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Welcome to this little section of our blog where you will not only find information and links to get to know our wonderful contributors but you will also be able to read the summaries of the stories you’ll only be able to get in this zine!

First up is…


Click on the link above to visit her Tumblr. Don’t be shy! She’s an incredibly talented writer and the one who designed the theme for our blog!

Her story for the zine falls under the theme of “Confessions” and it’s called Just a Game. The summary reads:

Yuri and Otabek have been BFFs for a year now, and Otabek suddenly finds himself face to face with a real life crisis over a silly game of Truth or Dare when they’re all stuck in Viktor’s hotel room due to a bad storm and delayed flights.

If you would like to check out some of her stories, here’s a list with a few of her works, all about OtaYuri:

1. Love Happens (G) - Soulmate AU

When your soulmate’s first words to you were supposed to be tattooed on your wrist, a blank wrist was quite intriguing and an open invitation to be teased.

Otabek’s wrist was missing a soulband.

Every single person in his acquaintance had a soulband, God, even JJ had a soulband.

2. Falling For You (G) - Royalty AU

Otabek gaped at the intricately carved silver frame that held a painting of a face. A big scowling face.

The boy, certainly Prince Yuri, was wearing fine clothes beneath a worn out cheetah print jacket. His studded crown was tilted on his head, ready to fall at any moment if the boy decided to sneeze. A distinct pinch of the eyebrows was a strong indicator of frustration, even anger. Crystal green eyes - an eye, to be precise, was half visible under the curtains of his messy blonde hair and was currently glaring right back at Otabek.

“Holy mother of God!” Otabek flinched away from the painting which he thought might somehow take on a life of its own and punch him square in the face. 

3. Debt (T) - Mafia AU

Otabek never expected to see Yuri again after five years. Not like this.

If you want to read more, here’s a link to her AO3! Just know that not all works there are going to be PG-13 like our zine.

You can check out the full list of contributors here!
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Your creative fandom pursuits are not a waste of time.

I hand-coded a fansite in 2001. The results would make your teeth hurt today but I learned about HTML and CSS.

A piece of meta went semi-viral in 2003. That taught me about traffic and analytics and what the Internet likes. Consulting to improve web site traffic was a tidy side income for me last year.

I never made the leap from fanfiction to original fiction, or writing for novelisations of Star Trek and Doctor Who - but I have fandom friends who did.

I got my last job because of Wordpress and Tumblr. I explained what tags were as part of an information architecture demonstration. Yes, I know. Still: hired!

I got my current job because of the online content skills gleaned over 15 years in fandom. “You’re a digital native.”

Creating art, stories, meta, videos, zines, shirts, RPing, managing a series of stories, tracking your traffic, responding to comments and debate, being part of a community - it’s all good.

Your creative fandom pursuits are not a waste of time.

Sections for BULLSEYE

Now that our artists and writers are filtering into our Discord server and going over the sections list themselves, now’s a better time than ever to let folks know what they’ll be too! 

  • THE ARCHER (Hanzo-Centric)
  • THE GUNSLINGER (McCree-Centric)
  • CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE UNLAWFUL KIND (First Encounter/Tentative Friendship)
  • ONLY FOOLS RUSH IN (Falling in Love)
  • IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL (Actual Relationship)
  • IN ANOTHER LIFE (Alternate Universes)

We tried to go for a consistent story throughout the zine and attempted to have it feel as if it could potentially be canon – or it’d at least seem plausible in canon lore, minus the AU section. So hopefully when people finally get a copy of their zine, it feels like there’s a fluid timeline that feels organic and believable!

“Has Anyone Told You You’re Pretty?”

Sneak Peak at my submission for @westandasonecharityzine, if you like what you read here and want to read the whole story go support the zine once it’s published! Or, you can always submit your own fic or art as well!

Pairing: Andreil
Summary: Neil has never been to the dentist, so when he get’s a toothache and needs a root canal, he loses all control over his mouth under the influence of the laughing gas.

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Stucky zine looking for submissions!

I wrote one for this…other authors, let’s make an awesome stucky zine! 

I’m not the editor, so send any submissions to Alayne at the email at the bottom.


“Unity Makes Strength”

Introducing “Breuckelen”, a new Steve Roger/Bucky Barnes fanzine seeking submissions of fiction, poetry and art.

“Breuckelen” is the original, Dutch name of Brooklyn, the home of both Steve and Bucky, where their hearts were forged and their inescapable connection sealed. The moto of Breuckelen – and of Brooklyn – is “Unity Makes Strength”. It’s on the Brooklyn seal, on the flag and in the hearts of her native sons.

Stories can be set any time during the movies “Captain America: The First Avenger”, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, “Captain America: Civil War” or the Avengers movies, “The Avengers” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (since there’s a lot of directions one could go to incorporate Bucky, even though he doesn’t appear in either movie). You can write Steve pre-serum or post-serum. You can write Bucky Barnes or The Winter Soldier or something in between. My mind is open as far as time period in which you write. Also, as this is a slash zine, you can be as explicit as you’d like but explicit material is not necessary. I’m looking for love stories more than porn but porn works for me, too! I want strong characterization, strong emotion and strong writing. If you’re in doubt, please e-mail me with any questions you have.

