Westallen: An Epic Lovestory

So if anyone is wondering I am a big believer in true love an epic love-stories. So if I ship something and make it my OTP, it is because of the aforementioned things.

The love that Iris West and Barry Allen have for each other is truest most purest love which makes Westallen EPIC. 

What makes it so epic? You mean apart from the fact that that the universe/time itself and everyone in it ships it. Well the one thing that I absolutely adore is that Iris West is Barry Allen’s only constant. One thing he is absolutely sure about. Barry’s only reality. This episode basically confirms it. 

“Barry, listen to me okay? You have to concentrate on my voice. Whatever is happening to you, you have to fight it. I know you can do this. I know how strong you are. Stand up to Grodd.”

When Barry was about to lose to Grodd, it was Iris who helped him give the courage to stand up and fight. It was Iris who helped Barry essentially win. Barry knows this and he is not hiding his love for Iris and how it has helped both Barry and The Flash. Boy did he fell deeper in love with her. 

“Iris, what you were saying to me when I was down in the sewer, you know why I wasn’t afraid? Because you were there. Even though I really was scared having you there is how I could stand up to Grodd. Everytime I falter or make a mistake, the thought of you is what picks me back up. It keeps me going. Look, I, what I’m trying to say is that even though you didn’t know everything about my life this past year that does not mean that you weren’t a part of it. You were. Every. Single. Day. Without you, there wouldn’t be the Flash.”

This quote that Barry said to Iris explains how significant Iris is to Barry Allen. Iris West is the only person that has able to anchor Barry’s powers.

Like this scene….

Or like this scene…

And this scene…..

His love and friendship for Iris (and hers for him) has kept the light inside if him in his most darkest times. Iris’s belief in Barry has helped him become the person he is today, a hero. What ever Barry did in the past and is about to do in the future will have something to do with Iris, it always has, it always will.

So what makes westallen an epic love story is the fact that in whatever time/alternate universe/ different version of the future, there is two things that is a constant and will never change

  1. Barry Allen will always become The Flash and..
  2. Iris West is Barry’s one and only love 

And I think that is so beautiful and fucking epic. They make me cry!


Oliver & Felicity | B R A N D E D

He was branded on his soul by the purity of her love…

Song:  Work Song by Hozier

Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak has reached epic levels with their love story.  

“The only way I’m going to survive this is if I know that you’re out there…living your life…happy.”

This was where the video was inspired from.  The idea that he could get through hell simply with the knowledge that she is alive and happy.  

I also love what jbuffyangel wrote in her 3x20 review: 

“The purpose of this fire is to eradicate Oliver Queen.  Who is The Arrow without Oliver Queen? Al Saheem.

But Ra’s Al Ghul is too late. Oliver has already been purified by fire BEFORE the branding. Oliver Queen was branded on his soul in that kiss by the flames with Felicity. The war Felicity promised Ra’s Al Ghul is coming. She made a promise to Oliver. She will not give up on the life she wants. Felicity Smoak will NOT give up on Oliver Queen. Love will conquer all.” 

Ra’s Al Ghul lost the battle before it truly begun, because he never had Oliver Queen in the first place.  He was already branded on his soul by the love of Felicity Smoak.  

I hope you guys enjoy this!  It’s been a while…I have about another 15 videos sitting in my wastebasket before this one came together…but this literally came together in 3 days so I’m super excited about it!  


After listening to Garnet explain love in the last episode, I couldn’t stop thinking about Ruby and Sapphire’s love story… I want an episode about it so bad, but I have a feeling we’ll never get it because THINK OF THE CHILDREN or some nonsense.

My head canon, based on Garnet’s love speech, is that Ruby and Sapphire didn’t get along at first. Their personalities are very different. But after fighting at each other’s side long enough (possibly after getting stranded on Earth), they started to care for each other. Over the FIVE THOUSAND YEARS they’ve been on Earth, their feelings grew and grew until they fell in love so completely, we now get Garnet.

We know they were Garnet by about… the 1700′s? Based on the shark/pirate painting. But I really want to know if they were Garnet when they decided to stay on Earth, or if they fell in love after.

Definitely Not A Cliché High School Love Story - Chapter 6

Here I come with chapter 6! Umm, very Jonnor, much gay, so sassy, wow.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Connor jumped out of bed and took a few steps back. His heart was racing and he was breathing heavily. He was desperately trying to recall what happened the night before that resulted in ending up in bed with Jude but he was failing. His mind was completely blank.

Jude opened his eyes narrowly, then started blinking rapidly when he saw the large figure standing in front his bed. He sit up and reached for his glasses and put them on.

„Morning, sunshine,” he greeted Connor with a raspy morning voice.

Connor gaped, he couldn’t believe this was happening. „Wh-wh-what h-h-happened? Did-did we?” he asked shakily. He was praying that this wasn’t what he thought it was.

