I’m done with Bridgeport!

I’m sick of the 40 minutes or longer waiting for my actual game to load (the story save) throughout the time I just lose inspiration and even my motivation to do ANYTHING with Elly just because of the 40 minutes loading screen. When I clean my save, it only takes longer. I’ve read somewhere that the case could be NRaas’ Storyprogression (I can’t remember why I downloaded that mod in the first place, must have been a weird day.) All the other saves seems to load within 10-15 min, which is okay with me. (I can understand because of the amount of CC that’s in there, if a save doesn’t have that much amount of CC it’s probably 3-5 minutes) 

So my question is, is there a Bridgeport kind of CC world out there? Or maybe a fixed version of Bridgeport? Maybe a smaller town that looks a bit like Brigeport? I’m not really looking for a huge town, since my game doesn’t like those either. Especially when it’s a CC world.