I wanted to photograph my own spin on the scene in Thronecoming where Briar throws Storybook of Legends into the Well of Wonder.
Briar is one of my favorite characters so to see her do it, was a little unhexpected!! But, it was a turning point for her and a great plot device to bring Wonderland into the mix.
The book itself is from the Way Too Wonderland playset. I was originally all gold, and I repainted it. Im so happy with the results.
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So here it is my illustration of Chapter 27 of Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends by Shannon Hale. The Rebels reception of Raven after Legacy Day is by far one of my favorite scenes on the books, plus I just love the clothing. Didn’t drew Cupid ‘cause in diary universe she hadn’t yet arrived at school plus we only got a fast glance at her outfit in the episode. Dexter is missing since he didn’t arrive yet.

Ever After High © 2015 Mattel 

Only good news about Ever After High for 2017: we have a new book announced by Amazon named “The Legend of Shadow High” written by Shannon Hale and her husband Dean Hale…

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WAIT A SPELL!!? This is… the crossover????

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Oooh I wanna read this book!!!! ^^  Even if The Lost Movie is cancelled, maybe we’ll have the crossover between Monster High and Ever After High as novel book… It’s too early to confirm it but I learned that the first book of Shannon Hale “The Storybook of Legends” will be reissue fall 2017. So maybe it’s to promoting the arrival of this new novel!

Why you have to read the Shannon Hale EAH books:

  • the whole storyline is fucking great
  • beautifully written
  • makes you fall in love w/ your faves all over again
  • more characters than in the series
  • did I mention 3 entire books with RAPPLE FEELS??
  • no seriously those two beautiful lesbians go on adventures together and they’ll make you feel all the feels
  • just read the books okay?

Star Wars mbti ~ Character Study

Since I got such a positive reaction to a previous MBTI post I made I thought it would be fun to go deeper in. So I decided to go deeper in on a character which I couldn’t do in a more condensed post like before. Here I will focus on a character per post. Since my Kylo assessment got such a good reaction I will do his first. Kylo is a personal favorite of mine so I really enjoyed taking the time to dig around and type him. Without further ado lets continue. This will most likely be a longer post so sit back and enjoy. As an INFP myself I even found new things about myself in the process, and in the process of research became even more convinced of Kylo being an INFP. I pulled my inspiration out form not only TFA but also the film novelization, the Bloodline novel and also kept director and actor comments on my mind. And again I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for future posts with other SW characters.

Kylo Ren/Ben Solo -

INFP -Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, Perceiver

Introverted Feeling (Fi) - Dominant Function

Extroverted Intuition (Ne) - Auxiliary Function

Introverted Sensing (Si) - Tertiary Function

Extroverted Thinking (Te) - Inferior Function

Introverted Feeling

Introverted Feeling (Fi) is INFP’s dominant function.

Compared to extroverted feeling which concerns itself with the outer and universal introverted feeling is much more concerned with the inner self. Being an introverted function it processes it’s emotions on an extremely independent basis. Where an extroverted feeler may be more willing to share their emotions with others that is not the case here. “Fi” is much more protective and keeps it close to the chest so to say. It is deceiving because “Fi” feels things so much. But to others they come off as detached or aloof sometimes even distant in regards to feelings and emotions. “Fi” is very strong in Kylo, he is at constant battle with his emotions: the wanting to commit to the dark but the undeniable pull to the light. He never would willingly share this and fears others knowing since to him it still feels like a weakness. As seen in his fear of Snoke being aware of his emotional turmoil. But I believe he will soon come to realize that it is indeed a part of his strength. Now just because “Fi” is the dominant trait of an INFP doesn’t mean it is so obvious to others. Like I said before “Fi” can very often come across as aloof but the intense feeling of an INFP is there but to them it is something they keep for themselves and in a way only grant to people or things they deem worthy of it. They can be very misunderstood in this case. Here is a quote from Carl Jung himself on this part of INFP and it’s “Fi” function. A quote that almost perfectly hits the nail on the head for Kylo that I nearly spat out my tea in reading it.

“They are mostly silent, inaccessible, hard to understand: often they hide behind a childish or banal mask, and their temperament is inclined to melancholy… Their outward demeanor is harmonious, inconspicuous… with no desire to affect others, to impress, influence, or change them in any way. If this is more pronounced, it arouses suspicion of indifference and coldness… Although there is a constant readiness for peaceful and harmonious co-existance, strangers are shown no touch of amiability, no gleam of a superficial view that they have no feelings at all.”

