So here it is my illustration of Chapter 27 of Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends by Shannon Hale. The Rebels reception of Raven after Legacy Day is by far one of my favorite scenes on the books, plus I just love the clothing. Didn’t drew Cupid ‘cause in diary universe she hadn’t yet arrived at school plus we only got a fast glance at her outfit in the episode. Dexter is missing since he didn’t arrive yet.

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Only good news about Ever After High for 2017: we have a new book announced by Amazon named “The Legend of Shadow High” written by Shannon Hale and her husband Dean Hale…

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WAIT A SPELL!!? This is… the crossover????

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Oooh I wanna read this book!!!! ^^  Even if The Lost Movie is cancelled, maybe we’ll have the crossover between Monster High and Ever After High as novel book… It’s too early to confirm it but I learned that the first book of Shannon Hale “The Storybook of Legends” will be reissue fall 2017. So maybe it’s to promoting the arrival of this new novel!

Finished the whole book.  It’s super cute.  I’m really impressed with how good it is considering it’s a tie-in book for a doll line.  Shannon Hale did a great job and it was really nice seeing the characters explored more deeply than you can in a 2-3 minute episode.

I won’t post any spoilers just yet, but if anyone wants to know anything let me know in a note!  I’ll tag any major plot spoilers with the word spoilers for the next week or so in case people want to avoid them!

what books have you leant out?

I had to make a list because I was losing track. One of my friends has my copy of Storybook of Legends by Shannon Hale, Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes, and Fullmetal Alchemist 3-in-1 volume 2. Another friend has my tabbed copy of Crooked Kingdom. Another friend has my copy of The Princess Saves Herself in This One. 

I trust my friends to bring them back in good condition though. Do you have anything being lent out to someone? Do you worry after their safety?

Why you have to read the Shannon Hale EAH books:

  • the whole storyline is fucking great
  • beautifully written
  • makes you fall in love w/ your faves all over again
  • more characters than in the series
  • did I mention 3 entire books with RAPPLE FEELS??
  • no seriously those two beautiful lesbians go on adventures together and they’ll make you feel all the feels
  • just read the books okay?

Someone has to eventually tell her, so it’s Briar who finds Apple one morning with a face so grave she could be talking about a curse. At first, Apple is baffled. She can’t stop squirming.

 “No no no no no this isn’t how it is supposed to happen! it cant be!”

But Darling, sweet Darling who wasn’t even supposed to be a Prince in the first place, who had resigned to having no place in the Storybook of Legends, Darling was in absolute delight. She has a Princess promised to her. She has her own destiny, her purpose. Someone to protect for ever after…  

It’s weeks before they can look each other in the eye, even more time passes before they can talk to each other again. But Darling is so sincere, so sweet. The vows she makes!  On her knees! Like a true Prince, more Knightly and Brave than Daring ever dreamed to be. And Apple… All she wants is her happy ending. What else could she ask for in a Prince?

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