Was asked to come up with some funny ways for Mabel to be doing good deeds to redeem herself in the episode The Last Mabelcorn. The montage had to be largely cut, but the gag with Toby and the tree made it into the episode. yay!


Quite short, but I didn’t want to wait until I get the others finished. The animation will be done hopefully soon as well.

Thank you Barry and Ross for the freakin fantastic videos, they were super hilarious :) here’s the video this audio comes from


I’m teaching a Film Workshop Class over at Calarts this year, and my students asked to see some of my work from Clarence.

I wanted to make it a teaching experience so I broke down the opening moments of “Classroom” and explained the thought process behind some of the shots used.

NOTE: I can’t take full credit for this! This is the final timing board, so a lot of the drawings have been cleaned up/revised by our wonderful revision team and a some jokes have been added by directors!