“Fi” also doesn’t open up easily. Unless they have their interests piqued enough by someone that they feel they can expose their inner self to. Take the interrogation with Rey as an example compared to Poe. Kylo obviously is drawn to her in some way and puts down his guard. He removes his mask which he hadn’t done before. This is a metaphor to “FI” dropping their metaphorical masks in his case it is an actual mask but I digress. Now “Fi” is strongly protective of their thoughts and in this scene Rey brings to light some of Kylo”s deepest insecurities (rightfully so since he had done the same to her) this is when he gets spooked in a way and flustered. But as we know he feels a connection to her so he doesn’t show outrage in her pulling this out. And trust especially in concerns of sharing feelings are important to a dominant “FI”. Another interesting part of “Fi” is their thoughtfulness. In a way they can indulge comfortably in it, in a way they can’t quite do in public interactions with others. They like to observe others and wonder what thoughts and ideas lay under the surface. For example Kylo completely loses touch with the goal of retrieving the map location when he gets distracted with sifting through Rey’s thoughts and dreams. “Fi” has a keen interest in “figuring” others out and it shows.

Extroverted Intuition

Extroverted Intuition (Ne) is INFP’s auxiliary function

“Ne” is very much a co pilot to “Fi” working as second in command. “Ne” thinks in a very abstract manner with a perchance for theories, ideas, patterns and so forth. Their best thought out ideas and plans come from here only when they feel comfortable and relaxed with themselves. Therefore being able to immerse themselves in the thought process without stressing themselves out over it. “Ne” has a hunger to explore and understand themselves and the world around them through the lens of ideas and inspirations. “Ne” is the strong player in INFP’s search for self. I think this is the right place to insert the INFP’s habit of thinking of their identity as something they can curate, cherry picking from ideas, people and inspirations and molding certain aspects that they feel fit them. In Kylo I saw this in the scene specifically with Vader’s mask. To Kylo Anakin was never someone he met or through what Bloodline told us someone who he barely knew anything about. With this Anakin is more of an enigma than a person to him. Like a storybook character or a mythical legend. But to Kylo the picture he has in his mind is of someone he wants to emulate, so he draws that inspiration and plugs it into his personality. Like the demeanor he has and the habit of wearing the mask. But this is an unhealthy showing of this given the point in Kylo’s story. I say this because in the past he’s shown the healthy way “Ne” can work in this aspect. To Han himself he tells us of being too much like his father. Which leads us to believe he at one time he took inspiration from him and very possibly Luke as well. In a healthy aspect “Ne” aspires to take the good parts of things and people they admire to apply to their sense of identity. “Ne” is also very passionate about their inspirations. For example let me tell you that you can go to any INFP you may know, ask them to tell you about their favorite things. You may be surprised at the confidence they have and impressed with what they know about the top things that interest them. You see an INFP doesn’t just feel drawn to an idea for the sake of it they become a student of it and thoroughly educate themselves. We don’t really have any hint of anything that really makes Kylo happy in this chaotic point of his arc but we can pull from his knowledge of the force. To Kylo this feels like one thing in his chaotic world he has somewhat of total control over (or so he’d like to think). And to an INFP and their “Ne” function they feel confident that when they understand something fully they can share it with others. INFP’s can do well in the role of teacher. *Sound familiar to a particular Kylo moment*?

Introverted Sensing

Introverted Sensing (Si) is INFP’s tertiary function.

“Si” puts great value on their experiences and memories. They have extremely excellent memories and store thoughts and feelings in their mind almost like a library of thought that they can refer back to. “Si” does not easily forget this goes for good and bad memories. Here is a good part to point to an INFP’s tendency to be stubborn and balk at criticism. They will never forget a slight and can quite easily hold grudges. “Traitor!” ring any bells here? But “Si” also imparts what I saw in an MBTI video about INFP’s love and desire for the coziness or homey aspects to life. “Si” likes traditions and routines, not exactly tradition in the sense of old or archaic ideas but instead traditions that are good and pure (for example always making cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning because it’s been done since you were a kid and repeating it brings back those pure and innocent feelings). In Kylo’s case he doesn’t quite have a well of good thoughts to retreat into to bring him comfort or peace. So much is tinged in bad memories that they outweigh the good. But this doesn’t just apply to Kylo although he is an extreme example in his case. Most INFP can agree that this is a type that can easily get depressed for just as its easy to remember the good it is just as easy to remember the bad. This can lead to occasional melancholy. For Kylo he always feels trapped by this depression: the memories he has most abundant are those of isolation, feeling abandoned or not the top concern of others and misunderstand by those closest to him. By not letting his feeling show nobody really sees the hidden desire for most of all acceptance pure and simple and to not feel broken or weak. For example when Rey pulls his biggest fear into the open it isn’t the power of Vader’s he wants… It is his perceived strength. At their healthiest this is where an INFP can use their “Si” to explore and take in the world around them in a way adding new memories and so forth to their databank.

