I didn’t really have anything planned for Valentine’s Day as far as art goes, but.. ya know, I thought I’d do something nice for you guys anyway and post a preview of what I’m currently working on X3

Hope you’ve been having a good one so far, whether with or without a significant other or three.


In case you missed it, here’s part one

Doing commissions again. I don’t have much money at the moment, so these would be a really big help. Need to save up for an apartment, cat stuff, and once again help my parents with bills. I’ve added some new features as well.


- All commissions are done digitally.

- Additional characters will cost extra (No more than 5 characters please).

*Character Ref Sheets
Rules: Must be an original character of yours and yours only. Please provide a detailed description or (preferably) a reference illustration. Character refs include expressions and a few poses; turnarounds are extra and available upon request. Extra characters cost extra money.

*Storyboards (up to 5 pages please)
- Small scene for pre-viz purposes (cartoons, animation). Each storyboard page will consist of 12 panels in 16:9 format (as shown above. I’m willing to make the dimensions 3:4 too). Feel free to send me a script or outline to follow.

- Email me at for a commission and information on prices.

- Be specific. Send me reference pics, special instructions, character info, etc.

- A Rough Draft (in low resolution) will be submitted to the client before the clean up process of the commission.

- I only accept payments in USD via PayPal. Half of the payment will be required before I start the commission. After the completion of commission, the remaining amount is required.

- The client will receive a high resolution of the final product after I finish.

-Email me for any questions or concerns.

- Humans
- Animals
- Anthro
- OCs
- Fan/Fictional Characters
- Cartoons

- Sexual content
- Anime
- Realistic Illustrations/Drawings

Got a bigger project you want me to work on? Shoot me an email and will talk from there.

Take a look at my portfolio on Behance! Also be sure to check out my new webcomic project, Never Normal, which will be launching soon!!!


Marcy P.