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Hall of Mirrors (pt. 5)

Mark holds his head in his hands, elbows leaned against the table. “After everything that’s happened I…” He laughs dryly like leaves blown around in a breath of winter wind. “I thought things were getting back to normal.”

Dark pinches the bridge of his nose and takes a deep breath. “You don’t know what I’d give for all of this to go away.”

“What?” Mark looks up. “I thought you came to gloat. You’re telling me you’re not enjoying this?”

“Your pain?” Dark smirks. “It’s rich, believe me. But this figment is not to be dealt with lightly. She likes to throw a wrench into perfectly laid plans, always five steps ahead.” He attempts to rein in his mounting frustration but fails. Dark’s form glitches slightly. “She never lets you see what she’s got in her hand until she’s got you dangling from a rope.” Dark takes another deep breath. “And by then, it’s too late.”


Wilford looks around at the maze of mirrors that have surrounded him on every side. Bim Trimmer stands to his left, glancing around as well. “Woah, this is…”

“Crap,” Wilford finishes.

Bim shrugs. “Not the word I would’ve used, but yeah. It fits.” They start off down one of the paths, and Bim thinks to pull the little notepad from Wilford’s back pocket and start dropping bits of paper to mark where they’ve been. He never comes across their trail again.

Wilford draws his gun, not sure of what they might be forced to face in this… wherever they are. He can barely hear Host’s whispered narrations somewhere far away where his physical body is.

“We aren’t in reality anymore, are we?” Bim asks as he glances down one path and sees a thousand more reflections of himself. “This is something else. Something outside.”

Warfstache nods. “Yeah. Something like that.” They wander for what seems like hours but could only be a few minutes before Wilford hears the faint cry of a familiar voice. “Amy? Amy!” He’s about to cup his hands around his mouth and scream her name once more when he hears…

“Wilford? Wilford, where are you?” It’s Amy. Their Amy.

“Don’t worry, Amy! We’re coming!” Bim starts to follow the voice, and Wilford stays just a step behind him. He doesn’t want to think what it would mean if they were to get separated. “Can’t we teleport to where she is?” Bim asks, but Wilford shakes his head.

“Wherever we are, I can’t get to my void from here. If I can’t do that…” Wilford’s voice trails off, and Bim gets the idea.

“Guys, please, hurry!”

 Mark shakes his head, looking anywhere but at Dark. “You two really are perfect for each other.”

Dark shrugs. “What can I say?”

Mark finally looks Dark in the eyes. “Say you’ll tell me how to get Amy back.”

“I don’t know if that’s possible,” Dark answers with a sigh. “There’s no way of knowing how far gone she is, whether she’ll ever be the same again.”

“I don’t care.” Mark leans towards Dark. “Tell me how I can get her back.”


“Amy? Just keep talking. Keep making noise so we can find you!” Bim strains his ears to hear her voice, shaking and broken as it is. She starts to tell them a story.

“Once upon a time…”

“That’s it, Amy. Keep it up.” Bim follows the sound, Wilford on his heels.

“There was a princess in a high tower, cut off from the world by a vicious dragon.” Wilford holds up his gun, ready to fire should anything jump out at them. The thousands of other Warfstache’s mimic him, mirroring his every move in an infinite number of reflections. It hurts his head.

“Her friends tried to defeat the dragon, brave knights and sorcerers,” Amy continues, clutching her sides and trying to hold back her sobs. “But they didn’t know how to break through the dragon’s scaly armor.” Bim swears that her voice is getting louder. Just a bit farther, just around the next corner. “So, the princess began to lose all hope of ever escaping her fate.” Wilford sees something different move in the edge of his vision, but when he looks, he sees only himself. “But still, her friends refused to give up.”

“That’s right, Amy. We’ll find you, just keep talking,” Bim encourages her. “We’re almost there!” He breaks into a run.

“Instead of killing the dragon. They found a way to put the beast to sleep,” Amy continues, looking around for Bim. “The dragon liked to hear a special song, a song that would make it hibernate for a century if sang perfectly.” Bim is certain she’s just on the other side of this wall of mirrors. “But if sang incorrectly, even a note off, the dragon would go into a horrible rampage.”

Wilford spots her and runs, but it’s a reflection. “Where is she?”

