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808 SeXXX - Caleb’s Story part 1

Alright I know this wasn’t the continuation of the Lockerroom you were expecting, that’s still in the works, but this story was just too much fun not to post. 

So the other night I was catching up with a friend I hadn’t been in touch with in a looong time and he was telling me about all the crazy adventures he’s had in the past couple of years so I asked him to tell me about what his first time was like.  He wrote it up for me in a series of texts and damn it was such a hot story I told him he should consider writing which was when he said he had given it to me with so much detail so I could write it.  I had done a couple of stories for friends before so I said sure I’d write it up but then he asked if i could post it because “It would be super hot knowing that other guys would be reading and jerking off to my story.” ;)

Hopefully there will be more stories in this series besides his which there are a few we’re going to be working on.  I am kind of thinking that I might want to do this with several friends to keep things interesting so if you want to have yours written then hit me up and let’s collaborate! :)  I still need a good name for this series so if you have ideas for that please let me know also.

Without further ado let me present to you the first chapter in this series featuring the exploits of the always sexy: Caleb!


Holy shit… What was that noise?

Was that him?

No… He’s looking at me with his mouth closed…

Wait… Was that me?

Fuck… I hope no one heard us.

“Ahh… Fuck brah I’m going to cum too…” he moaned.

Oh fuck… His cum is so hot hitting my chest.

All of that went through my head in the few seconds between feeling my balls empty all the cum in my body all over my belly and his.  I must have shot like a dozen times, one of the most intense but still intimate orgasms I’ve ever had.  In my short but eventful sex life, this was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.  As he reached over and pulled me into a big hug and brought his lips to mine, each of those encounters replayed themselves in my mind as I thought about all the things that had brought me to this moment.   His strong, brown arms pulled me in close as I heard the cum on our bodies squish between us as our bellies slid against each other with its slipperiness. A lock of his hair that escaped the bun he had pulled it up into when we started getting lost in exploring each other’s bodies.  He brushed it back over his ear and gave me a huge grin.

“How was it?” he asked me.

“Amazing…” I whispered as I pulled his forehead against mine and we both took deep breaths before kissing deeply again.

This was the first time I had ever done anything out in the open and the thrill of being out in the park naked and in the arms of this big sexy man was such a rush.  Even though it was really late or early morning whichever way you wanted to think about it, the idea that some stranger could walk up and see us here with our bodies entwined was both scary and a turn on.

Speaking of first times, maybe I should start this story properly and tell you about that instead. It wasn’t very long ago but it seems like it was a lifetime.


Hi… My name’s Caleb it’s nice to meet you.  Well it’s not really Caleb but for the purposes of this story that’s what you can call me.  The names have been changed to protect the guilty and all that.  In case you’re wondering, I’m 23 years old and I’m a big guy. 6’4” and like 350 pounds of beefy goodness yup that’s me.  The story you’re here to read about today is about how I finally managed to lose that pesky label of being a virgin and let me tell you it was quite an adventure.


“We’re going back down for one last gambling session Caleb, you coming?” my aunt asked as she picked up her purse and the keychain with all of her player cards from various casinos on it.

“No I’m good I think,” I told her. “I might go walk around and explore a bit more though.”

“Just make sure you can be up in time to go to the airport if you end up sleeping,” she warned me. “I know you don’t like to wake up when I try.”

“Yeah aunty no worry,” I laughed.

“OK have fun we’ll be down at our usual spot,” she said as the door closed behind her.

As soon as she was gone my phone came out and I opened up and looked through every single one of the dating and hookup apps I had downloaded the second night we were here. Here I was, a couple months past my 21st birthday and I still hadn’t managed to lose my v-card.  It was driving me absolutely crazy… Sure I had done the whole phone sex thing and messed around with some cam to cam stuff before but I desperately wanted to get my hands and mouth and whatever else I could use on a real live man.

Just as I was about to give up and look at some porn so I could take care of myself one of the apps chimed at me.  I’m pretty sure I held my breath as I opened it, hoping against all hope that it was actually someone interesting and not a random shout or spam message.

“What’s up bro how’s it going,” the message read.

“Hey it’s going ok just bored to death waiting on my flight back home,” I replied then I clicked his profile to see who I was talking to.

Wow… This guy is built! His profile pic showed a big muscular black guy with a friendly smile spread wide across his handsome face.

