You were falling in love when all he had was time to kill and that’s where you fucked up, you mistook his affection and attention for loyalty. But you should know that people will do anything to get what they want, they’ll tell you what you want to hear and they’ll make you feel how you want to feel, even if it’s just a handful of bullshitted lies. And now you go back, doubt everything and anything that ever came out of his mouth because now you know - now you know you were just someone for him to toy around with, and it’s rude, but that’s people for you.
—  c.f. // “people are so full of shit”

time for some ‘story time with swancy’. guys remember a few weeks back I told you about this guy who used to come on call at my work and we used to banter and shit. Well this is an update on that lol. Please go find part 1 of this post if you have no idea what I’m on about. Okay so in the last 2 weeks it kinda became quiet between us because he hardly came on my call line, and then last week for some odd reason he was on my line quiet a bit. And everytime he came through we’d just tease each other and then he’ll tell me where to put the actual client on his line, but he never ever gave me the three letter digits (those three letters of a clients policy number is literally the holy grail) and tbh it isn’t his job to find it out anyway. So today we moved to a different building and this new building we were in is the same building that he works in. And he actually came to our department to see other members of my team, but I didn’t know it was him (i’ve never seen him before) but I smiled at this person, who was so so cute. And then he chatted with some people from my team and then went to leave and as he left I got a call on my line so I went back to work. And just as I started talking on the phone, I hear this voice on the otherside of my ear and he comes over and whispers “the last three letters are DYS” and then smiles and laughs and walks away. Whilst I die inside. 

god damnit. 


I’ll be keeping this list updated from time to time for this horrible of an au so i could keep track of the characters. I’ll also be adding ‘?’ people to the au soon somehow

feel free to inbox me prompts too i’ll love to know who else could suffer from this au *:・゚✧

chasingbxtterflies  asked:

What was the most embarrassing moment in Leia's life?


Well this actually happened recently—I was talking with a friend over the phone one time, and we were just joking around while also speaking a little…Spanish????

Bear with me here.

But in any case, I was gonna thank her for (insert rlly important “lol can u talk to my crush for me??” favor) something that I’d asked for her do for me—and I was gonna say it in Spanish, because why not.

instead of saying “gracias”…. I said “grassy ass” instead.






my mom came into my room at 6am today (sunday) to ask if she could play pokemon go from my account. she then went to the park with my dad for 3 hours and only came home when my phone ran out of battery. she caught a bunch of new pokemon and told me that some little kid stole the Tauros she was trying to catch and that she was ready to fight the kid