Have just two pretty sims I saw last night, because I always adore my boys in work garb.  There’s a setting in NRaas StoryProgression to force sims to go back into their everyday wear from career wear, and just because of these two sims I will never turn it on (yes, even though the other 99% of Sunset Valley lives like animals).  xD

Andrei went back in to work to fire the fuck out of Emily Wainwright, because that bitch can’t take a hint.


While trolling around Isla Paradiso… I spotted the recently divorced couple Teodor Medina (Palmira Medina isn’t pictured but was playing nearby) and Florita Hernandez at the library. Teodor is now a ‘Merman’ (StoryProgression?) and Florita is very pregnant.
After a good talk, they’ve agreed to give their relationship a second chance for the sake of Palmira.

some highlights from the homestuck sims game:

-dave and gamzee are dating and last i checked just got hitched. also, for some reason my immediate thought upon seeing this so long ago was ‘if they get married im making calliope their adopted daughter’. i dont know why i thought this. came a lil too late tho, ended up w her being roxy’s kid (dave is helping raise the bab bc they share a house currently)

-several failed attempts to make jaderoxy happen (because all jade’s usual shipmates were taken). finally happened.

-i think its bc of the loves the outdoor trait but jade insists on eating food on the patio which is uusally fine but she does this while in her underwear and for some reason rn that seems really funny

-that time i found jade gardening at 3:30 in the fucking morning

-rose and terezi keep breaking up and then getting back together again

-people randomly asking people out, even when the caller is in a relationship, and sometimes when the called is in a relationship. yknow its weird i wanted this to go full soap opera but i also dont want anyone to be upset. maybe i should make an alt to do that

-roxy is friends with almost the enitre town. p sure htats canon

-inexplicably getting really inot things i dont even ship (inexplicable sims otp arakat)

-game accidentally generating a kismessitude between eridan and vriska, tho they broke up

-the whole clusterfuck w roxy tbh; jade, john, and kanaya were all crushing on her and it was ridiculous. there was a big blowup at aradia and karkat’s wedding party, kanaya and john still hate each-other

-ok one of hte features in my version of storyprogression are the roles given to random sims that give them special stories to liven things up and for some reason feferi ended up getting the casanova role (i made it non-gender-exclusive) and im. oh my god

-equius has a huge thing for her its ridiculous. please help this man

-speaking of roles, terezi stubbornly refusing to become the vigilante. i kpet designating her as one but she kept resigning

-tavros asked vriska on a date. why

-speaking of vriska her and aradia fucking hate each-other and i just kind of enjoy when things line up like that

-constantly telling myself im going to let the john-jade-roxy love triangle resolve itself and then continuing to try nad swing it one way or the other (which way changes constnatly) (we ended up w jaderoxy btw)


(here) Just give them all the Soaked moodlet in MasterController. There are two versions, one lasting 2 hours and the other like 30 minutes. One comes with World Adventures and the other with Seasons. The Seasons one is correct, but I believe you can give them both and the correct one will take. :)

Thank you for the tip, I’ll check it for sure. :D And I just installed StoryProgression and few additions, I didn’t know how much I was missing, but shh xD

anonymous asked:

Is the next chapter going to take longer to make and get out? You know cause it's like "important" #StoryProgressing

I mean, I try my best to work as fast as I can, as often as I can. I wish I could do more, you know? :’( I wish I had more time to work on it, because there’s so much story I want to get to and I just…I can’t work any faster. Not without compromising quality, which I’m not willing to do. And not without abandoning Sondertale, which I’m not willing to do. I don’t expect the second chapter to take as long as the first to finish. But if it does, or longer, then that’s just the way it has to be.

But I guess now would be a good time to say that all pages and all parts of the story are “important”, in one way or another. It’s just a matter of why, how, and when you’ll know why and how for sure.


As you guys know, thanks to the beauty of storyprogression, Atlantis and Venus Flor got a divorce. I knew they were having problems but they never actually divorced until I installed Relationships. I don’t make very good decisions. 

He’s now dating a very beautiful sim by WoohootyCall who lived in my town. Her name is Juniper Windsor and I think they’re going steady now.