Flour, Yeast, Water, Salt [2/13]

3704 words. Also on AO3. Chapter one.

Shelling nuts, grinding loaves of sugar into dust, churning milk to butter, chipping chocolate off blocks shipped south from Seheron—when the ovens cooled, their fires quelled and ashes swept out, the tasks turned to the intricacies of finer foods for the days ahead.

Diplomatic ties across Thedas all demanded different sweets: bite-sized stacked sponge for Orlesian nobility, Rivani nut-and-honey treats wrapped in paper-thin sheets of dough, cakes cooked on swiveling spits for dwarven dignitaries. Even the blacksmith, soot-stained, his voice roughened by coal-fire, had come to them one morning and asked if they might think to make a type of steamed pudding speckled with dried fruit, if they had the time, if it was no trouble.

It was enormous trouble, but, boiling on the stovetop for hours, they’d made it for him.

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