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This girl threw up an Ireland flag last night but alex put it on without reading it and he turned around and we all started chanting for him to read it and he was all like “ive already put it on im not taking it off to read it what does it say” and we all started screaming “sticks, stones & techno” because thats what it said and he was like “stick- oh. fuck you guys. you’re ruining it for everyone. god dammit” and it was pretty great

Story time y'all

Midas, who turns everything he touches to gold, is the King of France,
And like many kings before him, he has some illegitimate children all over the country.

One of them he doesn’t care about is called Enjolras, who happens to have inherited a curse as bad as his father’s;
The poor boy breaks everything he touches.
Gifts shatter between his hands, flowers decay, animals fall sick, people sometimes fall sick too, and sometimes everything goes horribly wrong for them.
Anyone who gravitates around him see their lives turn into the worst, and Enjolras feels so bad going around breaking the things he likes and hurting the ones he loves.

But the boy’s words are pure gold, everything he says is a wonder;
When he speaks the Sun enters the room, and warmth and light enters people’s soul.
He is nevertheless firmly decided on not touching anyone ever,
But come the day he meets Grantaire and he falls for the man, not because he was so broken that it was hardly believable that he could break him any further, but because he felt that last sparkle of hope;
And with his words, Enjolras rekindled Grantaire’s flame.

But Grantaire’s flame is not the only thing that had sparkle under Enjolras’ words.
Revolution fired as well and barricades were raised to keep enemies and fate away,
But curses know little about barricades and even less about hope,
Destiny is not one that can be turned around with actions,
And even the light cannot ignore fate’s shadow,
So he fell,
And so did anyone
Who had once been touched by the Sun.

So in The Angels Take Manhattan, River says it would be impossible to land a Tardis in New York during the 1930s. “This city’s full of time distortions. It’d be impossible to land the Tardis here. Like trying to land a plane in a blizzard. Even I couldn’t do it.” Then, later, after the Ponds create a paradox that destroys (most of) the Weeping Angels, the Doctor says, “I can’t ever take the Tardis back there. The timelines are too scrambled.”

I mean, yes, there’s legitimate criticism of this on strictly logical grounds. Why don’t they just take a bus to New Jersey? But, you know, timey wimey. The time distortions are entangled with the Ponds’ timelines. Their biodata can’t be extricated from it. You can always gobbledegook your way out of time travel stories. The point is emotional: it’s a callback to Amy’s Choice, and Amy made her choice once and for all.

In The Return of Doctor Mysterio, River has just gone to meet her destiny in the Library. The Doctor, lost and grieving after living with her for 24 Earth years, does what we should have expected him to do: he scours the universe for a magic wishing stone that, when mounted in whatever jury-rigged timey-wimey monstrosity he’s cobbled together, will hopefully undo the time distortions created in The Angels Take Manhattan.

“It’s a time distortion equalizer thingy. There’s been a lot of disruption in New York—my fault actually—hopefully this will make it all calm down.”

The Doctor was trying to get the Ponds back. 

Renaming Hamilton Songs (act 1)
  • Alexander Hamilton: guess who, motherf*ckers
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: yes,I googled what rhymes with Burr
  • My Shot: Me and Revolution
  • The Story of Tonight: Les Amis de l'ABC but American
  • The Schuyler Sisters: 18th Century Girl band
  • Farmer Refuted: Dude, shut up - the musical
  • You'll Be Back: Creepy Ex is creepy
  • Right Hand Man: I need help but not Burr
  • A Winter's Ball: fuckbois the musical
  • Helpless: Awww, they're adorable
  • Satisfied: I fucked up big time
  • The Story of Tonight(reprise): Les Amis de l'ABC but American and Drunk
  • Wait For It: Procrastination gets deep
  • Stay Alive: Why the fuck would you promote Lee???
  • Ten Duel Commandments: This is super intense + foreshadowing
  • Meet Me Inside: Hamilton gets grounded
  • That Would Be Enough: pay more attention to your wife, jerk
  • Guns and Ships: Lafayette gets Hamilton ungrounded
  • History Has Its Eyes On You: Don't fuck up, you'll be judged
  • Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down): Immigrants get shit done
  • What Comes Next: Creepy Ex is bitter
  • Dear Theodosia: It's actually about Lin Manuel Miranda's dog
  • Non-Stop: Hamilton stop writing wtf

“she’s great. i have known her for a long time. it makes your job very easy when you are with someone who is so good at what they do. and who she is as a person, makes the whole experience even better. she is funny, smart and she has a beautiful little girl too. she brings her to the set and I get a little baby time in!”

 - jeremy renner on shooting ‘story of your life’ with amy adams

Ideal Disney Cover Album

So Fall Out Boy are featuring on a Disney cover album and all fans had false hope that the other associated artists and bands would be on there but the rest turned out to be big name pop stars.  So here is a list of of a possibly better cover album tracklist that may be a better one for Fall Out Boy fans.

Panic! At The Disco - Be Our Guest

Green Day - Bare Necessities

Fall Out Boy - I’ll Make a Man Out Of You

Amy Lee - When She Loved Me

Bowling For Soup - Hakuna Matata

Bad Religion - When You Wish Upon a Star

Blink 182 - One Step Ahead

Gerard Way - Poor Unfortunate Souls

Simple Plan - A Girl Worth Fighting For

All Time Low - Friend Like Me

Hayley Williams - I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)

Note: Let It Go is not on here in dedication of everybody who is sick of hearing the song.

fun fact about me when i was little i had a doll that i took everywhere and i gave it a made-up name which i would say out loud a lot and one time an old lady yelled my dad in a grocery store because apparently i named my doll the italian word for penis

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