“So they all sang in unison, prepared to die if they must…” Amy spins and spins, hoping to see her friends. “And they sang it perfectly because they sang it for her, in hopes she could hear and know they were on their way. It put the dragon to sleep.” Finally, she catches a glimpse of them. “Wilford! Bim!”

“But when they reached the top of the tower…” Amy’s voice continues as Bim finally sees her, racing forward.

“Come on, Wilford! There she is!”

“They found that the princess had died of a broken heart, all hope of escape lost long ago,” Amy’s voice finishes with a laugh as Bim hits a glass wall, dividing him and Amy by only inches. Wilford slams his fists against the wall, even fires a few shots, but nothing breaks the glass as Amy watches them from the other side, tears streaking down her face. “The end.”


Dark offers Mark a hand. “Deal?”

Mark takes a deep breath, closing his eyes. “Deal.”

I’m having a bunch of feelings about the finale episode, and I just want you guys to know that no matter what your decision regarding s7 is, I hope you stick around in fandom and continue to consume and create and love captain swan for as long as your hearts let you. you guys have made the past few years amazing for me, you’ve given me a place to put my creativity, to get better at writing, to share my feelings, and to make friendships that I’m sure will last a long time (even if I’m very bad at keeping in touch oops sorry ily). I love this fandom and I love our ship and I hope we can watch them be happy one more time, and that we can do it together.

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This girl threw up an Ireland flag last night but alex put it on without reading it and he turned around and we all started chanting for him to read it and he was all like “ive already put it on im not taking it off to read it what does it say” and we all started screaming “sticks, stones & techno” because thats what it said and he was like “stick- oh. fuck you guys. you’re ruining it for everyone. god dammit” and it was pretty great

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Bossuet and Courfeyrac, a little friendly gossip?:D

The Lounge was rather large for a salon. The mothership’s elite usually liked smaller, more intimate places to discuss and drink, but Courfeyrac supposed this was a salon for the big occasions, or perhaps only for those who quickly felt strangled among tight crowds. He spotted Bossuet immediately, already half laid down sensually on a very long sofa, dressed like a rich heir who played too much to be able to keep buying new suits, and gracefully moved between chatting people to join him. A few ladies were already looking at Bossuet, who grinned charmingly at them all, a clear invitation - but Courfeyrac sat next to him first, and was greeted with a much more honest smile.

“We haven’t seen each other in more than a week,” he signed immediately with large movements. “And I heard - from Grantaire of all people! - that you’ve got a new roommate.”

Courfeyrac had a brief thought for Marius, who kept looking lost at random moments of the day, suddenly stopping what he’d been doing to stare at the emptiness, and then he shrugged. “You know the place he lived before was abominable.” he signed. 

“Yes,” said Bossuet, leaning toward him, speaking out loud as well as moving his fingers. “I also know he was adamant never to move from here until he had the means. And now he’s sleeping with you.”

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This is kind of what I think will happen in the finale... Its different than I normally do.

Penny tries to assemble her face into a supportive one as she listens to Amy tell the story of her proposal yet another time. Her friend has only been engaged for week and she feels like she has already heard the story of Sheldon’s unexpectedly romantic proposal a hundred times.

It’s not that she’s not happy for Amy. She is ecstatic that her two closest friends in the world are finally getting married. Amy deserves all the happiness in the world. She is a saint for the way she is able not only to put up with Sheldon’s quirks, but love him for them. Sheldon has made Amy wait long enough and it’s about time he fully committed to her.

Only every time Amy gleefully recounted the proposal something clenched in Penny’s gut. Every time Amy flashed her antique engagement ring. Or found an excuse to tell a complete stranger that she was going to be married soon. A darkness flashed through Penny and she found herself faking smiles. Tuning Amy out so she wouldn’t have to hear the story one more time.

Right now they are at a fancy wedding boutique. Amy is retelling her tale to the stores owner whose job it is to listen with rapt attention. Bernadette is just encouraging her, she’s the one who made them come in here. Even though it’s way too soon to be shopping for a dress. They haven’t even set a date yet.

Penny wants to say this but they’ll just shoot her down and call her a buzzkill. At least the dress shop offers free champagne and she downs a glass as Amy tells the shop owner everything she has already heard. How the proposal was a surprise, she wants a November or December wedding. How she has been planning her wedding since she was a little girl.

