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Veronica Mars Revival???

So like, as happy as I am to hear of the possible new character information for the (potential) Veronica revival, it still leaves me with one question on my mind….what about Logan?

Just hear me out on this. It’s easy to bring the other characters, like Mac, Wallace, and Weevil back. Their endless possible storylines can fit almost anywhere in the Veronica Mars narrative, but Logan? His, isn’t so simple.

Where we last left our golden couple (movie wise) Logan was facing deployment. He and Veronica said their epic goodbye, and he went on his merry way, with the promise that 180 days had nothing on them.

Well, as much as we’d like to believe, once their story continued on in the books, it wasn’t all marshmallows and promises.

The first book is set two months after the events of the movie. Veronica is trying to figure out the new dynamic of a screen between her and Logan, and the possibility that he could never return (if something were to happen) and let’s just say, she isn’t handling it well. While Logan barely shows up in this book, we can start to see the cracks Veronica is creating with her worry.

Then, when we get to the second book, Veronica seems to be secure once again with her relationship with Logan. He’s back from his deployment and all seems to be well in her mind. Although, it’s kind of apparent that he may be going stir crazy in relation to what he plans for his future. Yes, he loves her…but he also loves his career. It’s become a fundamental part of his being. Eventually, he makes the decision to go back and Veronica is PISSED. She feels like he’s choosing his career over her. This allows her to create even more cracks in their relationship. There is one scene in the second book that really expands upon this point. They are at a funeral for one of his Navy friends and she sees how how serious he takes his job and how formal he interacts with everyone…and she doesn’t really like/understand it. This part in the book, at least for me, starts to bring up the question of if she really loves HIM, or if she’s in love with the Logan Echolls from her past. Then, she starts to withdraw even further by questioning her feelings and motivation towards Leo. His career aligns more closely to her own, and as she points out, at least he’s here. At the end of the book, she once again says that she is adamant on sticking it out with Logan, but that still doesn’t pacify my doubts as to their future.

Which brings me to my main point on their possible future in the revival. From what little info we have, supposedly it’s set 5 years after the last book, and the books are official canon. Therefore, I’m wondering how exactly Logan fits into the new narrative. One of the appeals of the show and movie, was the constant drama between LoVe. Along with that, we wanted to see how Logan changed. Last we saw, he completed his fundamental story arc. He is no longer the bad boy of Neptune High, but instead a loving/doting hero. To make the show good, there has to been some sort of relationship drama. There is no doubt in my mind that the writers wouldn’t let her be happy for longer than a millisecond.

So, last we saw of her, V was questioning her relationship and wasn’t so sure if she was ready to be an “army partner” to Logan. I’m afraid that when it comes time for Veronica to make her triumphant return, it won’t be with Logan as her life partner. I want them to be happy together, but 5yrs is a damn long time and I’m worried that they will either have broken up once again…or worse, one of her new motivations could be because of his death.

Either case could be terribly bad for my babies, but it’s a real possibility. AND I’M SCARED OF IT.

Interesting Fact about the VMars series finale

So I was analyzing the Veronica Mars series finale today for fic-related reasons, and I discovered something really interesting.

Parker confronts Logan and accuses him of still being in love with Veronica. He tries to convince her this is not really true, without ever actually denying it.

Veronica confronts Gory Sorokin about making the video, and he admits nothing, claims she has no proof, but doesn’t actually deny it.

Keith asks Veronica if she stole the hard drive from Jake Kane, and she leads him to believe she did not, but never actually denies it

Redding demands Keith admit that there’s video of Veronica breaking into the Kane Mansion on the DVR. Keith refuses to admit as much, without actually denying it.

Every single one of these accusations turns out to be true. Logan is still in love with Veronica. Gory Sorokin was involved in making and distributing the video. Veronica did steal the hard drive. Keith does know there’s evidence on the drive against Veronica, and he erases it to protect her.

You know who else is accused of something in this episode, and leads his accuser to believe it’s not true, without ever denying it? Piz.

He hints he had nothing to do with making the video, but never explicitly says, “No I was not involved.” He says, “You think I would do that?” and “How did Logan get a copy?”

I know this line of possible character development was abandoned as of the movie, and Piz will go down in canon history as the ‘nice’ guy. But this structure makes me wonder if they were planning to turn Piz dark in their original s4 scheme.

“Why does Piz get cast as the good guy? He basically stalked Veronica from the beginning, pined for her the entire time she was taken, waiting for his chance to swoop in. He acted like he was so tortured for being in love with a girl who had a boyfriend, even though he barely knew her. But just because he’s the nice guy trope, people ignore that.”



Veronica moves to ensure Wallace and Mac know they can’t be on Logan’s team. She has no intention of admitting to emotions or wrong-doing–she just wants to establish rules.

When Piz walks up in this scene, and rambles for forty minutes about his niche obsessions, showing zero interest in emotional undercurrents? I legit want to punch him.

I’ve become convinced that Veronica never even _liked_ Piz all that much. She was able to tolerate him, but he was never even close to making his way into her heart. He never had a chance… which is why Veronica chose him, more as a safe buffer than anything else, both in college and in law school. Yeah, it’s mean (to him) and sad (for her).

It’s also kind of hilarious (for us, well, at least for horrible people like me).

Is it wrong I'm beyond amused by the response my post about Piz and the retconned 'sex tape' has gotten so far?

Who knew it would provoke such a pile on? I almost feel badly for Piz…except not really. He could have at least put his fucking arm around Veronica and told her the people she went to school with were assholes, instead of declaring Neptune a ‘hellmouth’ while he stood there gawping at a sexy video of himself on the big screen.

What is it with Veronica’s *perfect* boyfriends and them not giving her any consideration? First Duncan with the rape reveal, then Piz with the first time the not!sex tape was released, and then Piz AGAIN with the second time the now!sex tape was exposed.

WTF? Gotta love those sensitive guys, huh?

The thing is, I totally buy this kind of behavior from Duncan, because he was always a self-entitled, spoiled prick, but Piz actually was a nice guy (…and not just a Nice Guy TM, despite what the haters might claim. I actually think he was a decent person for the most part.).

I wonder why Rob made the choice to have him not comfort Veronica. I mean, I get why Piz chose the pacifist route both times - it was an effective way to contrast his personal life credo with both Logan and Veronica’s - but why no empathy?

I would imagine that empathy would be the only thing Piz could realistically bring to the table. If he couldn’t even muster that, then why was she with him in the first place?

And I say this as one of the five people who ships LoVe hardcore and actually likes Piz as a character.