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You said “Being the idea person” isn’t an option. What about being able to lay out the full planning for a game with that idea (even if just on paper) from A to Z, including how the story develops, how the setting works, the kind of UI involved, the levels of interaction, the characters, creating the initial concept art, being able to pick the proper engine and the team to develop it, organizing all that into a neat document, and being able to pitch it in a few sentences? Is that OK though?

Nah, that sort of person still won’t get hired because he’s still missing the point. The goal isn’t “make a pitch that sounds really cool”, it’s “make a pitch that will earn money”. Video games are a business, and whatever game gets made needs to earn money. Your laundry list of features here is missing several key elements that will likely torpedo any chance of a real project getting off the ground.

When I look at that list of stuff, questions immediately spring to mind:

  • How long will this game take to build? 
  • How big is the team going to be? How many of each discipline will they be in each phase of development? (Concept, Preproduction, Production, Alpha, Beta) How will the team be organized?
  • Why is this type of game worth investing in? 
  • What are the competitors for this game and how are they doing financially?
  • How much is it going to cost? 
  • How will it earn money? How much money is it going to earn? What is your break-even point?

Anybody who has an actual chance at getting a pitch funded by somebody with money should be able to answer all of these questions with ease, and more. The sort of people who can plan out a viable plan from start to finish tend to be those who have actually worked on games and understand the development process. They’ve anticipated the sort of questions that publishers need to know and design and construct a pitch that makes a compelling argument for the publisher to fund it - typically by appealing to the publisher’s portfolio (and filling a gap in it) and providing legitimate research as to how and why the game will be profitable.

When I said that being an “idea person” isn’t an option, I didn’t mean that it isn’t possible to be an idea person ever. I just mean that it isn’t feasible to be an idea person without years and years of experience shipping top quality games, because there’s no way in hell that a publisher will entrust $50 million of their hard-earned money to somebody with no experience and no track record. Keep in mind - project management is hard. Just look at all of the failed and failing crowdfunded games out there - many of them were pitched by very reputable veteran developers with loads of shipped games and decades of experience in the industry between them. They managed to convince a lot of people to give them money to build their proposed games, yet so many have crashed and burned in the meantime due to a large number of reasons. What you’re supposing with that hypothetical pitch is that you can do better than they did on your very first try.

And even if you do get it sold… what then? Are you going to lead the team yourself? Have you ever led a team before, let alone 100+ developers that are all more experienced than you? Are you going to hand it off to someone else to lead the team so that you can work on your next pitch as “idea guy”? 

So no, being an “idea person” is not really an option. Not from a publisher anyway, not for someone without a lot of experience, shipped games, and a kickass business plan. You might have better luck with a kickstarter.


Will you risk everything to feel something?

Watch the beautiful teaser trailer for Drake Doremus’ sci-fi romance Equals, led by Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, with Guy Pearce, Bel Powley, Claudia Kim, Toby Huss, Jacki Weaver, Aurora Perrineau and Kate Lyn Sheil.

The story is set in a futuristic utopian society, where human emotions have been eradicated and everyone lives in peace; when a new disease surfaces, everything changes for illustrator Silas (Hoult): he becomes an outcast once infected and is drawn to his writer co-worker Nia (Stewart), who is also infected but hiding her condition. In order to survive, they have to escape together.  

hold--father/daughter rey and luke drabble

I shouldn’t have done this…but I needed some stress relief from today. So enjoy this little anthology of Luke holding his daughter through the years, because we need more Rey Skywalker material to hold us until Episode VIII. Just a bunch of my headcanons, cutesy and angsty, until the story is set in stone.

He held her for the first time the day she was born. Small, wrinkled, and pink, her sharp cries were the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard. Her mother handed her to him with a tired smile, arms nearly shaking in both exhaustion and exhilaration. The medical droid repeated her congratulations and drew back.

“Hello little one,” he whispered. His breath caught in his throat as he ran his fingers down her soft cheek, and for the first time her crying began to calm. He thought of how her scrunched up eyes would likely appear blue, like his, when they first open, but who knows if they’d stay that way? 

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Ms. Marvel # 4 Review

spoilers spoilers spoilers

Poor Kamala is having a pretty tough time in today’s fourth issue of Ms. Marvel as well as in All New All Different Avengers #5.  Although things are quite rough for Kamala, they’re pretty great for her fans and readers in that both issues are excellent fun and highly recommended.

