I wanted to be: a teacher

In love? “I’m very much in love, with no one in particular” - Ezra Miller [I think]

A concert I’m hoping to see: MUSE, goddammit. Come to Greece already

What I love about my city: It’s colourful, it’s diverse and contradictory. It’s vibrant and full of history. It makes me feel like I’m home

If I could live in a painting or a film, it would be: A Monet. Or Starry Night

If I were a song, I would be: “Lucky Man” by the Verve

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