Simple Story

By Echo Snake

“DAD! STOP DON’T TOUCH HIM!” A half-winged Inkling’s shouts were filled to the smallest breath with fear, and alot of panic as twenty unfimiliar Toons horded around them all wore the same expression, and band on there necks, four of them were hurting a light blue demon Toon, who was held by his shoulders, and wrist as blow, after blow of fists kept hitting him, and knees nailing him in the stoumach repeatedly, but stopped suddenly when one of the Toons cried out as the Inkling locked his jaws on a Toon’s arm, “RAAAAARRRGGGHH!!” the Toon used the handle of his gun, and knocked the Inkling off, causing three things to happen. One the Inkling collasped out-cold on the rough stone alley floor, Two the blue demon’s fur, and eyes changed while seeing the Inkling get hit, and fall, Three shadows seem to engulf the alley, muffling they Toon’s cries, and begs for mercy when the darkness opened above to let the full moonlight lighten the cold bloodbath…

The shadow-black demon was craddling the Inking who woke moments after the cries ceased like nothing was spoken, “Hmm… Dad…” the Inkling blinked, and looked up to the red slits that stared back down at his blue eye that didn’t pale in fear but look worried at him, despite the slight sting on his head, “Did they hurt you?” Care said as he gently touched the black demon Toon’s head to see if there were something of injuries but he knew it was hard to tell, then fast stepping was heard, and a strong smell of smoke. “Scramble. Now.” in a moment slowed down, the Toon lifted the Inkling up onto his feet, and climbed up the building wall in a moment’s notice, leaving the Inkling to see who was coming. “Abel… What are you doing?” the Inkling said as he looked at the taller Winged-Toon who looked surprised at him, “Care what are you doing?” Abel said as he huffed a cloud of smoke, “Walking.. I guess its a little late out, since I bonked my head..” he said as he turned around to walk back to Toon Complex where Elymas was now, “How is Elymas?” Abel asked, Care stopped for a dreading moment befroe turning around, “Still sore from the cracked heart you left him.” Care’s expression was pleasant, his words a bit cruel, his voice icy with warnings, “If you break her heart… I’ll break your neck.” this time Care’s voice, words, and expression all summed up to, ‘Thats a promise you feather-brain.’ as Care turned back, and hurried to the Complex.

Once up at Elymas’ Care hurried in to see Elymas back to normal, and was trying to bandage his leg, “Whoa easy there.. Let me do it dad.” Care said as he trotted to his side, and wrapped the wound from a dagger, “Thank you.” Elymas said happy, “So who was smoking?” he asked Care who looked up, “Bendy.” Care said not wanting to see Elymas is such a gloomy mood again, “Oh? Alrighty.” after the bandage was done Elymas, and Care sat in the living room the balcony door open to let a chilly breeze in to cool the place, Care snuggled up to Elymas who smiled “I know you’ll find someone. You is kind, you is smart, and you is understanding.” Elymas chuckled sweetly as Care spoke, and soon fell asleep next to Elymas.

Elymas the Demon Bartender belongs to @animal-guardian
Care the Demonic Angel belongs to me