storytime sunday

This week at MoMA: MoMA Film’s Doc Fortnight series continues, Take an Object closes Sunday, Storytime in the Art Lab, and much more. 

[Call Her Applebroog. 2016. USA. Directed by Beth B. Photos by Emily Poole. 70 min.]


So, I used to play an MMO called Rappelz.  I had a healer I decided to name JesusChrist.  

I was returning to town to turn in some quests, randomly buffing people wherever I go, getting the occasional “Thanks Jesus!” and other funny quips that comes with the name.  Not this day.

Some dude comes up to me, and I figure it’s another lowbie wanting buffs.  So, I buff him, and in World Chat I see him say: “What lvl u.” In other words, he’s wondering how bad the penalty will be to PK me (penalties are based off level difference). Spidey senses tingling, so I respond with “I’m Holy, I can be whatever level I want,” hoping to deter him.  

His name turns PvP red and he starts attacking me. So, I cast a spell that doesn’t let him run away, and start wailing on him with my giant warhammer.  I’m not build for dps, but I can heal so much faster than he can deal damage. Healing items have a long cool down, so I can quickly tell I’m going to win this. 

Right as the spell wears off, and he starts running away.  I yell “WHY ARE YOU RUNNING, AFTER TRYING TO PK ME,” as I chase him down, really wanting to kill this dude, so he can be penalized for trying to kill me.  I couldn’t get a screenshot after this one, he continued to run away screaming in World Chat “FORGIVE ME JESUS!” followed by “I’M SORRY JESUS PLEASE DON’T KILL ME.”