For those who don’t know me: I’ve been publishing fanzines since 1984 (when I was 5!, okay, I was 25). I started (and continue) in K/S and branched out into The Sentinel, Miami Vice, Stargate SG-1, Beauty and the Beast, multi-fandom and professional, original character anthologies, vampire and supernatural themed. I’ve been writing most of my life but began writing K/S in 1980. I am an artist. I work in oils and pencil. As an editor, I edit. That might sound self-evident but I want to be clear. By “edit”, I mean that I line edit for spelling, punctuation, grammar. I also edit for plot and character continuity. That basically means that I expect your characters to resemble those in the movies. I expect you to know who you’re writing and remain as true as possible to who these men are. But I really want you to understand that I’m here to help you write the best story you can. I’m pretty easy to work with, too.

Deadline is, tentatively, November 10, 2017


Our writers

Welcome to this little section of our blog where you will not only find information and links to get to know our wonderful contributors but you will also be able to read the summaries of the stories you’ll only be able to get in this zine!

Next on the list is…


Another talented writer! Her AO3 is all about Yuri!!! On ICE, but be warned that most of her stories are on the explicit side ;)

Her story for the zine is for the theme of “Fantasy” and the title is Solstice Dance. The summary is:

Yuri is an immortal Sidhe, while dancing during the Solstice, human Otabek who has been watching the dance since his 10th year is killed by a guard… Yuri can save him but it means giving up his immortality for the sake of a mundane.

If you would like to read some of her work, check out the links below she’s written for JJ Style Week 2017!

1.  Quad Salchow (G) - JJBek

JJ LeRoy doesn’t have many friends, he is used to being alone until he meets Otabek Altin.

2. New Beginnings (M) - OtaPliRoy

JJ is finally moving to St. Petersburg to live with his boyfriends Yuri and Otabek.

You can check out the full list of contributors here!
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Some friends and I are putting together a zine and you should submit! We’re searching for all types of narratives, and believe everyone has some wisdom to share. Submissions are due July 15th!  

[image description: photograph of a light blue sky with very few clouds. There is a body of water at the bottom of the image. On top of the photograph reads:

“Flux Call for Submissions

Graduation season has come to a close, and we can’t help but be reminded of how some of our own lives changed a year ago. Dispersed throughout the world and working on different parts of ourselves, we’re hearing a recurring narrative: we’re experiencing isolation and a lust for a community in our new “homes”.

What has been your story a year out? Three years out? Five years out? What are some questions you still find yourself struggling with? How have you built a community? What grounds you? And most importantly, do you have any advice for others who are moving away from friends and community?

We’re gathering stories and creating a zine—‘FLUX’. FLUX does not center post-graduation experiences; submissions are open to anyone navigating a new environment. We are open to all types of submissions, including poetry, visual art, essays, photos, recipes—anything that will help you tell your own story. The zine will center submissions from marginalized communities.

Email us at with your submission and a short bio (200 words) by July 15th.”]


Kelsey-Jean write about creating life and they definitely know what they’re talking about – haven’t you seen their writing? With imagery that stirs up a rush of adrenaline and dialogue that makes you fall even harder in love with characters, you’re never able to turn down one of their stories!

Wanderlust Zine is their third zine, having previously been in @runcharityzine as well as their current work on poetry for @shakespearezine! Kelsey-Jean has also won “Best Writing” in their academy’s short film festival for three consecutive years, which is no small feat, so keep an eye out for this rising star ✨

Visit Kelsey-Jean on Tumblr @spacegaykj or Archive of Our Own @spacegirlkj

See the full story here: [ Precipice in the Mountains ]

To find out more about Wanderlust Zine, visit us @setters-n-acezine ✌🏽

Check back every day for a new edition of zine contributor featurettes!

whenthenightchanges  asked:

hey! first of all i absolutely love your art - when i found out i spent an entire day marathoning your story. it was so lovely. second of all: i'm v curious about your zines. the kim daily one has the drawings your posted, or is it something else? if it's something else, are you planning on putting everything regarding this story into a zine? i also saw now that you are releasing a second zine - what does it consist of? thank you so so much for your art and the time you take to make it!

The physical kimdaily zine consists of 120 pages of comics I’ve already posted! (The main storyline+ a few of my fave comics) But there’s 6 pages of exclusive content which i call Jungkooks Drawing Corner as well (jk is an artist in this au so those are his supposed sketches and studies of the other members!) if u buy the zine it will also include a 300+ pg PDF of all my comics in neat and pretty order+ a ficlet at the end to foreshadow the 2nd arc I’m currently working on!

For the Legfam Zine, it’ll contain all the comics I’ve done so far and the daily illustrations I do like the flower crown one or the star fish one. It’ll also include 1-2 exclusive comics probably. And 5-10 exclusive illustrations as far as I’m planning it! Only some of them will be released and even if they are it won’t be until months later since I want my zine homies dibs on seeing them~

If u have other questions lmk!!