“Hide and Cheat”

Strange Magic Week Day 2: Younger Selves/When we were kids  (also Potionless Day)

I can imagine Dawn, Marianne and Sunny being friends as kids. And whenever they play hide and seek, Marianne is always stuck having to look for them for too long because Sunny and Dawn would choose low (if not underground) hiding places. Which are places she wouldn’t really think to look because she can fly and therefore flies up the trees to find at least Dawn.

Ever since Sunny became their friend (and even more so– Dawn’s best friend), Dawn learned how to lay low from Marianne with the help of Sunny! Also, Dawn has a hard time keeping her laughter to herself because of how annoyed her sister gets when they team up against her. Sunny has to try to shoosh her all the time.

Tsk tsk, Sunny… Dawn…. You’re being unfair to Marianne by not sharing your secrets. ;D

I am pretty busy and I don’t have time to color this one right now but I still desperately wanted to draw this idea for day 2!! Maybe I will color it next time…


Back from Japan, so here’s a little update to make up for the long drought.

I was recently lucky enough to get to take a board test! Don’t know if I’m allowed to share the whole thing, but here are some panels I really enjoyed drawing. What a learning experience it turned out to be - I didn’t expect to have to write all this dialogue for one thing, but that’s interesting that they allow for this much personal expression.

Thanks to the Crewniverse for allowing me the opportunity!


“Just what the world needs, an Avatar scared by a ghost. You’re worthless.”

It’s here! Storyboard inspired by Relapse Chapter 1, by the magnificent simplykorra.

This story is heavy right out the gate, with Korra battling her mental and emotional demons while doing her best to keep a brave face to those around her. The lines of Korra’s internal dialogue are gut-wrenching stuff. 

I really enjoyed working with the quality of light and colours in this - tried to show some timelapse between first dawn and sunrise. Didn’t worry about cleaning up linework too much.

I’ve always wanted to do my own take on one of my favourite scenes from the show, Lin crying in Book 3. I present to you - the final frame!


Hey guys! 

Wolfsmoke here again! We've been really busy cranking stuff out for our new "Kungfu Cooking Girls" series. It's a lot of hard work, but it's really fun! We are super excited to show you guys more stuff in the coming months! We also have a few more exciting announcements that we be revealed in the near future, so stay tuned to our tumblr or facebook page! Thanks guys!

Here are a few storyboard images with mood settings. What do you guys think? :) 


Batman Unlimited: Nightwing And Red Robin Vs Thieving Shmoes Who Really Should Know Better By Now I Mean Seriously

Directed by Jake Castorena | Storyboard by Olga Ulanova

Hey guys, hope you’re enjoying all the Batman Unlimited shorts that are coming out! Here’s one that I boarded – it’s been a blast drawing my favorite heroes have some fun! Robin & Nightwing should team up more often. ^__^


Here is another chunk of boards I did.  This time from episode 1 of Dragons: Race to the Edge