“Oh? Where’s home,” he sent back.

“Hawaii. I’m here with my aunt and her friends for her 50th birthday,” I explained. “They’re all downstairs having one last hurrah.”

“Oh that’s tight man,” he answered. “You think you’d want to come chill here with me then?”

Fuck… What do I do?  My nerves hit me full blast in the face when I realized that he had just asked me to hook up which was totally what I wanted.  But holy shit am I ready for this?  Should I trust him?  What the fuck should I say?

“Um… I’m all the way in downtown I have no idea where you are or how to get to you,” I texted after a few minutes.

“No problem I don’t live that far I can come get you,” he replied almost immediately. “I thought I had scared you off for a second lol.”

“Almost lol…” I sent back. “Just putting it out there… I’m a total virgin…”

“No shit?” his message came back. “Well if you’re down, I’m down to do the honors.”

Oh fuck… Now what? I dropped my phone on the bed and wiped my suddenly sweaty palms on my shorts.  I stared again at his profile pic as I mentally wrestled between the pros and cons of doing this.

“Know that saying ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’?” his next message dinged onto my screen. “Here’s your chance to have that lol.”

“OK I’m in,” I sent after agonizing over the decision for another minute that felt like an eternity. “Let me shower and stuff.  Where do I meet you?”

“Where you staying?” he asked.

I told him which hotel we were at and he gave me instructions on which door to come out of and where to wait.  My heart felt like it would jump out of my chest as I scrubbed myself down in the shower and the reality of what I was doing hit me.  I was freaking out but then I looked down and realized that I was massively rock hard through all of this just at the thought of what was going to be happening.  My resolve strengthened, I finished washing off and dried myself before getting dressed and heading out to meet my late night rendezvous.


“Yo man you’re fucking hot,” he said to me as I jumped into the passenger seat of his SUV.

“Thanks,” I replied nervously as I shook his hand that he offered me.

“My name’s Marc,” he told me.

“Caleb,” I replied robotically as I desperately looked anywhere else but at him as we drove away from the hotel.

“Nice to meet you sexy,” Marc winked.

“Yeah,” I replied sharply and he looked at me and just gave me this big smile and laughed a bit.

We drove for a while and I guess he caught how nervous I was so he turned up his music and we drove quietly up into his neighborhood.  Pulling up to an apartment complex, he pulled into a stall and turned off his engine.

“Well we’re here,” he smiled again at me as he unbuckled his seatbelt and opened his door.

I swallowed dryly as my nerves kicked up another notch but at this point there really wasn’t any turning back so I did the same and got out.  I looked around at the buildings and was pretty surprised at how quiet it was here just outside of the Strip.

“Come on in,” Marc invited as he opened the door to his apartment and entered.

I stepped into his apartment and jumped just a little when the door closed behind me.  Taking a look around, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice of a place he had.  A big comfy looking couch sat against the wall in front of the TV in the corner and a table across the room separated the kitchen from this area.  Things were pretty tidy and there was a gym bag sitting on the counter next to the stacks of protein and supplement bottles which wasn’t surprising given how much effort he obviously put into working out to get into the shape he was in.

“Let’s go lie down and chill,” he grinned as he reached out his hand, waiting for me to give him mine.

I reached out my hand and hesitated, but I think he saw it so he shook his hand at me and gave me another big grin, so I slowly reached towards him and took it.  I have big hands but his was just as, if not a little bit bigger than mine and it felt so warm as he laced his fingers with mine. That huge grin never left his face and it calmed me just a little as he started pulling me along down the hallway. His round ass cheeks bounced along with each step and mesmerized me with their rhythmic dance as we walked towards the open door ahead of us.  

“Lemme turn on the TV maybe that will help you relax a bit,” Marc said as he picked up the remote and pressed power.

He held his hand out again, this time in invitation for me to get on the bed first so I climbed on and laid there frozen in my nervousness which flooded back full force. I swear I jumped when he climbed up next to me and leaned against the pillows.  We sat there in awkward silence for a bit, the news starting up, but they could have been speaking in some foreign language for all I could tell.  

Marc must have decided he would need to be the one to make the first move because he slid his arm up above my head and started gently rubbing my scalp through my hair.  His head moved slowly closer until he kissed the side of my neck and I heard a gasping moan escape my lips.

