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AU where bard colleges are basically fantasy modern colleges. Form a party of bards who went to college together and decided to go adventuring to defeat capitalism

It’s August 11th 2017

Here’s a good Dan song to listen to today: Luigi’s Ballad by Starbomb

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today:
Punch-Out!!: Mac’s Back - Part 1

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today:
Dan once took a storytelling class and for one of the homework assignments, he had to do something out of his comfort zone, something he’d never do normally. His classmates got to pick what he got to do and his options were either attending a monster truck rally or to go to a speed dating event. He said he would have loved to go to a monster truck rally but this was when he was living in NYC so there sadly were none to go to. So he went speed dating instead and he says it was “super weird” but also “super interesting to see people boil down their entire personalities and what they want to get across in a five minute span”. He ended with, “It was not as terrible as I thought … I didn’t meet anyone there that I wanted to go out with. Not that everyone had something horribly wrong with them, but fuck it.

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:

the red album is such a masterful work of songwriting in its purest form of storytelling. truly, i love it for its tumultuous sonic-hood, because that’s what makes it captivating and memorable. each and every song on red encapsulates specific life moments and feelings so purely, that i never thought someone could put into words (let alone a great song!) red is taylor swift giving a master class in storytelling through songs, and i will always love and respect that. 

anonymous asked:

Woah wait u don't think that's the real Shiro?? Who is he pls I need to know more

There’s many things I picked up on during his whole ‘hallucinations/flashback/whatever’ sequence in the beginning and after that lean me to believe that this ISNT ‘our’ Shiro

like for one thing, Hair doesn’t grow that fast during the relatively short time he was missing

-there was ANOTHER Shiro strapped to the table with his regular hair but with all the hallucinations and stuff, it’s unclear if that was a flashback or REAL

-THIS Shiro is acting really…weird…like I dont honestly believe that our Shiro would RISK his team getting hit with the laser. Even if its a mission, shiro has been known to prioritize the teams safety to ‘fight another day’

- it’s VERY obvious that the rest of the team prioritize Shiro’s input and command to Keith’s, it was shown HEAVILY and with what I learned in my animation and storytelling classes is that this is very intentional, SOMETHINGS going to happen to make this come to light

-there was mention of a ‘project Kuron (?)’ by the galra captors and that it was reaching phase 3 and that this shiro has had a ‘weird headache that wont go away’

- ‘dark shiro’ has been shown before when he was fighting haggar, something was messing with his mind there, whats to say they couldnt do it again

-The black lion rejected him. it wasnt like blue with lance, blue had to put the particle barrier up because she would still respond to him. Black didnt give ANY reaction like with how the others who wernt her paladin tried. Black also found him so this COULD be shiro but something is off enough that black rejected him

theories are:

-this shiro is a clone of some sort of project the galra have, hence the long hair. They used the real shiro’s memories in the clone so it might be some kind of sleeper agent esc deal going on and our shiro is still captured

-this IS Shiro, but the Galra have implanted some sort of chip or something in his mind, hence the headache AND it could be a callback to Hunks theory that the galra are tracking shiro with some sort of mind chip (when they were trying to figure out how zarkon was following them in season 2) I wouldnt put it past them to hint at something like this in passing like they did with the weblum

-dark magic mind control deal? Haggar has shown she could do it..

in any case, Im not 100% convinced that this is OUR Shiro and at the very least, something is very up and we’ll have to wait and see



>>>> happy Saturday my loves!

My school uses a 4-1-4 schedule, which means I have a one-month academic term in January. Just finished the first week! Also started my Jan+Spring bullet journal.

To come:

>I’m learning about design in my Digital Storytelling class, so I’m thinking about making an infographic about how I study Japanese soon! (And also get a grade on it :p)

>I’m also taking weightlifting this month, so for those of you want to start tracking your workouts, I’ll be talking about the app I use and other things I’ve been doing to start taking better care of myself ♡

EDIT: Also I just hit 1100 followers???? 😭 I honestly never expected anything like that; thanks all of you! 本当にありがとう!

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anonymous asked:

The hero journey is usually one of the 1st things they teach you in storytelling class. It's been the basis for mythology & fairytales since well before year 0. From Ulysses to Luke Skywalker, the journey is basically the same. What makes me mad about TW is Scott never went through the trials to get to be the hero. Everyone around him suffered (Derek, oh how he suffered. Peter suffered, Stiles suffered) but Scott didn't suffer & now he's the HERO. I want Scott to have his trials.

Yes. Scott’s suffering is no more than anyone else’s around him, and some people (hello, Derek, Peter, Chris Argent) have suffered considerably more in terms of losses. 

Look at someone like Buffy Summers for an example as to what a hero’s journey should be. She suffered, and not just the big things. She was a social pariah because of her weirdness at school. She dropped out of college (if I’m remembering that right) and worked in a fast food place to balance her financial needs after her mother’s death, and her duties as the Slayer. Her trials were relatable to the audience as well. How many of us have taken a job we hated because we needed the money more than we needed our pride? Other people got to leave Sunnydale. Buffy didn’t, because it was her duty to stay. 

Back to Scott for a moment, who is apparently planning on leaving town to go to UC Davis. How about stay at the local community college, Scott? Keep an eye on the nemeton from there. Heavy is the head that wears the crown? Not in Beacon Hills, apparently. 

Like I said, I really think the True Alpha card was played way too early in Scott’s character arc. He got it without sacrificing anything more than anyone else had at that point sacrificed. 

And when does that happen? Right at the end of 3A. Right before Stiles’s character just happens to go on a hell of a lot more interesting story arc. One that again, thanks to the writing on the show, was never shown to affect Stiles much come Season 4 (the writers constantly drop the ball on the emotional fallout for their characters, depriving them of a chance to truly evolve) but at least was an interesting ride while it happened. It also totally overshadowed Scott’s True Alpha arc. But honestly, that True Alpha arc was so underdeveloped it could have been overshadowed by a gnat. 

It’s the writers who dropped the ball with Scott, and have left his character pretty much flapping in the wind for a few seasons, because they forgot to give him the journey. 

Personally I think that’s why so many fans fixated on Derek. Because Derek’s storyline had all the marks of a hero’s journey. Suffering, struggle, mistakes, redemption, and eventual victory. Scott’s was bland in comparison. 

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Back in school means lots and lots of new art.  This is for my comic storytelling class, where the first assignment was to capture the main plot points of a story and condense it down to nine panels.  I chose the Japanese folktale, Momotaro.

I’m excited to make more comics this semester (my last semester!!!).  It’ll be fun.