I just finished this project, and am gonna have these buddies with me at CZF this weekend!

It’s an audio cassette/zine bundle: I asked friends to tell me stories, and I asked if I could record them telling them. What resulted is 13 true-life stories told by 13 different people, all compiled onto a tape for you to listen to.

The accompanying zine includes 120mm portraits of all the storytellers (taken on the day of the story’s recording), and information on them to follow along with as you listen.

There are stories about ballet teachers, jail time, rabies shots, bad parenting, paranormal experiences, tour escapades, dance contests, and more.

Storytellers are: Samantha Cohen, Jared Larson, Michelle Ravit, Sarah Ayton, Alan Resnick, Dee Addario, April Rose, Dylan Taylor, Matt Ross, Simon Thrasher, Kate Larson, Jordaan Mason, and Dustin Lamberta.

I think it’s a really great collection! It’s sort of like an audio book: perfect for car rides, a day inside, a stroll with your walk(wo)man, etc.

Each tape is hand-stamped with gold ink, and runs 98 minutes long, in a numbered edition of 50.

Tape duplication by SUPERCRUSH tapes.


VOW | Eruri Fanbook

50+ pages. 16 artists. 9 writers.


Introducing a zine illustrating stories of trust and dedication between Commander Erwin Smith and Captain Levi Ackerman of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan).

This zine anthology will feature the individual works of artists and writers who admire this peculiar and deep-rooted relationship.

In dedication to a member of the Eruri community, all proceeds for this particular project will go towards the production of the book and donation to Crohn’s and Colitis research.

Contributors List | About Page

We will be following up next with previews from each contributor. Stick around!

Previews in order: janetsungart, unhlyghst, hottitandate, froggieogreen, b00kcake
Cover by: Karu


Fanzine #14 / Animal / Marleen Castel & Selma Roche

Thème > Animal

Marleen Castel & Selma Roche (France)

Mise en page, logos & façonnage > FK / XDK / +0 / Achevé d'imprimer le 07/04/16 au Chateau de Remicourt / Villers-Lès-Nancy / France / Format A5 / 16 pages + 1 poster A3 / 20 exemplaires / 5 euros

Submissions - ISSUE 6


Do you feel your writing borders on the experimental? Are your short stories eclectic, genre-bending, esoteric? Does your poetry inspire a certain madness? Esoterica needs this kind of work.

Contact our editor at for our latest theme, deadlines for early June release. Any work 3000 words or less, right down to a single word if you feel confident enough. We accept work from all areas of writing, backgrounds, et cetera, though we can only accept predominantly English submissions (unless a translation is provided).

We also accept artwork and music, such as the complimentary EP released with our last issue.

So if you have a flair for the esoteric, please contact us; we want to share the weird, the wonderful, the dangerous and the divine.

I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS FOR THA T SHADOW ZINE IM JUST *bats hands on every surface excitedly*


Fanzine Machine # 15 / Couple / Stéphane Martin & Olivier Poissonnet

Thème > Couple

Stéphanes Martin / France > Les Bernardettes / visibles sur facebook > ici

Olivier Poissonnet / France >

Mise en page, logos & façonnage > FK / XDK / +0 / Achevé d'imprimer le 07/04/16 au Chateau de Remicourt / Villers-Lès-Nancy / France / Format A5 / 12 pages + 1 poster A3 / 50 exemplaires / 5 euros

Hey dude !
We are calling people to participate for this linocut special edition ! You can follow @rougewebzine on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
-with same pseudo-
take a look on last issues on the website: ! Feel free to submit your entry until 1st at Thank you all ✨🍸🐊💀🔪🌴

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~WHITE DADS Preview Party this Saturday~

BAY AREA BABES! This Saturday at EM Wolfman in downtown Oakland, WDZ is having a party! The Preview Issue is here! There will be 2 readings from the upcoming zine, plus 2 performances from POC musicians. And wine for those 21+! All ages event. All donations go towards the creation of WDZ, but the event itself is free to attend 💗 See you there, lovelies!

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