Ford x Reader (fluff)

You find Ford writing in his journal. He’s sitting at his desk, down in the basement. You slowly walk towards him. He has no idea you’re there. You take a quick peek over his shoulders, then ask him what he’s writing about.

Ford is very sensitive about talking about his journal and science stuff. He either doesn’t do it or you just don’t understand what he’s talking about.

He immediately hides his journal by putting his hands over it. He looks back at you with a rather awkward smile which then turns into a blush. You look at him oddly.

“Is something the matter?” you ask. He shakes his head.

“It’s something I don’t want you to see… yet”

You tell him that’s okay and give him a kiss on the cheek. But as you walk outside of the basement he calls you. You walk back.

Now he’s got the biggest and pinkest blush on his face you’ve perhaps ever seen from him. And Stanford Pines can be a blushy one.

He stotters somewhat and pulls out his turtle neck a little to get breath.

“I.. I have been meaning to express my feelings .. for you” He looks over at the journal. “I may not be a poet, at all, but I did try to…” he coughs, “make a poem.. about you”

He looks at you with those big puppy eyes from beneath his chair. He’s waiting for an answer, an opinion, even if you haven’t read anything yet.

Yes, Ford sometimes had problems describing or even talking about his feelings, problems or emotions. It had gotten better as you two got to know eachother, but he had always had this problem. Even before you knew him. So of course it’s understandable if he tried to write it down.

In fact, it’s adorable.

You give him a smile of security which made him feel much better. He smiles too and offers you a chair. You take a seat next to him. He then reads everything he’d written about you, everything he felt when you were together, and how happy he was with you. It’s incredibly sweet. It made you melt inside. You leaned on your arm, looking at him, and could just listen to him all day. His voice was so deep and even the smallest things he said were interesting.

After about 15 minutes he was done reading everything. He looks at you rather uncertain, as you still haven’t said anything about it yet. You look him in the eyes and answer.

“I love you too, Fordsy” you smile. He grows a big smile and makes a sign with his hands if you want to come sit on his lap. Of course you do. You always sit on his lap.

As you sit on his lap he gives you a big hug. He must feel so relieved now, having expressed his feelings towards you. You can’t see his face, but you feel like he’s smiling a lot. After the hug ends he gives you a big, passionate kiss. You love it when he kisses you. His are usually very short, but this one is big and nice and oh so pure. When he finally ends the kiss you boop his nose.

He laughs.

Ford x Reader (fluf)

Do or dare

You were walking through Gravity Falls’ forest with Ford. You had been giving eachother some do’s and dares, such as I “dare you to run after that animal ” or “I dare you to roll into the grass”. Just for fun.

Well, fun lasted for a while. But after some time you were both out of do’s and dares. You and Ford were about to head back to the Mystery Shack as you held his warm hand. But then it hit you. 

You stopped. “I dare you.. to climb that tree” You pointed to a tree that seemed climbable. Ford looked at you with two big surprised eyes. Then put on a confident face. 

“No problem!” He laughed and took back his hand. Without thinking about it he climbed into it and before you knew it he was halfway through. He paused on a steady looking branch. 

“See?!” he yelled from atop the tree, standing on two confident legs.

 You clapped for him. “Great job!!” You smiled. 

Suddenly you saw the terror coming on his face. He looked down and saw how he high was. He was getting all red and sweaty. He quickly went down on his knees and grabbed a hold of the tree. 

“Are you okay sweety?” You yelled. It made him even more red. He stottered somewhat. 

“I.. I…how..” he couldn’t find the words “how do I.. uh.. I can’t.. I.. how do I get down?”

You paused for a moment, then fell in a deep laugh. Ford was getting really embarrased now. You wiped your tears away, then looked around to see if you could help him. He was so high up though, how were you ever getting him down?

“Don’t worry sweety” you were still laughing “I’ll get you down” 

He held a relieved sigh, then smiled. 

You started climbing the tree as well and soon caught up with him. He was so happy to see you he almost tripped trying to hug you. Out of terror quickly grabbed the tree with one hand and with the other your waist. It made you giggle. 

You had no idea Ford would ever have a fright of heights. It was kinda cute.

“Okay now just hold my hand and follow my lead” you said as you were looking for a way down. This was going to be a tough one.

You let your guard down for a second and before you knew it you were.. falling..!!

Ford swiftly took you into his chest and fell down with you. You found yourself burried in Ford’s chest on the ground and didn’t even feel a thing. 

He moaned from pain. 

“Oh my gosh– Ford! Are you okay??” You got out of his arms, kneeled down next to him and looked at his face. He opened his eyes and smiled. He looked really hurt. 

“I’m okay, don’t worry” he smiled “are you okay?”

You were relieved to see him conscious. “Yes!! Oh my gosh we need to get you to the shack NOW!!” 

He chuckled. You helped him get up and he leaned on your shoulder. You thanked him for saving you but were still really mad at him. 

“Hey..” he coughed “I guess you could say… you litterally fell for me”

You stomped him and coudn’t help but laugh along. You stopped walking and the urge to kiss him was just too big. You passionately kissed him on the mouth. He was astonished first, then fully kissed you back and grabbed your waist, close to you.

You slowly ended the kiss. “Thank you”

Ich lass dich an der Kasse bei Aldi vor AU

Das monotone Piepen der Kasse macht mich gleich wahnsinnig und in meiner Hosentasche vibriert mein Handy, um mich daran zu erinnern, dass bald der Akku flöten geht. Von hinten sticht mich etwas zwischen die Rippen, ich ringe nach Atem, um der Person hinter mir eine Standpauke zu halten, doch als ich mich umgedreht habe, sehe ich in die schönsten größten braunen Augen, die ich je gesehen habe. Auf ihren Lippen schimmert ein schon leicht verschmierter Rotton und ihr Kajal existiert nur noch als Schatten unter ihren Augen. Mein Blick wandert an ihr herunter, eigentlich, um ihren Körper auszuchecken, aber er bleibt an dem Sojamilchtetrapack hängen, den sie in der Hand hält. “D-du…” Na super. Ich stottere. “Du kannst vor, wenn du willst.” 
Sie dankt es mir mit einem Zwinkern und einem koketten Lächeln. Ich wäre gleich die Nächste am Band gewesen, also ist sie jetzt dran. Sie legt den Sojamilchkarton auf das Band, dann nimmt sie den Stoffbeutel von der Schulter und offenbart, dass sie darin noch einen ganzen Wocheneinkauf mit sich herumgeschleppt hat. Mir klappt der Unterkiefer herunter und ich spüre, wie sich mein Magen vor Wut zu einem Knoten zusammenzieht. Niemand, egal wie niedlich er oder sie ist, betrügt mich an der Aldi-Kasse.

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The dark of night seemingly engulfed the red head as she wandered down the streets after having worked to a later shift at the café. It was usual to see others stottering around in the dark, though the figure Ariana saw had a slight limp to it. Were they injured? Her voice projected out onto the streets and echoed in return as she called out to the other.

“Hello? Is everything alright?”


We all know chameleons are good at hiding, but this clever reptile - which is actually two painted women - might be the ultimate master of disguise. This incredible body art, by talented artist Johannes Sttter, shows a vibrantly coloured chameleon resting on a branch. The Italian artist created this piece, entitled The Chameleon, by transforming two models into an optical illusion inspired by the colour-shifting creature. Having previously transformed his models into frogs and parrots, this may be the 37-year-olds most intricate and impressive piece to date.