stradivarius bag

First Things First

Top: ZARA | Pants: UNIQLO | Jacket: UNIQLO | Shoes: ZARA | Bag: STRADIVARIUS

We’re in that transition weather yet again where Manila just can’t decide whether to be windy, rainy, sunny, or incredibly humid. I had planned to wear this jacket out for quite some time now (it was given to me by my best friends for my birthday, imagine the time interval) and I finally found a weather-appropriate weekend where it was a little windy and a little less sunny. The growing collection of jackets in my closet isn’t happy about summer vastly approaching and neither am I, being a more “winter” (lol can Philippine December-February weather count as winter?) than summer type of girl. But hey, sometimes a little sun is okay when it’s not in the city. 

Squeezing in a little life update on this post since I never do those anymore:

  • Been super busy with school yet again and I’m constantly worrying about the next school year for no apparent reason–well, actually for a million reasons but I shouldn’t be.
  • Wanderland 2017 was two weeks ago and I had an absolute blast plus (you probably have seen this for the 100th time already if you follow me on my social media accounts) we!! met!! Paul!! Klein!! 
  • Wanderland video will be at the end of this post so be sure to check that out (plug plug plug)
  • I just edited a 7-minute vlog and it’s kind of a different monthly vlog from the ones before it 
  • That will be out on Saturday so don’t forget to subscribe to see it: (again, plug plug plug)
  • Absolutely living for Stormzy, Ed Sheeran, and (very recently) Drake’s new albums plus Sarah Close is releasing her EP on April and Lorde is releasing bits of new songs so Y E S for good music.
  • I’m slowly learning how to save up and I realized that all I needed was a massive motivation to save up for.
  • Beauty and the Beast was sooo good like the Belle and Be Our Guest scenes did not disappoint. Absolute favorite song from the animated original was Belle and it’s still my favorite from the live-action. Incredibly brilliant. 
  • I think that’s about it so go ahead and watch my Wanderland video now: