I just finished this project, and am gonna have these buddies with me at CZF this weekend!

It’s an audio cassette/zine bundle: I asked friends to tell me stories, and I asked if I could record them telling them. What resulted is 13 true-life stories told by 13 different people, all compiled onto a tape for you to listen to.

The accompanying zine includes 120mm portraits of all the storytellers (taken on the day of the story’s recording), and information on them to follow along with as you listen.

There are stories about ballet teachers, jail time, rabies shots, bad parenting, paranormal experiences, tour escapades, dance contests, and more.

Storytellers are: Samantha Cohen, Jared Larson, Michelle Ravit, Sarah Ayton, Alan Resnick, Dee Addario, April Rose, Dylan Taylor, Matt Ross, Simon Thrasher, Kate Larson, Jordaan Mason, and Dustin Lamberta.

I think it’s a really great collection! It’s sort of like an audio book: perfect for car rides, a day inside, a stroll with your walk(wo)man, etc.

Each tape is hand-stamped with gold ink, and runs 98 minutes long, in a numbered edition of 50.

Tape duplication by SUPERCRUSH tapes.

I Took the Lincoln

I took the Lincoln, I took the Lincoln right from my grandmother’s driveway with its rusted burgundy tone and 100 spoke wheels; I took it and drove it off. I drove on the side of oncoming traffic with a stone face. And all the other drivers on the right side honked their horns and flashed their lights trying to warn me. But I didn’t care. I didn’t care if I hit a car, flew the windshield and a piece of metal went right through me. Besides, there were no cars in my lane anyway until, of course, a little gleam way down on this straight black hole of a road appeared. And you know, for half a second I thought I saw god, but no, it was a 1978 Chevy pick-up. A chrome front bumper and an electric blue paint job rusted just the same as mine. I’d imagine my bumper blinded him too. He never honked or flashed his lights or waved his hand out the window. No, he didn’t even swerve out of the lane. I suppose he couldn’t as there were cars on the other side and I was pretty far away. Or maybe he didn’t care as much as I didn’t.

He was probably a boy, like me, who stole his grandmother’s car, like me, and didn’t care if he died, like me. He probably tells this story like me. I bet he’s scared of bees like me and not scared of death but more scared of living, like me. He was probably always in the shadow, like me, and never amounted to anything, like me, probably an asshole, like me. He wanted to see my body fly through this dirty windshield, just like me. And so he got closer and closer, and I got faster and faster and just my fucking luck right before the collision I blacked out…and when I woke I was told that the Lincoln was fine and I never got hurt; my car went to a graceful stop. The Chevy smashed into oncoming traffic trying to avoid me and the boy driving had combed hair, going to school, with a winning smile and plenty of ambitions, “the sweetest kid you’ll ever meet” who cared for all and was scared of blood. He bought his own car and didn’t tell this story like me; he never told it at all because he died by flying through the windshield and having a piece of metal go right through him; he bled out in the middle of the freeway. He had the same name as me and honked his horn 57 times.

-Aner Bajraktarević (IG: @anerica_b)

Art by: Lyss Janae (IG: @lyss.janae)

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Hi! I'm a really huge fan of your work, and I'm so excited for your new film! The pics from insta look great!! What sorts of work (media, books, etc.) do you find most influential? Were there ever any specific works that encouraged you to pursue filmmaking?

thankyou!!!!! :) i cant wait for everyone to be able to see it!

i’d say that D.I.Y punk is my biggest influence as an artist/filmmaker/human.
i started going to all ages local punk shows when i was 13, and although i have a huge interest in pop culture, i’ve always been surrounded by self made music, events and lifestyles that exist without needing to meet the approval of the mainstream or an industry standard e.g. being able to tell stories through self published zines as oppose to needing a book deal or making music that is not radio friendly with cheap instruments and low fi recordings or putting on parties in basements, empty buildings or parks without needing to find an offiical venue to host, etcccc etccccc etcccc.
riot grrrl has also been a huge influence on me, and as a teenager it was the first thing that really made me feel like i could create things and it also made me realise how much i dont care about high art or pristine quality or rock stars and famous people and instead just wanna see and hear what everyday people who i share similar interests and experiences with are creating.
so essentially that is what influenced/ inspired me to start teaching myself how to make films by making films, despite having no budget, no experience and no film/art related schooling.

as far as specific works go, i wouldnt say any one or few stand alone works encouraged me to start making films, however i do think that tween dreams by mollysoda should get a mention as being something i saw really early on when making films that confirmed to me that you dont need to have fancy equipment or lots of $$$ to make good vids.

Amorphous Man, Explorer of the Ethereal Realm! (Rough beginnings of an idea for a graphic novel/illustration series I’m noodling with) #illustration #painting #artstudio #color #story #graphicdesign #graphicnovel #characterdesign #exploration #designer #art #artist #zine #magazine #editorial #experimentation #psychedelic #trippy #brooklynart #nyart #nyc #Brooklyn #bushwick
illustrated fiction chapbook: Cheering for the Montreal Canadiens & Other Things I Never Did Before
"Its like if The Hockey Sweater had a bunch of fuckwords & was a gay romance." -the author explaining this text to a friend

You know how I keep talking about where you can go to this or that local zine fair/craft market/alley behind a chicken feed store to acquire my chapbook, & you’re maybe like, “but my local is different from your local because the planet is vast & humans are a widespread phenomenon, you goon”?


You can now purchase the pretty glittery second edition of Cheering For The Habs from anywhere in the world using money. (Etsy link above.)

Recommended for those with an interest in one or more of the following:
-gay hockey enthusiasts
-reluctant gay hockey enthusiasts
-spritely bisexual musicians
-fierce asexual babes
-redneck amazon moms
-portraits of imaginary artists as dedicatedly flailing adolescents
-being given a guided tour of Perth, Ontario by a fictional teenager who is kinda preoccupied with his own problems
-makeouts, advisable & otherwise

I entered a cool Zine contest with this and was lucky enough to be chosen to have it Riso Graph printed! I’m so stoked! I’ve done a bunch of Zines in the past but this simple one page fold up zine has more structure than all the rest. I have to thank @katebingburt for the inspiration of pushing my zine story! ✌️ This zine is Undefeated Champion - a 7 day motivational pamphlet. I will be selling very limited Riso Graph prints at my shop soonish. Each one will be numbered and come with a flat black and white version so you can copy and hand out to someone who needs a lift in there spirits! Stay tuned for more details. #johnblack #barelyhuman #undefeatedchampion

David Chiang on the cover of Elsewhere Magazine! #ciottimodels #ciottimen #editorial #cover #covermodel

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Elsewhere Magazine Fall Issue cover and story is out!!! @elsewhere_zine @istvanszucs 📷- Hadar @hadar_pitchon by ciottimodels

Record stores have always attracted characters (and freaks in general), and so there are “Record Stories” 📓 #Repost @otherelectricities
One-of-a-kind Record Stories zine by @aleaficionado (at Sweat Records)