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I’m so ace you don’t understand I just realized yesterday that “make love, not war” is referring to having sex. Like. I have been on this planet almost two decades and not once realized this. I always thought it meant just straight up loving one another? Bringing peace? Fostering an environment for happiness and love? I can’t believe I didn’t realize. I’m too ace for this (not so?) subtle euphemism. Happy asexual awareness week to me

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this might sound odd but s4 has just convinced my straight male friend that johnlock is real. he literally went from believing Sherlock loved Irene in asib to shouting, "the coffin is for john" in tfp. what a transformation! and he says he finally understood it all because of the subtext in tab and s4. also, he doesn't mind it that much. (and he wouldn't be the kind of person to watch a show openly advertised as gay.) so, i think maybe moftiss's softly, softly approach is the right one. :)

Hey Nonny!

Thanks for sharing your story! Yeah, like this is what I don’t understand… the subtext is SO BLATANT in the series that it’s MAKING CONVERTS OUT OF PEOPLE, to the point that even the nonsensical episode has people questioning “WTF? It should have been John???”.

And the Slowly Slowly approach ABSOLUTELY IS the right one…. If they actually would have followed through with it. I still have a bit of hope that there is a fourth episode to explain themselves, but when you give an episode an air of finality to it and never address the ONE THING YOU HAVE BEEN BUILDING FOR 12 EPISODES and instead create the OPPOSITE of what you were trying to do, then it’s absolutely the wrong thing to do.

You’re Crazy

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Peter Parker x Reader

Request:  Could you write number 58 from the list with Peter Parker please?

58. “This is by far the most stupid plan you’ve ever created. Of course I’m in.”

Warnings: Swearing once

Summary: Being best friends with Peter means doing all kinds of crazy stunts with him.  Although, you would be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy them.


AN:  Thank you Anon for this Peter request! I really enjoyed writing this scenario! If anyone wants to see more Peter Parker, just send me a request and even some number combos from this prompt list, if you’d like!!

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Headcanons about Dark, Warf, and The Host from Markiplier TV

Ok this for @huzshee in her honor 👉😎👉
She wrote this oml

Look… I want you to first keep some things in mind.

+ I’ve seen some HCs in Kylo’s blog ( @markired ) and an Anon sent an ask, talking something about the positions/seats around the table in “Markiplier TV”, and that these positions would make The Host, Darkiplier’s right-hand man, and it sounds really good for me to be honest, but you know, I don’t think The Host would just turn into Dark’s right-hand man for nothing, he must have, like, a debt, right?

+ You said in your HC’s that The Host summoned some kind of demon to give him powers, right? Let’s say that it gave me a little idea. (They are talking about my HC about The Host -Fallskima)

+ In “Markiplier TV” Dark said for Wilford “I appreciate what you’ve done for us” and for some reason I feel like Dark’s not talking about the TV thing, I feel like he’s talking about something in the past, and it makes me think that Wilford somehow have done something for everyone in that table.

- So… Let’s go back when The Author got shot on his back in “Danger in Fiction II”. He was lying the cold floor, left to die, and don’t matter how powerful he someway was, he couldn’t just heal himself, he was slowly walking to the death.

- But, let’s remember, Dark and Wilford are the oldest Alter Egos, Wilford is following Dark, and Dark wants to take back control, but they couldn’t make it alone, they need more people, so then they start to get all of them together, and Dark is the one who takes care of this part.

Dark doesn’t follow laws of physics, he doesn’t follow any logic, and, even if he prefers to make people trust him, he could easily kill someone, and what says that he can’t heal someone or save someone from death?

* And why Dark and not Wilford? Wilford doesn’t follow laws of physics or any logic too.

Well, back again to “Markiplier TV”:

“Are you constantly haunted by the ghosts of everyone that you killed and maybe you think that it was you that was the problem and it wasn’t just a misunderstanding where you were trying to tickle them with a knife?”

As we can remember, Wilford for multiple times killed people by accident, and as the can think reading this, it haunts him somehow, so, it makes me think that if he could actually heal someone or save them from death, he would have done it in the past, but he never did, so it makes me believe that he’s unable to do it.

