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  • Q: Do you have any discarded scenes/storylines/projects?

Nice one! I don’t have any discarded projects – everything is just in various stages of “not finished yet” – but yes, every once in a while, I do snip out a segment that’s just not working. I usually save it as a “[fic title] Cut” until I finish the story, just to make sure I don’t need to come back to it.

I usually delete them when the fic is done, but since I’m still working on so many fics, I actually have a few still in the “in progress” file at the moment. My favorite might well be one from Yancy’s fic, because I might just decide to stick it back in.

If you remember A Life Less Ordinary and its sequel, All the Bastards Here are Cold, I’ve always intended a finishing chapter to the trilogy from Yancy’s point of view about him recovering and the whole lot of them going on an unofficial mission to find out who ordered him to be “decommissioned” and scarpered off to the Kaiju Underground to be turned into one of their drone pilots.

In fact, I’ll just paste it in here, if anyone’s curious. Yancy’s voice gives me trouble because we don’t get to know him that well in the movie (and I don’t want him to sound like Raleigh because they’re brothers, but not the same person), but some day. SOME DAY. *shakes fists at sky*

Little preface: if you haven’t read the earlier stories, Yancy’s been in hospital care, paralyzed from the neck down, since the midair dogfight disaster six years before that everyone thought killed him. This is after it’s all come to light and the focus has shifted from just keeping him alive to maybe using some Kaiju Underground research, awful as it was, to help him.

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A second try at the Missl0nelyhearts’ Story Voice Meme! I’ve got five pieces that I read on this one (though only excerpts except on one of them).

The fic I read are as follows:

Only Blood by GreyTaliesin

Erik the Slayer in Fallout Land by HistoryMiss

Acts of Arson by SpicyShimmy

Coffee, Black by Black_Ink_Tide

Yggdrasill Dreaming by Memlu

I hope you enjoy! And, hopefully, the audio doesn’t mess up at any point in there, and all the repeats where I messed up on lines are actually cut out.

Runs about 10 minutes.

Oh, and I really hope I didn’t butcher some of the pronunciations of names too terribly! I wasn’t completely sure how to say Giruvegan.

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my heart is such a loud place right now.

it’s like a town hall meeting.  like the hanged man.  like i got to mill about with your sounds on top of one another in my brain.  and at the same time…each was telling a story, some like old friends and some like thrilling strangers.

it’s HARD to do.  picking, reading, hearing yourself.  so, thank you for playing along and adding your voice…you can’t even know how much i treasure it.

(…says the Story! Voice Meme)

so, this is like the best Story Time ever.

i am picturing us all sitting around, like in the library as kids, gazing up at one storyteller after another.  watching flutie’s hands flail and dance, watching cake’s face as merrill’s trill comes out of it, watching apostate’s big eyes go wide and then soft…and sighing around every english vowel historymiss produces.

it would only be better if there were an ALL porn edition.

Story Time in the library would never be the same.