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Within These Walls

25 Chapters

Set in a ZA AU, where the group is never forced to leave the prison. As everyone feels more secure within the walls of the prison, Beth works her way into the walls surrounding Daryl’s heart. A very interesting take on what might have been if the Governor had never attacked. Kind of a slow burn, and well worth the wait. 

This was great! Because it doesn’t exactly follow canon, it was fun to keep guessing what was coming next. Daryl’s internal monologue is full of sarcasm, which made this really fun to read. (MW)

Rating - 7.5/10; Smut Rating: X

My friends and I went to a Little Mix signing and each of us gave her one of these papers

External image

This was Perrie’s reaction: 

External image

Then I gave a legit tank top that said the exact same thing. 

This was her reaction: 

Then we walked away like bosses. And Perrie was left saying: 

External image

ps. She kept the shirt in her lap for the rest of the signing ;) 

The other day at Walmart.

The other day me and my boyfriend were at Walmart and an elderly man came up to me and said “young lady I can say this to you because you aren’t a blonde.” Then he said “what do you call two blondes in a freezer?” I said, “I have no idea.” And he said “frosted flakes.” I died laughing because it was so random. The next day we went to our friends house (they are a couple) we told them the story about the elderly man. They then told us that the same thing happened to them a few months ago. We all died laughing.

Me and my grandpa are going to pick up my grandma and dad from the airport and go to the Olive Garden after. Well the Olive Garden isn’t very vegan friendly so I just brought some baked potatoes to eat before hand. My grandpa got a little concerned and was like “what?! You’re bringing those?! We are going to dinner…” I just smile and was like “oh I know, I don’t really like that food I don’t think it’s the healthiest but I don’t mind I just want to enjoy your company.” So then of course he goes on about how it is healthy and good and I’m becoming a little “weird” (how nice haha) so I explained to him I do a lot of research and he kind of just goes quiet. About 10 minutes later he’s like “oh you don’t need to eat healthy, you have good genes we all live a long life” hahah I just don’t even know what to say to him…who knows what he would even say if I brought up the animal cruelty. Sighhhh I wish I had more vegans in my life. Thank goodness for social media.

Story of the Day

So I was on line getting chipotle and there was a lesbian girl in front of me talking with her girlfriend. She had piercings, a buzz cut etc… Anyway she said to me, “why do you keep staring at me. Fucking prejudice against gay people.” I didn’t even realizing I was staring for so long and I told her, “no I thought you had really mesmerizing eyes” and her and her girlfriend laughed and I made two new friends

One time when me and my cousin were little we were with our grandma at Walmart. We were playing around on the pay phone and decided we would call 911, not knowing what would happen we called 911. It rang and then someone picked up on the other end and we immediately hung up. They called the store back and the lady at the desk got a really mad look on her face at us and said that everything was fine, obviously they had to come anyways. When the lady got off the phone she said to my grandma “someone called 911 on a pay phone.” My grandma gave me and my cousin a death stare and asked us if we called 911. We said “no.” With halos over our heads. After we left we got McDonald’s.

Getting the HPV vaccine hurts, and that’s coming from someone who isn’t afraid of needles, who has received an IV, who has donated blood various times, and who even injected anesthesia into herself with the assistance of her doctor in the fourth grade.

And to think that I need to go back to the clinic for two more shots. Ow.

It was pretty painful, but amusing, trying to parallel park with a sore arm.

Lol so this girl at my workplace was annoying the fuck out of me, she kept interrupting me doing my job bc she thought I “needed” help. So she said over the headset “if y'all need help call me ok” and I responded with “that’s what managers are for~” after that she took off her headset and started mind her own damn business.

  • So there is this girl in my German class, and she just started school in America (she's from Russia) about 2 weeks ago, and today I was her partner in this German game we played. We had to go up to the front, so I asked her if she wanted to or if she wanted me to, but she didn't understand me at all. It was the cutest thing ever and she was so funny and nice and she spoke like no English but was really cool and that's my highlight for the day