- So, we’re assuming that Dark took the opportunity and made a deal with The Author, he could save him, but he would join them in return, and he accepted.

- The time passed and The Author was going crazy, for some reason after almost feeling the death in his skin he started to overthink about everything, he got paranoid.

Maybe because of something he saw when he was almost dying?

- Then we insert what Mark said:

“The author took a new name when he realized that he wasn’t actually writing the stories. He realized he was just a host to the guests in his world.”

While he was overthinking he started to look better at everything, he then was realizing that he wasn’t, he never was, the author of these stories. He just started to understand everything, he took a new name, he became “The Host”.

- But it wasn’t like if everything got solved in that moment. He was now The Host, but something still bothering him, like, if something was just blocking of exercising their full capacity. His mind kept spinning.

- And then he began to have outbreaks. He still overthinking, and sometimes it was too much for him, he couldn’t know what was blocking him, no matter how much he tried to understand it.

- Dark tried to help him some way, but it wasn’t working at all.

- Someday he began to feel sick about everything around him, he wished he could never see that world again in that “normal” way, he wished that he could just trap himself in his own mind and see everything through his head, see everything in the only way that always made him comfortable, see everything in the only way that always made him feel alive. So, someday, in an outbreak, he just shouted “I WISH I WAS BLIND”

- And then comes Wilford… You know, he can’t help it, but he always takes everything literally. He heard The Host shouting. If to be blind was what we wanted, Wilford could help with it. He stabbed The Host’s eyes, making him blind.

- It was, of course, painful. He once again was lying on the ground in pain.

- Wilford in the other hand was just confused:

“Wasn’t that what he wanted?”

- When the pain stopped, comes the surprise, Wilford did it. The Author was now blind, He could still see everything from his head, but not through his eyes. Nothing was blocking him. He was finally free from it, He was in his full capacity.

- He decided to cover his eyes with some kind of blindfold, just an old fabric he found, because, after all, not just his eyes were damaged in a horrifying way, but the skin around them too. It was better to just cover it.

* But what about The Host being Dark’s right-hand man?

Dark saved his life, he has a debt with him, and, even if The Host seemed not really powerful, or even if it didn’t seem that he could be somehow “useful”, Dark knew all the power The Host has, he knew it was better to keep him close. He then turned The Host in his right-hand man. The Host, on the other hand, couldn’t really refuse to.



Astro as clickbait YouTube video titles


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So I watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 yesterday. It’s an amazing movie, go watch it; but that’s not what I was going at.

So, my friend and I were already in our seats, when his dude comes in. He’s got viking metal all over him: Big muscular guy, long hair, manly beard, black coat, looks like he can rip you in half with his bare hands and has the scowl to match. You know the type. People make a visible bow around him or wait until he walked past. Now, most metal guys I know are the nicest people ever, and I think resting bitch face syndrome might be overrepresented in their genre, but you never know. Anyway, this guy is probably my favorite person of the week. Here’s why:

- he was very enthusiatic about the m&m’s he bought before the movie
- he laughed at the tiniest little joke, at first it was just kind of girly giggles, but eventually he totally lost it; he had a really nice laugh too
- he danced in his seat every time a good jam came up
- every time Baby Groot appeared he went “Daaaaaaawwwww”
- every time something bad happened he said “Oh no” in a completely unironic, horrified voice.
- I think he likes small animals, he’s definitely a fan of Rocket
- he clearly didn’t approve of Drax being mean to Mantis
- when the big revelation hit (if you’ve seen the movie you know the one, I’m not gonna spoil it) the theater went very quiet and you could clearly hear him go “You motherfucker”. He sounded absolutely devasted.
- I think he cried at the end
- he definitely did, because he asked his friend for a handkerchief to save his eyeliner
- oh right: he wore black eyeliner and totally rocked it
- When we left the cinema there was somebody walking his dog and metal guy totally lost it at how cute the dog was

He was basically being a totally adorable dork, quiet enough for me to hear but not anyone else because we were pretty alone in the rows. So who was he talking to? Well, his friend obviously, that I had not seen yet or at least not classified as belonging to him.
The friend was barely half his size, pastel pink hair, polkadot dress, and the most innocent face I have ever seen on a human being older than five.
However, when we left, some douche shoved the smol pastel person aside pretty harshly and was like “hey look where you’re walking” and I kid you not, she chewed him out so fast that he removed his ass from the cinema in three seconds. Metal dude meanwhile tried to soothe them a bit and looked overall really uncomfortable. Last thing I heard was that he offered his friend to walk them home because it was pretty late and dark out.