Ms. Marvel #4 is yet another fantastic installment from G Willow Wilson and the gang.  Stepping in at art is Nico Leon, with Ian Herring on colors.  I didn’t know Leon was going to draw this issue and had expected the return of series regular, Adrian Alphona.   Yet my disappointment over not seeing Alphona’s art was quelled by the terrific pencil work offered by Leon.  Similar to Takeshi Miyazawa, Leon does a great job of maintaining a visual continuity for the book, complete with fun random bits like a raccoon eating an ice cream in the background of a fight scene.

It’s very much a set-up story where Kamala’s efforts to stay on top of her way-too-busy life leads to some serious trouble.  Dealing with her family, maintaining her grades, having a social life, being an Avenger, as well as her solo exploits as a hero has all been too much for young Kamala to keep up with.  She’s stretched too thin and it has resulted in her not being able to give her best effort in any her affairs (she’s getting poor grades, her friends and family are disappointed in her, and she’s making tactical errors in action leading to her fellow Avengers to wonder if she is up to the challenge of her membership among their ranks).  

How does Kanaka try to address the matter?  Clones of course. What could possibly go wrong with clones?  I mean, it worked out great for Spider-Man, right?

Bruno has been tinkering with a sample of the mystical golems that Loki had manifested several issues back.  Utilizing a 3-D printer, Bruno has used this substance to create an animated anthropomorphic being that can obey simplistic commands. 

Somehow, Kamila convinces Bruno into making a few more of these beings that look just like her, that she can use to essentially be in more than one place at a time.  One of these look-alike golems can be in class, another with her family, all leaving Kamala the time she needs to catch up on her homework and super heroics.  

It is all kind of a tough leap in the logical narrative.  One has to wonder where a public school in Jersey City gets its hands on such a sophisticated three dimensional printer; and it’s a touch out-of-character for Kamala to be so foolish to possibly think this scheme is going to work out.  

Anyways, returning to school the next day, Bruno finds that the clones have reproduced themselves and new represent a variable army of Kamala Khans, certain to stir up all sorts of trouble for our hero in the following issue.  Yep, nothing ever goes wrong with clones…

The action is fun and the thematic of being pulled in so many directions by competing interests, desires, and responsibilities is sure to resonate with readers both young and old.  Although my favorite part of the issue is the beginning, a terrific scene in which Kamala’s brother, Aamir, announces to his family his and his girlfriend’s wish to be married.  Amir has transformed into such a wonderful character and the interactions between him, Kamala, and their parents are so authentic and rich, I feel like I’m right there with them when reading the scenes.  

There’s a particularly interesting bit in which Aamir suggests that his parents’ feelings of reluctance over the engagement may have to do with his would-be fiancé’s complexion.  He sites the terribly offensive advertisements for the skin-lightener, ‘Fair and Lovely,’ that were ultimately banned in India.  It was a wild, unexpected twist in the discussion that further highlights the multifaceted depth of the Khan household.  You can read more about the controversy over the Fair and Lovely ad campaign here.

Once more, it’s a very strong issue.  There are a few odd plot jumps, but it’s more than made up for by great dialogue, stellar art, and (as always) wonderful character development of Kamala and her extended cast.  

Highly recommended. Four out of Five Lockjaws.

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Women in refrigerators? And how old is everyone (or what is the year that everything is set in)?

The woman in the refrigerator is a trope in which a woman is killed off in order to further a man’s storyline/emotional pain. I believe the phrase was coined because of a Green Lantern comic in which the male character’s love interest was brutally murdered and then stuffed into his fridge for him to find.

The story is set 500 years in the future so I’ll list everyone’s ages.

