AOKU 190807 is 110cm x 110cm DUAL FABRIC SHEMAG. It’s composed from two triangles, STOTZ ETAPROOF (aka -S) and POLARTEC WINDPRO. When worn correctly, the waterproof eta fabric on the outside protects from wet weather, windpro on the inside is guaranteed to keep you warm. Diagonal seam is reinforced with grossgrain ribbon, which holds the funnel neck look and serves as simple locking mechanism.
There is single black on black logo tag on the left side.

Available on the day of Raichu this december in AOKU STOREFRONT. More pics soon on my social media accounts.


Anonymous said:

I have seen a clip from an episode, where a soldier removes his mask /helmet to reveal that half of his face was melted or injured. Do you know were that was from? (p.s. it’s not the one from The Talons of Weng-Chiang)

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Maybe it’s this one, from the Fifth Doctor’s astounding swansong story;

“Look at me!”

The Caves of Androzani - season 21 - 1984