I’m not entirely sure where I was going with this. You never know what people are like.


So, the algebra teacher put on the first Captain America movie and I was the only one watching. I sat on a stool infront of the computer. Everybody else was throwing around paper balls but they all made sure not to hit me. That was the one time they respected me. I was in my happy place.

After a little bit of traveling while she’s figuring out exactly what she wants to do, Cat Grant decides revisit an old pen name.  She wrote a few children’s books when she was younger under the name Charity Malkin, mostly to settle a bet with Lois, but there was no reason Charity Malkin couldn’t come out of retirement.

She finds she enjoys it, and finishes her first book in record time.  She sends it in to CatCo’s publishing department, through the normal approval procedures.  Sure, she could just order it done, but Cat refuses to take the easy option.  Her employees have been trained to recognize quality, and if her book doesn’t pass muster, she’ll just have to try harder.

Her book is picked up, however, and the first limited run is snatched up quick enough that she’s approved for wider release.

Charity Malkin gets fanmail, drawings from little children and thank you letters from parents, but two letters are sent to Cat Grant specifically, despite her expecting at most one, or more likely zero.  After all, Lois was the only other person who knew who Charity Malkin was.

Sure enough, one of the cards is from her former colleague, congratulating her and insulting her in equal measure.  The other card didn’t come through the mail, but instead appeared on her kitchen counter along side a styrofoam container with breakfast from her favorite bistro in France.  Kara’s card was short, congratulating her on her return and hoping for more, with no explanation as to how she figured out Cat was the author or why she had read the book in the first place.

Fueled by her initial success, Cat keeps writing.  The average american family hadn’t been static over the years, and Cat refused to use the stereotypical 50s family.  She didn’t always make it the focus, but her books were quickly noted as some of the best new examples of non-traditional families available.  Divorce, Adoption, Gay Parents, Transgender characters, characters on the spectrum, and more.  Cat did her research, interviewed real families to make sure she was accurate, because she knew children deserved to see themselves in books.

Cat has never been willing to settle once she’s on a roll, and she starts writing for older kids, first chapter books, then some young adult fiction, all the diverse casts she had made her mark with.  She made sure anyone who read her books could find themselves in the pages, and from the fan letters that made it to her and the communities that sprang up, Cat had succeeded.

Kara kept sending her cards whenever she published something new, usually a few lines about what she thought, but sometimes, the whole card is full of words, and once or twice, there’s notebook pages torn out and stuffed in the card, and Cat reads every word, more than once.  Those letters always end up in her collection of favorite fanmail, alongside pictures of kids and families dressed as her characters, fanart of her heroes, and letters that brought a tear to her eye.

Charity Malkin was successful, but reclusive.  Cat had fun lurking on the official Charity Malkin forums, posting only occasionally, typically to end discussions that had gotten out of hand, or to critique particularly bad grammar.  Her favorite section was the creative writing boards, and encouraged everyone to contribute.  It was considered high praise to have TheCharityMalkin leave a comment, even when she only left a few words, because she rarely left more than that.

But Cat wanted to be able to interact with her fans more directly than through an internet filter, and began planning her reveal.  A press release would be boring, and a media campaign wasn’t the right strategy.  Inspiration struck when Supergirl landed on her balcony.