When Leonard proposed Penny didn’t make such a fuss. She told the story maybe once to Bernadette and Amy. The people at barely knew she was engaged. Especially since most of the time she took her ring off for sales. Penny never once set foot in a dress boutique or made a gift registry. Two things Amy has already done in her first week of being engaged.

Part of her knows it’s because Amy is just a more organized person than she is. Everything Amy does is planned out. In her purse she has a little book of lists. Nothing makes Amy happier than checking an item off her list. Penny rolls her eyes thinking about how the second thing Amy probably did after being engaged after calling her was make a list of things she had to do now. Visit a dress store was probably on the list and Amy was dying to check it off.

“And then he said Amy Farrah Fowler would you be Amy Farrah Cooper.” Penny says stealing the best part of the story from Amy. It was a bitchy thing to do and both Bernadette and Amy give her dirty looks.

“How romantic!” the woman coos clasping her hand to her breast. “So what kinds of dress are you thinking?”

Penny pours herself another glass of champagne as they peruse the racks of dresses. Thinking of all the things she never did in her engagement to Leonard. The fact was she just had not cared at all. It didn’t matter to her what color dresses her friends wore, or what flowers were there. In fact she had not thought of the wedding at all until they eloped in Vegas. The second wedding to appease the parents had been pure Raj.

At the time she thought she didn’t think about those things because they didn’t matter to her. She was a low maintenance tom boy who didn’t spend her days dreaming about her wedding. Now as she watched Amy happily prepare for her wedding she thought it might be something more.

“Your fiancee certainly sounds like something else.” The shop owner says after listening to Amy gush about him for ages. “He must be the love of your life.”

“He is!” Amy agrees. “He the love of my life, my first love, my everything.” Amy tells her.

“You certainly are a very lucky girl.” The shop owner tells Amy and she just glows. Penny’s eyes roll into the back of her head and she grabs Bernadettes abandoned champagne flute and downs it. Then it hits her, that’s what has been bothering her.

Amy was marrying the love of her life. Marrying Sheldon was the culmination of everything Amy had wanted for the past seven years. Penny wasn’t even sure if marrying Leonard was the culmination of what she wanted that year.

Whenever people asked her if Leonard was the love of her life she thought of this Jennifer Aniston quote she read once. They asked her if Brad Pitt was the love of her life. Instead of saying yes she said “He’s a big love on my life sure.” Everyone thought she was so cold (until it came out Brad had been cheating with Angelina.) Penny knew how she felt though, did she love Leonard sure. However in ranking of the greatest loves in her life he wasn’t number one. Not by a long shot.

Leonard did not make her feel passionately like some her other boyfriends had. It had not been love at first or even second sight. Leonard was the kindest guy she had ever dated the most solid.

At a time in her life when she felt like everything was falling apart. It was apparent that being an actress was not in her cards. She was running out of savings and she couldn’t go back to The Cheesecake Factory .She knew Leonard would be able to put it back together again.

At the time it seemed like one of the first grown up decisions she had made in a long time. To marry a solid guy who could do things like balance a checkbook and do his own taxes. Leonard wasn’t the best looking guy she had been with. Nor was he the best in bed. It was like they said in the movie Trainwreck. You didn’t want to marry the best sex you ever had guy. Lehow he Leonard was good enough and he tried so hard. Leonard used to do little things all the time to show her how much he cared. Its how he had won her over. A million tiny gestures, that showed her what kind of guy he was.

Penny had figured that the rest would come after they go married. That she loved Leonard enough to be with him, it would be enough to marry him. Only it wasn’t, she found herself resenting everything about him. Everything he did annoyed her all the way down to way he breathed.

No Leonard wasn’t the love of her life. Lately she wasn’t even sure if she loved him anymore at all. He had stopped doing the little things that had won her over in the first place. It felt like he had done be everything he could do to win her over. Then once he had her he just stopped caring. He had won the prize so why continue playing the game. If she had married him for all the little things he did and he stopped doing them where did that leave them?

“Penny did you drink my champagne?” Bernadette hisses as her taking the flute from her hand. Then whispers even quieter. “How many of these have you had?”

“I’m fine.” Penny says annoyed.

Uu“Let Amy drive your car home.” Bernadette tsks.

