story: decent day


The park had a piano and a rose covered gazebo! 🎹🌷

March 30, 2014

Breakfast: (573)
Sausage (140)
2 Biscuits (340)
1 extra large egg (80)

Lunch: (290)
Grande Chai Tea Latte (190)
Milano (65)

Dinner: (585)
Pasta w/ mushrooms & peas (~585)

Total: 1,413

Big family breakfast, a day of errands, a 15 minute nap, and a giant bowl of pasta with more family. Energy was up and down, some points were exhausting, but I am so happy to feel useful and semi-active.


-sat through a presentation about majors that i already know about

-had dinner with ceaser salad that had too much pepper

-rendered a character and blocked in three more in photoshop

-made a ball bounce in maya \m/

-drank water

-thought about dont starve and how not to die next time

- earned $$$

-small talked with acquaintances

today’s notes:
- reading Hamlet in AP Lit is a quality time
- especially considering how much my teacher fangirls over it (he’s obsessed)
- Nikoo is a frickin awesome friend who got me laughing uncontrollably in psych today ily bby
- I think our psych teacher regrets letting nikoo johnny and i all sit next to each other lol
- yay my calc teacher said i did a good job on a problem today hehe
- yearbook became productive study hall with tunes B)
- it’s (really) nice to have someone who’s proud to have you
- civics…… let’s avoid that rant
- there’s no time like the present because that’s all there is
- watching nikoo and scott read hamlet was super amusing hahaha
- frozen yogurt = yahm
- my sister and i did some kitchen booty shakin’ to Fergilicious while my mom was out it was a great bonding time lel