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The pursuit of a better life pushes students to excel

KUALA TERENGGANU, March 2, 2015:

Poverty was the greatest motivation for several candidates who scored excellent results in the 2014 Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) examination in Terengganu.

Farmers’ daughter Syazleen Shahhira Yaccob, 20, of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Tengku Bariah, was among 14 candidates who scored 4As in STPM in the state.

Her parents, Yaccob Abdullah, 57, and Zainon Awang, 53, grow padi and vegetables in Kedai Buluh here as their main source of income to raise her and her five siblings.

“I did my revision daily from 4am because I realised only excellence in the STPM could change the lot of my family.

“My parents’ support was also an exceptional motivation for me.

“This success is a very meaningful present to them. I hope I can inject enthusiasm in students from poor families to study hard to reap success.”

She was among 14 students who received a computer laptop each from Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman at a ceremony to announce the STPM results at Sekolah Menengah Agama (Atas) Sultan Zainal Abidin here today.

For Syahrul Shafiq Omar, 20, his success was a balm for his widowed mother Ramlah Mohamad’s sufferings.

Ramlah, 55, a night market trader, had been toiling to raise him and his six siblings after her husband, Omar Taib, died seven years ago.

“Hopefully, this success will pave the way for me to pursue my dream of becoming a technology manager and spur my siblings to focus on their studies.”

Another excellent student, Khor Boon Soon, 20, the son of a sundry shop owner, was prepared to stay awake from midnight to revise his lessons.

“I thank my teachers at SMK Tengku Bariah. This success is due to the input of my teachers, family and friends who shared my trials and tribulations in my pursuit of knowledge all this while.”

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STPM 2014: Prestasi keseluruhan meningkat


Keputusan Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) 2014 menyaksikan peningkatan pencapaian calon dalam semua kriteria pengukuran pencapaian calon dalam peperiksaan.

Pengerusi Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia (MPM) Profesor Datuk Dr Mohd Noh Dalimin berkata, kriteria berkenaan adalah dari segi Purata Nilai Gred Keseluruhan (PNGK) negara, peratusan calon yang mendapat PNGK 4.00, PNGK 3.50 ke atas, PNGK 2.00 hingga 3.49, peratus calon yang mendapat A dalam lima dan empat mata pelajaran, peratus lulus penuh dan penurunan peratus calon gagal.

“PNGK negara dalam peperiksaan STPM 2014 telah meningkat kepada 2.62 daripada 2.57 pada STPM tahun 2013.

“Min PNGK sekolah kerajaan telah meningkat daripada 2.55 pada tahun 2013 kepada 2.62 pada peperiksaan STPM 2014,” katanya ketika mengumumkan keputusan STPM 2014 hari ini.

PNGK 4.00 bagi STPM 2014 meningkat kepada 0.91 peratus atau 390 calon berbanding 0.89 peratus atau 492 calon pada STPM 2013.

Mohd Noh berkata, walaupun peratusan calon pada PNGK meningkat, bilangan calon mengikut PNGK bagi 2014 berkurangan berbanding 2013 disebabkan kemerosotan bilangan calon yang mendaftar untuk menduduki STPM 2014.

“Peratusan calon yang mendapat PGNK 3.50 ke atas juga meningkat kepada 9.09 peratus atau 3,895 calon berbanding 8.18 peratus atau 4,516 calon dalam STPM 2013.

“Peningkatan peratusan juga telah ditunjukkan pada PNGK antara 2.00 hingga 3.49 iaitu kepada 73.85 peratus atau 31,647 calon berbanding STPM 2013,” katanya.

Peratusan calon yang mendapat lulus penuh dalam lima hingga satu mata pelajaran juga menunjukkan peningkatan 0.96 peratus iaitu 97.81 peratus atau 41,915 calon berbanding 96.85 peratus atau 53,494 calon pada tahun 2013.

Bagi lulus penuh dalam empat mata pelajaran mendapat peratusan tertinggi tahun ini iaitu 63.80 peratus atau 27,342 calon.

“Sebanyak 10 calon yang mengambil lima mata pelajaran mendapat gred A dalam kelima-lima mata pelajaran yang diambil, berbanding lapan calon pada 2013.

“Manakala bilangan calon yang gagal menunjukkan penurunan iaitu hanya 57 calon (0.13 peratus) berbanding 112 calon (0.20 peratus) pada STPM 2013,” katanya.

Sementara itu, Mohd Noh yang juga Naib Canselor Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia berkata, daripada 23 mata pelajaran yang ditawarkan, 10 mata pelajaran menunjukkan peningkatan dalam prestasi lulus penuh iaitu Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Cina, Bahasa Tamil, Bahasa Arab, Kesusasteraan Melayu Komunikatif, Geografi, Ekonomi, Matematik Lanjutan, Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi dan Kimia.

Dua mata pelajaran mengalami penurunan prestasi lulus penuh iaitu Kesusasteraan Inggeris dan Biologi manakala 11 lagi mata pelajaran tidak berubah prestasinya.

Selain itu, Mohd Noh berkata jurang prestasi calon bandar dan luar bandar didapati semakin mengecil dengan min PNGK calon bandar ialah 2.64 berbanding min PNGK luar bandar 2.54.