Penny hands over the keys to Amy. They get in her car and Amy starts it up glancing over at Penny worried.

“Just spill it Amy.” She says.

“I’m worried about you.”


“You’ve just been really off lately.”

“I’m just… I’m just jealous okay?” Penny finally admits.

“Of me?” Amy asks surprised.


“Because, I got engaged?” Amy asks.

“It’s part of it.”

“You are married! Why are you jealous of me?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Try me.” Amy says annoyed.

“Okay so Sheldon is the love of your life right?”

“Of course, he’s the only man I’ve ever loved.”

“You can’t picture yourself with anyone else?”

“Even when we broke up. There was only him.”

“Okay so there it is…”

“There’s what?”

“I don’t feel that way about Leonard. At all… I thought at first that things would change once we got married. That all these feelings would just come. It’s been two years and nothings changed. If anything the little things I thought I loved about him have slipped away.”

“Penny… That’s not good…”

“I know, but what do I do? I can’t divorce him it will break his heart.” Penny says burying her face in her hands.

“I don’t know what you should do. I only know that you deserve happiness. That you should be as happy as I amy right now. Maybe you just need some space?”

“Space? How do I even get space?”

“Talk to Leonard, take a long vacation. Take some time to find yourself without Leonard. Then maybe things will be a little clearer.” Amy tells her pulling into a spot.

“You know I think that’s exactly what I’ll do.”

LEGION Recap: 1x04

I have truly and too deeply loved many television shows in my time. I have written tens of thousands of words about some of them, hundreds even! But there have been a few among them that I have loved specially, personally. Shows that make me feel off-kilter in my joy, almost suspicious that someone peered into my soul, and found there a well of spooky sweet stylized absurdism, and they hauled up a bucket of the stuff, and from it made Twin Peaks, and Pushing Daisies, and Legion.

So that may be partially why these are only getting longer.

Season 1, ‘Chapter 4’

First up here I just want to give a quick shout-out to the masterpieces of cagey chiasmus that are FX’s episode descriptions.


Anyway full disclosz I first watched ‘Chapter 4’ with my bff Jen, right after consuming a strong cocktail, a cup of Turkish tea, some champagne, and a mug of ice cream in fairly quick succession. I proceeded to lose my mind THOROUGHLY and with GREAT VIM.

Here is how it started:

Me, singing at the black screen: “Shooww me Jemaine Clement!”
First shot:

Me: [screams]

“Good evening,” Jemaine Clement addresses us from his Mylar lounge, and like, yes Jemaine, it is, thank you. He proceeds to deliver a short lecture about human nature as the camera slowly pulls back. We are the root of all our problems, he proposes, through our own confusion and anger. “Violence, in other words, is ignorance,” he declares, and he should have stopped there, but then blurts out “Figure your shit out, that’s my…what I’d say.”

He scoops up his glass to take a drink, but the liquid inside has turned into a solid ice cube. It slowly slides out and falls to the floor, the camera obligingly zooming back in so that he can start over.

Hi so I love every fucking thing this scene is doing and I’m only halfway through it. Rather like me and this show I guess.

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amy santiago!

  • First impression: smug, i’m not like other girls, defines herself by the approval of men
  • Impression now: sometimes i cry because she’s fictional and will never know how much i love her
  • Favorite moment: most recent one was the entire mentor-in-a-day plot with holt. when he took out that binder, i was so happy for her i almost cried
  • Idea for a story: how about a 5 + 1 about amy and her brothers. times they didn’t get along and one time they did
  • Unpopular opinion: i guess i’m not 1000% on board with gina’s relentless teasing? idk. also charles blaming amy every time something goes wrong was funnier when they started doing it. now it’s happened so many times it’s hard not to see it as proof of festering resentment of her. they need to deal with their shit.
  • Favorite relationship: amy/quality time with holt, but amy/jake & amy/rosa are a close second
  • Favorite headcanon: the only reason cop became her dream job is because other kids would tell her she couldn’t do it

You don’t get someone to fall in love with you. They fall in love with you because of who you are. 

BTS x Shy Girls Part 3

Long overdue I suppose…….. sorry. I haven’t written in forever.

I hope you enjoy it!

~Admin Kirsten

BTS x Shy Girl Part 3

“So in order to pull this off, to get rid of Jasper and get his money, you have to do exactly what I tell you,” you tell the group.