Jude raised his eyebrows. „No, we didn’t. Nothing happened,” he replied. Connor heaved a sigh of relief. „Nothing, apart from when you were dry humping my thigh while screaming ’slap my ass and call me Gretchen’. Mean Girls fan, huh? Never would’ve guessed,” he continued with a deadly serious expression. Connor’s eyes widened in horror.

Jude bursted out laughing. „Relax, man, I’m just messing with you. I wish you could see your face right now.”

Connor felt his anger rise once again. „You’re a prick, I hope you know that,” he barked at Jude. He couldn’t fucking believe this guy.

„It was just a joke, you can unclench now. God, straight people are so sensitive,” he made sure he emphasised the word ’straight’ and folded his arms before his chest.

„Yeah, cause you’re hilarious,” Connor replied sarcastically. For some reason, he also felt the need to fold his arms. He was sure his face looked like a tomato.

He was standing there awkwardly for a while, avoiding Jude’s eyes when it registered in his brain that he wasn’t home, he was in an unfamiliar room. The walls were filled with article cut-outs, celebrity photos and band posters. Connor recognized a few but he had never seen most of those people before. Jude seemed to live there alone but there was an extra bed across from his.

He started wondering how he got there.

He glanced at Jude. „Why am I here?” he asked nervously.

„You passed out in a bush and there was no one there to help you and I was sober, so I did. I don’t know where you live so I brought you here,” the attitude was gone in that moment and he was busy staring at his folded arms.

„Oh,” Connor suddenly felt small. „Thanks for not leaving me there,” he said reluctantly. „But…why didn’t you put me in the other bed?” he needed more explanation.

Jude narrowed his eyes. „You collapsed on me while I was putting my keys down. I was trying to get you off of me but you’re just a tad too heavy for me,” the attitude was back. „This wasn’t exactly how I imagined having a guy in my bed for the first time, so you kinda owe me,” he smirked.

Connor’s jaw dropped, he had never been so embarrassed in his life. He didn’t know what to say. He watched Jude getting up and walking towards his closet.

„I’ll take a quick shower, d’ya mind?” he asked as he was going through his wardrobe, searching for clean clothes.

„Uh, no, I have to go anyway, my dad’s probably freaking out by now,” his voice sounded husky, so he cleared his throat.

Jude turned around to face him. „It’s Saturday, we were supposed to work on our project, remember? Just call your dad or something and tell him you’ll be home in a couple of hours.”

„Aw, shit, I totally forgot,” Connor replied.

Jude took off his necklace. „But you did that…thing, right? With the hay?”

„Yeah, sure. It’s gonna be fun doing homework with this fucking headache,” he closed his eyes and started massaging his temple. His head was killing him.

Jude snorted. „You’ve kinda brought that on yourself, dude. Do you remember anything?”

Connor shook his head.

„At all?” Jude pushed.

„Nah,” Connor grunted. „So, how come your parents are not home?” he asked to change the subject.

„Moms have taken my little sister to our grandma in Florida. They’ll be back in a couple of days,” Connor’s eyes shot up to the word ’moms’. He didn’t know Jude had two moms, just like he didn’t know anything about him. Lena didn’t strike him as gay, so he was kind of shocked as he heard the news. But nearly not as shocked when he realized that Jude wasn’t wearing a sweater anymore. Seeing his naked torso made his face heat up. He was trying his hardest not to look but he failed gloriously.

Jude noticed how red Connor had suddenly gotten and his lips curled into a soft smile. He was so onto Connor.

„I’ll be out in 5, could you make some coffee?” Jude asked as he was making his way to the bathroom.

Connor bit his lip. „Sure.”

Outlander Review, Episode 1x12 Lallybroch

Warning, I’m a spoilery reviewer and I leave nothing out so buyer beware… oh yeah, and this is hella long. Again. Sorry. Not sorry.

Have I ever mentioned to you good people how much I love great characterization? How much I love people on my shows talking to one another? People on my shows communicating, actually speaking words, even if they’re out of anger? How much I love actors who understand who their characters are? How much I love consistency in my characters? How much I love when characters do act out of character, it’s addressed?

Well if not, let me tell you, I love all of the above more than anything else when it comes to story telling, great plots without all of the above just leaves me feeling like what should have been a great meal, just turned out to be nothing but empty carbs. If I’m going to have carbs, I need that sucker to taste good, because carbs can be really bad for my ass and my waistline.

Anyway, yes, it appeared that not a lot happened in Lallybroch, from a plot perspective, but everything that happened, every conversation that was had, moved the story forward, and I was here for it.  A lot of those conversations also moved me to tears, so the episode was brilliant on quite a few levels.  I expected nothing less of course because this episode was written by Anne Kenney, who wrote the quite brilliant wedding episode.
Let me just say, that I prefer these sorts of character-driven episodes, over the plot driven ones.

Anyway, without further rambling, let’s begin shall we?

What I Disliked?

