The tv show I was working on last year, as a storyartist, is finally online, already on air in korea smile emoticon just have a look before it is removed by youtube!

my boyfriend is the creator/director/ of the show and especially did the storyboard of that episode :)


back in april I did a storyboard test for Steven Universe and shared a couple panels on twitter.  I just found out people were sharing it around on tumblr labeled as official, please don’t spread it around like that because it’s not!  someday I’ll share the whole test though!  here’s some of my favourite panels and warmups I did though for now!

I apologize for the lack of content lately, still getting used to balancing my new job as an animator and my personal life.  I really want to get back into drawing personal work soon!


Satoshi Kon passed away 5 years ago.
Let’s watch Paranoia Agent ep1 storyboard, in memoriam.

Spotlight on Justin Nichols

The other board artist on The Greater Hater Pt 1 was Justin Nichols. Last year Justin won the Annie Award for Individual Achievement in Character Animation for Television, for his work on, “The Party Animal.” And it was well deserved!

This is only a tiny part of what he did. He animated the entire dance. All of it. And this animation was done while STORYBOARDING THE EPISODE. No extra time was given. He just did it! 

He worked his same magic on the Greater Hater. 

And by the way, storyboards aren’t usually DRAWN this nice, let alone animated!

His full brilliance as a storyteller will be on display in, “The Breakfast,”which he boarded, airing with The Big Day (boarded by me!) Monday at 9PM on XD. Don’t miss it!


“Just what the world needs, an Avatar scared by a ghost. You’re worthless.”

It’s here! Storyboard inspired by Relapse Chapter 1, by the magnificent simplykorra.

This story is heavy right out the gate, with Korra battling her mental and emotional demons while doing her best to keep a brave face to those around her. The lines of Korra’s internal dialogue are gut-wrenching stuff. 

I really enjoyed working with the quality of light and colours in this - tried to show some timelapse between first dawn and sunrise. Didn’t worry about cleaning up linework too much.

I’ve always wanted to do my own take on one of my favourite scenes from the show, Lin crying in Book 3. I present to you - the final frame!


Hey guys! 

Wolfsmoke here again! We've been really busy cranking stuff out for our new "Kungfu Cooking Girls" series. It's a lot of hard work, but it's really fun! We are super excited to show you guys more stuff in the coming months! We also have a few more exciting announcements that we be revealed in the near future, so stay tuned to our tumblr or facebook page! Thanks guys!

Here are a few storyboard images with mood settings. What do you guys think? :)