STPM 2014 menyaksikan daripada 48,854 calon mendaftar, sejumlah 42,854 calon (88.25 peratus) hadir menduduki peperiksaan berbanding 53,233 (94.65 peratus) calon yang hadir pada tahun 2013.

STPM 2014 merupakan sistem pentaksiran baharu yang dikendalikan buat kali kedua oleh MPM sejak diluluskan pada Januari 2012 bagi menggantikan peperiksaan terminal yang dikendalikan sejak tahun 1982.

Prestasi 79,468 calon Ujian Bahasa Inggeris Universiti Malaysia (MUET) sesi November 2014 yang dikeluarkan pada 5 Jan 2015 pula menyaksikan 68.82 peratus atau 54,691 calon mendapat Band 3 atau lebih baik berbanding 46.20 peratus atau 29,933 calon pada MUET sesi Julai 2014.

“Ia adalah satu peningkatan ketara dan menandakan bahawa pengumuman Perdana Menteri melalui Bajet 2015 bahawa MUET akan dijadikan syarat wajib kemasukan dan bergraduasi di IPT memberikan kesan kepada peningkatan pelajar dalam MUET,” katanya.

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Results for STPM and SPM on March 2 and 3

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24, 2015:

The results of the 2014 Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) examination will be released on March 2, according to the Malaysian Examinations Council.

It said in a statement that school candidates can obtain their results on that date from noon while individual private candidates can get theirs by mail.

“Meanwhile, candidates can also check their results via SMS by typing STPM RESULT and sending it to 15888 as well as online by going to the council’s portal from noon on that date,” it said.

A press conference to announce an analysis of the examination results will be held on the same day at noon at the main hall of the council in Bandar Baru Selayang, Batu Caves.

A total of 42,854 candidates sat for the examination at 756 centres throughout the country.

Of these, 42,316 (98.74%) were government school candidates; 368 (0.86%) private school candidates; 151 (0.35%) individual private candidates; 17 (0.04%) state government school candidates and two integrity school candidates.

Meanwhile, the results of the 2014 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination will be announced the following day, March 3.

The Education Ministry had said in a statement that students could obtain their SPM results at their schools after 10am on that date.

Alvida Sajda Tere Pyaar Mein

Sajda had so much potential and ending it after 4 months did not do it justice. Why, Star Plus, whyyyyy. The final episode was so rushed and there was so much left unanswered (Amit Bhatnagar, reunion with Ranveer’s fam, Shabana and her unnecessary storyline, Rishi, Meghna and Nargis?!).I ended up feeling the most sorry for MP when he surrendered (seriously though, he can bomb cities with no remorse but then hand himself to the police for Mehreen? But then again, when he said he may have loved Mehreen more than Julia, I teared up).And there were no promos beforehand and I don’t know about anyone else but on my TV guide it didn’t even say Sajda, it just said “Maha episode” (I don’t know if that’s Star Plus’ fault, but I may just blame them anyway). Ahh, I just can’t put into words how annoyed/upset I am that: 1) it’s come to an end so soon and 2) it had an incomplete ending. I wanted a big patriotic wedding and everything. Sigh.

Why did SP not realise that it had so much potential?! I canny emphasise that enough. Just because its TRPs weren’t that high and it wasn’t a typical saas-bahu story, it got taken off air :’(

I just feel so down about this all which means I am going to be a complete and utter wreck when Navya ends. I hope they end that properly and show promos so I can feel somewhat happy. But seriously guys, once Navya ends the tears will not stop falling.

STPM is over :3

As you can’s true My STPM life for one and a half year is over.

So sorry I din’t update my blog for so many months,busy study and tons of exercise need to be done.Secondly,I just lazy switch on my lappy to blog.

Happy cuz I don’t need to struggle that much anymore.

Sad is my last year school life with uniforms,teachers,friends.Missed those moments.

Won’t say much.Just what has done is done.

And Comic Fiesta 2011 finally ended.

Day 1: with Shimokawa Mikuni and Ceui as special guest appearance.10,000++ people queue and it was horrible queue and stuffy.

Day 2: Cosplay competition solo and group.Nice and awesome :D 8,000++ people enter this hall,MUCH MUCH better than Day 1 though.Too bad I din’t stay till end of the event.Hehe :D Should try next year~

Di saat orang lain sudah bergelar siswa dan siswazah,
Aku masih lagi menyarung baju sekolah.
Tapi tidak mengapalah, lain orang lain rezekinya.
Mungki dengan rezeki sebegini lebih membuatkan aku berjaya.
Allah merancang yang terbaik untuk hamba-Nya.
Tidak pernah Dia merelakan kita untuk tidak berjaya.
Cuma kita sahaja yang memandang lesu pada jalan menuju kejayaan itu.
Awat hang nak masuk tingkatan enam.Result hang teruk naw ke.Ke hang ni dah tak boleh pakai?

Persoalan :

1) Apa dosa pelajar tingkatan enam pada mentaliti bangsa Malaysia terutamanya Melayu.Apakah anda sendiri yang bermasalah dengan percaturan diri yang tidak realistik?

2)Hang ingat semua orang ke boleh masuk form six?

3)Sesetengah budak masuk form six hanya untuk sebulan pertama untuk tunggu tawaran lain & sebagai back-up plan *awat hang tak pikiaq ke?

nota : Kita watlek wat peace dah le.Tak payah nak serabut otak,kusut jiwa semata-mata nak puaskan hati orang lain.