storytelling class

RPG Idea

AU where bard colleges are basically fantasy modern colleges. Form a party of bards who went to college together and decided to go adventuring to defeat capitalism

the red album is such a masterful work of songwriting in its purest form of storytelling. truly, i love it for its tumultuous sonic-hood, because that’s what makes it captivating and memorable. each and every song on red encapsulates specific life moments and feelings so purely, that i never thought someone could put into words (let alone a great song!) red is taylor swift giving a master class in storytelling through songs, and i will always love and respect that. 



>>>> happy Saturday my loves!

My school uses a 4-1-4 schedule, which means I have a one-month academic term in January. Just finished the first week! Also started my Jan+Spring bullet journal.

To come:

>I’m learning about design in my Digital Storytelling class, so I’m thinking about making an infographic about how I study Japanese soon! (And also get a grade on it :p)

>I’m also taking weightlifting this month, so for those of you want to start tracking your workouts, I’ll be talking about the app I use and other things I’ve been doing to start taking better care of myself ♡

EDIT: Also I just hit 1100 followers???? 😭 I honestly never expected anything like that; thanks all of you! 本当にありがとう!

How does animator @juliapott come up with original ideas for her animations? In this clip, she explains the inspiration behind her film Belly, and how that became its own unique story. In her JAM online course for ages 8-14, she helps kids develop their own original ideas into animated shorts. 

Julia’s Animate with Cartoon Network course is FREE for kids who register before August 31, 2016. Final animations that are completed by August 31st, 2016 may be chosen to be shown on @cartoonnetwork​’s platforms.

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Kids don’t have to wait to get their dream job. In this JAM online course, kids 8-14 can write, direct, & produce their own animated short with help of Adventure Time writer and professional animator Julia Pott.

The course is FREE for kids who register before August 31, 2016. Kids who complete their final animation by August 31st, 2016 have an opportunity to be shown on Cartoon Network’s platforms.

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