stoupe the enemy of mankind

I Against I featuring Planetary Of Outerspace
Jedi Mind Tricks
I Against I featuring Planetary Of Outerspace

Alright I’m just gonna put it out there. Violent by Design is by far the best Record I’ve heard in my entire life. Over all the genres, all the years, no other record could ever pass this as my favorite. Ever. 

Supastition Announces Two Upcoming Releases for 2013

Here are a few upcoming releases that I am proud to present to the world this year. Each of these will feature one producer which is different from anything I’ve done before. Here’s a quick breakdown of each project and the tentative release date.  


Supastition and Stoupe (formerly of Jedi Mind Tricks) have joined forces to create the music collective, VESTIGE, who will focus solely on releasing concept albums based around one common theme. The first project will be entitled The Inanimate Life which documents the fictional life story of a man born to an unfit mother and how his life spirals out of control due to her actions as well as his own mistakes. The story and lyrics were written by Supastition with Stoupe and his production team (Bad Tape) handling the music which meshes together hip hop, downtempo, and live instrumentation. VESTIGE combines the renowned storytelling abilities of Supastition matched with the cinematic feel of Stoupe’s cryptic beatmaking. The MC/producer duo have been crafting the concept album for the past year while agreeing not to publicly discuss it until its completion.

Vestige: a trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists.

VESTIGE (Supastition  x  Stoupe)
Project title: The Inanimate Life
Produced by Stoupe (formerly of Jedi Mind Tricks)
Release Date: Summer 2013


After the recent success of The Blackboard EP, Supastition returns to the studio with German-based producer, Rik Marvel, who has crafted music for the likes of Skillz, Joy Denalane, and many others. The Guilt Trip EP continues Supastition’s return to vintage sounding hip hop with Rik Marvel handling all of the production duties. After listening to a beat tape that Rik Marvel (who along with fellow Producer, Microphono, makes up the production duo “The Phantom Notes”) had released, Supa contacted him about recording a full EP to the tracks. Guilt Trip EP will be released via Bandcamp in July 2013 with a download of the instrumentals to accompany it.  

Supastition and Rik Marvel
Project title: Guilt Trip EP
Produced by Rik Marvel
Release Date: July 2013