story time with giraffes on parade

You see this cat? This is my cat Vesty-meow. This is him coming to tell me to come to bed. When i’m up past my bedtime he finds me and won’t stop meowing until I follow him to the bedroom. Where he cuddles next to me. 

Some people don’t understand how intuitive animals are to these types of things. I have anxiety. When I’m crying he always finds me, when I’m stressing he finds me. We call him the ‘detective’ because he always knows whats up. And he will only 'talk’ to me. I was gone for a month visiting family and he spoke not a word, until i got back.

Once we were cooking and something in the oven burned, filling the entire house with smoke. He was sleeping on top of a cabinet while we were opening all the windows and turning on fans. He ran circles around us. Meowing telling us there was smoke and fire, even tho we handled it. And then when we wouldn’t listen went and hid under the bed.

TL;DR Cats are smart. And if you have anxiety or depression, they pick up on that. And if you have the right kind of cat, they help with that. Like my Vesty-meow. 

Now I have to go to bed cause he’s staring at me.