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>>>> happy Saturday my loves!

My school uses a 4-1-4 schedule, which means I have a one-month academic term in January. Just finished the first week! Also started my Jan+Spring bullet journal.

To come:

>I’m learning about design in my Digital Storytelling class, so I’m thinking about making an infographic about how I study Japanese soon! (And also get a grade on it :p)

>I’m also taking weightlifting this month, so for those of you want to start tracking your workouts, I’ll be talking about the app I use and other things I’ve been doing to start taking better care of myself ♡

EDIT: Also I just hit 1100 followers???? 😭 I honestly never expected anything like that; thanks all of you! 本当にありがとう!

holy shit why didnt ANYONE tell me about The Boy Who Drew Cats ????

 its a japanese fairy tale of a boy who is too enthralled in drawing cats that he cant make it as a farmer, and when he tries to become a priest, he still cant focus because he draws cats all the time. but one night he goes to an abandoned temple and draws cats all over the walls and panels, and when he goes to bed he hears hissing and yowling and fighting. in the morning he finds a dead giant rat monster, and the cats on the walls have moved. they also have blood on their faces. so his cats came to life and killed the monster! because of this, he gets to live in the temple as long as he likes, and becomes an artist who only draws cats.

gosh darn i relate to this so much

im going to illustrate this story for my fairy tale project in my storytelling class!!


For my storytelling class, we had to copy another comic book artist’s style and in doing so, we had to copy a page of their work.

I chose Jhonen Vasquez’s Invader Zim. 

Above is the original and below is my replication. Please excuse the AWFUL handwriting.

All characters, comics, stories, etc. go to Jhonen Vasquez.


For my storytelling in 30 seconds class, our first assignment is a title sequence for our favorite movie. I chose Kill Your Darlings. We were assigned to choose three different directions to take the title sequence and make mood boards for each. I really liked how they came together so I’m posting them.