In that moment I felt the knot in my stomach release as he slid his hand down behind my head and used it to turn me towards him.  His lips came up and met mine and suddenly I was kissing another man in the way I had craved for so long.  It felt as if every fantasy I had seen in porn and imagined happening had suddenly come to life for me.  The warmth of his mouth and tongue, the softness of his juicy lips, the exploring of his tongue as out kisses grew more heated and sloppy.  I wanted this… I needed this… It was finally my moment to experience this myself.  

Marc climbed up on top of me and straddled my thighs with his own as I slid my hands down into the waistband of his mesh shorts and squeezed his bubble butt with both hands. His moan that I could feel resonate in my mouth as he kissed me again made me growl with the lust he had awoken in me.  I tugged at his shorts, trying desperately to get them off of him and he slid them down and then off completely before pulling mine off as well. I could feel his big dick grinding into my thigh and up against my own aching boner as we made out.

After a while, he stopped and had me sit up so he could pull my shirt off of me.  I reached my hands around him, running them up and down his body, beneath his shirt which he pulled off slowly.  I sighed with pleasure as I ran my hands over his massive shoulders and pecs as he leaned back down for even more kisses.

“Turn over…” he whispered into my ear.

My brain took a second to process what he said through the haze of euphoria I was feeling so he gently guided me as I pulled a pillow under my chest and gave him access to my big booty and twitching hole.  He wasted no time as he slapped my right cheek loudly before spreading them with his hands.  I felt him spit on my hole get me wet and the next thing I knew, his long and magical tongue began working its spell on me as he pushed it deep into my ass.  Let me tell you I now understood in great detail why guys loved getting rimjobs as he made me gasp, groan, and cry out at the intense feelings his mouth was giving me. He ate me out like I was his last meal for nearly 15 minutes until I couldn’t resist the desire to have his dick in my mouth any more.  

“Let me suck you…” I begged as I got up and flipped around to face him.  

He was still on his knees on the bed so I leaned down on my elbows and got a good look at his dick for the first time.  It was massive…  At least compared to what I had seen before, at least eight inches long and really thick with a big mushroom head at the tip.  I opened my mouth and he moved forward, slowly slipping his penis between my lips and I savored the first taste of dick I had ever gotten.  I doubted I could do much more get his head into my mouth but to my surprise, I found I had a hidden talent.  His cock slipped right past my gag reflex and into my throat as he slowly fucked my face.  His moans rang in my ears as my throat muscles squeezed his manhood.  Marc was gentle as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth.

After nearly 10 minutes of sliding his penis in and out of my lips, I was stroking my leaking dick and loving the feeling of pleasuring this big handsome man.  When he pulled it out and moved away I groaned in protest but he but he smiled at me and told me to let him get on the bed. Anxious to see what new experience he wanted to share with me next, I got up quickly and he took my place.

“Come bring that nice ass over here,” Marc grinned. “I want you to ride my face babe.”

“Oh fuck…” I moaned at the thought as I climbed up on the bed with him.

He motioned me to put my knees on either side of his body and lower myself down and backed up onto his eager tongue.  Fuck… His tongue sent shivers throughout my whole body as it penetrated my now loosened up hole.  I moved my hips left to right, up and down, letting him hit new and deeper spots as he made me bite my lip and cry out in pleasure.  The night stand drawer next to his bed sliding shut made my eyes flutter opened as I looked down to see what it was.  When I saw the condom and lube in his hand my whole body shivered in anticipation knowing what would be coming next.

“You gonna put it inside of me daddy?” I asked him. Where the fuck the daddy part came from I have no idea…

“Yeah you want this dick in you?” He asked me in reply.

“Fuck yeah…” I agreed as he tore the condom wrapper open, all the while his tongue still working its magic on me.

I watched him unroll the rubber down his big cock and the uncertainty hit me.  Could I possibly get this thing into my ass?  I had only played with random things around my house as I experimented with myself but damn this thing was huge.  I wanted it so badly though… Getting my ass eaten out was making me so horny for this to happen and I was willing to try if it meant getting fucked for the first time.

“Slide down on it,” Marc instructed me as he poured some lube out into his hand and stroked himself.

“OK,” I complied as I turned around and moved lower down his body.

