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Black Dahlia

You’ve likely heard of the Black Dahlia, it was an especially grisly and famous murder than happened in the 1940′s.

The victim of the murder was 22 year old Elizabeth Short. She was found on the morning of January 15, 1947 in Leimert Park, Los Angeles. The woman who found her, Betty Bersinger, was walking with her 3 year old daughter when she noticed the body. At first she thought it was a mannequin, but she soon noticed the very gorey figure was a real body, so she telephoned the police immediately.

Now, I’m not going to show you photos of the real body. They’re very disturbing and I’d find it disrespectful to share such revealing photos of Ms. Short. If you’d like to see them, a quick google search will reveal them.

For demonstration purposes, we’ll be using the American Horror Story reenactment, as the injuries are fairly accurate.

The body had been cut in half and drained of blood. She had tons of cuts on her body, as well as areas where chunks of flesh had been removed. Her intestines were neatly tucked beneath her butt. She was positioned with her hands above her head and her legs spread apart. Her face had been carved into a horrible smile by cutting from the corners of her mouth all the way up to her ears.

Her cause of death was determined to be hemorrhaging from her facial injuries and shock from blows to her head. 

Obviously it was an extremely awful death, but what made it even worse was the way the media treated it. Newspapers flocked to take the gruesome story and turn it into a glamorous story. They began changing details of the story to make Elizabeth seem like something more interesting. The suit she was last seen wearing was changed to a sheer blouse and tight black skirt. They made her into a sexed-up version of herself, going so far as to say she was a prostitute in Hollywood. She became the Black Dahlia.

One newspaper went so far as to call Short’s mother and tell her that her daughter had won a beauty contest. They pried as much information as possible from her, and only after that did they tell her that her daughter had been murdered. They then said that they would pay for her air fare and hotel if she would fly out and help the police, but they lied again. They kept her away from the police in order to protect their scoop. 

The reality of Short’s life is less glamorous, but she was quite real and her real story deserves to be told. 

Elizabeth Short’s life wasn’t a particularly happy one. Her father built minature golf courses until the stock market crashed, and a year later his car was found parked on a bridge and he was gone. It was assumed he had committed suicide. Her mother moved them into an apartment and got a job as a bookkeeper. Years later they received an apology letter from her father, stating that he was alive and living in California. 

When she was 19, she moved to California to live with her father. It didn’t last all that long, they had an argument and she left him. She lived on her own in California for a while until she was arrested for underage drinking and sent back home to Massachusetts. Instead of staying there, she ventured to Florida where she had spent several years before.

While there, she met Major Matthew Michael Gordon Jr., an airforce officer. The two hit it off, but he had to fly overseas. He survived a plane crash in India, and while recovering from his injuries, he sent her a letter to ask her to marry him. She said yes, but not long after he died in another plane crash. 

The last six months of her life were spent in California. 

Obviously, this is a very small summary of her life. I greatly recommend for anyone to seek more information about her. Her memory deserves to be honored correctly, and not lied about to glam her up. 

As for a killer, this case goes down as one of the most famous unsolved murders, but there’s actually a very likely suspect who was caught for other murders. We will cover him later.

WHY ARE PEOPLE NOT COMPREHENDING THAT “MY ROANOKE NIGHTMARE” is not the damn theme for all of season 6?? It is still unknown. MY ROANOKE NIGHTMARE is just a fake docuseries within the AHS realm where the actual main season 6 characters are having their story reenacted by actors in that same realm. We don’t know the theme yet. We don’t even have half of the full story. Ryan Murphy is killing the game already this season IMO.

Things I need like burning immediately, pulled from my skype convo with @moonwhing:

Sorey giving spontaneous educational lectures to excited groups of children multiple times during the journey.


“Where’d Sorey go?”
“Check the sanctuary.”
“[in the distance] So this dates back to the Era of Asgard…”

>Sorey excitedly telling stories about Seraphim and reenacting battles with Mikleo. The kids can’t see him, of course, but it makes Sorey look really into it.

>Meebo and Lailah occasionally slip him information when he hits a lull or something he’s unsure about.

>Rose listens to every one, but inevitably falls asleep ten minutes in each time.

>Sorey turns around and tells the stories he learned, sometimes simply a day after.
“So the Shepherd Pawan is famed for having defeated 10000 monsters, and…”
(“And he’s also a pervert.”
“Yeah, but I can’t tell them that, Edna!”)

>(“Mister Shepherd, are you good at arithmetic?”
“Ehhhh… I can try!”
[Sorey and a small child both scratch their heads while staring at math problems])

>Kids ask to learn how to fight. He teaches them defense instead.

>He’s eventually tackled by a pile of children. Lots of giggles. Slightly hard to distinguish Sorey’s laughter from the kids’.

>Sorey walking through town with a gaggle of children following him while he talks about his travels, one on his shoulders, a couple clinging onto his cloak, others flocked around laughing and playing.

honestly to be completely honest in my honest onion last nights premiere of american horror story wasn’t bad ??? i actually quite like the mockumentary true horror story reenactment style it would be cool if the season turned out to be an anthology with every episode being a different story but based on the preview that won’t be the case