storytime with amy

So I have a couple work stories for you all.

First: I freaked out the deli lady at work. My coffee shop’s milks are in their fridge, and she knew I was back there sorting out milk crates. I thought she acknowledged me. But bit later she forgot. So she opened the door to the fridge, yelped, and dropped her pen. Thought no one would be back there. Someone else wondered what the heck was going on.

Second: The grocery lead and stock guy caught me talking to myself. He joked about having heard me do that before and thought I was gonna stop it. It helps me think! I’m pretty easy to joke around with. I’ve gotten better at telling when people are joking or plain mean poking fun at me.

I laughed after because talking to himself is what humans would think Sorey does. And the whole disappearance and freaking people out. Very Zesty.