Request~ ‘Heyyy could you do numbers 62, 64 and 68 with kai x reader please?

Prompts: “It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed.” “Are you ticklish?” “PILLOW FIGHT!” 

Imagine~ you and Kai being stuck in a cabin together after Bonnie spells you in. 

Word Count: 1554

“Ugh why does Bonnie always rope me into her stupid plans?” you groaned as you collapsed onto the couch. 

“She wants to see if my feelings are real and I have feelings towards you so I guess she just wants if they’re real.” Kai sighs, a small smirk playing on his face. 

It was true that he had feelings for you but he showed them feelings through flirty comments and smirks. 

So to see if he could actually feel Bonnie locked the both of you in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and somehow she roped you into it. 

“Ugh, whatever. I’m gonna look around to see if there’s another bed for you to sleep in.” you said dreading to think you’d have to spend the night in the same bed as him. 

It didn’t take long to look around the cabin seeing it was very small. All it consisted of was a small kitchen diner, a living room, a bathroom and a single bedroom. 

You walked back into the front room seeing Kai lounging on the couch staring blankly at the ceiling fan, his eyes following its pattern of spinning. 

“Well, since there’s no more bedrooms I’m sure you’ll be fine sleeping on the couch.” you said, smiling sarcastically as he turned his attention to you. 

“It’s only one night, we’ll just share the bed.” Kai said and you could tell he was grinning without even looking at him. 

“Fine,” you groaned making Kai smirk, “but try anything and I’ll cut your dick off.” 

His smirk fell as he looked at you rolling his eyes making you laugh. 

“You wouldn’t want to destroy something you want so bad.” Kai smirked, recovering from your comment. 

“Kai.” you seethed throwing a pillow at him making him laugh. 

“Since you seem very moody how about we play a board game?” Kai said looking over at you innocently. 

“Finally a good idea.” you said smiling at him as you looked on top of the bookshelf. 

You pulled down monopoly knowing it was one of the few board games you were actually good at. 

You laid the game out on the table as Kai grinned over at you happily. 

Kai truly did have a massive crush on you but he wasn’t the best with emotions which meant he didn’t really know how to express them. He hated himself because he’d made you hate him and it killed him. 

But here you were setting up a board game for the both of you in a what some might say romantic cabin and that was enough to warm his heart. 

“Which piece do you want to be?” you asked, a small smile playing on your lips. 

“Erm, the cat.” he said snapping out of his trance. 

“Okay..” you trailed off finishing off setting up the board game, your tongue sticking out slightly. 

“You’re really beautiful, you know that?” Kai said, his eyes taking every detail of your face. 

“T-thank I guess.” you stammered, a light blush washing over your face. You couldn’t deny that you heart fluttered at his comment but you also didn’t want to admit it. 

After one game of monopoly you were both tired, you’d forgotten how long a game of monopoly took and you could tell Kai was cheating. 

You yawned as Kai entered the room with a glass of water, his eyes drooping slightly and you could tell he was tired. 

“Do you wanna head to bed?” you sighed as you pushed yourself off the floor. 

“Sounds good to me.” he replied, his voice deeper than usual and it was kind of attractive. 

You walked to the bathroom to get changed into some pjs before realizing you didn’t have any. You didn’t know Bonnie’s plan when she locked you in here so you didn’t have time to pack. 

“Kai!” you shouted in hopes Kai would let you borrow his shirt to wear to sleep. 

He trudged into the bathroom wearing the grey sweats and black top he’d been wearing all night. 

“What’s up?” he asked yawning and you could tell he was tired. 

“Give me your shirt.” you said bluntly missing your bed back home. 

“Somebodies a bit upfront.” he replied smirking as he pulled his shirt from over his head and putting it in your open hand. 

“Ugh shut up, I have no pajamas and I want to be comfortable and covered if I’m sleeping next to you.” you sighed, “Now get out.” 

Kai remained smirking but left the room as asked without muttering a word leaving you alone in the bathroom. 

You peeled off your clothes and threw Kai’s baggy shirt over your torso. It was soft and hung over you like a dress, it smelt like him and it was a good scent. 

After a second of reveling in the comfort and warmth you entered the bedroom to see Kai lying on top of the sheets in just his gray sweats. 

He glanced over at you as you took in his body, it was masculine but not overly muscular and his sweats hung perfectly just below his hips. 

“I know I’m hot, no need to stare.”  Kaai smirked, snapping you out of your gaze. You rolled your eyes trying to play it cool as you crawled onto the bed lying next to him. 

“By the way, if you wake me up before 10am tomorrow I’ll kill you.” you smiled looking up at the heretic. “Mhm whatever. P.S you look really hot with my shirt on.” he smirked completely brushing over your threat. 

“So hot I want to do this.” he said as he pushed his hand beneath the shirt, rubbing your side slowly. His cool rings sent shivers up you spine and you tensed up slightly but tried to recover before he noticed. 

