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anime: kiki’s delivery service

music: Straange - Ravenous


“hmmm~ lost, looost you saaay~~?” with a hum Satanick licks his lips “pray tell, how one gets so lost they end up in the middle of someone else’s home? avoiding my servants and everything? its strange~, its straange~~!! straaange and suspicious!!!” taking a few steps closer the devils laugh bounces off of the walls of the hall, dark and menacing his hand reaches out towards the god

“I believe ya!!” and suddenly the air about him completely changed and he is whole heartedly patting them on the pack with a care free laugh “Pitch Black can be pretty strange to newcomers, and then dont even get me started on how many get lost the first few times they come to my castle LOL” Satanick no you dont say that– you idiot old man