Extroverted Thinking

Extroverted Thinking (Te) is an INFP’s inferior function

Here we have “Te” which being the last function of INFP is by far not their greatest strength. For every type their fourth and final function is always their weak point in a way their achilles heel. It is needed but clashes with the other three functions. When I say “needed” I mean in a case by case basis. kind of like a break glass in case of emergency trait. It is the function brought into use when the INFP may get too lost in thoughts and ideas and needs to knuckle down and just make a choice already. “Te” is direct, matter of fact: very much a function that cuts the BS to get to the point already very much no nonsense. Like I said it is crucial in being a functioning INFP and in its sporadic use gives insight. But overuse causes trouble since this is the weakness of an INFP and in constant use they easily struggle. Kylo is very much in an environment where he is pushed to use this resource too much. In a way he surpasses his strength “Fi” in overuse of his “Te” because in his current position he looks at his “Fi” as a weakness. The others that push the overuse of “Te” call him out on this. For example Hux with - “careful Ren, that your personal interests not interfere with orders form leader Snoke.” or Snoke himself showing disgust with “you have compassion for her”. These further add to the already present turmoil and the desire to pull from “Te” which in a way just weakens him. To simplify consider an inferior “Te” as your favorite sweet. Good on occasion but overdo it and you just get sick.

Chilled to the Core - A Future Rapple Story

This is a request from an anon!! They asked for Rapple with 14, 15, and 16 from an ask meme, “Betrayal, Dark, The End”!


Brief Summary: Raven Queen leans against the balcony of Apple’s castle and waits for the wind to tear her apart.

This story is set in a future AU!

Word Count: 539

Fic requests are open!!  -  Or you could ask me things from this writing meme!

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Someone has to eventually tell her, so it’s Briar who finds Apple one morning with a face so grave she could be talking about a curse. At first, Apple is baffled. She can’t stop squirming.

 “No no no no no this isn’t how it is supposed to happen! it cant be!”

But Darling, sweet Darling who wasn’t even supposed to be a Prince in the first place, who had resigned to having no place in the Storybook of Legends, Darling was in absolute delight. She has a Princess promised to her. She has her own destiny, her purpose. Someone to protect for ever after…  

It’s weeks before they can look each other in the eye, even more time passes before they can talk to each other again. But Darling is so sincere, so sweet. The vows she makes!  On her knees! Like a true Prince, more Knightly and Brave than Daring ever dreamed to be. And Apple… All she wants is her happy ending. What else could she ask for in a Prince?

more art @


Found those book covers on, don’t know if they have been postet yet. The last two pictures belong together & seem simply to be the stories of Apple & Raven.

There are many similar books already available on pre-order but without any covers yet.

Whateverafter, just love the artworks. c:

stories from school #2



As teashoesandhair would put it, if you don’t want to hear a story about a snake, some dead cats, and a complete BAMF of a teacher, press J on your keyboard now. Trigger warning for the aforementioned snakes and dead cats.

I took anatomy sophomore year. 

I’m going to call the teacher Mrs. Rodriguez because if I told you her real name you’d be able to google her and My God, do Things Come Up in that google search. Not things like things but things that are weird for your sophomore anatomy teacher to be doing. Things like speaking at a panel at a con about POC in sci-fi media. Things like being in a lowkey girl gang and reviewing movies on a YouTube channel with the word “mafia” in the username. Things that you will understand when you’re finished reading this.

Mrs. Rodriguez is a not a big, hulking woman, nor is she mean in any way. She’s actually pretty unassuming (and sleepy, at least when I had her at 8 in the morning). But this woman is a calm fury, always borderline Is-This-a-Joke-Or?, terrifyingly cavalier when it comes to dangerous chemicals/Real and Actual dead things/comparing organs of the body to foods you no longer want to eat again ever, and educated on social topics and not afraid to call out bigoted students. I have witnessed this. She drinks out of an oversized coffee mug with brass knuckles painted on the side and has lots of spooky animals in her room. Living and dead.

And, My God, deadpan doesn’t even begin to cover her. To sum up Mrs. Rodriguez, consider our first interaction with her. It’s the first week of the year and we’re all Smart Kids™ so all we’re trying to do is suck up. Quite a daunting task, as we’re soon to find. Picture this whole conversation in the most tired, bored tone, as if she’s perpetually not quite on her second cup of coffee.

Mrs. Rodriguez: So this is the class snake. His name is Houdini.
Poor child who doesn’t know what she’s getting into: Why is he called that?
Mrs. Rodriguez: *sips coffee*
Mrs Rodriguez: Because he escapes the tank.
Mrs. Rodriguez, moving right the fuck along: And these are the class rats. They’re named Milk and Cookies. 
Mrs. Rodriguez: *sips coffee*
Mrs. Rodriguez: Yeah, they’re going to die soon.

This dialogue is not embellished and this is literally what she said. 

Anyway, on to the story. So it’s the fourth quarter of the school year, meaning we’re well on the way of our final project: a cat dissection. It’s mega gross, of course. Each be-gloved high schooler is like wrist deep in cat intestine. I’ll stop there and let you picture it.