Supergirl hadn’t taken much convincing to agree to her plan, not that Cat expected it would.  Two weeks later, Supergirl landed in front of the children’s hospital for a publicized meet and greet.  A camera followed her as she met the kids and answered their questions.  Eventually the kids were assembled for storytime, and Supergirl introduced her friend, Charity Malkin.  The camera barely left her face as Cat read her new book, about an alien who came to earth, and how she had managed to adjust to life on a new planet.  The kids clapped for the book when she was done, and Cat warmed because she knew they weren’t clapping just because of who she was, because most of them still didn’t recognize her.  It was a change Cat didn’t know she would appreciate so much.

The video was sold to everybody pretty much immediately.  Cat let the media run with it, and refused to answer her phone, except when Lois called for a comment, and Cat only did that because she knew nothing either one of the said would be fit for print.

Cat kept writing, though she slowed down production somewhat now that she was public.  She refused to do a full book tour, but instead, she would fly out and did public readings and Q&A sessions in bookstores whenever it struck her fancy.  Charity Malkin also spoke at fan conventions, where she lectured on writing and storycraft, and gave maddeningly obtuse answers whenever she was asked about a spoiler.

It’s the happiest she’s been in years.

a note on letting friends help

Hey everybody,

I had the most wonderful experience two days ago, and I would like you to know about it. I have a friend who lives on his own, works in a job he is unhappy with, and pretty surely struggles with depression, but he also doesn’t let on much so it’s hard to tell what’s really going on just from looking at the outside. We’ve been friends for a few years now and I love that man to bits. He lives an hour’s drive away though so we don’t get to see each other very often.

About four weeks ago, he rang me up and we hadn’t talked for a while, and somewhere in this chat he mentioned that he was feeling his worst in many years and that his paper piles were really getting to him. I had been thinking about offering help with those for quite some time, but wasn’t sure whether it was appropriate – he really doesn’t let on much and keeps to himself mostly.

Anyway he actually put that into actual words, and while the message wasn’t bright and shiny, I was so happy that he was able to do that, you know? So I immediately told him I’d gladly help him with that, and we fixed a date straight away to make sure it’d happen very soon (which was two days ago).

Now I’ll try to make my point without going into all the details here. He had a table full of and two largish shelves stuffed with letters (some of them opened), roughly sorted by date, and became a frantic mess of anxiety the moment I said “ok let’s take a look at this”. I felt for him so much and it pained me to see him struggle so hard with this. I’ve been there myself, I know how it is. But even if I didn’t have a better grip on my own things now, other people’s stuff is always much easier to handle! To me, it was just this pile of paper that needed to be looked at, sorted out, probably be taken care of in a few cases with phone calls or letters, and for the very biggest part, filed or thrown away. And he just couldn’t take that step back from it.

So yeah, long story short: We got through the last three or four years or so and made about twelve clearly labelled stacks, one of which was “to do” and another “RIGHT NOW”. When we ran out of time, we put everything neatly away for next week, and we went through the RIGHT NOW stack together: Five things that were fairly urgent, and all of them would be sorted out by a phone call plus paying some money in two cases. I personally don’t fancy phone calls all that much (getting better at this too though), but again, it’s different when it’s for someone else, so I asked him whether he felt up to making those calls or if he wanted help with that. And he said phone calls are fine, it’s writing letters that I just can’t seem to do… The to do stack contained mostly stuff that needed to be cancelled, in writing. So i said, no problem, I can crank out cancellation letters in record time, we’ll do that next Friday. You sure you can manage this until then? He said yeah, give me a ring in the morning so I can get going early (he works weird hours).

And we ended up (several times in the process, actually) hugging tightly, and he put some things into words that I’m sure he hasn’t said out loud all that often before, and I just. I felt. SO. honoured. That he trusted me not only with all of his correspondence, but even more that he trusted me enough to have me around when he was so vulnerable. Actually just thinking about it brings me to tears. And just the way he hugged me so close when we said goodbye later was absolutely enough to make me feel blessed beyond understanding.

What I’m trying to say is: I may have helped him, but I definitely feel that I was really the one who was given so much that day. So if any of you ever feel like you can’t “burden” your friends with your problems? I promise you that nothing feels better than to be able to really help a friend out. It’s the best thing.