“Are you ticklish?” he laughed and you realized your attempt had failed. 

“What? No, why would you think that?” you said trying to persuade him to forget about it. 

“So if I did this?” he said as he squeezed and tickled your sides lightly. It took everything within you to suppress your giggles but in the end it didn’t work. 

His smirk turned into more of a devilish grin when he realized and he stradelled your body to make it easier to tickle you. 

“Kai, please don’t.” you whimpered, knowing what you were saying would have no impact on Kai’s actions. 

His hands traveled to your sides and he began to tickle you mercilessly. You erupted into a fit of giggles as you squirmed and wriggled beneath him. 

“K-Kai. Stop. Please.” you said breathlessly in between your fits of laughter. 

In this moment Kai couldn’t help but find you extremely attractive. You were completely under his control and here you where squirming underneath him on a bed you would be sharing. 

“Y’know you look really hot right now. All helpless beneath me.” Kai said smirking as his hands detached from your waist. 

The room was silent as he looked into your eyes and you peered deep into his blue ones. “I don’t think so but whatever floats your boat.” you said breaking the silence. 

He didn’t say anything in reply, instead he leaned in so close you could feel his breath hitting against your face. 

But you didn’t think him tickling you and calling you hot was worthy of a kiss yet so you did the only thing you could do in that moment. 

You hit him in the face with a pillow, he sat there stunned for a second as you erupted into a fit of laughter. 

“PILLOW FIGHT!” you shouted and his eyes lit up. “Oh, it’s on.” he grinned as he grabbed a pillow and flung it across your head. 

You returned the hit with more force and you both did this back and forth for a while. 

At some points he was sitting on you and others, you on him. In all honesty you didn’t completely understand how you’d gone from sleepy to this but you didn’t care. 

After a while of hitting each other back and forth he was on top of you, pinning your arms down on either side of your body. 

“Now how about we start back where we left off.” he said smirking as he leaned in catching his lips on yours. 

Your eyelids fluttered closed and his loose on your wrists loosened so you pulled your hands away and ran them through his brown locks. His hands slid up your shirt like they had before, his rings adding an extra sensation to his touch. 

His tongue swiped along your bottom lips before he squeezed your hips making you gasp which gave him free entry into your mouth. His tongue explored yours as you tugged on his hair slightly. 

After a few moments he pulled away for air, a large smirk plastered onto his face. Your small smile broke out into more of a grin. 

“I knew you wanted me.” he smirked making you roll your eyes and reconnect your lips with his. 

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“For starters, don’t kiss her in front of me. No! Even better, when I am around you must stand at least two feet away from her. Do not touch my sister, and if you have too, I have to be able to see your hands. Ok?” Stiles rambled, making you and your boyfriend Derek roll your eyes. 

“You will not call her ‘babe’, ‘sugar’, or any pet names…”

“Derek I’ve got an idea.” You whisper to your boyfriend. 


“Kiss me.”

And with in seconds, Derek’s lips were on yours. You kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck as he moved you so you stradeling him. 


“Stiles were going to have sex.” You told him,as Derek began kissing your neck. “Leave.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” Stiles ran to the door and left the loft.

You climbed off Derek’s lap, both of you laughing at your brother. “I told you it would make him leave.”

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Dirty Little Secret - A Neymar Jr Fanfic

I had known Neymar Jr for years now but no one knew how serious we were. They didn’t know the late night calls we had where we spent hours talking and laughing or the sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night to go and see each other at the most unsociable hours. No one knew anything about us. It was our dirty little secret.

Another night of sneaking out of the house, I still lived with my parents sadly so this sneaking out behind there backs was a regular thing for me. I heard the familar loud snoring from there bedroom and I tiptoed to the front door and shut it carefully behind me. 

‘Baby I have missed you’ Neymar said as I slid into the car seat next to him. He pulled me towards him and pressed his soft pink lips against mine. I felt the heat radiating from his body his arms wrapped protectively around my waist. 'Come on Ney, someone might see’ I said suddenly becoming aware of my surrondings. We were still outside my parents house and the media knew his every step. He pressed down on the accelerator and we sped off.

I stepped into his house as soon as he opened the door, I had not been here in so long but the familar smell hit me instantly and I smiled. The door shut behind us and he pushed me against the wall. ‘Baby I have waited so long..’ I pushed my lips against his hushing him and ran my fingers through his hair. I felt him smile into the kiss as he lifted me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist tightly. ‘Babe you are cold’ I said noticing the goosebumps that had erupted on his arms. ‘I can warm you up..’ I smirked

I pushed him down onto the bed, a smirk played on his plush lips. I fumbled with the buttons of his t-shirt slightly as I lifted it over his head revealing his toned muscular body. He looked gorgeous and he bloody knew it. I kneeled over his body so now I was sitting on top of him and began teasing him. 

'Hmm baby you like it when I do.. this?’ I smirked as I started planting wet kisses across his collarbones. I noticed his face becoming flustured and he nodded. 

