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Costume Porn + Women Warriors/Women in Armor

La verità è che il Cappellaio e Alice erano innamorati, ma erano di due mondi completamente diversi. Eppure nessuno si dimenticherà mai dell'altro e si sono promessi che un giorno si rincontreranno e continuano a sperarci senza mollare. Si dice che lui diventò Matto, ma di lei, e che lei lo sogni ogni notte. Si sono lasciati qualcosa di indelebile dentro, qualcosa che neanche la pazzia potrà cancellare.

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Fact 3

During the Stolen Century, Magnus died 19 times, Merle died 57 times, and Taako died 8 times.

Following that, during the Eleventh Hour, they died an extra 11 more times, making their updated death count to Magnus at 32, Merle at 68 and Taako at 19.

Also, adding onto that, Magnus died 2 more times, one being the part where his soul was forced out of his soul (Episode 56, Time 51:26) and the part where his mannequin body was destroyed by the Hunger (Episode 59, Time: 1:02:39), meaning that Magnus’ current death count is at 34, which is half of Merle’s death count.

Other notable things and thoughts about this topic:

  • When comparing the Boys’ deaths between The Stolen Century and The Eleventh Hour, Merle (57 > 11) and Magnus (19 > 11) gain less deaths in comparison while Taako (8 < 11) gains more.
  • Magnus is the only one with a canonically stated age (32), meaning that, unless you added the extra 99 or less years from TSC, his current death count is higher then his age.
  • Lup, Lucretia, Barry and Davenport do not have explicit death counts, however, if one gives a general estimate based on those character’s demeanor and already given deaths, it could be assumed that Lup and Barry would have a considerably high death rate (somewhere inbetween Magnus’ and Merle’s TSC death rates) and that Davenport and Lucretia would have considerably low death counts (somewhere near to Taako’s TSC death rate.)
    • The pod would take approx. 4 months to charge (if it’s stats were based off of the spell Clone) and given Barry’s… tendencies to die easily, as he probably has wizard stats in terms of health, he probably died around 3-4 times a year. 
      • You can do the math from there.
  • Lucretia has not yet had an explicit death. 
    • Personally, at where we currently are, I want that fact to stay a fact.
  • Despite the fact that Taako and Lup are twins, and ignoring the fact that one of them would technically be the older one at birth, if you removed the time from when they where dead/a lich/whatever else could have happened to them during TSC, Taako should probably be considered the eldest based on time spent alive.
    • Based on Lup’s whole entire demeanor and her tendencies, there is statistically no way that Lup’s death count would be lower than 15, let alone 7, and even if it was, she was a lich for 10-12 years. She’s still technically dead right now. 
  • Every day I am amazed that Taako’s death rate is so low, considering that he has a tendency to be near death or at risk of dying more than the other characters.
    • I may even do a post based off of that in the future.
My Introduction into the LGBTA+ Community

This came to me while in the shower. I nearly forgot about it but now I can’t forget it and I think it’s important.

Back when I was a small eighth grader, my Christian school asked me to go to a local fair and hold a book reading for kids. I was super excited and said yes right away. I got there, read a book or two, then I had a half hour break. I walked around and saw a sign that said ‘ART!!! X% OF PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITIES TO HELP LGBTA+ MINORS!!“. I don’t remember the exact percentage, but I remember thinking "Art??? I love art!!”

I walked over to the tent where there were two people. One girl with dark purple hair, and another 'girl’ (in quotes for a reason) who had a shaved head. They were in highschool and I was terrified… They were the big kids at a PUBLIC SCHOOL!!! I asked them what lgbta+ meant because I wanted to know where my money was going.

They said “Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transexuals, ace/aro, and others!” And I’m like??? There’s more than just gay??

They laughed and said yes, asked me my orientation (straight then) and introduced themselves. (I’ll use their traits as names) Purple was a girl, and pansexual, which she explained meant she could love anyone no matter what. (Anyone? I asked. Yep! She said smiling. I just care if you’re kind). She has a girlfriend who was a lesbian.

Artist (the persons who art was being sold) was nonbinary and bisexual. They explained what they meant, and how bi was different from pan. But I was confused about nombinary. I told them I didn’t understand how you could be nothing! They smiled softly and told me this.

“It’s okay if you don’t understand! It can be confusing. All the matters is that you’ll treat me like everyone else.”

We talked until I had to go back, but on all my breaks I went back to them. I told them how my mom was at my stand and wouldn’t be happy if she knew I was there. They told me about highschool and art and lgbta+. I ended up buying two pieces from her. One I’m not a huge fan of bc I grew out of the style but the other I still have hanging up after almost five years.

At some point, I had to leave. They hugged me, wished me luck in life, and we parted ways.

I was packing up when I saw a huge floppy sunhat come into my tent. It was Purple and Artist, who got a huge hat so my mom wouldn’t see their “boy hair cut”. They said hello, pretended not to know me, but slipped me a slip of paper, smiled, and walked away. I opened it to see a drawing of a hotdog Artist drew me (I let calling every dog a hot dog because it was very hot outside). On the bottom was a small heart.

This is so important to me. Those people could’ve easily brushed me off as just a kid who is sheltered and bigoted. But they didn’t. They took me in for the day and (most likely painfully for them) explained everything and answered all my questions. I don’t think I’d be on terms with my sexuality without them.

Long story short, always be nice. Have patience, be kind, and never get short with kids, teens, or even adults who just want to learn or are under informed. Or even if they don’t understand some things, like how I was at first with nonbinary.

Always be patient, always be kind. Anything you say or do can impact someone forever.


Hello guy! I am a big fan of Disney’s films. I love every single movie of this pictures. And this is the logo collection of most of Disney films that I can find on the internet. There is one fact that it is very difficult to recreated some logos. So, I know this collection is not fully completed, but that all I can do. I put them in the order of time. It is included Animated feature films, Hybrid films with live action and animation, Live-action films, True-Life Adventures / Disneynature, and some of other documentary films. Hope you guys like it!

P/s: This is Part 1

“Un giorno Alice arrivò ad un bivio sulla strada e vide lo Stregatto sull'albero.
-"Che strada devo prendere?” chiese.
La risposta fu una domanda:
-“Dove vuoi andare?”-
“Non lo so”, rispose Alice.
-“Allora” disse lo Stregatto - non ha importanza.