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-We have an ENTIRE movie about their love story
-A theme song that is literally named NARUTO AND HINATA!
-Beautiful soundtrack that describes their love story in The Last!
-They sing about their feelings for each other
-Their children are SO DAMN CUTE!
-Parallel between MINAKUSHI AND NARUHINA in the latest ending !
-They kissed not once but TWICE in the movie!


learning curve [est. d/c]

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It starts with something stupid, as these things usually do. Well, it might be somewhat of a sacrilege to call Super Smash Bros. stupid, though perhaps the look of stupefaction on Dean’s face when he looses a tournament for the fifth time in a row to his smirking angelic boyfriend might make it appropriate after all.

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So my old youth leader was telling me that he met his (now) wife at a Halloween party where he was dressed up like a priest and she was a witch and apparently she had been scoping him out all night trying to talk to him and he was to shy to even like go up to her, and so finally she had had enough and came over and sat on his lap and says “Father I have a few things to confess” and he turns beet red and stutters out “so will I if you don’t get off me” And if you don’t think that’s the cutest thing ever than get out


“I don’t know how to be with you as Thom Rainier.”

“We’ll figure it out.”


Chanyeol sits in his room with a polished acoustic guitar slung over his neck and perched on top of his knee.The window is propped open, allowing the cool night air drift into the room. The stars are out, twinkling brilliantly from the never ending black sky that seems to swallow even a giant, like Chanyeol. He peeked over his shoulder to verify that the door was completely shut. He strums a few chords for practice and clears his throat. He had written a new song recently, but has been too embarrassed to perform it in front of the other members. Usually, he enjoyed being critiqued for his new compositions, but this particular song was extremely dear to him. It was about Kyungsoo.
 Kyungsoo has been gone for a few days, filming for his new movie. This movie would bring Kyungsoo a lot of new fans. Although Kyungsoo was enthusiastic of the prospect of being able to be a lead in a movie, Chanyeol could only plaster a fake smile on his face. Of course, he was happy for his friend’s opportunity, but Chanyeol would miss him. 
Kyungsoo could tell that Chanyeol was bothered by the incident. The night before he left for movie shooting, he jokingly told Chanyeol, “If you ever miss me while I’m gone, look at the stars. I’m gonna be there when I become a bigger star after this movie ends.” 
So tonight, Chanyeol gives in and searches for the biggest star he could find outside his window. With a deep breath and a smile, Chanyeol’s deep, rich voice fills the room, as he wishes for Kyungsoo to come back. The combination of this creamy voice with the sweet melody spins the tale of a (particularly short) boy with a soft, velvety voice seeking out into the world, searching for his true happy place. 
The tune ends with a last strum and a sigh from Chanyeol, when he hears a small, tittering laugh from behind him. The giant whips his head around, to find Kyungsoo standing with his bags, smirking.
“Well, I’m back. Maybe I shouldn’t have come back, judging from how much you missed me.”
Chanyeol practically throws the guitar off his neck and locks Kyungsoo into a tight hug. Although embarrassed, Chanyeol is ecstatic to see his best friend again. With Kyungsoo, Chanyeol feels like he is in his happy place.

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#you guys should see my kabby to-draw list it's disgusting and great #the wedding headcanon is the one i want to draw most #but it will take me DAYS or WEEKS #time which i don't have rn basically sigh - SAY WHAT NOW

lmao I wondered if anybody read that. Now I feel the need to share the headcanon (I was going to make it a surprise for when I sketched it but ah well).

Remember that time Kane went and planted the ark’s cute little tree out in the forest (probably close to camp). Well I have this stupid headcanon that he’s been going out in secret watering it for the longest time since. Hoping one day it can grow tall and strong, and blossom like his relationship with Abby. And that one day it grows big enough for the two of them to get married under (I’M TRASH I KNOW). And now we skip to a time when the pair of them are engaged - and Abby doesn’t really know a place for them to be married since their options are slim. AND THEN KANE TAKES HER TO THE TREE. THE TREE THAT MEANS EVERYTHING TO HIM. And then he has this dorky speech about how he’d watered all this time, it’d given him hope. And the way it had blossomed had reminded him of them. It started out on the ark like them - he’d taken it for granted until he lost Vera, like he almost lost Abby. It needed a lot of trimming at times, it could be stubborn. But it grew all the same. 

AND SO THEY GET MARRIED UNDER THE TREE. And on the day Abby says sweet things to him about how proud Vera would be. And Raven and Clarke would put pretty flowers in Abby’s hair. And they’d find her a dress from the old clothes in Mount Weather, and Kane a nice blazer. AND I AM DETERMINED TO DRAW THIS.