I felt his hands on my cheeks as he spread them and slid his fingers up and down my crack.  I felt him rub his lube slicked fingers against my hole and then slipped one and then two into me.  His tongue had gotten me loose and hot enough that they slid right in to his second knuckles.  Damn that shit felt good… I whimpered in pleasure at the feeling of his probing as he got me ready to take his dick.  He guided me lower with one hand on my thigh as he used his other to guide the head up to my twitching hole.  

“Relax babe,” He said softly as he reached up and pulled me to him so he could kiss me.

“Oh shit!” I cried out as he slipped his head in and it hurt as it strained my butt beyond where it had ever been before.

Marc kissed me harder and held me in place as I tried to adjust to the sensations of being stretched by his thick mushroom head.  Every time he felt me relax, he pushed in just a little bit farther.  It hurt but his lips and tongue distracting me as we made out made it easier and easier to let him in.  I grunted as he reached the inner ring in my ass and he stopped moving, knowing it was going to be sore as he went past it.  He reached down and kneaded my thighs and as far onto my cheeks as he could get to and then he pulled them apart and pushed me down.

“Ahh fuck!” I gasped as he pushed all the way into me.

“Shh… It’ll be ok babe just relax,” He whispered to me as he ran his hands over my head and shoulders to help me get past it as my ass throbbed in protest around him.

“Oh fuck you’re so big…” I moaned as he kissed me.

“Yeah and I’m all the way inside of you,” he smiled up at me. “How does it feel?”

“Fucking amazing,” I told him as I finally felt my muscles relax and the pain faded into pleasure.

“Shit yeah babe,” Marc exclaimed as he felt me start wiggling around to see how it felt. “Ride that big dick.  Let it make you feel good.”

“Oh fuck yeah…” I whimpered as I raised myself up enough for his dick to start sliding up almost to his head before I pushed back down on it.

My eyes closed as I soaked up all the sensations and I felt myself panting and shaking as I rode this big sexy man.  I felt my ass loosening up more and more and I couldn’t believe how good it felt having something so big inside of me.  I could hear Marc moaning and grunting in his own pleasure as I moved up and down on him.

“Fuck babe…” He sighed. “You’re so fuckin tight.”

“Yeah does it feel good taking my cherry?” I asked him.

“Your ass ain’t virgin anymore,” he laughed and I laughed with him. “Shit though… You’re so tight you gonna make me cum quick.”

“Fuck yeah I wanna make you cum daddy,” I told him as I moved up and down, letting his rock hard cock give me pleasure in a way I never would have thought possible.

“Oh fuck just like that,” he groaned as I rode him faster.

“It feels so fucking good inside of me…” I gasped out as he reached up and pinched my nipples.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum let me shoot it on you,” he ordered me.

I didn’t want to let him out of me but I did what he asked.  He ripped off the condom and stroked his dick a few times before he cried out in ecstasy.  The first shot of cum hitting my left cheek made me jump.

“Oh fuck your cum is so warm,” I moaned as I leaned in and kissed him again as a seventh and then eighth shot coated my ass and lower back.

“Shit… Your ass felt so good,” he sighed as he let his now softening dick drop from his grip and then raised his head up to kiss me again. “Sit up. I wanna see you bust your nut all over me now.”

I pushed myself back upright again and my breath caught as he reached up and squeezed my rapidly hardening dick.  It was already slick with all the precum he had me leaking so he stoked me from base to tip.  I was already bucking my hips and I could hear whimpering noises escaping my mouth that was wide open as I closed my eyes to savor the feeling.  He reached around my back to get some of his cum that was dripping back down onto his pubes and balls and the extra slipperiness was all it took to get me to the edge of orgasm.

“FUCK!” I yelled as I felt my balls pull up tight and my cock start jumping.

Nothing came out at first except for all the noise I was making and then all of a sudden, cum was flying out of me all the way up to Marc’s chest.  My white cream was making streaks all the way across his stomach and pecs.  One even managed to hit his cheek and if I could have pried my eyes open I would have seen him smile and snake his tongue out to lick what he could get of it.

“Oh fuck that was so fucking good…” I panted as I finally regained enough of my senses to speak.

“Shit yeah babe that was fuckin hot,” he agreed. “Come here and lie down with me”

“I don’t wanna get cum all over your bed though…” I hesitated.

“Fuck it,” Marc laughed. “I’ll wash it tomorrow. Come here and cuddle.”

“Alright,” I joined in his laughing as I forced my wobbly legs to lift me off of him so I could lay down and hold him.

