So here it is my illustration of Chapter 27 of Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends by Shannon Hale. The Rebels reception of Raven after Legacy Day is by far one of my favorite scenes on the books, plus I just love the clothing. Didn’t drew Cupid ‘cause in diary universe she hadn’t yet arrived at school plus we only got a fast glance at her outfit in the episode. Dexter is missing since he didn’t arrive yet.

Ever After High © 2015 Mattel 

EAH . I’m such a mess! . fanart by desearu

Raven, covered in dirt and un-princess-y sweat, fell down into a fern, gasping for breath.

“No…more…bug…spells,” Apple said, leaning over to catch her breath.

Raven nodded. She felt as grimly as a goblin tongue. Her hair was loose and tangled, full of twigs and leaves. Her clothes were ripped, her stockings full of burrs, and her boots muddy.

“I’m such a mess!” said Apple.

Raven glanced at Apple and did a double take. Apple’s blonde hair was still lightly curled and shiny. Her clothing was somehow perfectly clean but for one dry leaf clinging to her cloak, which Apple quickly plucked off. The only sign of their flight for life was a lovely rosy glow in Apple’s round cheeks.

Raven groaned and fell backward into the fern.

If you haven’t read the book yet, you should!

As much I am looking forward to what awaits in Way Too Wonderland, I am most of all looking forward to EAH’s Wonderland arc being over with. I love the Wonderlanders (Madeline is my favourite) and the way their mad world is presented, but Alice in Wonderland isn’t even a real fairy tale, it’s a fantasy novel. There’s a distinction.

Plainly, I hope that sorting out the damages done to Wonderland will give the bigger story a chance to focus on what’s really been nagging me about the Fairy Tale World: The history of the Legacy System and the reason behind it.

As a Protestant by breeding and a spiritualist by choice, I’ve always believed in fate and the hidden design of the universe. EAH’s concept of Destiny is a little different than what I’m used to. The inescapability is in there, but none of the mysteriousness. You are expected to be what your parents were, which their parents were and so forth. What’s the point of that? Headmaster Grimm says everyone will “poof” if you don’t, Apple just doesn’t want to live in uncertainty, and most Royals can’t imagine anything else, but how can your life be meaningful if it’s not really your’s?

Ever After High has been creating heroes, villains and side characters on a loop for centuries, but who decided that copying one’s progenitor is how you MUST live your life, no questions asked? I want to learn who started enforcing legacies and why, even if it means the Royals and Rebels have to travel into the past to find out.