'And this?’ I said as I started grinding my body against his while I sat on top of him. I notice his lips part slightly and he let out a satisfied sigh, closing his eyes and nodding. I felt him becoming hard underneath me and I continued grinding my body against his and unbuttoning my t-shirt slowly. I loved teasing him.

'And baby..what about this?’ I got up making his eyes snap open and slid his jeans off so he lay there in just his boxer shorts. The palm of my hands slowly traced down the curves of his muscular body and teasingly hovered over his boxer shorts. I noticed him bite his lip, his eyes now dark with lust as they almost pleaded with me. I smirked noticing that my teasing was working. Neymar was desperate for me now, he needed me now to make up for all the months we had not seen each other. 


Neymar’s hands hovered over my chest and I noticed his eyelashes flick up and down as he examined my body with a mischevious smirk. He slid my panties off and now I lay completly naked infront of him. His big hands ran up along my legs and danced across my thighs. 

'Neym-’ I was cut off by his plush lips locking with mine. He widened the kiss by snaking his tongue with mine and kissed me harder, with more passion and desperation. We pulled away both breathless, both our naked bodies caressing each other. 

He carefully lifted me up so I was now stradelling him and slid inside me making me moan out loud. He groaned and slowly I began riding him up and down, waves of pleasure pulsating through our bodies. I moaned his name running my finger nails across his back. He threw his head back slightly as the feelings of pleasure took over him and he began to groan and sigh in pleasure. I could feel his body tensing underneath mine as the climax took hold.

Both of us collapsed on top of each other as the pleasurable feelings of the orgasm subsided. We lay on top of each other, both our chests rising and falling quickly as we tried to find our breath. He wrapped his muscular arms around me and I could feel the beads of sweat dripping across his body as he began to regain his breath.

'Wow’ he managed to utter between heavy breaths

'My dirty little secret..’ we both smirked in unison and he kissed my lips.

'You are MY little secret’ he remarked before pulling the covers over our bodies and cuddling me. The lights went out and we both closed our eyes.

Fic: Riding in Cars With Metahumans

Barry/Iris fluff inspired by this gifset by villainessyNo spoilers for the pilot. 


“What are we doing?” Iris is giggling against Barry’s chest, even as Barry puts a finger to her lips.


“It’s just my dad!”

“There is nothing ‘just’ about Joe West.”

“He loves you though,” she pokes him, “and he loves me – he’ll be fine.”

“Iris, your dad hates your boyfriends,” Barry replies, firmly, “hates them – with the burning passion of a thousand firey suns.

“He doesn’t hate all of them – ”

All of them.”

Iris snorts, tightening her grip on him and then tugging at his chin to pull him down to kiss her again. Jesus Christ she smells good. He can still taste traces of her raspberry lipbalm – he’ll probably still be tasting it in the morning.

This situation would be significantly less awkward if he weren’t still sort of semi-turned on from all the kissing and… groping (no there really isn’t a more romantic word for it, he decides, they have just been inexpertly shoving their hands inside each other’s clothes in the backseat of his car for the last half hour, like a couple of teenagers. Except better, because he never got anywhere near this kind of action when he was in highschool).

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Ever since knit ties became fashionable, we’ve seen an increasing number of variations, from dots to horizontal lines to dual-color, such as the one above seen at Stradel’s today.

While many of these dual-color models fail IMHO, because the color combinations are off, this subtle combination of mid-blue & navy is a real winner in my book.

min-suga-infires-man-yeah  asked:

Do you think you could make a short little fanfiction about Barry working and Cisco is trying to distract him with like little kisses and other stuff? If you could then that would be awesome!

“Pay attention to me.” Cisco said as he leaned his head on the table, making his best pouty face at Barry. The taller boy laughed gently. 

“30 more minutes.” Barry continued to write on a notebook, as he was writing down notes from the latest crime the department had gotten. Lately, his actual job was taking a lot of his time. 

“You said that 30 minutes ago.” Cisco huffed. “Come on, Barry. You were the one who invited me over." 

Barry raised an eyebrow at Cisco, but with a smile on his face. “You invited yourself over. I warned you I was going to work.” He said simply, looking back at his notebook. 

Cisco huffed and dragged his chair closer to Barry, leaning over to him. “Come onnn.” He pressed a kiss to his boyfriend’s shoulder. 

Barry side-eyed him, laughing softly. “29 minutes. I promise.” 

"No.” Cisco stood up and closed Barry’s notebook and before the other could protest, he sat down on his lap sideways. 

“Now.” He continued and cupped Barry’s cheek, pressing a few kisses. “Your work can wait. It’s my time.”  Cisco pressed a trail of kisses down Barry’s jawline and neck. 

“But if I finish this, all my time can be for you?” Barry argued, not effectively. 

“But if we do this now, you can be all mine.” Cisco shot his boyfriend a smirk and moved so he was stradeling Barry.