I was tagged by stpvnk (Thanks!)

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your music and write down the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people to do it too. 

  1. Born Like This - Three Days Grace
  2. Holy - PVRIS
  3. For a pessimistic, I’m pretty optimistic - Paramore
  4. White Noise - PVRIS
  5. Shades of Cool - Lana del Rey
  6. Pop Danthology 2014 - Daniel Kim
  7. Secrets - One Republic
  8. Conspiracy - Paramore
  9. Scared - Three Days Grace
  10. Born This Way - Lady Gaga

I guess I’ll tag:

kkirschteins equalist-korra sunwukxng zaheertoparty vanny-more wishingformemoria kiwipuffs nyenuma littleconeman and moree-for-me

Under the Kite

Another shot from the kite festival earlier this year at St Petes Beach Florida. In addition to standard kites, there were a few of these enormous balloon kites that bounced up and down in the breeze. And of course that’s the perfect invitation to come play under the colorful billowy fabric. Of all the photos I took that day, the shots of the children playing around the kites were my favorite.

25.07.2015// Another pic from yesterday. I’m pretty excited because I actually achieved my target GPA this semester! Now I just have to keep working hard in order to graduate with that GPA or better! Hope you are all doing well and that you guys keep working hard! :)

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