story: decent day


The park had a piano and a rose covered gazebo! 🎹🌷


Today: I got dressed up in my favorite long black romper with fresh washed curls and took three buses to get a gift for my last meeting with my boss. Took home one of the chocolate bars she didn’t choose and felt so anxious about all the changes happening, cried a few times reading all the notes in my goodbye card from my coworkers. Actually got it together enough to make some delish open faced sandwiches and watched too much Scrubs.

Kathniel Week #2 | Day 6 → Yuanfen (緣分)

↳ It was a switch from a shared happiness to a morally binding force. Through the rhythm of their music…[someone] perceived the dancers as performing together as one body.

March 30, 2014

Breakfast: (573)
Sausage (140)
2 Biscuits (340)
1 extra large egg (80)

Lunch: (290)
Grande Chai Tea Latte (190)
Milano (65)

Dinner: (585)
Pasta w/ mushrooms & peas (~585)

Total: 1,413

Big family breakfast, a day of errands, a 15 minute nap, and a giant bowl of pasta with more family. Energy was up and down, some points were exhausting, but I am so happy to feel useful and semi-active.

Also today I found out that my parents aren’t mad at me or anything for losing my scholarship, and they’re both being super supportive.

My mom hugged me, let me be alone to process, and brought me my favorite burger.

My dad (who’s not even in the state right now) said that it only means I don’t have to look back anymore, and he’s helping me look into graphic design classes at the local college this summer.

This actually gives me a little hope for the future

Despite how bad things have been recently, I’ve had a really decent day today. I got out of bed this morning which was super cool, I had breakfast and took care of myself. I did have to cancel my hospital appointment for Monday, but it’s okay, I will get another one in time. I actually went outside today which was really nice, just close to the house but I took some pictures of flowers and whatnot.
I feel okay today.
I think it’s safe to say that day one of my July Challenge has been successfully accomplished.


-sat through a presentation about majors that i already know about

-had dinner with ceaser salad that had too much pepper

-rendered a character and blocked in three more in photoshop

-made a ball bounce in maya \m/

-drank water

-thought about dont starve and how not to die next time

- earned $$$

-small talked with acquaintances