While I’m still busy with other things, I know a while back @wastelandbonerhell mentioned a Fallout fic rec list involving non-m/f content. I’m going to start compiling some recs, but I also would love others to submit their own stuff and fics they like. My submit box is open and I’ll just copy and paste from there.

I know it’s kind of awkward for someone to rec their own stuff or their favorite fics, but I encourage it. If you really want, you can send me an anon ask giving me an ao3 author name, fic title, and pairing, and I’ll do some detective work. That or give me enough details on the location and I’ll put it it together. I’ll be putting some of my favorite fics I’ve written and ones I know others have enjoyed that I have written. The fics don’t have to be on ao3.

In the end, this isn’t just about getting a quality list of the best fics ever in the Fallout fandom. Instead, it’s to spread awareness and acknowledgment of fics and their LGBT creators. Most of the time the Fallout rec list posts only a few non-m/f fics. So let’s change that.

The one thing I want to stress is that for trans fics, please no cis authors.     


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