straght hair

Calender Girl Jenny: Peridot

I found out what Calender Girls were from the same site that gave me info on Ellie, sort of filtering through old dolls is difficult but it gains another dimension when you’re researching a doll from another country.

“ The Calendar Girls series began in 1996 with the Sweet Seventeen LifeCalendar girls and ran from April to March.”

They seem to be a doll a month sort of deal. There are some cuties:

For real though can I just collect the pink ones?

There were some at Craftiques the first time I went

You can see on the back of mine it’s only 4 through 9, I’m guessing showing a sneak peek for the next doll, but going no further. At the top it reads Sweet Seventeen Life.

Today I’m looking at Peridot for August. Since they’re all Jenny, this will be her name.

She slides out of her outerbox easily, here she is on the card. As you can see she’s already in a stand, not pictured are a pair of green pumps that flopped out with her loose. 

She has two pieces of elastic keeping her in.

It’s like actual elastic with two actual metal toggles. I just thought it was interesting. Mind the chipped polish.

It comes with a tiny horoscope I can’t read. If any followers CAN that’d be cool.

Look at that cute Leo.

And a ring for me! I’m not a peridot but my older sister is.

And here I encounter my first problem. Remember how she’s already in her stand?

Remember how she’s from 1997?

If you can’t tell that’s her stocking MELDED to the stand.

I legit thought she was glued there on purpose for a second.

But then I remembered the shoes. Why would there be shoes if she was glued to the stand.

So I carefully slid her out.

Ghost legs. They stood on their own.

This intimidated me because I knew I’d have to peel them off the stand, so I took a break from legs to focus on the doll.

She’s pretty cute for vintage. If you like green anyway. Her bangs were super smooth and held on with one oft hose plastic bands to keep her hair straght. Her hair isn’t in a brushable style imo, but I wouldn’t call it soft. It’s thin and kind of crispy and has the weight of real hair.

She has a swivel waist and the same bendy arms and legs as modern Licca, here she demonstrates her flexibility.

She has dark green heart ring and earrings, which I’ve found is fairly common on my Takara dolls.

I was hoping her shrug was removable, considering giant green roses aren’t really my style.

Alas, one piece.

She does have some cool details though, her neckalce is actually a legit necklace with beads and metal clasps, and she has a petticoat and underwear.

As for the stockings, I really really tired, but it was stuck on there as if it was intentional.

It wasn’t pretty.

On a side note her legs were sticky. Like think 90s Barbie rubber legs, but slightly moist/stickier. So it was hard enough getting these loose torn stockings on her.

Now I always hesitate just opening a 20 year old doll much less cutting one, but I couldn’t put on the shoes with scraggly tights.

Here you can see the stocking pieces that are still stuck on, as well as weird tags on her stocking where it pulled off.

And here she is with my other girls.

Ellie, Calender Girl Peridot, modern Jenny, modern Licca.

She reminds me of a mix of modern Jenny and Licca. As modern Jenny can’t bend her legs(or atleast the one I have), and her lips remind me more of Licca. But she still has the height and eyes of modern Jenny.

All in all I’m pretty happy with her. And am interested in acquiring other vintage foreign dolls.