So Mrs. Rodriguez sets us off on our daily task of whatever it is we were supposed to dissect out and decides this a fine time to clean out the snake’s cage. And by snake, I don’t mean the aforementioned Houdini. Houdini is a little black curious noodle. He’s never harmed anyone and even the kids with a phobia of snakes admit he’s kind of cute. When he gets out, he kind of slithers about and eventually returns home, no harm or foul. No, I’m talking about the other snake, Mr. Kipling.

Mr. Kipling is the class’s recent addition, after the rats (as predicted) shed their mortal coils. Mr. Kipling is not an adorable noodle. Mr. Kipling is an angry, temperamental, grudge-keeping asshole of a snake. He’s never eaten anything in his entire time at the school and spends the whole days looking pissed off and sleeping. Everyone hates Mr. Kipling.

So Mr. Kipling is glaring however snakes glare, Mrs. Rodriguez is calmly attempting to ease him out of the tank and into this bucket, and the whole class is transfixed. The cats lay dead and forgotten.

You must understand, this is pretty much the first time Mr. Kipling has moved, let alone left the tank. Some brave souls reach out to pet him before reconsidering.

Mrs. Rodriguez makes quick work of the snake cage while Mr. Kipling chills in his bucket. However, when time comes to move Kipling back in the tank, he doesn’t budge. Mrs. Rodriguez is literally holding this bucket upside down and the snake, despite all laws of physics that claim otherwise, is holding fast to the bottom (top?) of the bucket. She’s shaking the bucket. We’re transfixed. He refuses to move. What a dick. And then, of course, if it all couldn’t have gone to shit more,

The fire alarm rings.

There was an evacuation drill that we had all forgotten about, being so caught up in both cat and snake. And it’s not like we could stop to pick up after ourselves, since administration takes evacuation drills hella seriously. So we make split-second decisions.

Some kids immediately leave the room and head into the bathroom stalls across from us, their plan being to stake out until administration passes by and they could pop back into the classroom. Others, like myself, figure the period is basically over anyway, shed our gloves and hand-sanitize up to the armpits. Still more decide “fuck it,” leave the class, shove their goopy hands in the air, and shout “DON’T TOUCH ME I’M COVERED IN CAT INTESTINE.”

To each his own I guess. But dear Mrs. Rodriguez also decides “fuck it,” turns the snake-filled bucket back around, puts the lid on it, and TAKES IT WITH HER.


My god we must have been a sight to see. A horde of smart-ass high schoolers, some practically drowning in hand sanitizer, some with wide, concentrating eyes and hands up in the air that hopefully are not dripping ominously, some missing all together. And the leader of the anatomy class gang, Mrs. Rodriguez, calmly holding a bucket that is definitely not hissing and bumping, topped off with a haphazard “DANGER: LIVE SNAKE” sign.

No wonder the whole school talks about us.

And to top it off, we ended up missing the mandatory school assembly (also enforced strictly by the dreaded administration) under the excuse “Well, Ma’am, do you want us to leave out the formaldehyde-laden cat carcasses?” We took an agonizingly long time cleaning up, of course. But someone is still missing. And just as soon as we notice this, someone points dramatically towards the window.

“Look, it’s Mrs. Rodriguez!”

And there she is, walking as casually as ever down the quad, sun shining at her back like some sort of goddamn storybook legend, open bucket bouncing against her side, and a huge fucking asshole snake hanging from her shoulders.

What a great teacher.

Raven still had her purse over her shoulder. “Oh, hey, are you hungry? Cook always packs me enough travel snacks for a quest through the Dark Forest.” Raven pulled out granola bars, an entire wheel of wax-coated cheese, bread still hot, fruit—

“Ooh, are you going to eat that Golden Delicious?” asked Apple.

“No, it’s yours.” Raven held out the yellow fruit.

Apple raised one eyebrow. “Jumping ahead in our story a bit, aren’t we?”

Raven pulled back the apple, sputtering, “Whoa, it’s not—I mean—it’s just—”

Apple grinned, and they both laughed.

Raven tossed her the apple. “It’s not poisoned, I swear.”

“Sure, that’s what they all say.” Apple rubbed her namesake fruit on her red quilted skirt and bit in, her eyes closing as she crunched. Juice dripped down her perfect chin. “Soooo good.

—  The Storybook of Legends, Chapter 3 
You know who I forgot about

Witchy Brew. She was only mentioned once but she is a girl that was a year ahead of Rave and Apple that signed the book the year before, she  went from being nice to commuting to luring children to her house to fatten them up and eat them.

At first you could say “Fairytale magic” of signing her life away caused the changed. Except no. We now know that the storybook of Legends was fake (with the way Milton reacted, it was more than likely planned since the first book) so that meant that Witchy going completely cannibal was something she willingly did.