Tenn - 15

Fiore - 26

Lloyd - 38

Ivanoe - 42

The Count - ???? who effing knows
Murdering Mr Maddox - Violetscented - Once Upon a Time (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 9/?
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Evil Queen | Regina Mills/Emma Swan
Characters: Evil Queen | Regina Mills, Emma Swan, Aurora (Once Upon a Time)
Additional Tags: Victorian romance, Blood, Vampires, Mentions of Rape, Unexpected Fluff, salacious smut, mentions of abuse, social justice?, Regina is rude but hopefully in a funny way, glorious partnership, true love conquering all, Regina keeps throwing in foreign phrases and words to show off, role play
Series: Part 2 of Victorian Vampire Vagitarians

This is part two of Victorian Vampire Vagitarians. You can read this as a standalone fic but I wouldn’t recommend it. Our story is set in Victorian England where the former con-artist Emma Swan and the well-traveled vampire Baroness Regina Von Mille chase down villains and punish them in the most useful way: using them for vampire-food. But what happens when they start to hunt Mr Maddox? Cover by Spoonofevil/Yellowermine. Beta:d by Nyx29

Can also be read on fanfiction dot net

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Hi. In my story, I have a set of Quadruplets. Two of the brothers look identical in the face, but they are personality opposites. One is a shy puppy dog, while the other is a short tempered dragon. In your opinion, is it wrong to write that this other guy is dating puppy dog bro, because he likes dragon bro's face, but he hates his personality, so he dates puppy bro because he looks just like him, but he's much, much nicer? Sorry if this is a confusing ask...

I think it would only be weird if he was attracted to Dragon Bro first. :)

Have a question? I’d love to hear from you. Please be sure to read my ask rules before submitting your question or it may not be answered. Thanks! :)


CSI: Beacon Hills AU.  Sheriff Stilniski heads the force and Derek’s one of his broody “lone wolf” detectives (ha!). Stiles and Scott work in the lab (when they’re not getting on Derek’s very last nerve) and Lydia’s the medical examiner. 

Scott is all dirty because Stiles somehow managed to talk him into being the one to comb through three dumpsters worth of trash looking for evidence. :D

A little fan art I made, inspired by: (x) and (x

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Happy 35th Birthday Tom Hiddleston! (February 9, 1981)

Our job is to represent the truth of human nature, whether you’re playing a tender love story that’s set in a coffee shop or whether you’re in ‘The Avengers,’ which is set in a Manhattan which is exploding.


I’ve gotten a few requests to share the school set I’ve built for my legacy hood, and while I fully intend to share it, it will take a bit longer to finish both the set and the chapter I built it for.

However, I have finished making the library building, so I will be sharing that today! It’s on a community lot, but because I plan to use it exclusively as a set, it doesn’t have any bathrooms. All of the clutter is placed on OMSPs, so all the tables/computers should be fully functionable, though.

[Download - Private Library]


For nearly two weeks after a bad scare resulting from a kiddie pool mishap, it’s almost impossible to get little Stiles or Scott to take a bath or go anywhere near water unless their respective parents entertain them with acted-out tales of the adventures of Mack, “the magic superhero fish”…

Unique AU Settings for Your Consideration

- a really sketchy thrift shop that you can only access from the alleyway 

- a submarine (bonus points: a submarine that functions as a hotel)

- A Truck Stop in Georgia

- Flower shop that is actually a drug front, but, like, also has rlly good bouquets

- A print shop that smells like ink, strawberries and doughnuts

- A haunted mansion that has been converted into a new and used bookstore. The ghosts give good book recommendations

- An abandoned office supply store

- A cottage that was was given to you by a mysterious benefactor, cottage also comes with a baby goat named Earl

- a high school auditorium at night complete with a costume attic

- A lighthouse during the apocalypse 

- A pretentious tea shop with brews that no one can pronounce

- A butterfly sanctuary

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Full Movie

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Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Detail

Storyline : An apocalyptic story set in the furthest reaches of our planet, in a stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, and most everyone is crazed fighting for the necessities of life. Within this world exist two rebels on the run who just might be able to restore order. There’s Max, a man of action and a man of few words, who seeks peace of mind following the loss of his wife and child in the aftermath of the chaos. And Furiosa, a woman of action and a woman who believes her path to survival may be achieved if she can make it across the desert back to her childhood homeland.

Release Date : 2015-05-13

Casts : Iota, Josh Helman, Nicholas Hoult, Angus Sampson, John Howard, Courtney Eaton, Gillian Jones, Judd Wild, Charlize Theron, Stephen Dunlevy, Richard Carter, Megan Gale, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Richard Norton, Sebastian Dickins, Melissa Jaffer, John Walton, Lee Perry, Nathan Jones, Coco Jack Gillies, Tom Hardy, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Joy Smithers, Melita Jurišić, Riley Keough, Abbey Lee, Jennifer Hagan, Zoë Kravitz

Duration : 120 minutes runtime