To the anon who sent me this message….Hi! It’s my birthday in two days and all I really want is a really smutty hiddleswift fic lol. I know that you’re probably busy but your writing is some of the best around, so I thought it would be worth a try to ask ❤️ (obviously no pressure if you can’t or don’t want to)…..Here you go……And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Birthday Wishes – A MATURE Hiddleswift Short Story

27 years old.  She rests back against the couch, crossing her feet on the table in front of her as she takes a sip of the wine in her hand. 27.  The accomplishments she has under her belt at this age is impressive, she knows.  Yet instead of relishing in those accomplishments, she’s spent the entire day focusing instead on a picture her mother sent her this morning.  Andrea offering a happy birthday by text and then sending a picture of a list Taylor had written on her 7th birthday, outlining her wishes for how her life would be 20 years later.  

At 27 years old.

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