Hi all! A quick story behind this simple sketch:

Lately, I’ve been in quite the creative slump. But today started with a call from my mentor in Maryland. Now, not a call for me, but my cousin. He worked through his doubts with care, and while I wasn’t present for the call and have no idea what transpired, my cousin payed it forward to me. He took time out of his schedule to re-teach what he learned and work through my doubts with me. All to say: this painting is a small product of that! It was about returning to the important things: making sure I’m intentional to create the type of content I care about.

Anyway, these mountains and sunset and clouds can be for you now if you want -just to encourage you to also take part in creating. We’re getting there!

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I wonder if ONE draws a scene then immediately uploads it? And that’s why chapters are in chunks?

I assume he has the whole story written/sketched out? And just does the chapter shortly before its to be posted online?

I wish I knewwww


A month worth of mini illustrations I did for my instagram! follow me at : skyneverthelimit . some character designs for Agni and Kali. I also brought Yo Kai Watch and I love it and wanted to draw my witch Opal interacting with these ghostly creatures!

I will be moving back home in two days 


“Riley’s story shifted a lot in the early stages of developing Inside Out. One of my particular favorites was when it was about Riley’s relationship with her long-time best friend. I drew ideas directly from my own memories of playing with my close friends and cousins when I was young. Small, humorous moments are often the best way to make a character specific and original.” 

-Valerie LaPointe


Snowpiercer shot studies! Absolute favourite movie this year. If you haven’t seen it yet, WATCH IT NOW! It’s brave, funny, socially relevant, an amazing cast and not really like anything else I’ve ever seen!

Anyway, been in a weird art rut lately and thought this would be a fun way to get some sketches done; it was a blast, totally doing this again! c:

A little afternoon sketch between projects, Rogue One has got me too hype! And Donnie Yen is a beast!