TL;DR: Let your friends help you when you struggle. You are actually giving them a gift.

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So did either of you acknowledge that you gave her another origami flower? I'm dying at all this cuteness

fkadlfjad;lfkj ok here’s the rest of the story

so. i left the thing on her laptop and then i ran away went to eat lunch, so i didn’t get a chance to stick around and see how she reacted when she first saw it. but then later on my supervisor stopped me and was like “wow i saw the thing!!!” bc apparently flower girl was showing the thing to other people and telling them i made it for her (even though i didn’t like… leave a note or talk to her or anything, she knew)

and then she finished for the day and was doing some grocery shopping before she went home. i was bagging at the time so i was like “oh i hope she comes through my line this is good i can smile at her but i don’t really have to make a lot of conversation bc she’ll probably be talking to the cashier mostly,” but guess what!!!! as fate would have it, right before she was about to check out it was getting kind of busy so i was told to go open another register, and just as i was getting set up she was literally right in front of my aisle with her basket and was like heeeeyyy!!!

so obvs she came through my line, and immediately she was so excited about the thing i made her and she was talking about how my sup wanted one but then “i told her she’d have to advocate for herself & ask you to make her her own because i’m sure as hell not giving up mine!!” (i KNOW!!!!) and she actually had it in her hand and was taking it home with her. and then we just talked about food and stuff (lmao i work in a grocery store, all we ever talk about is food) and anyways i was Normal and not awkward and we smiled at each other a lot and there was a lot of eye contact and it was nice.

and i think—i THINK—she knows that i like her, like she MUST right??? i am the least subtle person when it comes to gay thirst, it’s a problem. i mean i guess all of this could sort of be construed as platonic… just like… a gal… making paper roses for a pal…… but idk there was a lot of eye contact going on as i was checking her out (heh) & i’m really maybe trying to Go For It (in like… an 8th grade flirting kind of way). plus my instagram is literally just portraits of fictional lesbians & i have rainbows coming out of my ass so she must at least know that i’m gay.

i mean the straight people i work with literally see the rainbow sticker on my water bottle and the rainbow pins on my backpack and my converses w the rainbow soles and still have NO CLUE and don’t realize i’m not straight (???? how???? i guess it just never occurs to them because?? heteronormativity??? they’re literally like “omg your shoes are cute i want to get a pair” and every time i want to be like nnNNO. these are not!! for!! you!!!). but anyways flower girl is def not straight and she also has rainbows coming out of her ass so i’m sure if i clocked her she must have clocked me right???

oh OH also back to storytime. my friend told me that apparently as i was going out to get carts (this was right after i came back from lunch so she already had the flower i made her but we hadn’t acknowledged it yet) flower girl looked up from her work (she’s very focused when she works it’s cute) and turned her head to watch me walk out the door so………… idk what that means. i mean i’m literally always watching her walk away, apparently it’s getting really obvious and people make fun of me for it all the time. but yeah she watched me walk away. SO. there’s that.

anyways we’re both working again tomorrow, she’s opening and i’m not scheduled until 11 but i think i might come in a few hours earlier and just set up shop with my laptop and try to make some progress on some artwork or something. i mean i definitely have to come in earlier anyways bc i still can’t drive myself and 11am is an inconvenient time for other people who don’t work random hours. but i might come in extra early like at 8 or something so i can just… sit at a table facing the flower booth and pretend to Do Stuff but actually just watch her work for 3 hours lmao i’m a MESS

Storytime! my friend let me take her to get coffee because I was having a really bad night that night before and we were just talking about Dear Evan Hanson and how much I like it and how I got her to watch it at my house a few weeks prior to this whole situation.
We were both so shocked when we came in to the store and got a coffee and sat down and the new Owl City version of waiting through a window came on and we were both like shaken because we were just listening to dear Evan Hansen in the car cause she knew it would make me feel better and this was just so amazing I wanted to share this with you guys it was so much fun and it made my whole morning and day a lot better