He kissed me again and then pulled me into a big hug and just held me in his big strong arms.  He grinned at me and then kissed me again when I smiled back at him.  We stayed like that for the next half hour or so until we realized what time it was. We kissed a few more times as he found a towel and wiped what cum was left off of me that hadn’t dried up by then.


“I hope that was good for you babe,” Marc said as he pulled up outside my hotel and put his SUV in park.

“Oh it was fricken amazing,” I smiled as he leaned in and gave me another bunch of kisses.

“I’m glad,” he laughed. “Have a good trip back home ok?”

“Thank you so much for that it was so fucking good,” I replied.

As I closed the door and started walking towards the entrance I heard him call out to me through the window he opened.

“Hey Caleb!” he shouted.

“Yeah?” I turned to see what he wanted.

“Remember: What happens in Vegas,” he said.

“Stays in Vegas!” I finished as I pointed at him and grinned.

I heard him laugh as he drove away slowly and I sighed as I soaked in everything that had just happened. My body felt absolutely drained but in the best way I had ever felt.   I breathed in deeply and I could still smell his cologne lingering on me and maybe a whiff of the cum that still clinged to me.  

“Oh shit,” I swore to myself as I glanced at my phone and saw the time and hustled off to room.


“Caleb!?!? Where the hell were you?” my aunt scolded me as I tried to open the door quietly.

“Sorry…” I apologized. “I went walking and lost track of the time and then got a bit lost walking back.”

“How far did you go?” she asked me as the relief that I was ok and we were still on time crept into her voice.

“Pretty far,” I replied knowing that in a way it was pretty true.

“Yeah I can tell you kinda stink,” she wrinkled her nose at me. “Go bathe still get time before we gotta go airport.”
“OK aunty,” I agreed as I hoped she didn’t realize what the smells on me actually were.

I grabbed the set of clothes I had saved to travel home in and went to the bathroom.  I stripped off my clothes and then looked up at myself in the mirror.  Rubbing my belly, I looked up and down at my body.  No longer a virgin, I had finally accomplished what I had been wanting to do for so long now.  If there was ever any doubts that I liked dick, those were all gone now.  I could barely contain the anticipation of what new adventures I could find as soon as I could get back home.  


So what did you think? Did you like my story?  Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you.  I have so many more things I could tell you too.  It’s barely been two years since that trip but once I had that first one out of the way I got brave and even more horny.  What should I tell you about next?  A hookup with one of my teachers from high school?  Some sexy tourists that I’ve met?  There was also my second encounter which was a wild birthday party orgy which was so much fun. Maybe I should continue telling you about that encounter with my big local friend in the park huh?  Who knows but you should let me know which you want to hear.

part 2

                                Hiatus is over! I’m home, my loves! I’ve returned with goodies and many con stories (some cringy) that I plan to share…via recording. ;) Be on the look out for Sunday Storytime.

anonymous asked:

I need u too make a Storytime Sunday because seems like u have so many funny story to tell (im jk darling ur busy enough)

Maybe I will do that once I come back from my two-month hiatus since I am sure I will have a lot of stories to share after that hahaha.


So, I used to play an MMO called Rappelz.  I had a healer I decided to name JesusChrist.  

I was returning to town to turn in some quests, randomly buffing people wherever I go, getting the occasional “Thanks Jesus!” and other funny quips that comes with the name.  Not this day.

Some dude comes up to me, and I figure it’s another lowbie wanting buffs.  So, I buff him, and in World Chat I see him say: “What lvl u.” In other words, he’s wondering how bad the penalty will be to PK me (penalties are based off level difference). Spidey senses tingling, so I respond with “I’m Holy, I can be whatever level I want,” hoping to deter him.  

His name turns PvP red and he starts attacking me. So, I cast a spell that doesn’t let him run away, and start wailing on him with my giant warhammer.  I’m not build for dps, but I can heal so much faster than he can deal damage. Healing items have a long cool down, so I can quickly tell I’m going to win this. 

Right as the spell wears off, and he starts running away.  I yell “WHY ARE YOU RUNNING, AFTER TRYING TO PK ME,” as I chase him down, really wanting to kill this dude, so he can be penalized for trying to kill me.  I couldn’t get a screenshot after this one, he continued to run away screaming in World Chat “FORGIVE ME JESUS!” followed by “I’M SORRY JESUS PLEASE DON’T KILL ME.”