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The Road is Calling

As a way to keep my connection with shooting film alive,  I have been on a mission to re-acquire all of the film cameras that I’ve used since first picking up one in high school.  Now another one has come home to the Story Road.

Before I sold my Nikon outfit and moved to a Leica system, I packed this beauty. This Nikon F3 was a workhorse  for most all of my  photojournalist friends at the great Philadelphia newspapers in the mid to late 1980’s.

Though this one does not have the original Highpoint viewfinder that I owned, it was still a gem to shoot.  I coupled it with an MD-4 motor drive which easily helped burn through the then plentiful film at 5 fps.

It arrived this week. No motor, no HP viewfinder. But, it came with a lot of memories and a mission to create new ones, on film, manually…one frame at a time.  See you down the Road.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania