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The Signs as Architecture
  • Aries: Romanesque architecture. Sprawling manors, dusty curved windows, hallways that have no end
  • Taurus: Elizabethan architecture. Geometric windows, palaces with an abundance of mysterious wings, elaborately carved staircases
  • Gemini: Plateresque architecture. Massive hand carved columns, ornate decorative facades, floral carvings that span the entire building
  • Cancer: French Renaissance architecture. Sand coloured chateaus on a hilltop, elaborate roofscape designs, lavish internal furnishing
  • Leo: Portuguese Renaissance architecture. Massive rounded ceilings so far up you get dizzy looking, intricate decorative designs that flow down the wall, the imposing Cathedral
  • Virgo: French Colonial architecture. Storybook cottages on the river, canary yellow walls and off white crown moulding, paper lanterns hanging off the veranda
  • Libra: Sicilian Baroque architecture. Marble curves and flourishes, imposing gateways guarded by hand carved statues, elegant wrought iron balconies overlooking the city
  • Scorpio: Gothic architecture. Perfectly pointed arches, large stained glass windows, omniscient towers, the run down Cathedral covered in ivy.
  • Sagittarius: Beaux-Arts architecture. Sculptures of Roman gods and goddesses watch the gates, massive arched windows, richly detailed murals and mosaics
  • Capricorn: Greek Revival architecture. Colossal columns lit up with light from below, extremely lavish internal designs and furnishings, the rich widows palace beyond the gates
  • Aquarius: Russian Neoclassical Revival architecture. Brightly coloured facades, luxury mansions, geometric shapes and clean surfaces
  • Pisces: Mediterranean Revival architecture. Tropical palaces and villas, stuccoed walls and red tiled roofs, lush gardens around the corner
Reunion - Klaus

Are thirteen days’ worth of memories enough to bridge a chasm three years wide? Klaus and Clara’s reunion after the Unhappy Ending.  

Shameless fix-it.  And of course, spoilers for the Unhappy Ending.

Got a few more prompts to fill, but more are always welcomed in my askbox (in-game relationships only).  And all fills are posted to AO3 as well as

Out of the countless times that Klaus had imagined this day, he had never once thought he’d be nervous.

He’d endured the ache of the last three years, working gradually but inexorably towards this goal. The day of their reunion had been the carrot that had kept him moving – kept him hoping – and now, it should have been like emerging from a tunnel of darkness. Instead of the sunshine, though, all he felt was the uncertainty of a strange new world. As he walked down the cobblestone path in a tiny village in the prefecture of Reitz, the simmering anxiety refused to go away.

His surroundings were idyllic enough: a stone path, storybook cottages, fields of flowers.  Around him the sound of cowbells resounded from the hillsides, and happy bumblebees droned as they swayed in the air, drunk on honey and sunshine. Klaus harnessed his legendary focus and attempted to let these things soothe him – but then the sight of the little blue cottage came into view and he felt his heart rise into his throat.

This was it.

It felt surreal to be here, in this little village in the mountains.  Stepping into this sun-drenched world, it was as if he’d entered a kingdom of Clara’s own making.  The rules that he’d lived by – magic and self-discipline – had evaporated, and he was surrounded by a sort of timeless, sleepy contentment that suffused everything around him.

Before him, the little blue cottage stood. He couldn’t help but notice the imperfections – a crooked step, a clumsily patched roof – every one of them evidence of her hand. He did not need to see the little unicorn carved into a sign above the door to know that it was hers; he could feel Clara’s magic surrounding it, as if it poured out the windows. His breath hitched as he felt the gentle, warm essence of that magic again. And then something in him that had been roiling and disturbed for three long years finally slowed and settled into place.

He knocked

No response.

Of course, Klaus thought in exasperation, she wouldn’t have the decency to be actually home after he’d journeyed so far to find her.  She’d never made it easy for him; why start now?

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