storytellers season 2

  • tv writers: this death no one saw coming! narratively it has such a strong impact! creatively it is what we had to do to evolve the storytelling, it will be a shock to the viewers, it’s something we’ve never done before
  • female characters: have been killed off for shock value since 2kalways, actually

Hello all!

As many of you know, we have officially begun our Season 2 filming session!

All of the events and activities you’ll see and hear about on our social media accounts throughout the next month have been made possible by you, the amazing fans. We want to share this experience with you (because you’re lovely and wonderful), so here’s how you can follow along:

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Shep689- Engaged as of last year

Troyler- kissed this year

Shoey- kissed last year, and was reunited this year

Phan- hugged for the first time in forever

Pentatonix- went on there first european tour

Scomiche- started there own channel as of last year

Zalfie- canon as of last year/ fake engagement this year

Shane dawson- making his first movie NOTCOOL

Joey graceffa- Storytellers season 2 

Troye sivan- TRXYE (I think thats all I need to say) 15/8/14 

Tyler oakley- raised 500,000 dollars for the trevor project/ won his first award

Paint (jon cozart)- made After ever After2 this year

Todrick Hall- going on his first tour and was in/choreographed blow by beyonce



Sneak peaks at the background tests and some storyboard shots for Wakfu season 3.

Season 3′s production is in full swing. The Ankama team is pushing for a release late next year with 13 episodes of the usual 20-25 minutes of run time. If Season 3 is successful, it may be extended with more episodes but it remains to be seen. Season 3 will be in the same fashion of storytelling as season 1 and 2.

Tot, the creator and writer of Wakfu hinted on more Eliatrope lore in season 3 and with the introduction of Lewis–uuh, Papyrus–uuh, Ghost Rider– ghh, Floaty McSkull here and the OVA having left unfinished business, I am not certain how 13 episodes are going to cut it without feeling rushed in story. All a wait to be seen, of course! I am looking forward to it.

After the early premiere of the Dofus movie last week, Tot also hinted on the possibility that the shelved Dofus series ‘Welsh & Shedar’ may see the light of animation after all if there will be sufficient funding while the second and third Dofus movie will be made if the first movie proves successful.

>Stephen Amell didn’t like season 4 of ARROW and believes season 5 will be the show’s last unless they can properly reinvent it.

>The midseason finale will reveal Prometheus’ secret identity. He’ll be a villain of Oliver’s making, which will deeply affect Oliver.

>THE FLASH producers admit the payoff to the Zoom’s storyline was disappointing and that they’ve misused time travel on the show. Flashpoint served to step back on it and and scale the narrative down.

>Grant Gustin was as confused by time travel shenanigan as everyone else.

>The midseason finale will introduce a “ticking time bomb”, reveal Doctor Alchemy’s secret identity and provide more backstory for Savitar, who’ll first appear in episode 6 and episode 7.

>Even if Julian is Alchemy, there’ll be a twist to it.

>The cast and crew of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW know that season 1 kinda’ sucked and that Vandal Savage was a weak villain, and they’re focusing on less serialized storytelling in season 2.

>Malcolm Merlyn and Captain Cold will join the Legion of Doom in the midseason finale. Reverse Flash is their leader and the main villain of season 2. It appears both Malcolm and Cold will be simply recruited from different points in the timeline, with Cold coming from before he joins the Legends and ultimately sacrifices himelf for them.

>The midseason finale of SUPERGIRL will introduce Cyborg-Superman, who will be a pivotal villain in season 2, and the subplot about the President being an alien in disguise will have serious ramifications. Also, it seems Kara might develop feelings for Mon-El.

>Victor Garber will be in the FLASH/SUPERGIRL musical crossover.

>The writers pay attention to fan criticism and always seek to improve on it.

Everybody Has A Story. 

What’s yours? 

I made this. :3 I’m pretty happy on how it turned out! :P (Except for the black around Hunter, but meh, it still looks cool) 

If you guys want me to make you a picture of something, let me know! I’ll be more than happy to make it! And, let me know if you liked this or not! 

P.S. Joey if you ever see this, Hello! Quick question, when is Season 2 of Storytellers coming out? :)


Laverne Cox and Franchesca Ramsey (chescaleigh) on Why OITNB Will Change Television (INSTANT RESPONSE TEAM) 

Not only is Orange Is The New Black re-shaping how we consume television as a Netflix original series, but it presents so many well-crafted female characters as well as character of color for viewers to sink their teeth into. Guesting on INSTANT RESPONSE TEAM, Laverne Cox shares her experiences from working on the show and discusses the cultural impact that OITNB is capable of triggering. Don’t miss it!

holy shit guys
so I just googled devils rock in LA aka where joey went today to look at locations for storytellers season 2 and this is really freaky
basically it’s this dam built on a rock and that rock has a devil’s face (supposedly) naturally carved into it
and it’s believed to be one of the seven portals to hell
but that’s not even the creepiest part. I looked a little more into the myth and the ideology comes from this old guy who made up his own religion and believed spirits spoke to him etc etc
but get this
his last name is Crowley
so basically a potential location for storytellers season 2 with hunter CROWLEY is a believed portal of hell from aleister CROWLEY
and hunter Crowley’s mom came from a portal-like thing at the warehouse from fire aka a representation of hell
AND the bracelet in the campfire that belonged to the mother, yet another connection between Crowley and hell/ supernatural
is that not completely weird or what?!
aleister Crowley tried to summon a devil from devils rock to destroy all man kind