You couldn’t believe what you had gotten yourself into again. The first time you tried going up against Jasper was basically suicide. You couldn’t believe your luck that you had survived that. Now you were going up against him again.

Thankfully this time not alone but with a team. Or rather a group of singles that needed to become a team.

“All of you have an important role to play in this. I for one am the Mastermind. I know how Jasper works and I know how to con people. Amy is our Hacker. She can hack into Jaspers security and Cameras. Once we get inside his house and get a link to his main hard drive Amy can search for any Accounts, Businesses, or incriminating files,” you pause, “Does everyone understand so far?”

You see Rapmon whisper something to Suga who nods in return and then opens his mouth, “So how do we fit into this?”

“Well we need some Hitters, also at least one Grifter, and a thief. When we usually pull off a con Amy does the hacking on the go with her cell and covers one or two of the other roles. Same goes for me”, you shrug as you explain.

“So you’ve done this a lot? Why don’t you play the Thief or Grifter then?” Jungkook asks.

“Well I would but Jasper and his Monkeys already know who Amy and I are. So if they saw us anywhere near them red flags would go up in an instance and we’d all get caught and then yeah you know”, you motion to Amy as you say this. “The point is to avoid that.”

“The plan is a simple get in and get out. There shouldn’t be much of a problem if you do your jobs right”, Amy says as she pulls out her mini laptop.

“Jasper has Body Guards surrounding his place. Two outside and one inside the house, more on speed dial if any alarm is triggered. So the hitters’ jobs are to get rid of the guards. My Job is to unarm the alarms, to do that I need to get a bug or any device in the house”, Amy tells them.

“How are you planning on doing that?” Jin asks. “From the looks of it his security alarm is one of the latest with Retina Scan. In order to hack that you need to override his software. That model has a few loopholes we can work on.”

Amy and you stare at him and slowly nod. “Okay good, you’ll be working with Amy on that since it seems you know a bit about hacking”, you say and motion him to stand next to Amy.

“Suga and Jimin are our fighters. They can pack a punch pretty good,” V pipes up and points to the two members. “I’m on stealth with Jungkook and Rapmon is our Mastermind.”

You nod and start pairing up the corresponding teams. “Tell each other your strength and weaknesses so that you can come up with the best way to execute your part of the plan”, you tell the teams. “Rapmon and I are going to go over a few details of the plan and I’ll give you details about the next time we meet up in an hour.”

You walk out into a separate room with Rapmon in tow. He shuts the door behind him and sits down comfortably on a chair.

“So the plan is simple,” he raises an eyebrow questionably. “It didn’t sound simple with the mentioning of all those alarms and security.”

“We’ll I’m working on that so be quiet unless you have a plan,” you mutter as you pace the room throwing multiple scenarios around in your head.

The first problem: Getting a bug in the House in order to hack it.

Someone would have to be invited into the house in order to bypass the security and alarms. The only way into the house would be an invitation by Jasper himself. Jasper wouldn’t invite just anyone into his house though. It would have to be someone he either trusted, a business deal, or a lady friend. Since you and Amy were the only women and he already knew both of you the Lady Friend was thrown out of the window. Jasper also had a very little circle of people he trusted, which probably extended only to his family and relatives. Seeing how none of us were any of that, that would leave only the Business deal end.

“V and Jungkook. Are they any good? In order to get a bug into the house they’ll need to seal a business deal with Jasper. It’s the only way to get into the house and near a computer since he’ll do a background check on them while talking to them,” you turn to face Rapmon.

“Yes they’re good. Where were you thinking about planting the bug? That’s going to be difficult to do if Jasper is in the room plus he’s not going to be alone with them. There will most likely be a security guard with him at all times. Jin and Amy can get started on back stories and fake IDs for them though”, Rapmon ponders.

“Plant a small bug with a wireless transmitter in his office. What I’m thinking is that they’re probably going to have to write something down right. So one of your guys accidentally doesn’t write it correctly crumbles the paper up with the bug inside and throws it in the waste basket. Amy can then access it even when our guys leave the office”, you pull out your cell and send some information to Amy. “Now just to finish the rest of the con.”

“Do you have any plan for that?” Rapmon asks.

“Nope but I’m thinking”, you tell him.