Story Time

I am extremely proud of my self guys. Being the huge Bisexual I am, I have always been into girls and guys (no shit) but I’ve never asked a girl out (I’m a girl) because I was afraid of being rejected. Well the other day a girl I liked a lot told me she was Bi and I immediately asked “do you wanna go out sometime then?” Right infront of a lot of my classmates. The sad thing is I did get rejected (hurts just a little bit.) But she was really nice about it and she and I are good friends still. But for now I am going to be more confident when it comes to asking girls out. Have a great pride month guys! :)

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To the anon with the ace tattoo: I've found it helpful, and it might work to explain to friends (even if it won't solve the deeper issue) that even if, somewhere down the line, you don't identify as Ace any more, you did identify as Ace, and felt strongly enough about it to get a tattoo, at one point in your life. Anything THAT meaningful to you will still have significance down the line, even if it's not in the same way. :)

I’m inclined to agree with this. For a storytime example, I had a friend in high school/college who identified as a lesbian, and got a tattoo our freshman year in college to represent that. Half a decade down the line, she’s come to identify as bisexual, but still looks fondly on her tattoo as both a memory of the time when that identity was important to her and helped define her life in a positive way, and to remind her now how important it is to act in solidarity with other members of the community and make room for fluidity and self-discovery so that others can have as positive an experience as she did.


Story Time

Alright, gather ‘round little children, it’s time for a story of excessive texting, petty revenge, and straight up boredom.
So, my friend, Bianca! had this habit of texting me nonstop every time I put my phone down. One time, I was eating dinner, and I told her this. I was gone for ten minutes. She sent me over twenty messages. We counted. Two messages a minute. Things were getting out of hand. But, I had a plan. A bad plan, but a plan nonetheless.
So, I went with my sister and my dad to her soccer tournament that started at six in the morning. Bianca wasn’t awake yet. So, my devious plan was put into action. I began texting her. Mostly song lyrics, then movie quotes, and then random nonsense. I sent her about a hundred messages. Like I said, petty. However, the hours dragged on and she never responded. Boredom began to set in.
Bianca eventually responded at about two that afternoon. She, for some bizarre reason, found my texting “endearing” or something ridiculous like that. In short, she forgave me, and she never texted me incessantly like she used to ever again. The end.
I never said it was a good story.

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How do I get rid of jealousy? A friend of mine has gotten everything I've ever wished for myself in the past years and every time sth good happens to her again I can feel myself getting jealous and angry, like why her? Not me?

This is hard because so many people feel this way when it comes to people close to you, and it can be really hard!! i personally will get this way at times too, and until my best friend and i sat down and talked about this kind of stuff it was an issue in our friendship.

Storytime: Okay so my best friend and i have lived together for the past 3 years (and have signed another lease together) we also have the same major and take the same classes (often together) and so it can be really hard not to compare us together. She is smart, like SO smart, and i love her for it but it is hard because she has a brain that works well with school and memorizing and understanding and she just gets things faster than i do and normally does better on exams and i always used to get so jealous of this and just feel bad about myself. I think of myself as an intelligent person but less so in a memorizing/school type of way, but i am very creative and can think outside of the box. Well, since we are both science majors her kind of ‘smart’ always seemed to help out more and by comparing myself to her all the time i had started convincing myself that maybe i shouldn’t be a science major and should do something else. 

Well, one day we talked about this and i was telling her i was jealous that she got things and how she is going to get a job right out of college and she is going to thrive doing it (she is so going to be the type that puts work as a priority, and she will be happy doing that). And i was saying that maybe science wasn’t for me and blah blah blah and she stopped me and started explaining that she was jealous of me because i can mix science and art to make things that will get peoples attention and make them think about our climate and how we treat the earth- she just saw herself as your average science student with nothing else to offer.

Ever since this talk my view on being jealous of others skills/opportunities has changed because it is really hard to not be down on yourself. You are your biggest critic and this shows, so take a second to take that in and realize it, and also realize that there are things your friends are jealous of your for that you may not even notice!! Anyway, i would reccomend having a talk with your friend and congratulate her and maybe express that you are feeling jealous of how good she is doing and see how that goes!