1.  That freaking sleeve thing that Claire was wearing when Jamie was telling her about BJR.

What the hell was it? It looked like somebody hadn’t quite finished pulling it up her arm. Yes, I know that many of the garments in those periods weren’t always stitched together, but still, it was hella distracting.

2.  That we weren’t allowed to have a full episode of Jamie and Claire without one of them ending up in danger.  

There’s enough danger coming, I’d have been happier if the show had ended at Claire’s declaration.

3.  That the show ended after 57 minutes instead of giving me the full 60 minutes.

I’m greedy and I now have to wait a full week before the next one airs. What’s up with that mess? Also, there are now only four episodes left, not sure how the writers are going to manage to cram everything in, but I have faith.

What I loved With The Passion of A Thousand Burning Suns

1.  The theme song.

Always and forever amen. That shit literally makes my heart soar and makes weep in appreciation whenever the vocals move in. I’ve mentioned it already, but even as I’m typing this, the tears are falling. Ugh. So freaking good.

2.  I’ve just noticed that all the writers are also co Exec Producers of the show. I love Ronald D Moore. Truly.

3.  The opening shot.

Scotland truly is God’s country isn’t it? So freaking beautiful. Apart from the fact that it’s colder than a witch’s tit, I’d live there any day.

4.  Jamie: “And they just stay aloft like birds

I know I’m not the only one who loved Claire telling Jamie about planes and all the modern progressions. The truth is, I could watch them talk about grass all day and I’d still be like…

Heart-eyes motherfuckers!

Also, how pretty are my OTPs?

5.  Jamie: “How old are you Sassenach, I never thought to ask.”

Oh Jamie, you are so 1744. ( apparently we entered a new year)

6.  Claire: “I’m 27” (Yes I’m pretty sure we were all thinking the same thing, let it go)
Jamie: “Och. I always thought you were about my age or younger.”
Claire:  "Are you disappointed?“
Jamie:  "Nah. It’s just that when I’m 40, you’ll be 245.”

Jamie made a funny! I love him. Have I mentioned how much I love him?

7.  Jamie and Claire getting off their horses when they were still miles away from Lallybroch.

I’m not gonna lie, I’d have stayed on those freaking horses until I got right to the door. Don’t judge me.

8.  The flashbacks to Jack Randall molesting Jenny.

I forgot what a bastard BJR is, and I’m now petrified about Wentworth all over again.

9. Jamie: “There were rumors, that Randall had got Jenny with a bastard child.”

Hush, all children are precious Jamie.

10.  Jamie:  "Do you not think I’d suffered enough after what happened that you must name Randall’s bastard after me?“

Jamie, Sweetie, the kid is right there! Language!

11.  Jenny: ”Randall’s bastard?“

She need not have said a word more. I could tell Jenny was about to blow. This was a hilarious encounter in the book, and poor Claire just stood trying to be anywhere but where she was right then. Siblings fighting is never a pretty thing. I used to beat my brother up regularly when we were kids. Don’t worry, he’s still with us, and we got past our childhood.

Can I just say how amazing Laura Donnelly was here? The freaking tension between these two was amazing, everything was literally telegraphed on her face.

12.  Jenny:

Lol. Poor Claire. I could see the imaginary punch coming from her towards Jenny a la Allie McBeal’s dump truck. (Go look it up.)

13.  Jenny: ”Do I have to do what I did when we were bairns? Grab you by the bollocks to make you stand still and listen to me?“
Jamie: "You’re now trying to shame me in front of my own wife?!?”
Jenny: “Well if she’s your wife then I imagine that she’s more familiar with your balls than I am.”

Hahaha! Jenny’s got jokes!  By the way, can I say how happy I was I was that Jenny didn’t actually grab Jamie’s balls like she did in the book. Also, I’m happy that they didn’t include the slaps too. We got what we needed to out of the scene without reverting to them physically fighting each other.

14.  Ian:  "It’s good to see you Jamie, you always knew how to make an entrance.“


15.  Jamie feels slightly foolish now. Now be a good boy and apologize to your sister.

16.  Ian: ”And this would be...“

Hahaha, Claire’s still salty about Jenny calling her that. As I would be too girl, as I would be too.

17.  Ian: ”You drink whiskey?“
Claire: "I’ve been known to have a glass or two

Hahaha! The understatement of that century I’m sure…

18.  The tension between Jamie and Jenny back at the house though.

Stubborn fools the both of them.

19.  Jamie: “What happened with Randall? I need to know.”
Jenny: “Then I’ll tell you once, and never again.”

Honestly, I could  live without Jenny telling me what happened between her and Jack Randall again. That shit hurts my soul.

20.  Wait, was that Tobias Menzies’ penis?

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i’m a mess right now, inside out

This is for the minific thing which turned out to be not that mini because I’m me, let’s face it.

skyefknward requested

Skyeward + things you said when you were drunk

So here it is:

i’m a mess right now, inside out | on AO3

“I hate you and I thought you should know.”

… and then they bang

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